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It was the day before Harry's birthday.  Harry insisted that no fuss be made, but Ginny wanted this to be a very special day for him.  It wasn't just a birthday to her, but the first birthday that she had spent with him as his girl friend.  The anticipation of her gifts arrival was driving her crazy.  She began to worry over every little detail, as she feared that something would ruin her plans.  She tried to distract herself with her chores, but this was doing little to help ease her mind.  Mrs. Weasley had insisted that every thing be cleaned as many guests would be showing up for the party that was planned for Harry.

“You've got to relax, Gin.” Hermione said as she caught a glass in mid air that Ginny had just dropped.

“I know, but I am just to excited about tomorrow.” Ginny grinned widely.  “You don't think he would hate my gift, do you?” A look of panic now wiping away her grin.

“Don't worry!  He is going to love it.” Hermione reassured her as she grabbed her by the shoulders trying to hold her still.

“I can't help it, it's just that it is my first time I have spent Harry's birthday as his girl friend.  I want everything to be perfect.” Ginny began to take a deep breath as Hermione helped her to a chair.

“Ginny!  Harry loves you and that is all he needs to make it perfect.  All he wants is you, I can see it in his eyes.”  Hermione was now sitting next to her as she rubbed Ginny's hand trying to calm her.

“I know!” Ginny smiled in gratitude for her kind words.

“What about you and Ron?” Ginny inquired.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked perplexed by the question.

“I couldn't help but notice you were holding something back when you returned from your parents.  Did something happen while you were gone?”  Ginny asked.

“Everything is fine with Ron and I.” Hermione insisted.  “Well, other than Ron being a little jealous.”

“Jealous of what?”  Ginny grew more curious.

“Well, I got a letter from Viktor and Ron saw it.  I tried to explain it was just a letter from a friend, but he got all upset.”  Hermione tried to make it sound innocent.

“Well is there a reason for him to be upset.” Ginny now gave her a stern look.

“No!  I love Ron and I wouldn't do anything to ruin that.”  Hermione insisted.  “Viktor still has fillings for me, but I told him that nothing could come of it.  I told him I was with someone else and he needed to move on.  The letter was just him apologizing and letting me know he was happy for me.”

“Did you tell Ron that?” Ginny asked.

“I couldn't.  Ron gets to upset just at the thought of him.”  Hermione laughed at the thought of Ron's reaction.  “I guess your brother really does love me.”  She began to smile as she blushed.

Ginny began to laugh, “Who would have every thought that my brother could fall in love.”

They both began to laugh as they returned to there chores.




“I know Ginny is up to something, she had been acting so strange since we got back from Diagon Ally.” Harry said as he grabbed a gnome by the legs, holding it in the air.  The gnome was very upset as he fought being hung upside down.  Harry tossed the gnome over the hedge and into the field beyond.

“Girls!  Who can figure them out.” Ron laughed as he tried to grab another gnome, but missed.

“I just don't want her to make such a big deal.  It's just a birthday!” Harry laughed as he watched a rather fat gnome biting Ron on the finger.

Ron cursed as he kicked the gnome across the garden.  “You know how girls are they got to make a fuss about everything.” Ron responded as he sucked on his injured finger.  Ron watched as a group of gnomes stood together mocking him.  “Petrificus  Totalus” Ron yelled as he pointed his wand at them.  Ron got lucky and managed to stun the whole group with one spell.  He laughed as he threw the gnomes into the field.  “I think that about does it.”  Ron said proudly as he brushed himself off.

“Besides you can just get her back on her birthday, it is right before we leave for school.” Ron was still smiling over his excellent spell casting.

“Oh, I have already arranged for her gift.” Harry smiled.

“What did you get her?” Ron asked curiously.

“You will have to wait and see!” Harry responded as he cleaned himself up with his wand before moving on to their next task.

“Come on Harry, what are you getting her?” Ron begged as he chased after Harry.

“Honestly Ron, your worse then Ginny.” Harry laughed as he continued on.




Harry sat down and relaxed as it had been a long hard day.  They had just finished setting up all the tables and chairs and were relaxing as they were very tired from the hot summer sun.  Ginny and Hermione soon appeared with cold drinks for them.  Ginny placed the drinks on the table and jumped on Harry's lap as she hugged him tightly.

“What has gotten into you lately?” Harry laughed as he hugged her back.

“You will just have to wait and see.” Ginny smiled

Ron burst out laughing as he spit his drink all over himself.  Harry could only laugh at the sight.

