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Harry, Ron and Hermione swam with a speed the likes of which they had never gone before. Each one of them had their own reasons for doing so. To Hermione, Ginny was her best friend and a sister to her. Ginny was Ron’s sister and he was not going to let anything happen to her.

Harry perhaps had the most convicting reason of all. Ginny was the woman he loved and the one he would not let anything happen to. He would gladly die if it meant saving her life. Harry had come to love many people over the years, but none like Ginny. She was the one person who truly mattered the most in his life.

For five minutes, the three of them swam with all of their might against the depths of the lake. Their strength was diminishing quickly as they could not maintain their pace. William who had been swimming closely behind had finally caught up to them in their sprint which was rapidly being depleted.

Harry, Ron and Hermione could not maintain their pace any longer. Their arms and legs were burning with fatigue, but knew they had to keep going if they were going to rescue what mattered the most. Each stroke and kick began to hurt like a burning rod being thrust into their sides. If they were going to have enough strength to find Ginny, they would need to slow their pace for a short time.

Ron and Hermione, who had been shortly behind Harry, saw that he needed rest and slowed their pace alongside him. Harry, who noticed this, smiled at his friends realizing that they were in this together.

If they had any hope of getting to Ginny in time, the group knew they would have to find a way to get to the bottom of the lake faster. Hermione had searched her mind for any type of spell to make this possible but could not think of anything under the pressure. Harry and Ron then tried to summon their strength but could not muster any more.

When all hope was lost, a sudden flash rang out through the water. The group, who could not see where it came from, began to look around but saw nothing. Upon looking up, they realized the surface was moving farther and farther away from them. Upon looking down, they could see that the lake bed was getting closer and closer. It was as if some invisible anchor was weighing them down. Whatever it was, they were certainly not going to question it.

After just two minutes, the trio was on the top of the ridge that they had landed on at the beginning of the lesson. The instant they touched the ground, the weighing charm had been lifted off of them. They then looked up and saw the rest of their classmates, William heading up the lead, sinking as well.

Harry and his friends immediately made a brake for the algae beds and jumped off of the ridge. After making another landing in the beds, they surveyed the landscape to try and find some sign of Ginny. The rest of the class soon joined their side and tried to find signs of life as well. There was nothing except the flowing green plant life.

For a place that recently a battlefield of humans and Grindylows, it was eerily quiet. There were no scavengers or stray creatures. All Harry knew was that it was too quiet. There was nothing more they could do but search the beds and try to find Ginny.

As Harry turned back to suggest the idea to his friends, the classmates behind them had expressions of terror and fear. Their eyes seemed to be glued onto the field ahead of them as if they were in shock. Harry turned to see what it was all about and saw just exactly what they were scared of.

A massive wave of Grindylows, at least several dozen, began to surface out of the vegetation and made a head on dash for the students. Harry, being the only one who had his wits about himself, fired a stunning spell toward the advancing group. Ron and Hermione, who had just come out of their daze, joined Harry in the onslaught and each fired different spells. The rest of the class joined in and began firing more spells and charms as well. The algae bed turned instantly to a battle ground.

When the two masses of students and Grindylows met, chaos ensued in the form of ravenous creatures and flashes from spells. Harry himself was fighting off at least six Grindylows, while Ron and Hermione were busy dealing with several of their own.

The only chance now that Harry found Ginny was to get through the maelstrom of Grindylows and to make his way past the crowd. Several other students had the same idea and began to push through the lines and ranks of charging Grindylows. Only a handful of them made it through while the rest, were pushed back.

Harry was almost home free to the other side, when all of a sudden another group of Grindylows blocked his path. The one chance he had of finding Ginny and was gone in an instant.

Overcome with rage, Harry began wildly firing spells, taking out numerous creatures at once. Each one after that that tried to subdue him met the same fate. If they were smart, they would leave him alone and retreat back into the algae beds. The only thing that mattered to Harry at the moment was to take out as many of the wriggling bastards as possible. If they were going to take Ginny from him, they would pay the ultimate price.

He then turned back to his friends to help them get rid of the rabid water demons. He searched for Hermione and Ron but could only find Ron firing his wand into a group of Grindylows. He had the same look in his eyes that Harry had moments before. It was then that he saw Hermione caught up in the group of Grindylows.

