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Chapter 20: Man’s Best Friend

I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time in the library as I have since I met Lily Evans. I always questioned her supreme power over James but here I am, another Saturday, another study session. I guess our finals being only a month away encourages this extreme attention to schoolwork as well.

Wait why am I complaining when I haven’t even touched my school books. Bad Paige bad.

“I’m glad to see you really concentrating on your “N.E.W.T.S” Lily beamed at me between two towering columns of books on either side of her.

Way to make me feel guiltier universe!

“Yes, you’ve been pretty productive today” Remus agreed. I think there was a hint of suspicion in his tone.

“Err…yeah, really want to get some O’s” I replied nervously. I felt a bit shamefaced since what I was studying wasn’t really part of the Hogwarts curriculum.

I don’t care about N.E.W.T.S. They supposed to be useful for getting a job right out of Hogwarts. For getting your life into order, for growing up. The thing is I can’t help but feel seventeen is a little young for growing up. At least in my case.

McGonagall keeps telling me at our post academic sessions about looking into applying to the Translating Department at the Ministry of Magic. I nod my head and tell her it’s a good idea, and say that I’ll definitely check it out and all but really, I have zero interest at being stuffed up in an office when I could be somewhere south translating writings on the walls of ancient tombs. Or at least carving my initials on ancient relics for a good laugh. Nothing makes me laugh more than the idea of someone looking at an old sarcophagus only to read the words


The Z instead of an S should really make them angry. Proper people hate it when us youngin’s misspell things on purpose.

So yeah my lack of ambition may be a problem since no one really seems to know about it. I bet Amy suspects though. Figures just when things get good again obstacles come up.

Well its not like things are entirely good; Remus and Amy are still not really on the road to friendship or anything. At least they don’t yell at each other. Also I think Kimberly has been stealing my sweets from my hiding place under my bed. I have to admit subtle retaliation that I have no proof of is quite clever.

And I’m not even sure if this is even an obstacle to begin with.

Except for the part where I’ve been reading this wizarding traveling guide for the past three hours. I’ve even made notes on it. Places to stop by, tips for not offending the locals (which I may do that opposite if I get bored). See that? Hypothetical fun ideas are popping into my head.

And every one of those ideas seems to be occurring while I’m still young.

The problem is that the boys all have Auror stars in their eyes. They haven’t mentioned it but I know they are taking to required classes and I assume their hero complexes are pushing them down that path. The thing is Auror training is local. The rest of the world is not.

Sometimes I wish Hogwarts had a few more years for us to go through. That we could just stick like this.

Sirius and Amy joined us a moment later. They’ve just been to Divination extra review session. If I hadn’t of known that already it would be obvious from the glow of admiration on Amy’s face and the laughter it looked like Sirius was containing.

Amy’s glow faded as she sat down nervously across from Remus, both avoiding each other’s eyes. I know Amy’s not trying to talk to him either but I choose to blame Lupin out of best friend loyalty. I tried to send psychic messages to him to man up but he wasn’t getting it so I gave up.

Sirius meanwhile moved my chair around to face him.

“Alright I’ve left you alone for most of the day but its Saturday and I’m a chronic attention seeker who’s been neglected long enough”

“Poor puppy” I cooed with pouty face. He hates it when I call him that. Is it wrong to enjoy how funny you boyfriend looks when he cringes. I laughed and shoved my books quickly into my bag.

“Okay take me away” I told him in a fluttery voice. I leaned on him for support as we left the library, what’s a damsel to do but lean on her big strong man.

“Snow’s all melted” he commented.

“Oh let’s go behind the Quidditch stands” I said excitedly. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask him.

“Yes Mam’n” he replied smoothly but with a hint of equal excitement. Oh silly boy, he thought he was getting nooky. I’ll let him live the dream a little longer.

We raced across the grounds until we were out of view from all eyes of Hogwarts

I grinned at him all devil like “There’s something I’ve wanted you to do for a little while now” I told him.

He got all suave and moved towards me. My heart beat a little faster but I was going to have to save my snog anticipation for later.

“Can you turn into a dog and run after a stick” I blurted right before he kissed me.

“What?” He stopped awkwardly close to my face with surprised eyes.

“I mean fetch I’ve always wanted to play fetch, our neighbours had this great big happy dog but I never had the nerve to ask them if I could play with it, mind you they were nutters so I was afraid they might have rubbed off on the dog as well”

He was starring at me perplexedly. This was a familiar feeling. To my relief instead of running away he just shook his head and laughed.

“Do you remember when we first met, I mean when we officially met and conversed, at the beginning of seventh year”

I thought back to the textbook incident “I do believe I recall”

“And then when you overheard me in the hall, you were drinking that little box thing, it had juice in it”

My face started to get pink. I had forgotten about propositioning him with juice after overhearing him have a fight with his brother. “Oh right, my apple juice, you passed up some good stuff”

He laughed again. “I like that no matter how much time we spend together; you still have the ability to throw me off balance like that”

I glared a little “Well I’m glad you enjoy a girlfriend who’s a predictable yet unpredictable nutter” I commented.

