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Sirius stood in the back of the crowd, a bystander. A nobody. The cold night breeze sent chills up his arms and a shake through his body, it was definitely too cold to be summer. But the cold night air went well with the sombre scene that lay ahead of him. The large red brick house was surround by neighbouring families from the small wizarding village of Ellington, the home of his best mate, James Potter, who stood at the front of the crowd. Mr. Potter was speaking to his colleagues, aurors who had shown up no less then an hour ago , while Mrs. Potter and James were talking to the old Mrs Weeterbird, a widow who lived outside of town. Watching this group, Sirius began to wonder what the old women was doing so far away from home. How was it possible she had heard about the accident?

Was it really an accident though, Sirius asked himself. He turned his attention back to the Bensen’s house, where aurors were walking in and out the front door. He didn’t know the details, but that didn’t matter, all that really mattered was that the Bensen family was dead. No, murdered.  No matter what the ministry said, or the papers wrote, Sirius knew that this was linked to Voldemort.  It had to be. Voldemort was a dark lord that had suddenly started murdering muggles, muggleborns and halfbloods for over two years now, almost every murder had been linked to him and his followers, they called themselves Death eaters.

That wasn’t the only clue that led him, and the aurors, to believe that this was an attack by Voldemort. Looking up his grey eyes shone green, reflecting the emerald snake that slithered in and out of the skull amongst the cloud.  It was dark magic, a spell that had been found above the rest of Voldemort victims, it was like his signature. The image in the sky made him feel sick to his stomach, shaking his head he averted his eyes.

Sirius turned his gaze back towards James, his dark hair messy, square rimmed glasses covering glossy eyes as he spoke to elderly woman, pink curlers in her white hair, wearing a yellow night dress. She must be freezing, he thought.  For the first time Sirius noticed the couple that stood a little ways behind Mrs. Weeterbird, apart from the crowd, going unnoticed.  Sirius had spent every summer since his second year at Hogwarts with James, and had recently moved into the Potters home after his parents had disowned him, blowing his face off the family tree.  After all those summer months in Ellington, he began to recognize everyone in the neighbourhood, he was sure this couple were strangers to the small town. 

The woman had long, curly, vibrant red hair that reminded him of Lily Evans, a Gryffindor in his year that James had been head over heels for since their third year, her eyes were a dark brown and were looking at James and Mrs. Weeterbird sadly. He could clearly see the sympathy in her large eyes, unlike the man next to her, stony faced, his black hair had specks of silver, his eyes dark and cold. He was searching the crowd, looking for something, or someone. But who? Sirius was following the directing in which the creepy man was staring, he spotted only one person he didn’t recognize, who stood away from the crowd.

It was a girl, she couldn’t have been any taller then five feet, her arms crossed over her dark purple tank top, making her look angry, she had the palest skin he had ever seen which made her black hair stand out dramatically. Suddenly, Sirius found himself walking towards her, a nervous feeling in his stomach. Why was he nervous, he asked himself, maybe he was mistaking hunger for nerves, he reasoned. He seemed to pass by unnoticed, until he was several feet behind her, suddenly she spun around, want at the ready.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”  Sirius said, hands up, slightly frightened. Was she a loon?

“Sorry.” She said, pocketing her wand.  Sirius inspected her face, there was no doubt that she was a stranger. He would never forget someone so remarkably beautiful, with full pink lips, a long, skinny nose, pale, flawless skin and large, dark purple eyes, she was a one of a kind beauty. Wait, Sirius stopped himself. Purple eyes? Could that be a trick of the light? But no, he saw deep set purple, that almost came across as dark blue, brown.

“Wow” Sirius mumbled. The girl gave him an odd look, clearing his throat, he covered up, “  Did you know the Bensen family?” He asked. She shook her head. 

“That’s a bit odd? Ain’t it?”

“ I can ask you the same question? You don’t seem to be as emotionally attached as everyone else.” She said, turning towards Sirius, who simply nodded. “My.. Parents and I are staying with Mrs. Weeterbird.” The girl informed. The two mysterious people must be her parent, Sirius reasoned. Weird.

“Why are you here? Weeterbird lives way out of town?”

“I don’t think its much of you business - “

“Defensive much? What’s got your knickers in a twist? It was just a question. Seems a bit suspicious, actually.” Sirius turned to her, his infamous smirk across his face, she glared back at him.