Harry swam with all of his remaining strength to where Ron was and joined him. With the combined power of their wands, the group of water demons was defeated in no time at all.

When Harry and Ron pulled her out of their dead clutches, they saw how she had been attacked. Her legs and arms had several cuts on them while the rest of her body seemed to be okay with the exception of a few bruises. Her bathing suit suffered a worse fate and was almost non-existent. All Ron could do was holding her in his arms and try to shield her from the cruelty of the lake.

He then looked toward Harry, with a pleading look in his eyes. He needed to get her out of there quickly if he wanted to protect her. Harry knew that it was the right thing to do but could not abandon Ginny to suffering and torment. He looked over the lake bed trying to find the answer but could find none. It seemed that all hope of finding Ginny was lost.

As if luck was with him, a blue flash echoed under the water and through the algae beds. Harry looked to see who had found her but could only see a figure rising at lightning speed from the field beyond with someone in his arms. Someone had found her and was bringing her up. Harry could only thank Merlin for his good fortune upon witnessing this. He was then pulled back to reality as another wave of Grindylows began to charge from the field. The only thing to do now was retreat back to the surface. This would not be easy with the almost non existent amount of strength he had left. Another flash then went out through the lake bed.

Harry and his friends again had that funny tingling feeling from the anchor charm. This time they were not sinking but rising with amazing speed. The rest of the class was rising with them and dodged the last charge of Grindylows just in the nick of time. Harry didn’t care what kind of divine intervention had saved them, but cared only about seeing Ginny when he got to the surface.

The last of the class made it to the surface in under a minute after being propelled by a miraculous speed. After Harry, Ron, and Hermione took in the much needed oxygen they made their way to the dock along with the rest of the class.

Hagrid took each one of them into a hug after seeing that they safely made it back. Hermione, who was still barely clothed, was covered by a blanket that Hagrid had just conjured for her after seeing her current state.

“Hagrid, where’s Ginny?” asked Harry frantically as he searched the docks hoping to see her. He could not see anything through the throngs of other students nursing there injuries.

“This way Harry!” motioned Hagrid who cleared a path through the other classmates. “I saw William come out of the water with her.”

Although Harry was enormously relieved to hear that Ginny was safe, the idea that William was the one to save her still made him angry and slightly jealous.

“Over here Harry!” added Hermione who pointed over toward the edge of the dock.

The tall clad in black figure of William instantly registered in the group’s eyes. In his arms was the girl they had just risked life and limb for. Like Hermione, her bathing suit was almost non-existent and there were numerous cuts and bruises all over her body. She had her head buried in his chest and from the sound of things everyone could tell that she was crying.

“What happened to her?!” asked Harry as he came up to William’s chest to see his girlfriend. He could not keep back the tears as he saw what the ravenous Grindylows had done to her.

Upon seeing Harry, Ginny leapt from William’s arms and jumped into his. They then kissed each other like it had been months since their last warm embrace. Neither wanted the moment to end or separate from each other’s arms.

“I think she got hit by a stray Stunning spell.” interjected William as he interrupted the kiss. “I found her in the algae field being picked at by a stray group of Grindylow.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right!” exclaimed Ginny looking up from Harry’s face. “The last thing I can remember before coming back up to the dock was trying to put a Grindylow into the bag and then a bright flash.” As she finished, Ron and Hermione rushed over and hugged her for all she was worth. They simply could not contain their emotions after nearly losing her.

“All we care about now is that you are safe.” reassured Hagrid, who was now holding out a blanket for her, seeing as how she was stark naked, covered in freezing cold water and in the middle of a crowded dock. “The wise thing to do now would be to go to the Hospital Wing.” Ginny then took the blanket.

“Good idea.” exclaimed Hermione and Ginny at the same time. “I think I definitely need a few things healed as well.” concluded Hermione who was being hugged lovingly by Ron.

“I think I’ll join you then.” added Hagrid. “I think Madam Pomfrey needs to know why most of my students have more bruises and scrapes than a case of crushed apples!” laughed Hagrid uneasily as he escorted Ginny and Hermione up the dock.

