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Disclaimer: Yes, I do not own Harry Potter >:( It belongs to JK Rowling, who stupidly killed off Sirius and Fred, who were like the best characters! *Folds arms like a grumpy four year old*

Authors Note: I don't really like this chapter ... I'm not too sure why, but I don't, but please carry on reading it's kind of a filler chapter but the story gets better, I swear!! x

Kerris always loved flying, she’d fly all day if she could. She was about to get on her moontrimmer broomstick. James had always told her that her broomstick was nothing compared to his and he could ‘kick her arse’ he said in a civil manner, with it. But she didn’t care, her broom went higher than any other broom, she loved the feeling of being so high up, that adrenaline rush that you get.

Kerris then kicked off of the ground and flew upwards. Today she decided she going to go higher than she even had before, to go above the clouds and let the sun shine in her eyes. It was a cloudy day, but Kerris wasn’t about to let that stop her. She felt the wind battle with her face and whip her hair about. The wind was now blocking off her hearing and all she could hear was it whistling as she sped through he clouds. The clouds were thick and dense, she felt a few raindrops against her cheeks, yet she still refused to stop.

Once she made it through the dark clouds and emerged at the surface, she looked around. The sky was sunny and light blue, much different from the view beneath the horrid grey clouds. There was little air above the clouds and made her feel a little light headed. There was silence all around, the only noises she could hear was the gentle breeze in her ears and her own light breathing. She felt rather dizzy with the lack of oxygen, she decided to head back down to her house.

She penetrated the dark, thick cloud again and began sinking downward. She suddenly heard not only the screaming of the wind in her ears, but someone calling her name. She sped down extremely fast, not allowing her body to adjust to the oxygen levels, which suddenly caused her to have a head rush. Kerris kept accidentally jolting her broom from side to side. She managed to concentrate, by putting her full effort in, and made her way through the clouds. She appeared out of the clouds, looking around for the person who had called her name. Suddenly she heard someone say.

“James, I found her.” Kerris looked in the direction in which the voice had come from and saw Sirius Black and her brother, James Potter flying towards her.

“You’re an idiot.” stated Sirius before James got there. “I had to stop my conversation with a very fit girl because of you.”

“Oh no.” said Kerris in mock concern, biting her fingers.

“What the hell are you doing?!” James asked, as he got in speaking distance with her. “Mum’s down there, worrying her arse off!”

“There’s nothing for her to be worrying over!” Kerris said, rather annoyed with her brothers attitude lately and with that she sped down to the ground leaving James and Sirius in the air.

“Where have you been?!” Kerris’ mother practically screamed at her.

“I went for a fly around the garden.” said Kerris as if it was no big deal. She grabbed a chocolate chip muffin from the counter walked into the living room with it and sat down on the sofa, taking a bite as she went.

“Excuse me, Kerris Victoria Potter, I do not call that a fly around the garden.” her mother said sternly. Kerris rolled her eyes, whilst flipping a page of the ‘Witch Weekly’ magazine. “I call that a trip to the sun and back.“

“Mum, I was gone for, what, 10 minutes?” said Kerris, irritated.

“Whilst I was worried sick and not to mention that I had to send your brothers up there to find you.” Kerris looked up at her mother with aggravated eyes.

"Sirius is not my brother!" Kerris argued stubbornly

"He is as good as!" her mother said hotly.

“What did you expect to happen?” Kerris asked aggravatedly, wating nothing more than to get off the subject of Sirius Black.

“Well I wasn’t sure after the last time when you fell off!” her mother argued. Kerris began to laugh slightly.

“Please!” she said “I only reason I fell of whilst flying was because I was drun--emotional.” she quickly covered up for herself.

“Well I don’t want to risk it again.” her mother said, now caringly. Kerris didn’t understand, she played quidditch all the time at school, hell she was on the Gryffindor team! She didn’t understand why her mother was being all strict about her flying at home. Kerris’ mother sighed and walked back into the kitchen, preparing dinner, leaving Kerris, flipping the pages of her magazine. James and Sirius then walked into the room.

“What’s that?” asked James, nodding at her muffin.

“Oh,” said Kerris. 

Crap, think of something he doesn’t like, blueberry, no, toffee, no, raspberry, no, cranberry, ooh cranberry! 

“It’s a cranberry muffin,” she said swallowing her bite “You want some?” she asked with an innocent smile. James cringed at the thought of cranberries and carried on through the living room into the hallway. Kerris smirked and took another bite of her chocolate chip muffin. Sirius raised an eyebrow at Kerris telling her he didn’t believe her. Kerris merely gave him a smug look.

Kerris was so bored, she was so happy that the next day they would be getting ready for Hogwarts once again. She remembered last year when she was in fifth year and her brother in sixth, he told her he had gotten chosen to be a prefect, she burst out laughing in his face and couldn’t stop. 

That was funny.
She thought. 

And this year he had been chosen to be head boy. It wasn’t as funny, but still, it was pretty hilarious. James was pissed off with her for ages after she had laughed in her fifth year. Kerris bounded up the stairs to see whether she had everything packed for school. She walked into her room and went through her list of necessities.

