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    Reason # 2: He smells wonky.


              “Oi! Miller!” James called a few weeks previous to the Quidditch incident.

              I looked up from my charms homework in exasperation; this was the third time he had interrupted me tonight, “What is it James?” I asked, “Couldn’t you have asked me the last time you interrupted me? Honestly, you have no tact. What do you want now?” I stood up and put my hands on my hips.

              James looked at me sheepishly, “Sorry. May I…” He snorted, no doubt thinking whatever he was about to say was hilarious, “May I approach you, your loverlyness?”

    I rolled my eyes, “Real funny James. Only if you talk to me like a normal person.” Sometimes James could be a bit weird. Okay…that’s a bit of an understatement. Sometimes James can be really weird. He gets it from his uncles George and Fred. (But Fred died so mostly I guess he mostly gets it from George.)

    He strode towards me cockily, “So Savana. What ’cha doing?”

    ‘What does it look like I’m doing? Or, have you forgotten your eyes again? I’m doing the same thing I was five minutes ago when you interrupted me.” I said sarcastically, “Can I help you, or do you just enjoy disturbing me when I’m doing my homework?”

    James smiled, “I like interrupting you because I like seeing you agitated.” He said, “You have this adorable look on your face. With your crinkled nose and cute eyebrows, how could I not like it?” he ginned as I blushed and squirmed. Even after all the years of his shameless flirting and empty comments, I still was uncomfortable when he complemented me like that, “ And also…I was wondering…” he took a step closer to me and I backed up, he had officially intruded into my personal bubble, “Do want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” He took another step towards me.

    “No.” I said,  “It was ‘no’ when you asked me yesterday, and it’s still ‘no’ today. You know I wont go out with you, so why do you bother asking?” I took another step away as he moved closer to me again.

    “’Cos I thought maybe you had changed you mind.” James grinned, not at all fazed that I had just rejected him. (Probably because he had backed me into a wall and was now two inches from my face)

    “Back up James.” I said in a dangerously quiet voice, “You do not want me to hurt you, I’m sure.” I pushed him away and he backed up, looking hurt.

    “Aww. Come on ‘Vana you know you want to!” He looked so desperate, that I almost caved in, “You know you want to go out with someone as good-looking and handsome as me.”

     And then he said that.

    “Yeah…no.” I rolled my eyes, “Good-looking and handsome are the same thing, and you are neither, I’m afraid. And you’re too self-centred for my taste, which is terribly unfortunate because you could probably have any girl you in this room if you weren’t such a git. It’s a shame really.” I nodded, trying to look sad, “And it would also help if you weren’t wearing that god-awful cologne. It reeks.” I wrinkled my nose and pushed him farther away, “Now leave me alone so I can finish my homework!”


    “James the answer is no. Get that through your increasingly thick skull. Honestly. You’d think you were a four year old who has just been denied a sweet. Really hun, act you’re age.” I spoke slowly and clearly, emphasizing each word, “Now, can I please finish my homework?”

    “I was never stopping you.” James said snobbily, strutting away to his friends, who were causing some disturbance or another.

    I rolled my eyes and sat back down at the desk beside Rose, who was looking at me funny, “What?” I snapped, still rather annoyed at her cousin, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    She shook her head, “I think he actually likes you ‘Vana.” She said, “I mean, I know James and he isn’t normally this persistent. I think he truly likes you.”

    “Yeah right.” I snorted, “He's just showing off for his friends again. I know it. That’s all he ever does. And, if he actually likes me he would be shy and not talk to me. Plus I fancy someone else…” I glanced to the corner of the common room and gazed longingly at Jesse Hubbard, who was concentrating intently on his own homework. He was an amazing looking boy, I must say. With dark blonde hair and blue eyes, he was one of the most desired boys at Hogwarts. He was the son of a famous Quidditch player –you must know him, Griffith Hubbard- and is on the Gryffindor team as a chaser. So, I get to see him everyday. He is the first boy I have ever liked, but I know I will never get him because well, he’s Jesse Hubbard.

    “Savana!” I head Rose calling, “Earth to Savana. Please come back to earth from that daydream you’re in.”

    I turned to her and grinned, “Sorry.” I blushed and turned to my homework, “If James comes here again…I’ll do something drastic.” I said trying to change the subject, so Rose wouldn’t tease me too much, “I’ll have to use the Body Bind or something. Honestly. That boy is seventeen going on seven in maturity.”

    “That’s my cousin you’re insulting.” Rose said, not meanly, “But you’re right. Even Auntie Ginny says so. Oh!” He eyes lit up, “That reminds me! Mum and Dad say that if you want, you can come to our house for Christmas! We’ll be spending lots of time with Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny…” She grinned, knowing how much I have wanted to meet her uncle, Harry Potter.

    “Really!” I clapped my hands happily and smiled, “But…” The smile slid off my face, “That means we’ll be spending time with James and Albus.”

    “Well… We don’t have to if we don’t want to…” I’ve got this great place in my house that only me and mum know about…” Rose grinned, “She put it there ‘cos she knows I like the quiet… and, in my family, there is not a lot of that to spare.”

