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- Dear Lord, I haven’t heard that voice in awhile. The very voice that sends chills down my back and butterflies in my stomach. I turned towards him, and it hit me all over again. Seeing his face, his beautiful face, noticing every muscle and contour to his body, all the emotion I bottled up for the past two months came rushing back.


Trying very hard to not pass out, or to stutter I said weakly, “Let me guess, you?”

Am I crazy for wanting you?
Baby do you think you could want me too?
I don't wanna waste your time
Do you see things the way I do?
I just wanna know that you really do
There is nothin' left to hide


Beautiful Soul –Jesse McCartney 



Sirius Black stood in front of me and Lily, hands in his pockets and replied:


“Ding, ding, ding, exactly Lor, how ever did you guess? Sirius asked me, with that coy smile and gave me a wink.


Ugh stupid boy. He didn’t know it, but with that one small wink, that one small gesture, he had melted my whole thought process. I don’t know how long I stood there, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. But I finally came to reality when Lily, who was standing right next to me, gave me a pinch on the wrist.


“Oh, er um just a lucky guess, I suppose.”  I spluttered out the words in a high pitched voice, barely breathing. How does one person have such an effect on me? 

Sirius just starred at me for a second with a small grin on his lips. 

“Ok then, well come on let’s go visit James, yea?” Sirius started ahead but before I could start walking, Lily pulled me back.

“Hmm, I don’t know. We have to get back home, so maybe some other time.” Lily’s voice was filled with apprehension and I knew why. James was if anything madly in love with Lily, and if you asked me I think she shares the same feelings.

“No, Lily it’s ok, curfew isn’t for another few hours.”  I know I shouldn’t push her, but if it meant me spending time being with Sirius, I was all for it. “Well I mean if it’s ok with you.” I turned my head, so Sirius couldn’t see my face and mouthed, “Pleaseeee?”

“You owe me.” Lily mouthed back, rolling her eyes and fixing her shirt, she said to Sirius, “Fine, why not.”

“Great, let’s go.” Sirius grinned


It took us a grand total of five minutes to get to James’ house, considering he lived on the next street over. Once we were a few houses away, Lily started murmuring to herself, telling herself that everything was ok. I reached over and lightly toke her hand, it was my way of telling her to calm down. 

“Lily, love, it’s only James, why are you fidgety?” She squeezed my hand.

“I don’t know, I just don’t want him to ruin my day, by asking me out, or something……” She didn’t sound too confident, but I ignored it and just kept walking next to her.

Sirius stopped right out front and started yelling, “Hey Prongsieee, come on out, you’ve got company.” About two minutes later, out came James.

“Hey padfoot, how have you been?”  He ran down the path and gave Sirius a “Man” hug, he didn’t seem to notice me and Lily standing four feet away.

“Well considering it’s only been a week since you last seen me fine, it was cool staying with Remus for awhile, speaking of which he will be down later today or early tomorrow. But aren’t you going to say hi to these two fine ladies?” He pointed is thumb in our direction.

“What are you- Lily Flower, Lor, I didn’t see you there, sorry.” James pushed a hand through his hair, and gave Lily a big grin. “So how are you guys?”

“Fine, a bit bored but well for the most part.” I answered for the both of us, I figured Lily wouldn’t take to much.

“That’s good, but umm at this moment I am on house arrest til tomorrow. So how about we all do something tomorrow?”  He directed this question more towards Lily, then me, so I let Lily take the reigns. 

“Yea, sure, Ava is coming tomorrow and from what I just heard so is Remus, so that will be fun, see you guys tomorrow.” Lily actually talked wow, who would have though?

So after saying our good byes and walking home Lily and I called it a night. It might have been only 9:30, but we were wicked tired. Besides, knowing the Marauders, they would get us up early enough.



From what I knew, I was having the most wonderful dream, but I couldn’t escape the feeling that someone was staring at me. So I slowly turned to the side and opened my eyes a bit and instantly knew why.

“AARGHHHHHHH!!!” I sat up as quick as possible and managed to fall off the bed onto my bum. Clutching my chest, I took in the image of Sirius, Remus, and James sitting at the edge of my bed

“Oh my GOD, what are you guys doing, trying to kill me, I think you nearly succeeded! Why may I ask, are you in my room at” I turned to from my spot on the floor to look at the clock. “8:00 in the MORNING, are you kidding me? Ugh don’t you have someone else to bother?” I don’t think I hide my amused facial expression to well, because they all had smiles on their faces and were shaking with laughter.

