It was lunch. The marauders had a lovely stretch of time before returning to their studies.

Remus was prodding Sirius with his wand, trying to make milk come from his nose. His wand fell to the floor with a clutter, however, when Lily walked by.

Remus pretended that nothing happened and retrieved it. Sirius, however, did not fall for Remus’s feign.

With a smirk, Sirius said, “so you do fancy her, then…”

“Who?” Remus asked, looking at the chicken sandwich on his plate.

“You know perfectly well who,” James muttered, frowning. “What is going on between you two?”

“Nothing,” Remus replied, poking his sandwich with a fork. “I already told you guys that.”

“Ah, Remus, m’boy,” Sirius replied. “That was before what we saw last night. Remember?”

“Yeah! What was she doing in our dorm?” James piped up.

“What do you guys care? Padfoot: no, I am not getting any. Prongs: nothing is going on between us. She’s way too good for me. Drop it, okay?”

Padfoot looked crestfallen and Prongs looked embarrassed.

“I’ve been a git, mate, and I’m sorry. I’ve had a rough time forgetting that girl,” James admitted. “I don’t mind if you fancy Lily. I’m still with Layla, and Lily has nothing to do with my life. I’m not going to bother you anymore.”

“Thanks,” Remus replied gratefully.

Sirius, however, still looked crestfallen at the news that Remus wasn’t getting any. Remus chuckled. 


“You look much healthier,” Lily remarked after Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

“Thanks,” Remus replied. “How are you?”

“I’m okay; you?”

“Feeling better,” Remus said, enjoying the small talk that was leading them in conversational circles.

“May I ask you a personal question?” Lily asked, changing topic.

“Matters what it is, I guess, but shoot, anyway,” Remus answered, grinning.

“What do those infamous marauder nicknames mean?”

“Ah. Those. It seems you have a taste for marauder secrets, Lils.”

“Nah, the last one was just a Remus secret that the marauders happened to find out,” Lily recited.

Remus laughed heartily. “Well, if I told you, you’d not stick around, anymore, to ask me about my secrets.”

“Oh, Remus. I must insist that if I knew every one of your secrets, I’d still stick around, asking you questions,” Lily remarked, but then regretted and blushed.

Remus grinned broadly. “Where are you heading, Lily? I’ll walk you,” Remus said, one-hundred percent the gentleman.

“Common room,” Lily replied, her cheeks almost scarlet.

“I was heading there myself, anyway,” Remus lied. He then gave her a winning, one-of-a-kind smile.


Remus smiled at me today, and I don’t know what it meant. That gesture was so warm and genuine that it made me melt from the tips of my hair to my toes in the very shoes I was wearing. Sirius has a nice smile, but it seems so thin and shallow: almost like he practices in the mirror to use it on unexpecting girls in the hallway --- never to requite their adoration. Remus’s smile, though, is incomparable. He uses it when he wants to show real feeling without words. Ah, how I love it; so unlike Sirius’s above mentioned untouchable smile, or James’s smirk, or Peter Pettigrew’s grin. Remus is different from the rest of the marauders, and not just in his smile… perhaps, I have a different feeling reserved for him. I really hope the smile that he gave me today meant something.