“Who are you to be interrogating me?”

“I’m just saying -” She was suddenly cut off by the stone faced man, apparently the girls father.

“Hey! Cut the chit chat. Lets get a move on. Cameron and Alana are already on there way back.” He told her, not even sparking Sirius a look.

“Dammit! Ace, I’m coming, and who’s Cameron with?”

“Alana..” He said, as if it was obvious. “Weeterbird. Say goodbye to your friend and meet me down the road. And hurry.” He glared before turning his back to them and walking away. She rolled her eyes at his back.

“Do you usually call your parents by there first names?”

“Are you usually this annoying?”

 “You are quite the suspicious one aren’t you?”

“Well you sure are a bloody arsehole.”  She sighed loudly. Sirius whistled. “Whoever you are, I’d rather never see you again. Thankfully I have to go.” Turing around, she started walking down the road where the man was waiting. Suddenly I ran after her.


“Dude, are you stalking me now?” She asked angrily.

“Just wanted to ask you name… Defensive?” She groaned, clearly annoyed.

“I don’t think that matters much, I won’t be seeing you ever again. Thankfully.”

“Then who will it hurt?” Rolling her eyes, she stuck out her hand.

“Rory. You are?” He took her hand, his infamous grin plastered on his face.

“Sirius, Black.” She stopped mid shake, quickly letting go of his hand. As if he had burnt her.

“You’re a Black?” She muttered, Sirius barely able to hear. “I really have to go.”  And with that she hurried through the crowd, passed James, and his father, Edward Potter, consoling a sobbing Amelia Potter.


She had apparated before, but not at such an early hour in the morning. Once her feet had finally touch the ground, she was sure breakfast was going to be spilt all over the pavement.  But Ace simply ignored her complaints, as the three of them walked  the rest of the way to the leaky cauldron. Rory had been complaining all morning, her mood growing worse with every passing hour.

“Why did we have to leave so early?!” She asked for what felt like the hundredth time. And why couldn’t I have warm, delicious eggs, she asked herself. And where were her darn, fuzzy pink socks? Lastly, why did they have to leave so early?

Finally, they entered the rundown pub, where droopy eyed wizards and witches sat drinking early in the morning. Looking at them, Rory had the sudden desire to scream at the top of her lungs. She smiled at the image of the slitting head aches they would receive. Knowing Ace would be furious with her sudden outburst, she held back, she wasn’t supposed to do anything that brought attention upon herself. Ace and Cameron, her alleged parents, had taken a seat across from a man who looked over a hundred years old, his long, gray white beard reached past his leather belt underneath his periwinkle blue robes.  Rory took a seat at the table, the old man beside her, his light blue eyes held hundreds of years full of knowledge, the twinkle in his eye and the grandfatherly kind smile made her like the man instantly.

“This is Albus Dumbledore,” Cameron introduce, “Headmaster at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Albus, this is Rory.” With a bright smile, she allowed the older man to talk.

“Rory, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Your brother attends my school, does he not?” She nodded, her eyes downcast. She hadn’t thought about her brother for weeks, she tried not to. “I’m sure he will be just as excited as I am for you to be joining our 7th years during the upcoming year.” I smiled kindly, this time forced, the thought of my brother lingered on my mind. He continued talking, keeping his intense gaze on Ace and Cameron. “I’ve heard what has happened to the Bensen’s. Though I feel extreme remorse and sadness, I am glad the three of you made it back to London safely. I sent several members of the order to clean up your tracks, hopefully nobody realises you were there during the attack. We must always be on our guards, Rory’s safety is top priority.” The group sat in a silence of sadness for a moment, before Dumbledore began to speak once more. Rory found his voice oddly appealing, as she listened to him intently.

“Summer has only recently began, the next school year wont start for another two and a half months. I understand that Mrs. Weeterbirds home it hardly big enough for the three of you, I’ve contacted a close friend, an auror, to take in Rory for the summer, along with one of you, while the other stay with Mrs. Weeterbird. He is a trusted friend, a part of the Order of the Phoenix.” His gaze fell upon Rory, who nodded kindly. “ He and his family are excited to meet all of you.”