“What is wrong with you, Ron?” Hermione asked with concern as she helped Ron clean himself off.

“Nothing, just remembering something Harry said to me.” Ron blushed.

Hermione shook her head as she sat down next to him.  “Boys!  I will never figure them out.”  Hermione now turned and smiled as she watched Harry and Ginny flirting with each other.  “If you two want to be alone for awhile, Ron and I can finish up here.” Hermione told them.

Ron began to protest, but Hermione quickly stopped him.  “Don't worry Ron, you will get yours later.” Ron quickly stopped as he began to blush.

“That would be great, Hermione thank you.”  Harry gushed as he grabbed Ginny's hand and lead her off.

Harry pulled her along as he made his way through the trees till he came to a secluded spot next to a small pond at the base of a small water fall.  He had found it once while he was out wondering around while waiting for Ginny to finish her chores.  Ginny sat down next to the water as she began to protest being dragged so far.

“Why did you drag me all the way down here?” Ginny asked as she began to remove her shoes and rubbed her aching feet.

Harry sat in front of her and took her feet placing them on his lap as he began to rub them.  “I thought maybe we could start celebrating my birthday a little early.” Harry grinned.

“Harry James Potter!  What kind of girl do you take me for,” Ginny protested as she pushed Harry back with her feet. 

Harry panicked as he tried to defend his remark, but Ginny only laughed as she climbed on his lapped and wiggled her hips as she settled down on top of him.  She wrapped her arms tightly around him as she rested her head on his shoulder kissing his neck.

“Oooooh!” Harry moaned as his body shivered in excitement.  “You are such a tease, Miss Weasley.”

Ginny began to laugh at the results of her actions.  “Your just going to have to settle with this for now as I am saving myself for marriage.”  Ginny giggled as she was very proud of her attempt to tease Harry.

Harry leaned forward as he laid Ginny gently on the ground and propped himself above her as he laid on top kissing her.  “You know what that does to me!” Harry moaned in protest.

“I am sorry, Harry.” Ginny apologized as she kissed him back.

“So tell me Miss Weasley, now that I have you trapped.  What is it that you are hiding from me.” Harry laughed as he stared down at her.

“Your just going to have to wait.” Ginny laughed as she pulled him down on top of her and wrapped her arms around his neck.  She began to kiss him passionately.

Harry collapsed in her arms as he returned her kisses.  All thought had now left his mind.




The next morning Harry awoke, he dressed quickly and made his way out of his bed room.  As he walked past Ginny's door on the way to the stairs he was startled.  Ginny had opened her door and grabbed him pulling him into her room.

“What is it Ginny?”  Harry asked confused and worried about being caught alone in her room.

“I couldn't wait any longer.  It arrived early this morning and it has been driving me crazy.”  Ginny said excitedly.

“What are you talking about, Gin?”  Harry asked growing more confused.

“Your gift, Harry.  Don't you  remember it is your birthday today?” Ginny laughed.  “I wanted to give it to you now before we go down stairs.”  Ginny smiled brightly as she stepped aside allowing Harry to see the large covered object behind her.  “I hope you like it Harry.”  She said with a worried look in her eyes.

Harry stepped towards it, but as he started to pull the cover off he heard a laud screech.  Harry paused as he stared confused at Ginny.  Ginny smiled as she urged him to continue.  Slowly he removed the cover and looked at his gift.  Tears began to fill Harry's eyes.

“I know how much you miss her and I know it's not the same, but I seen you looking at her when we went shopping for dresses.”  Ginny smiled at Harry and put her arms around him.

“She's perfect Ginny!”  Harry smiled as he wiped the tears from his eyes.  Harry stared down at the cage containing the snow white owl he had been watching in Diagon Ally.  “But how did you afford this Ginny?”  Harry asked

“I used the money left over from the dress.  The money you gave Hermione to help me buy a dress.”  Ginny smiled as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Your not mad I gave her the money?”  Harry asked with a worried look.

“No!  I know you did it because you love me and I did this because I love you.”  Ginny smiled and hugged him tighter.  “I know this could not replace Hedwig, but when I saw you watching her, I knew I had to buy her for you.”

Tears began to flow from Harry's eyes as he kissed Ginny deeply.  When they finished Ginny wiped the tears from Harry's face, caressing his cheek.

“So, what will you name her?”  Ginny asked with a smile.

“I don't know!” Harry said.  “Maybe.......Angel!”