“No, Lor Dear, we do not, simply because no one we know besides you of course would have woken up so umm gracefully, how is your bum feeling anyway?” James was literally crying he was laughing so hard.

“My bum is perfectly fine a little sore, thanks to you and don’t mock my graceful-ness” I too was laughing, I mean how could you not but I was still a  tad upset at being woken so early.

“Mocking! Why ever would we do that? Anyway, up you get.” Sirius made his way over to where I sat and grabbed my hands lightly and pulled me up. My hands burned lightly from where his skin touched mine.

“Thank you, but out all of you. I need to get dressed and we can go wake up Sleeping Beauty and yes James, I do mean Lily. NOW OUT!” I pushed them all out of the door and went to my closet to pick something out.

I dressed slowly, realization sinking in. We only had 4 days left til school and I was going to be spending the day with my closest friends. The day couldn’t get any better. At least, I don’t think it can. Finally dressed in a jean mini skirt, tight white tank top, and lime green flip flops, I was ready for the day.

“Let’s go wake Lily now and Hello Remus, how have you been?”


I figure now would be a good time to describe my friends to you.
Well I’ll do them each individually
Let’s start with the best, which would be Lily
She is the most amazing cousin EVER
She is beyond comparison at being my best friend.
She is the salt to my pepper
The Chip to my Dale
And the Paris to my Nicky
She is possibly the best thing I could have ever asked for.
She is there for me, when I need her and when I don’t.
She butts into my business because she cares, and that’s what makes me love her.
She is smart, and loving, and honest, and simply perfect.



Ok maybe waking Lily wasn’t the best idea. Now she is cranky and bossy. Not a good combination, she is acting all huffy-n-puffy.

“Lily, stop being mad, please. We had to get up anyway, Ava will be here in an hour!” That brightened her mood instantly; you see Ava is our best friend. The third musketeer.


Ok Ava, how do I explain her?
Well, amazing, is the first adjective to come to mind.
She is quirky and random.
A bit like me but worse, and I use worse in a good way.
Ava is loud and eccentric, can make decisions at the flip of a coin.
Her looks match her personality. She is short and really thin. Her hair is one of her more extreme features, white/blonde with a streak of black in the front. She has the biggest, bluest eyes. She can bring a smile to anyone’s face, with both her personality and her looks.

She is just amazing!



At around nine-ish, Ava arrived. As soon as I seen her fly away hair, I opened the door and ran down the walk-way towards her. I know it hasn’t been that long, but I had missed her terribly.

“AVA, my love! My dear, sweet, darling Ava, how are you? I was out of breath as I threw my arms around her neck.

Squeezing me a little too tightly she said:

“I’m peachy keen, Lor Jelly Bean! I have missed you and Lily so much. Speaking of which, where would the fiery red-head be? But we have so much to catch up on! She muttered to herself “So very much to do, gosh”

I stifled my giggle by pressing my face into Ava’s shoulder. We probably looked like we just escaped from the psyche ward at St. Mungo’s; we were standing there and jumping up and down. But we were happy to see each other and we don’t care what people think anyway.

“Oh Ava, we’ve missed you too, more then chocolate even! Lily is inside with the Marauders, so come on. But we do have tons to do, we’ll finish it though.” I was gasping for breath, trying to talk and loosen Ava’s grip around me was particularly hard. “Ave, um I can’t breathe.”

“Oh my god, sorry. Wait, did you say that Lily is inside with the marauders? 

I just nodded and walked inside. It was sort of funny. I liked Sirius, and Lily liked James’ (I think). Ava, I’m positive fancies, Remus. Poor peter, we have to find him a girlfriend, or a cat. 



The Marauders 

James Potter- He is the most loyal, helpful, happy person. I could call him at three in the morning and he would talk to me til I felt like getting off the phone.

Remus Lupin- He is the most serious (no pun intended) and the best advice giver. He has gotten us out of many rough spots.

Sirius Black- I saved the best for last right? Well, he has the qualities of the other two and more. Sirius is amazing, caring, easy going, down to earth, energized. He is nothing short of wonderful.

