Nine months, it had been the most grueling time in her life. But, she was getting more anxious by the second. Any day now, she would have a brand new baby to take care of. She still wasn’t sure when she and Harry were going to be able to actually live together.

For now, she was staying with Hermione. They had become very close in the past few months. Hermione was a big help when Amelia couldn’t see her feet to put her shoes on the correct foot. Hermione was there the first time she mismatched her socks and had burst into tears.

The baby would be here any day now. She put her hand on the top of her belly and rubbed it lovingly. At that moment, there was a knock at the door. It’s 3 in the morning, who would be here at this time of night? She walked cautiously to the door.

“Password please?”

She winced waiting, hoping that it wasn’t Voldemort or one of his followers coming to take her away.


She smiled as soon as she heard his voice. She opened the door just enough to let him in.


He kissed her cheek and then bent down to kiss top of her stomach.

“How’s my baby?”

“She’s fine.” I smiled up at him. We had this ongoing argument. Harry wanted a boy and I wanted a girl.

“I can’t wait to teach HIM Quidditch!”

He walked behind Amelia and wrapped his arms around her baby bump. I yawned and grabbed his hand leading him upstairs.

“We have the place all to ourselves. Hermione is at Ron’s.”

She whispered as she walked into her bedroom, Harry following close on her heels.

Once Amelia got into bed, Harry whispered her name but, she was already fast asleep.

He next day, Harry and Amelia decided to go for a walk. Harry drank polyjuice potion so he could be disguised since they could no longer use the cloak because of their growing baby. Amelia donned a brown wig, oversized dress, sneakers, and huge black sunglasses.

They started out walking hand in hand, talking of baby plans, arguing over names, colors for the baby room…. So busy that they didn’t notice the figure lurking in the corner.

She was hit from behind a tree. It happened so fast Harry didn’t know anything was wrong until he saw her holding her stomach. As she lifted her arms, he saw blood. Rich, red, blood, coming from her stomach.

“No! No!” He ran toward the place where the sparks had come from. It was a trap! They had him surrounded in seconds, wands all aimed at him.

Amelia was hysterical. She was bleeding, dying. She didn’t care about that, all she cared about was their baby. If we could only save the baby…. That was the last thought in her head before total blackness.

Harry felt a spell tear through his arm. He growled in pain. He couldn’t defeat them all. There were at least twenty of them. If he only had some help.

At that moment, the Order began to appear, answering his prayers. He ran into Lupin.


“We know son, we know.” He squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. He began to whisper, “Snape took her to St. Mungo’s.”

They had no more time to talk because spells were flying at them with remarkable speed.

Amelia awoke to the sound of whispers all around her. She was in so much pain.

The mediwitch walked in.

“Well, are you ready to become a mom?”

“We have to get your baby out or she could die. There’s a great chance we could lose you as well Miss Lovely.”

“Excuse me?” She choked, flustered.

“I don’t care about me, just my baby.” She said weakly.

“Everyone out! Work to do!”

Everyone left minus Harry who stroked her hair lovingly.

“You’ll do great, you’ll see.”

He kissed her and went to the waiting room.

“Push! Come on!”

She began to cry.

“I can’t! It’s too hard! I’m exhausted!”

“You can! You have to get the baby out! She could die!”

She pushed and pushed as much as she could. Amelia was losing. The witch kept urging her to keep pushing, to keep going. She had lost so much blood.

Moments later, Harry heard a wail from the other room and his face lit up.

“That’s my baby.”

The witch came out looking glum.

“We save the baby but, I’m afraid Amelia isn’t going to make it. You may want to come say your goodbyes.”

He refused to believe it. His Amelia couldn’t die. She never even got sick! She took the best care of herself. She was so strong!

“You’re wrong!” He yelled angrily.”

“I know it’s hard but, you don’t have much time.”

They all followed the witch to her room. When he saw Amelia, he gasped. This person was not his Amelia, the mother of his child. This person was ghostly white, with purple lips, she looked so weak. After everyone had said goodbye, Harry was handed his baby in a pink bundle. Just what Amelia had wanted, a beautiful baby girl. A tear ran down
his face.

Harry bent down, holding his daughter and kissed Amelia. He took her hand.

Another witch came in, a somber look on her face.

“What will her name be?”

“Lily.” Amelia and Harry spoke in unison, though Amelia’s voice was barely audible.

“And her middle name?”

Harry spoke, “Ann.”

“Her last?”

“P-Potter.” Amelia answered.

Everyone in the room smiled as best they could under the circumstances.

Amelia kissed the baby, kissed Harry with as much strength as she could, and said,

“Goodbye Harry. I love you all.”

Harry watched as her hand fell limply from his. A piece of paper fell from her hand.

Harry picked up the piece of paper and scanned it.

Take care of our baby.

His cries could be heard all through the hospital, the day the love of his life, had died.

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