“Why Angel?”  Ginny asked.

“Because she was given to me by an angel!”  Harry smiled pulling Ginny tightly to him.

Ginny could only blush at his response.  Harry began to look around at Ginny's room.  It wasn't very often that he got the chance to be there.  “What are you looking at?” Ginny asked confused by Harry's actions.

“I was just remembering my last birthday, “ Harry paused as he took Ginny in his arms.  “I remember how you asked me to come in so you could give me your gift.”  Harry began to look sad as he paused once again.  “Things were a bit different then.” Harry look towards the owl as he was struggling to look at Ginny.

“It's ok, Harry!  That is all behind us now.” Ginny smiled as she forced Harry to look at her.

“You don't know how much I wanted to take you in my arms that summer.  That day in your room......I wanted to just hold you and forget about all I had to do.  I wanted to tell you how much I needed you, but I couldn't.  It hurt me and I hurt you.”  Harry paused as Ginny tried to speak.  He quickly placed his fingers over her lips to stop her.  “Ginny, I love you and I am sorry for all the pain I caused you.  I promise that if it takes the rest of my life I will make it up to you.”

Ginny hugged him tightly as she buried her face in his chest to hide her tears.  “It's ok, you don't have to make anything up to me.  I have you now and that is all that counts.”  Ginny smiled as she lifted her head to kiss him.  She suddenly became aware of the time as her mind began to clear.  “We better get down stairs before mum comes looking for us and finds you in my room.”  Ginny laughed.

Ginny peeked out her door to make sure the coast was clear before the two slipped out and made their way downstairs.




It was late in the evening as the guests began to show.  The first to arrive was Bill and Fleur, Molly was very excited to see them as they had not been around much since Fred's funeral.  Ginny was very happy to see her brother, but tried her best to avoid Fleur at all costs.  Harry found it quite humorous as he watched her trying to dodge Fleur's questions.

Charley was the next to arrive, followed by Hagrid.  Harry was very happy to see Hagrid as he had very little time to see him.  Hagrid was Harry's very first friend and meant alot to him.  The family was a bit surprised when George showed up, sporting a lovely Angelina Johnson on his arm.  This made Molly very happy as it explained his lack of visits lately.

Percy was the last of the Weasley's to arrive. Molly and Arthur were happy to welcome him, but the rest of the family were still not sure about how to treat him.  Ginny was definitely not very happy with his presents and gave him a very cold shoulder as he tried to say hello.  Harry tried to convince her to forgive him, but gave up as he knew better.

The family all chipped in to help Mrs. Weasley set the feast she had prepared on the table.  It had been along time since they had all been together as a family.  Harry was happy that his birthday could serve to bring them all together.

Harry sat listening to Charley and Hagrid as they discussed dragons.  This was something the three of them had much experience in.  Harry was laughing at a joke Charley had just told when he felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned to see Ginny standing behind him.

“Hello love.” Harry said as he greeted his girl friend.

“Harry, I have another surprise for you.  Can you come with me?”  Ginny said as she smiled at him.

“Another surprise, but you already gave me a gift.” Harry responded as he puzzled over Ginny's words.

“This isn't from me.” Ginny spoke as she took his hand and dragged him across the yard to the house.

Harry was in shock as he entered the house.  Inside the kitchen he found Molly, Hermione, and Fleur all smiling brightly at him.

“What is going on?” Harry asked, confused by their looks.  Harry could make out someone else standing behind them.  As he looked closer he could just make out the face of Andromeda Tonks standing behind them.  The three women moved aside as Mrs. Tonks stepped forward.  Harry could see she was holding a baby in her arms.

“I thought you might want to see your godson, before you go back to school.” Mrs. Tonks spoke as she smiled at Harry.  She stepped forward and placed the baby in Harry's arms.

Harry held him tightly as he smiled down at the baby in his arms.  The women all excused themselves as they left Harry with the baby.  Only Ginny remained as she stood back smiling at Harry.

“Hello Teddy, I am your godfather Harry.” He began to tickle Teddy's stomach as he spoke.  “I was a friend of your fathers.”  Harry finished as he struggled with what to say.  In the back of Harry's mind, he was wrestling with guilt from the deaths of Teddy's parents.  They died helping Harry defeat Voldemort and Harry couldn't help, but blame himself.

Ginny stepped behind Harry as she wrapped her arms around his side.  She smiled at the small baby in Harry's arms as a tear formed in her eye.

