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Harry Potter woke up suddenly to his scar hurting. He sat up in his bed and looked around. He was still at Hogwarts, in his four-poster, and very much alive. He had been dreaming that he and Voldemort had been dueling and Voldemort happened to knock him off his feet, before Harry could recover he shouted "Avada Kavdera" (SP) and he saw a flash of green light and then he woke up to his scar burning. ` I better tell Dumbledore about this when he gets back` he thought. For the rest of the night Harry kept tossing and turning, thinking about this dream, he considered geting up and wandering around the castle, but before he knew it, he fell fast asleep *In the morning* " Wake up Harry, wake up!!!" Ron shouted as he nearly trampled Harry to death as he woke him up. "What in the hell? Get off my bed you ass" "Guess what Harry?!" "What? You finally told Hermione that you like her?" Ron turned pink, Harry knew that ever since 6th year had started, 2 months ago, Ron had finally admitted that he had a BIG thing for Hermione. "No." said Ron, still pink, "I wish, but no." he sneezed, "No Harry, we have a new student, 6th year, going to be sorted today at breakfast, hurry your ass up and join me and Hermione in the Great Hall, we are going to watch her get sorted." "Ok, I'll be there." *15 min later* When Harry got down to the Great Hall he noticed that most of the students had showed up for the sorting, we worked his way through the crowd of Hufflepuffs and on to Gryffindor's table. "Bout` time." Ron said as Harry sat down next to him, "They are fixing to start." All at once the Great Hall got quiet as Professor Mc Gonagall brought in the sorting hat and set it down in front of the hall, then left. When she came back, she was followed by a tallish, skinny looking girl with blonde hair. `This must be her` Harry thought The girl walked to the front of the hall and promptly set down and plunked the sorting hat on her head. It was quiet for a moment, then it shouted "SLYTHERIN" The girl smiled and walked over to the Slytherin's table and sat by Malfoy. "I bet she's a real bitch." said Ron. "I agree." said Hermione "If she's in Slytherin I bet she'll be just like all of thoes stupid ass holes. "I don't know." said Harry, taking a bite of his oatmeal, "Not everyone can be like that can they?" Authors note: "i hope everyone enjoys my story, it may seem stupid and boring now, but believe me it gets better, REVIEW FOR ME PLZ much love Jaded

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