I'm not too fond of Peter he creepy?



After many, hugs, squeals, and “hellos”, we all resulted in sitting in James’ parlor. Sirius and I were ironically on the love seat. Lily sprawled across the floor, with Remus and Ava on either side and James was on the lounge chair, humming to himself. We were discussing what we should do, so far nothing reasonable had come up.

“Let’s just go bike riding, you guys.” Remus sounded bored
“Hmm, no, my bike is un-ride able at this moment.”  My voice was quiet and crestfallen
“What do you mean, what happened?” 

“Well, I sort of rode into a tree and then fell….”  I let my voice fall into the background

“Ok sorry I asked” Laughter filled Sirius’ voice.

“WELL, I’m sorry that I am um accident prone.” My eyes narrowed and I scowled in his general direction

“Oh Lor, don’t be mad, please. I am truly and completely sorry.” He looked sorry and I had to forgive him, ya know?

I craned my neck towards him and looked up through my lashes, I shouldn’t have gotten so defensive. I could feel a blush creeping up my neck coming into my cheeks.

“Sirius, don’t be sorry. It’s just a sore subject. Ya know, my balance, or more my lack of balance and such” I mumbled towards the couch cushions. 

He gave me a smile and we kept discussing what to do. We ended up just going into the woods behind James’ house. Sirius walked behind me and I could feel his stare on me. He was making me nervous my palms were getting sweaty, and I kept tripping (more then usual). I focused myself and watched where I walked, I really didn’t need to fall and embarrass myself.

“So how is everyone today?” I let out a frustrated sigh. I had to make some kind of chit chat to get my mind off of how dangerously close Sirius was. But what a lame question.

Everyone mumbles something like, “Great”, “Fine”, or “Ok”.     

I could hear Sirius’ breathing, coming in even breaths, like hiking was a past time of his. It could be, his body is fabulous so I wouldn’t doubt it. I still felt his eyes on my back, his wonderful eyes. They were gray-ish blue, and when he was upset they were steal gray.

Ugh I hate liking him. I can’t tell him, it could ruin a perfectly good friendship. But every time he smiled at me, touched me, talked to me, he took more of my heart. Honestly I didn’t mind that he did, I just wish he knew. On the off chance he does like me, that would be nice, but I doubt it. Ok back to reality, I’m over thinking it.

“You guys where are we, I can’t see the trail anymore? Hello you guys where are you?” Oh. My. God. How did I possibly get lost? Where the hell am I? Ok Sirius was behind me, how did he not me disappear? Well this is aggravating! 

“LOREN, WHERE ARE YOU?” I heard five distinct voices. I started running towards them, YES I AM SAVED!

“You guys, I’m right- -- AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

I fell. But you could have guessed that. I must have gotten a little to eager and lost my footing. I caught myself before I rolled down the hill but a branch stabbed into my hand when I hit the ground.

“DAMN IT” I grabbed my injured hand and pulled out the branch, wincing at the pain. EW blood, I hate blood. I heard hurried footsteps behind me and turned to see Sirius running up behind me.

“LOR, are you ok?” He kneeled down next to me and inspected my hand.

“I’m fine, just a little scratch, can we go home now? Please!”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea, the others are slightly behind.  Here jump on” he kneeled down to let me on his back, “come on”

“Um that’s not necessary, I can walk.” I started walking ahead

“From what I have seen, you can’t. So come on don’t be difficult” He lightly grabbed my wrist pulling me back and stood in front of me.

“There is no point in arguing, is there?” He slowly shook his head, so I let him lift me to his back, it wasn’t so bad. I mean besides the fact that we were wickedly close, but whatever I was ok with it. We didn’t even talk as we walked home but it was a comfortable silence.


So much for an adventure, right? I sort of shot that idea to hell, but it was still fun. When we got back to James’ we had a movie marathon and crashed there. Even if we didn’t do much, I didn’t mind. I wouldn’t have asked for a better end of vacation. We spent the rest of the three days, being lazy. I ended up with a few other minor bruised and bumps but I wouldn’t change anything.


Authors note- Ok so this is the second chapter. Just more of a filler then anything. 
The next chapters get lots better, trust me.
So read and review pleasee
Cause if you review I will love you more then chocolate and that m'dears... is saying something


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