    We laughed and turned back to our homework.



    “Great practise today ‘Vana.” James said two weeks after our big fight, “You were great today.” He shook his wet hair and little droplets of sweat landed on me, like raindrops.

    “Gross James.” I said wiping the wetness off, “Could you shake your nasty, sweaty hair somewhere else? That’s disgusting! Really.”

    He grinned and pushed his hair away from his face, “Sorry.” He put his arm around my shoulder and I gagged, “Get your smelly self away from me!” I shrieked, squirming out of his grasp, “You smell like… like sweaty boy. Go take a shower before you talk to me.” I wrinkled my nose in disgust, “Honestly … no respect.”

    James ran ahead laughing and I rolled my eyes. If that boy got any less mature… I shudder to think what it would be like…

    “Hey Savana.”

    I looked around and my heart stopped, there was Jesse Hubbard, with his gorgeous blue eyes, standing beside me and talking to me!

    “Hey Jesse. Great practise today…” I managed to get out, turning redder with every word

    “Yeah, you too.” He grinned and my heart melted, his teeth were so perfectly straight and perfectly white, “I really like that new move you and Lester have developed…”

    I blushed steadily redder, “T-thanks Jesse. I thought it up actually. We just tried it out for fun…” I smiled, hoping I looked okay in my muddy robes and with my tangled hair.

    “It was really great.” Jesse said, “You should use it in a game.”

    “Really? Well… I don’t think James would let me … you know him. He’s a control freak.”

    Jesse laughed good-naturedly, “You’re right. He needs and attitude adjustment” 

    I laughed too, “No kidding. He is seventeen going on seven in the maturity department.”

    Jesse grinned and bit his lip, nodding, “Yes…he certainly is.” He managed to choke out, before bursting into laughter. I laughed too, not really seeing what was so funny. I had only stated the truth.

    After a couple moments, when Jesse had stopped laughing, he looked at me, “Hey Savana?” He asked, “How come we have never talked before? I mean, we’re on the same Quidditch team and we are in the same house…”

    I shrugged thoughtfully, “ I dunno. I guess we are so busy training during Quidditch and you’re a year a head of me so, we don’t exactly have the same friends…” I looked at him and he stared back thoughtfully.

    “I think we should change that.” He declared, “I never realised how funny you are and how fun you are to be around. Lets change things up a little shall we?” he grinned and paused, “Wanna be friends?” he asked childishly.

    I giggled, “Sure.” I was slightly disappointed that he hadn’t asked me to go out with him but hey! It was only the first time we had ever talked… we’ve got time!

    We walked in comfortable silence for a few moments and then I turned towards him, “Well, this is my stop.” I said foolishly, my awkwardness coming back, “Ladies Locker.” I blushed at my own stupidity.

              Jesse grinned, “Yup. I guess so.”

              I turned from him and rushed into the Locker Room blushing happily. I sat on a bench and pulled my knees to my chest. Resting my chin on my knees, I let out a laugh. Katiya came out of the showers at the sound of my entrance and gave me a strange look, “Whats up with you?” she asked, “You look like you have been hit by cupid’s arrow.” She smiled but then her eyes widened, “Did you take something from James and eat it?” she gasped in horror, “He might have given you a love potion!” she ran over and shook me by the shoulders, as if trying to shake a potion out of me.

              I laughed and shrugged her away, “No way.” I smiled blissfully again, “Two words: Jesse Hubbard.”

              “No!” Katiya looked at me in shock and then grinned, “Did he…ask you out? Come on Savana, spare me no details! Spill it woman! ” She sat next to me and looked eager.

              I grinned, “No he didn’t ask me out. But he did say he wanted to be friends and that I was really funny and fun to be around!” I squealed the last words in excitement.

              “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Katiya screamed, “This is so amazing! Jesse Hubbard and Savana Miller! You’re going to be so cute! I can just see it now…” she looked off into the distance dreamily and I laughed.

              “Alright Katiya.” I said, “This is my fantasy not yours. You can stop dreaming about how great Jesse and I will look together and how much it will boost the drama factor for the team. We are just friends and, right now I think he is clueless to it all… After all, he is a boy.”

              Katiya rolled her eyes, “Jeeze ‘Vana. You’re not very optimistic.”

              “Well, I try not to expect too much because I’m scared that I will be disappointed.”

              “Live a little girl! Take some chance and have some fun! Who cares if you get turned down! That’s why you have friends like me’n Rose! So we can curse the bastard to hell if need be.” She grinned, “But that’s not going to happen because I think you two are going too make a great couple. So Savana, next time your alone together, flirt a little, heck! Flirt a lot when others are around! Make him like you more than a friend. I know you have it in you!”  

              I blushed, “I don’t think I could ever curse him to hell. Even if he did turn me down.”

    Katiya laughed, “Well maybe we don’t have to be that drastic… but you know what I mean.”

    “I do.” I agreed, “Now I just have to figure out a way to get rid of stupid smelly James. And his stupid obsession over me.”


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