“I almost forgot!” exclaimed Ginny as she ran back to where Harry, Ron and William were standing. She then planted a wet kiss on William’s cheek and then gave him a tight hug. “Thank you for saving my life. Are you coming with us Harry?” asked Ginny as she turned toward her boyfriend and left William’s arms.

“Are you coming too Ron?” yelled Hermione from the other end of the dock.

Harry was now even more infuriated from this display. The same thoughts that had plagued his mind all week were resurfacing. ‘I don’t like the way he looks at her. What is so much better about him? This can’t stand any longer!’ He then looked toward William and knew that now was the time to act.

“I’ll be there soon. I need to speak to William.” answered Harry as he looked back toward Ginny.

Ron knew the look in Harry’s eyes and decided to join him should anything happen. “I’ll be in later with Harry. You two go rest for now.”

The girls nodded and continued along the path with Hagrid. As they went out of eyesight, Ron and Harry directed their own vision toward William. They were now the only three on the dock.

“What can I do for you guys?” asked William as he inspected his own body. His body suit had numerous holes and slash marks and were slightly bleeding. You would not even think William felt any pain except from a wince every so often.

“Stay away from Ginny.” said Harry simply.

“The same goes for Hermione.” added Ron.

“What the hell are you two talking about?” asked William in disbelief as he looked back at them in shock. He did not at all like just what they were implying. “Why do I have to do that?”

“Because I don’t like the way they act around you!” replied Harry. “Or the way you look at them!”

“The way I look at them? Oh please, give me a break! I just saved their lives along with yours.” retorted William with anger in his voice.

“For all we know you could have been the one who hit her with the spell in the first place!” quipped Ron. “I saw how wildly you were throwing spells around down there! You could have killed somebody!”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” added Harry under his breath.

After hearing this, William’s eyes went wide in astonishment. “Excuse me. What the hell did you just say?!”

“I think you heard me.” said Harry who looked right back at William without any hesitation. He had been ready for a confrontation for the past three days and was sure that William would try to hit him after he made the remark. Much to his surprise William just stayed where he was.

“What is this really about Harry?” asked William as he advanced closer to the two boys.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Cut the bullshit,” yelled William. “You’ve had a chip on your shoulder long before I got here.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. You have no idea what’s been on my mind.” snapped Harry.

“Let me guess,” said William as he moved closer, just inches from Harry. “The past few months have been great for you, except that you’re afraid it won’t last and you’ll lose the only people you have left.”

Harry was wide-eyed at what William had known about him. He was starting to think that he was a Legilimens. “They’re all I have left. I worry about what I would do if something happened to them.”

He was now speaking with complete honesty, divulging the contents of his conscience. “I get up every morning and a million thoughts go through my head about what could happen to any one of the people I love. I can’t lose them like I’ve lost everyone else. I won’t let that happen! You wouldn’t know what that’s like!”

“You think you’re the only one who knows what its like to lose someone? To see the ones you love taken from you and to think that you might never feel happiness ever again?” William then grabbed Harry by the collar and looked directly into his eyes as if he was looking into his soul. “I know exactly what that’s like!”

William then released Harry and took a step back to the edge of the dock. “Part of the reason of being here to protect you is so you don’t have to know that feeling again.”

“We don’t need to be protected!” added Ron who had watched the scuffle, ready to step in at a moment’s notice. “We can protect each other.”

“If you could do that, then I wouldn’t be here.” said William simply looking back at the two boys.

Without even thinking, Harry swung his arm and landed a right hook onto the left side of William’s face knocking him back into the water. He and Ron then looked over the edge of the dock only to find bubbles welling up from the depths of the lake.

Harry and Ron both thought he deserved the punch. No one could ever doubt their ability to look out for one another and to think or speak so much was an insult.

After another fifteen seconds had gone by, there was still no sign of William returning to the surface. If he was down there, then he had better come up soon or they would have to go in and get him. Before having to take that course of action, the two boys heard a loud crack behind them followed by a great thud.

Upon turning around, they saw a soaked William lying on the dock face up. It looked as if he had disapparated under the water. After sitting up and spitting out the water from his lungs, he unsteadily stood up. The boys knew better than to try and help him and decided to stay where they were.