“Clothes--Check. Toiletries--Check. Makeup--Check. Makeup wipes--Check. Jewellery--Check…” Kerris went down her list, ticking each item as she double checked it was all packed.

Kerris stood up and walked over to her mirror. She released her hair from the messy bun she had it in, her bleach blonde hair came tumbling down her back. Her hair used to be a raven colour, like her brother’s, but she didn’t want to share that similarity with James. She already had his extreme popularity and ability to make any person of the opposite sex swoon before them. The eyes staring back at her were a true hazel colour, now that was another similarity that she shared with her brother. Kerris whipped her head around as she heard laughing coming from he hallway. She ran over to her bed and hid the letters that she had received from her friends, Natalie, Elis and April over the summer under her bedcovers, knowing that James would read them if he got the chance.

The nosy little bastard!

“Seriously Prongs,” said Sirius, standing in the hallway with James “There is no way you’re a better beater than me.”

Kerris smirked, she remembered when she had no idea what that nickname was all about, however last summer, she finally witnessed the reason for this bizarre name. Her brother was an un-registered animagus. As well as Sirius, who’s nickname was ‘Padfoot’. She firstly began to wonder if her brothers nickname was due to his hair sticking up at the back, it seemed a reasonable guess, since he seemed to be tremendously proud of his mess of hair, but Padfoot? Now that was too odd to contemplate the reason and when she heard about ‘Moony’ … well you can imagine what was going through her mind.

“Believe me Padfoot,” came her brothers voice “I could kick your arse at every position on the quidditch team.”

“Keep dreaming mate.” replied Sirius. Kerris had found herself once again at the mirror, but this time he was sorting out the items on her dressing table. James and Sirius walked into her room. Kerris spun round to face them, her hair dancing behind her.

“In front of the mirror again Kezza?” asked James, leaning against the wall.

“Shut up James” spat Kerris “At least I don’t carry one around the house in my pocket, like others do.” James narrowed his eyes at her. “Is there something you wanted?” Kerris asked.

“Yes actually, there is.” said James “Mum says dinner’s ready.”

“Okaaaaay.” said Kerris, waiting for the two boys to leave. “What?” she asked noticing them smirking at her.

“As soon as we leave your gonna look straight back into that mirror.” said James a-matter-of-factly. Kerris scoffed.

“Not everyone is as vain, narcissistic, conceited and arrogant as you, James.” Kerris noticed that Sirius’ smirk had transformed over to James, even though he’d never admit it. James rolled his eyes in a very childish manner, so Kerris stuck her tongue out at them. She waited until she was definite that they had gone downstairs, until she turned around and looked in the mirror, re-doing her hair in a messy bun. Ok, maybe she was a bit of a big head at times and was rather high maintenance, but she wasn’t as bad as her inflated, smug, older brother.

Kerris jumped down the last three steps of the staircase and shuffled into the kitchen where her mother was just about to dish up the dinner for James, Sirius and herself. Kerris placed her lower arms on the counter and leaned on them so she was comfortable, cause her bum to stick out.

“Muuuummmy?” Kerris drawled.

“Yeeeeeees?” her mother asked.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Your favourite,” her mother said sarcastically “Spaghetti Bolognese” Kerris grimaced at the sound of it, many people liked things like spaghetti, but Kerris didn’t.
Maybe she was just weird. Or maybe she was the only normal one…Naahhh!

“Oh you are cruel mother.” Kerris said as her mother smirked at her expression.

Sirius’ POV

James and he had just gone to tell James’ little sister, Kerris, that dinner was ready, although knowing the Potters, it was far from it. He and James had gone outside and began to test whether James’ quidditch skills were better than his own.

“See, I told you James,” Sirius laughed, coming inside the house “You cannot outdo me at beating, that is my territory.” he said as James stepped inside “Your’s is keeping, or whatever you do” Sirius teased, Kerris laughed at the comment

“Nah Sirius, he’s more of a seeker.” they then both laughed, giving the fact that all the seekers in every house were girls. Kerris and Sirius would only team up, when they were picking on James. Other than that, they pretty much hated one another's guts. James glared daggers at Kerris before replying to Sirius’ comment.

“It’s chasing actually.” he snapped “And I do not recall bludgers being fanged Frisbees.” Sirius sniggered.

He looked over in Kerris’ direction who seemed to be sniggering also. She was now however talking to her mother. Sirius’ eyes gazed over her bare lower back for a moment, where her top had risen and her jeans had sunk, he then quickly snapped his eyes back to James, who luckily hadn’t noticed anything.

Bloody hell, stop looking!!

He and James walked into the dining room where they awaited their dinner. As soon as they sat down James turned to Sirius.

“Looking forward to Hogwarts tomorrow?” he asked. Sirius grinned, knowing what James meant by Hogwarts. Not the work, but just being around Moony and Wormtail, and pissing off Filch and pulling pranks.

“Can’t wait.”

James, when he was six or seven, used to let his older cousin, called Claudia, dress him up as a woman and call him Debbie. According to Kerris, he seemed to enjoy it, despite the objections of James.

Sirius was once a mummy’s boy, he used to get extremely jealous whenever Reglus got the attention from his mother.

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