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Blaise Zambini was gone. It was pretty obvious where he went and the teachers made out like they hadn't even noticed that he was missing. No one asked any questions, no one spoke about it. No one except Auria of course.

Sitting in the court yard with a book I heard her coming towards me.

'Move out of my way and sort out your hair!' she grumbled to a girl as she pushed her out of the way.

She strode over towards me with that little wiggle that she always put on when she knew boys were watching her.

'Marianna!' she called as she walked faster.

Rolling my eyes slightly I placed my book next to me giving her a little smile. I knew that there was no way out of this so I just admitted defeat.

'Have you seen Lavender Brown's new shoes?' she whispered once she was finally sat next to me. Her face said it all really, I knew that it was one of disgust as I guessed that Lavender Brown's new shoes were far from Auria's taste or anyone's taste by the looks of things. Why should I care about her shoes anyway?

'Auria you didn't just come all the way over here to discuss Lavender's choice in foot wear did you?' I asked simply not impressed.

'Well she did make a mistake the stupid little girl, oh well whatever she wears won't stop anyone from noticing her abnormally large nose!' Sniggered Auria throwing a dirty look over at Lavender and her friends.

I honestly had to admit that I couldn't help myself from giggling. Auria had a well tuned manner in which she could point out the tiniest flaws, even in the most flawless of people.

'You see Anna I miss this' Auria purred placing both hands on my cheeks.
'We are perfect, guys love us, girls loathe us, we've always been an unstoppable force not to be reckoned with, I've really missed you, you've been acting so weird lately almost like as if you're in some strange trance, I started to question whether you even wanted to be my friend any more.'

My heart pounded as I realised what she was saying, it was true I had been in some strange trance due to my minds over activity since returning back to school, but I also did miss Auria, she may sometimes annoy me but she was always around.
I looked around as boys looked over at us and girls gossiped about us, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Part of my old self was starting to reappear as I felt this sudden urge power seep through me. For moment I felt alive when I realised I was desired by many.

'I've missed you too' I answered as I turned back to her, 'I've just had a lot on my mind recently, especially cause of the war.'

'We're all scared Anna Banana but we will conquer and things will be set right like it should be.' Auria leaned forward giving me a tight little squeeze then she stood to her feet and walked away.
Until now I had never heard Auria talk about the war especially Lord Voldemort. She had picked a side, a side that I didn't really know whether I possibly agreed with. What would happen if we were on two different sides? Would we still be friends?

Draco had not been around for a good week and I soon started to wonder like Blaise whether he had gone for good.
I started to feel his presence was lacking and it dampened my spirits. Caleb was no help as he constantly spoke about leaving himself. This boy had changed but at the same time out of anyone of us I expected him to be one of the first to go and join the deatheaters. Caleb had that sort of darkness in his soul, he was extremely aware of everything around him which made me fear him slightly. I sometimes wondered whether he could see right through me, I wondered whether he knew I was a fake.

'Marianna, what do you think?' Caleb asked one day as we all sat around the common room,
I had been lost in thought for ages as they talked away. To be honest I really wasn't listening.

'Think about what?' I asked them slightly embarrassed for being caught out.

Before Caleb could even reply the portrait swung open.

'Hello stranger!' smiled Auria as Draco came walking in.

Relief washed over me, Draco was back. I couldn't help but smile as he sat down with us. I had missed him, I even thought about him whilst he was gone.
He slumped back slightly as he ran his hands through his hair. I noticed bruises traced his arms and face and his eyes were dark and lifeless.

'Don't ask' He mumbled 'Cause I don't want to talk about it!'

So we didn't ask. Well I certainly didn't.

'Your brother was a traitor, he's no longer part of this family'
'You're growing up to be just like him you insufferable little girl'

I rose from yet another nightmare, they were starting to become more frequent and soon enough sleep seemed like a distant memory. Any more torture and I'd soon be driven into insanity.
Reaching for my watch it read 3:00 AM. To early to be awake!
Lying back I tried so hard to fall back asleep but it was starting to become impossible. I slowly rose from my bed, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do I obviously hadn't thought that far! As I descended down the stair case towards the common room I soon started to pick up on hushed voices. Stopping just near the bottom of the stairs I craned my neck round to get a better chance of picking up the conversation.

'I'm going tonight, I know it's time' came a low voice through the darkness.

'No, don't you realise how much Zambini messed things up by not staying where he was supposed to be posted? you have to wait for the Dark Lord to call upon your presence' another voice persisted.

I recognised the second voice straight away, peering my head round slightly I saw the two figures silhouetted in front of the fireplace.

'Don't be so insulate, I'm sure that our master would be pleased for me to join him now' the first voice laughed back.

Shaking my head slightly I tried hard to put a name to the voice but it just wasn't happening.

'Caleb I beg of you, Zambini perished for his disobedience, we can't afford to lose any more wizards' Draco pleaded to him.

My breath instantly caught in my throat, Zambini was dead and Caleb was setting himself up for his own demise. I knew from first hand experience that the Dark Lord showed no mercy to anyone not even to his own followers.

'I'm sorry Draco but I must do what I think is right' came Caleb's voice over my thoughts.

'No Caleb please' but before Draco could say anything else Caleb was gone.

Sinking to my knees I let tears flow down my cheeks. That's another person gone. Potential wasted. Everything was so uncertain. Anyone could walk away at any second and they could be killed without any other thought towards their souls.

I felt a pair of hands upon my shoulders. In this present time I feared everyone especially their touch but as I looked up to meet the eyes of this stranger my heart softened. Draco stood over me.

'How much of that did you hear?' he asked quietly still standing over me.

'All of it!' I sobbed placing my head in my hands. I felt the hot tears against my skin letting the salty water touch my lips.

Suddenly my head was lifted from my safety net, Draco had placed one hand under my chin. Meeting my eyes he gave me one reassuring look, one look that made my heart skip a beat. It was his embrace that led me into sobbing even harder. It was almost as if everything that had been caught up inside of me was just being released. The tears kept flowing as well as the pain which felt so real against my chest. His arms were strong and comforting, his embrace was soft and warm and the mixture of both was the perfect remedy to help sooth my body and mind.

'You've got to trust me' he whispered in my ear as he held me close. 'I can't say that everything is going to be all right but I'm going to try my hardest to protect what we have, to protect everything we know, I plead with you to have faith in me.'

Breaking away from him our eyes met again. I was starting to lose everything that I did truly cared about. My world was being turned upside down because of my own indecisiveness. I wanted it to be easy for me to pick a side, or at least pick the side that I was expected to be on but my concious was battling against this.

'You won't lose me, I'm always going to be here okay?' Draco whispered as his hand met my cheek.

I flinched slightly under his touch, I was not used to this kind of affection.

'I promise' He said finally taking in my expression.
Famous last words I thought to myself.

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