“I’m done with this shit.” exclaimed William as he cleared his throat. “You do whatever the hell you want. I’m sick of playing body guard to a bunch of ingrates.” He then walked toward the castle away from the dock.

“Did it ever occur to you that I might already have someone who I care about in my own time?” asked William stopping halfway down the dock. Harry and Ron just looked at him with blank expression knowing they had not considered that possibility. “I didn’t think so.” And with those final words he was gone. He did not even look back as he solemnly walked toward the forest.

Harry and Ron just stood there, not knowing whether they had made a horrible mistake or if they had lost a valuable friend. The one thing they would dread the most is telling the better halves what they had done.

“You did what?!” exclaimed Ginny sitting up from her bed in the hospital wing.

Ginny and Hermione were both resting quite comfortably in the Hospital Wing before the boys entered. Hermione had changed after coming in and had brought Ginny a new set of clothes as well. The other students who had participated in the raid to get Ginny had all been healed and sent to their houses for some rest. Ginny and Hermione needed to stay a little longer because of the length of time and damage they had received under the water. All of their maladies were healed but were kept for observation. All was well until Harry and Ron had come in with the story about the fight between them and William.

“What were you fighting over?” chimed in Hermione after being told about the altercation. She could not understand what would drive them apart so drastically.

“We were fighting over the both of you.” said Harry quietly. He knew just what kind of trouble he had started.

“Why were you fighting over us?” asked Ginny curiously. She could think of no reason for the boys to fight over them. They had been faithful to them and there was no question in their mind’s about being their girlfriend’s. What had William done to deserve a punch to the face?

Neither of the boys knew how to answer that without calling their relationships into question. Harry and Ron had first hand experience in the area of their girlfriends’ tempers. How could either of them say anything to doubt their fidelity? The two boys looked at each other and knew that someone would have to say something. Harry would have gone first but was cut off when Ron opened his mouth.

“It bothers us that the two of you look at him so fondly.” stated Ron who honestly plead his case.

Both Ginny and Ron were flabbergasted at what he had just revealed. After all they had been through and all they had done together, how could it have come to this?

“That’s what’s been bothering the two of you lately? You don’t like the way we look at William.” Hermione had daggers for Ron at this point after realizing what he was implying. “How exactly do we look at him Ronald?”

Ron was taken back by her anger, but knew it was better to face her now. “I don’t know. It’s like whenever I see you glancing his way, it makes me think that you’ve found something better.”

Ron was trying desperately but could not hold back the tears in his eyes. “I hated myself for six years after not telling you how I felt. And when I did I felt so relieved that I hadn’t lost you. I don’t want to lose you now or ever, especially to another man.”

Hermione had rarely seen Ron reveal his emotional side, but knew he spoke the truth whenever he did. She too had regretted not telling Ron her feelings and loved him with all of her heart. She thought she had made that clear, but that was obviously not the case.

Hermione sat up from her bed and walked over to where Ron was standing. He thought that she was going to hit him and stood his ground knowing he deserved it if she did. Instead she wrapped both arms around his neck and kissed him with more fire and passion than that of Cupid himself. After a good minute, she finally took her lips off of his and looked him in the eyes.

“I could never leave the man I love.” exclaimed Hermione. “After all we’ve been through; I thought you would realize that. No one person could ever come between the two of us. Sure there is something about William that is captivating, but it goes no further than that. I don’t need anyone else because I already have the one I love the most.”

Ron looked back into Hermione’s eyes and knew that what she had said was true. He felt the same way and realized that he was stupid for even thinking that their love was in question. “I really don’t deserve a girl like you.” said Ron with smile.

“No you don’t, but I still love you nevertheless.” laughed Hermione, who then embraced Ron in another passionate kiss.

Harry and Ginny had looked on at the display of love and affection and thought that that should be them. They both wanted desperately to feel that.

“Do you feel the same way?” asked Ginny hoping that he did.

Harry searched his mind for the right answer but decided to say what he really thought. “I feel that way now more than ever Gin. It’s just that sometimes I see you look over at William and think that maybe you’ve found someone else.” A single tear slowly ran down his cheek as he said this. “I thought you stopped loving me!”