“Isn't he so cute?” Ginny said as she played with Teddy's hand.  ”I can't believe you are really his godfather.

Harry began to stumble as he quickly handed the baby to Ginny.  Harry sat down as he stared into space.  His mind was spinning as he tried to settle himself.  His emotions were overwhelming him as he began to remember his own godfather.

“Are you ok, Harry?” Ginny asked as she began to panic over Harry's actions.

“I am ok. I just need a second.” Harry smiled up at her.

Ginny sat down slowly as she held Teddy in her arms.  Harry leaned against her shoulder as he took Teddy's hand in his.

“I can't believe I am really a godfather.  Sirius was my godfather, now I am godfather to his cousins baby.” Harry smiled as he finished.  ”I promise you Teddy, I will be just as good a godfather as Sirius was to me.”  A tear began to flow down Harry's cheek.

Ginny was trying to hold back her emotions as she kissed Harry on the cheek.

Harry and Ginny heard the back door open as the turned to see who had entered.

“Aaaaah!” Hermione sighed as she walked in smiling at the two of them.  ”You two look so cute holding the baby.  I bet it won't be long before you are holding your own child like that.”

Ginny gasped in shock at her friends statement.  Hermione quickly covered her face in embarrassment as she realized what she had said.  

“Oh come on!  Everyone knows you two are going to get married.  We can see it every time we see you together.” Hermione responded as she looked at their shocked faces.

Ginny began to blush as she turned away and looked at the baby.  Her mind was suddenly filled with images of Harry and her raising a family.

“Do you think you could at least let us finish school before you rush us off to be married.” Harry laughed as he tried to cover up his embarrassment.

Hermione only smiled at Harry's response.  “Ginny your mother wants you to bring Harry and the baby outside so we can begin Harry's party.” Hermione smiled once more as she turned and left.

Harry stood up as Ginny handed Teddy to him.  Ginny smiled at Harry as they returned to the party.




After all the guests had gone and things had been cleaned up.  Harry was just happy to have all the fuss over with so that he could find a few minutes alone with Ginny.  They had managed to sneak off to their favorite bench behind the broom shed hidden from view of the house.  Harry sat down exhausted from the days events.  Ginny sat down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder as Harry held her tightly.

“Just think Harry, in just a few weeks we will be on our way to Hogwarts.  It will be so great, no more worries about Voldemort.  Maybe for once we can have a peaceful year,”  Ginny said as she snuggled closer to Harry.

Harry smiled at this idea.  He had never known a year at school that didn't involve someone trying to Kill him.  “I will be great love and seeing how we are head boy and girl maybe we can spend a lot more private time together.”

“Harry Potter!  What is it you have in mind?”  Ginny said teasingly.

“Nothing, just that we can finally be alone with out interruption.”  Harry said in a panic.

Ginny began to laugh at his attempts.  “I was just kidding!” 

Harry did not respond.  Ginny glanced at Harry's face, but she was surprised by his expression.  Harry was starring into the woods near the house.  His face was strained and his expression was more serious.

“What is it Harry?”  Ginny asked nervously as she began to sit up.

Harry was now standing up and holding his wand tightly.  Ginny was growing more worried as she to had gotten to her feet.

“I thought I saw some one in the woods.”  Harry said as he scanned the trees beyond.  It was late at night and the only light was coming from the house and the full moon that was now shining brightly above them. 

“It was probably nothing.”  Ginny said nervously  “It was probably just an animal or something.”

Harry wasn't so sure, but he began to relax a little bit.  “Let's go in.  It's been along day. I am probably just tired.”

Harry and Ginny made their way back to the house.  Once inside Harry gave Ginny a kiss and excused himself as he went upstairs to his room.  When he entered his room he was greeted by the screeches of his new owl.  Harry opened the cage and gave Angel a treat that Ginny had provided for him.  Angel gave Harry a small hoot as she eagerly accepted the treat.  Harry began to put his gifts away, as they had been left on his bed.  Harry began to laugh as he picked up the book Ron had given him as a gift.  “Understanding the female witch.”  Harry read the title in his mind.  “I think Ron would do better to read this,”  Harry laughed at his thought.  As he began to put the last of them away he noticed a small box.  He had not remembered seeing it in his gifts before.  He sat down on the bed and began to examine it.  There was no note or name on the box.  The box was very small and black and had no other details on it.  Harry was about to open it when he heard a knock on his door.

“Who is it?”  Harry asked.