Rory turned her gaze upon Ace and Cameron, both who sat in silence, thinking over this proposition. In truth, Rory didn’t mind where she stayed, as long as she didn’t have to return to the old, dusty and tiny cottage home of Mrs. Weeterbird. The prospect of seeing new faces sent a jolt in her stomach. Nerves or excitement, she wasn’t sure. Rory wasn’t good with meeting new people, but her only company had been solemn Mrs. Weeterbird, angry Ace and overly sweet Cameron, she needed different, she needed real people that didn’t know about her past. In a couple of months she would walk through Hogwarts doors and come face to face with houndreds of students, she needed to get used to meeting new people.

“I think I should stay with Alana, the house is filled with ancient books, I think it’d be best for me to be in a quiet environment where I could do my research on.. Well, yes, I think that would be the best choice.” Cameron said, her gaze avoiding Rory’s. She knew what the other women meant by research, so did Ace, and she guess Dumbledore.

“Indeed, I agree this is the best decision. While Cameron is with Weeterbird, Rory and I will stay with this trusted friend and his family. It would be much more security, then only us, Mrs. Weeterbird isn’t the best defensive witch.” Dumbledore nodded. Rory stared at Ace with odd look in her eye, this was the kindest she had ever seen him, he was usually rude and angry, but he talked to the old man as if he was his superior.

“It’s settled then. Cameron will apparate back to Mrs. Weeterbirds, and I shall accompany you to the Potters.”

“Potters?” Ace questioned. “They were there, yesterday. At the Bensen’s.”

“They also live in Ellington village. I thought it would be smart to keep you close. Plus, Voldemort wont suspect you to stay in the same town after he’s already attacked.” Ace nodded, standing up, Rory took this as a sign to do so also.

“Rory? What are you doing?” Ace asked, confused.


“I’m just going to the loo…”

“Right.. And I was just going to ask if I can get a butterbeer.” Giving her an odd look, he nodded, fishing change out of his pocket before leaving the table. As she also turned to leave she heard Dumbledore say, “Good save.”

While Rory finished her drink Cameron bid them farewell as she headed off to the bookstore in Diagon Alley, Rory had never been there but had heard from her brother how simply odd and wonderful it was, but those were old days when they actually spoke with one another. Moments after she left, Dumbledore instructed us to follow him, leading us back outside into the grimy streets of London. They walked down old several blocks, receiving many odd looks from muggles, he suddenly turned down a dark alley. Confusion enveloped both Rory and Ace, until the old man picked up a newspaper. A portkey, they realised. Seconds after they both held onto the paper, they were hurtled out of muggle London, and soon landed roughly on a lawn of dark green grass in front of a large manor, its brick covered in vines. After dusting themselves off, they walked up to the front door, Dumbledore grabbed the lion knocker, he knocked.  As if the family within the home had been expecting them at that moment, the door flew open and a smiling women with flaming red hair, unlike Camerons bright hair, stood in the doorway.  Behind her was a dark haired man, a big smile on his middle aged face, square rimmed glasses covering his light blue eyes.

“Albus! Always a pleasure.” The woman greeted, gesturing for them to enter the home.

“As to you, Amelia and Edward. I thank you once more for this doing me this favour. But I’m sorry to say I must take my leave.” With that he shut the door.

“Edward Potter.” The man said, holding his hand out to Ace and Rory, “and this is my wife, Amelia.” The two guest shook hands with the kind couple.

“Ace, and this is Rory.”

“I’ll show you to your rooms so you can get settled.” Edward said, leading the up the large staircase. “Albus has told me that you would most likely use your room for researching,” He said, speaking to Ace. “We set up a room for you next to the library. “ At the top of the stairs the corridor split into three ways. He told Ace his room was down the west corridor, the last door to the right, and then informed him that the library was directly at the end. “Rory, follow me. We’ve set you up across from my sons room and his best friend, who happens to live with us, is next door to you. Their friend from school will be spending most of the summen, so I’ve asked James, my son, to also invite a girl from Hogwarts. We didn’t want you to be alone all summer.

“Thank you, Mr. Potter. I really appreciate it.”

“Edward, please. You’ll be living with us all summer, no need for formalities.” Rory smiled at the kind man. “This is you. My son and his friend should be here within the hour, you know where the library is, there’s a pool out back and a lounge at the end of this corridor. The kitchen is downstairs. I know it may be confusing, I myself get lost. But you’ll be fine. Albus informed us that you left you home in a hurry, so Amelia bought you some things, clothes and such. Well I hope your rooms alright, see you at dinner.” With that he walked off. Rory took a deep breath and walked into her new room.

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