Ginny got out of her bed and rushed over to his side. Instead of embracing him like Hermione did, she slapped him across the right side of his face leaving a red hand print. Harry looked back and realized that she had something to say. The fire in her eyes was burning at full steam.

“I sat in front of my window everyday for nine months waiting for you while you were off fighting Voldemort. I didn’t know whether you were hurt or if you had died in some god forsaken wilderness. I just clung to the hope that one day you would show up and everything would be right again. And when Hagrid carried you out of the dark forest that night I thought I would die as well because I had nothing else to live for. But you didn’t. You came back to me.”

Tears began to flow from her eyes as well. “Don’t you dare tell me that I don’t love you!”

Harry knew that he was wrong about doubting her love for him. It would be a miracle if she took him back after telling her that. The only way he could convince her that she was right was to prove his love.

Not knowing any other way to show his love, Harry wrapped his arms around her and kissed her with the same passion she had given him on his seventeenth birthday. Much to his surprise, Ginny kissed him back with as much passion. In that moment he knew that everything would be okay.

“I’m sorry for ever doubting you, Love.” whispered Harry as he hugged Ginny. It was a miracle that she stayed but miracles were a common thing for him.

“Don’t ever doubt us again. You’re the only man I love and nothing else can change that.” said Ginny looking up from his embrace. “I feel the same way about William as Hermione does. He is fascinating and a good friend, but it’s nothing other than that. I love you and only you Harry Potter. Don’t make me remind you with my Bat-Bogey Hex.” laughed Ginny trying to lighten the mood pointing her wand at him.

“And I love you Ginny Weasley.” He gave a hearty laugh and then kissed her again before being interrupted by Ron and Hermione who were busy kissing as well.

“Oi! Why don’t the two of you get a room!” laughed Ron stopping his assault on Hermione’s neck.

“Shut up Ron! Take your own advice.” yelled Ginny as she and Harry continued to kiss.
Harry and Ron decided to stay the night with Ginny and Hermione. There was no way that they would leave either of them after the ordeal they had just shared. They sat around until well after midnight talking about the day’s events. The girls had said that because William was the one who found Ginny, the points plus an extra ten, from the hunting task, would go to Gryffindor House.

The mention of William made Harry and Ron feel uneasy. Now that they knew how their girlfriends felt, the two boys felt terrible about what they did to him.

“Why do I feel we made a horrible mistake?” asked Ron after voicing his feelings to the girls and Harry who knew just how he felt.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he never talks to either of us again.” said Harry solemnly. He knew that this was a very real possibility.

“I don’t think you deserve to talk to him after what you told us you said and did.” said Ginny. Harry and Ron knew she was absolutely right.

Feeling that way and having that much on their conscience did not make for any easy sleeping that night.

The full moon stood out proudly in the clear night sky over the dense thicket of the forest. The forest itself was dead silent with the exception of a few troubling noises. There was the rustling of leaves on the ground, the panting of people, the howling shriek of the wolf and the steady beat of running feet.

There were eight people to be exact; they were more teenagers than people. From the looks of things it was six boys and two girls. Based on the troubled way they were breathing, it could be inferred that they had been running for some time. It was when one of the boys fell that they decided to stop. The group looked like it had just escaped a war based on their tattered clothes and dirt covered bodies. All of them had some kind of injury, the most common of which was slash marks to their exteriors.

The boy who fell, the one with shaggy black hair, propped himself up against a tree while the others took a breather. The eldest boy, who was no older than 15 was carrying a girl with vibrant red hair in his arms. She had been knocked unconscious by the looks of things. Two other boys, one black and one white with dirty blond hair, were holding up another girl whose leg looked like it had been broken. The two other boys, one Spanish and the other white with blond hair, were barely standing as they had numerous marks over their bodies as well.

“Doc, we gotta go!” urged the eldest boy, leaning down to the boy propped against the tree. “They’ll be here soon. We have to get to the camp!”

“You’re gonna have to leave me Pete.” said the boy against the tree. He could no longer hold himself up and fell to the ground. From the way his leg was bleeding and the way it was bent, it was easy to tell that it had been broken.