“It's me!”  Ginny said as she slowly opened the door.  “Do you want me to leave you alone?”

“No, come in,”  Harry said with a smile.

“What is that?”  Ginny asked as she now noticed the small box Harry was holding.

“I am not sure, it was with my gifts, but I don't remember it from the party.”  Harry said in a confused voice.

“Well, what is inside it?”  Ginny asked curiously.

Harry shrugged his shoulders as he began to open the box.  Inside was two matching silver necklaces.  On each hung a small Shimmering crystal figure head.  As Harry inspected them closer, he could clearly see that on one necklace hung a small stag head and the other a doe head.

“What are they?”  Ginny asked

“I don't know, they are just necklaces with deer heads on them.”  Harry said as he examined the necklaces.  As he lifted them up, Harry noticed a small note tucked beneath them.  He took the note and placed the necklaces back in the box.  He handed the box to Ginny as he began to read the note.

“Property of James and Lilly Potter.”

Harry's face began to turn white as he read the note.  Ginny was looking at the necklaces when she noticed Harry's expression.

“What is it Harry?” She said in a panic.

Harry passed Ginny the note.  She handed Harry the box as she began to read the note.  Harry began to run his fingers along the crystal stag as he tried to understand how he had gotten them.  Harry noticed as his fingers touched the crystals that they appeared to change slightly in color.  They had an unnatural silvery glow to them.

“I don't understand Harry!  Where did these come from?” Ginny asked as she reread the note.

“I am not sure, I don't remember them being there before.  If these do belong to my parents then maybe it is something they had made for themselves.  I know my father's animagus form was a stag as well as his patronus and my mothers patronus was a doe.” Harry paused as he tried to understand what it all meant.

“Perhaps these were a gift from your father to your mother?” Ginny smiled at Harry.

“But it still doesn't explain how I got these.  Who could have given them to me?” Harry was growing more confused by the minute.

“Does it really matter who gave them to you, I mean if they do belong to your parents, isn't that enough?” Ginny began to move closer to Harry as she spoke.  She wrapped her arm around his back as she rested her head on his arm.  ”What are you going to do with them?” Ginny asked.

Harry smiled as he turned and faced Ginny.  Ginny sat back as she watched Harry take hold of the doe head necklace.  He began to undo the latch on the necklace.

“If this does belong to my mother than I can think of nothing better than to give it to you.” Harry smiled as he began to place it around her neck.

“But Harry!  It belonged to your mother are you sure?” Ginny was surprised by his actions.

“She would have wanted you to wear it, Gin.” Harry smiled as he straightened the necklace around her neck.

Ginny smiled as she tried to fight back her emotions.  She reached over and took the stag head necklace from Harry and began to place it around his neck.  “Then it is only fitting that you wear the other.” Ginny grinned as she finished.

Harry leaned forward and began to kiss Ginny gently on the lips.  Harry began to fill a warm sensation forming on his chest wear the necklace hung.  He pulled back as he took the stag in his hand.  The crystal was still warm to his touch.

“I felt it to Harry!  Do you think that maybe these are magical necklaces?” Ginny asked as she to inspected her own necklace.

Harry began to remember the cursed necklace that had been given to Katie Bell.  A cold chill began to run up his spin.  “I am sure they are safe, Ginny.  It is probably just some kind of love charm or some thing.”  Harry was still puzzling over the reaction of the necklace to their kiss.  “Besides, we have been touching them for awhile now and nothing has happened.”

Ginny began to look nervous.  She never thought that maybe they wee dangerous, she only thought it was strange the way they warmed as they kissed.  “You don't think that maybe the person you saw in the woods could have left them, do you?”  Ginny smirked at Harry.

“I thought you said it was just an animal?” Harry laughed as he tried to ease Ginny's mind.  “It is probably just our imaginations anyways.  we are both tired and it has been along day.  Lets just get some sleep and we will figure it out in the morning,” Harry smiled at Ginny as he caressed her check.

“Your probably right,” Ginny said as she stood up.  “Happy birthday, Harry!” Ginny whispered in Harry's ear as she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Good night, Ginny!” Harry responded as he watched her turn and leave.

Ginny paused as she closed the door behind her.  She placed her hand over the necklace as she began to feel it warm on her skin.  She began to smile as she made her way to her room.


Note:  I may edit this as I am still struggling with how I want this to go.  I have had several versions and I can't decide.  Hopefully I will make up my mind before I post the next chapter.

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