“We’re not leaving you!” yelled the eldest trying to talk some sense into the boy. “We’ve lost too many others to leave you here!” As he finished his sentence, a foreboding howl echoed throughout the forest followed by another and then another. Pretty soon there were at least twelve howls being heard in the night.

“That’s why you have to leave me!” pleaded the injured boy as he listened to the howling. “I’m slowing you guys down. You and I both know that if you try and carry me, they’ll catch us quicker. The only way this is going to end well is if you leave me. I hold them off you guys for as long as possible. It’s me they want anyway.” The boy then produced a wand from his pocket.

“Doc, we can’t just-” The elder boy stopped before he could finish, tears coming from his eyes. The look on his face said exactly what he thought. Doc was absolutely right. The only way they would get away is if they left him.

The boy then motioned for the one called Pete to come to his side. When he was mere inches from the injured boy’s ear, the boy whispered, “When you see my family, tell them that I love them. And when Ally wakes up,” the boy motioned toward the red haired girl in Pete’s arms, “Tell her that I love her more than anything and my biggest regret was not telling her sooner.”

The group around him bid a tearful farewell as they left him. Each one giving him a hug before they made off into the thicket toward the rising sun as it started to come over the mountains in the distance. Pete was the last one to leave.

“You’re a much better man than I’ll ever be.” said the brown haired boy giving his friend a hug. “I would’ve stayed with you to the end, no matter what the consequence.” He then took hold of the girl in his arms and started running until he turned back and said, “No matter what happens, no matter if we never see each other again, you will always be my friend.”

Much to his dismay the boy headed off into the forest catching up to the others. It was by far the hardest he would ever have to do. For the boy sitting under the tree, the hardest thing to do was watch them leave knowing what horrible fate awaited him. Until then he would just watch the sun rise.

That only lasted so long. After about ten minutes, the rustling of leaves in the distance began to get closer and closer with each second. When it finally stopped, the sound growling replaced it except this time the sound was coming from all around him.

It was clear what was making the noise as at least a dozen wolves emerged from the forest surrounding the tree the boy was sitting against. One wolf in particular, with glowing red eyes, started to walk toward the injured boy.

The boy could barely stay awake, let alone hold a wand. He lost his grip after trying to hold it up, letting it fall to the ground. Realizing he was done for, the boy simply looked at the wolf advancing toward him. “You have me now you bastard. Take you best shot!”

Without hesitation the wolf lunged at his prey and swept his claw over his chest, producing an ear piercing scream.

Harry leapt from his bed in the hospital wing after being awoken by the horrible nightmare. He struggled around the room, trying to decide if it was all real or not. It was when he heard Ginny’s voice that he knew he was really awake.

“Harry, are you alright?” asked Ginny who looked at Harry nervously. Ron and Hermione were up as well and had the same look.

“I just had the most horrifying nightmare!” exclaimed Harry as he took a seat on the side of his bed. “It was seemed so real. For a second I thought I was actually there.”

“I just had a crazy dream myself mate!” added Ron who was awake as well. “I was being chased by a wolf in a forest somewhere. It finally pinned me and slashed my chest.”

Harry looked at Ron, realizing he had a similar dream. “That’s funny because I had the same dream. There was some boy in the dream named-’”

“DOC!” yelled Hermione. Ron and Harry looked on in disbelief. She could hardly believe it herself. “I think I had the same nightmare as well.”

“Me too.” added Ginny. “I was talking to some guy named Pete, telling him to leave me behind.” The others could only look at her in complete awe, knowing now that they had all shared a dream.

Harry had to make sure this was true. He had to prove that it wasn’t just some freaky coincidence. “Did he claw you before the dream ended?”

“Yeah, he clawed me right here.” said Ginny as she pulled her shirt up above her belly button. It was when she pulled it up that she was truly shocked. Right along the place where the wolf clawed her in the dream, was a set of four matching slanted cuts.

Harry and the other were shocked at finding this. Ron and Hermione checked under their shirts as well and found the exact same cuts. Harry was adamant to look under his own shirt, but had to find out if he had suffered the same misfortune. Now he was really concerned.

He then looked over to his friends who were just as scared as he was and said, “Guys, what the hell just happened to us?”

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