He wrapped his arms around me affectionately and kissed my forehead. “Makes knowing you a lot more exciting then normal”

“Plus my crazy eyes are just so pretty” I urged. Every girl wants to be told they have pretty eyes.

“They are nice to look at I’ll admit” he agreed.

“I threw that textbook on purpose at you guys so I could have a reason to talk to you and hook up Amy and Remus” I blurted out. Okay if I get ride of a few of my secrets, maybe I won’t feel so bad at keep others.

He smiled “That actually makes sense” then he took a few steps back. I clapped my hands pretending to be an excited child when I figured out what he was about to do.

Rather quickly his posture changed and his features molded into canine shapes. In a matter of seconds he had turned into a large shaggy black dog.

“Brilliant!” I exclaimed out loud and searched the ground for a nearby stick as Sirius the dog ran circles around me, occasionally giving an excited bark. Now I had also solved the mystery of his odd laugh.

After tossing a random stick about for awhile I felt I had fulfilled my inner child enough for the day and motioned for him to come over as I settled myself on the grass.

He showed off a little more with his doggy tricks and joined me, transforming back effortlessly.

“Frig that’s amazing” I commented “I can’t believe you all managed to do that”

“I was the first” he bragged, sitting up next to me. I was going to point out that the others had much more difficult animals to turn into but he does look rather handsome when his ego is inflated. Instead I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“What are you going to do after Hogwarts?” I asked. Although I had guessed I figured I should confirm it.

“Auror Training” he answered immediately “Me and James both are”

Thought so. I’m a tiny bit jealous but I don’t have the skills for that sort of thing. My dueling is pretty sub par and I prefer muggle methods anyways.

“Sounds adventurous and exciting” was all I could say.

“Should be, they’ll probably need lots of new recruits, with all this dark lord stuff and all”

Right, that Voldemort seems like a right jerk. I’m not too worried thought. We have some brilliant wizards like Dumbledore all about, I’m sure they can take him down easily if he tries anything big.

“You?” he asked after a bit of silence.

“No clue yet” I lied. “Maybe after the summer I’ll get a job somewhere”

“You like Runes, you could work at the Ministry, and they have a specific department for that”

Just like McGonagall had suggested, working in an office still sounded very unappealing, even coming from him. “Maybe” I answered.

To distract him from any more post Hogwarts talk I decided to fall back on my feminie wiles. I moved my head up and kissed him. I got a good and enthusiastic response. It only took a moment to wipe my guilty feelings away.

It was after a few minutes of bliss did I realize how little we had done the snogging thing in our relationship. Further proof towards my insanity, Sirius is a most excellent kisser.

“We don’t do this enough” he said between kisses, reading my mind.

“Then we’ll have to make up for it here” I grinned and pushed him to his back. He pulled me on top of him and we resumed.

Before we knew, the sun had fully gone down, it may have been spring but there was still a chill in the air and I began shivering. Sirius took note of this and stopped.

He sighed, a very manly sigh I may add, and pulled away “Alright, I hate to say it but its time to go in”

“And make out on the common room sofa” I asked hopefully. I had really been enjoying myself and was planning on moving onto undoing his shirt buttons. And I know for a fact he did didn’t want to stop either, his hands had been lingering on the clasp of my bra on my back.

“People are still up” he reasoned.

I used my own reasoning “They’ll go away, it will probably get too awkward for them”

Laughing he stood up and pulled me towards him, we began walking back with his arm around my shoulders.

“How’s Quinn?” he asked.

“Wonderful, quick too, I ran out of people to send letters to so I sent an anniversary card to Amy’s parents” They should be pleasantly surprised to receive that. And by pleasant I mean insanely suspicious.

“Is it even their anniversary?”

“Yes but the fact that you asked that proves you know me all too well”


When we reached the common room, it was pretty crowded. I assumed my idea was off when we joined our friends instead of furious and passionately snogging in front of everyone.

Amy and Remus were sitting far apart again. This was getting on my nerves. Well since I was getting an action at the moment I might as well right things needing righting. Make good of the situation.

“Remus!” I said calmly.

He looked at me bewildered. I may have actually shouted his name and pointed at him threateningly as opposed to calmly calling him over but we’ll never know for sure.

“Yes Paige?”

“Come with me, we are going to go have a secret talk about homework outside the common room” I ordered him sternly.

Everyone starred at me blankly. I rolled my eyes “Well obviously I’m lying but its not like I’m taking him out for quick shag” With my intentions clear I yanked on his arm and dragged him out of the room.

When we were at the top of the stairs I crossed my arms and glared at him.

“What?” he asked exasperatedly.

I narrowed my eyes “Oh I think you know”

“Actually I don’t” hr crossed his arms as well and leaned against the railing.

Fine I’ll make things clear, and threaten him to make sure he does it. “If you don’t talk to Amy I’m kicking you out of Gryffindor for being a coward”

“You can’t do that” he said calmly, raising his eyebrow as he did.

“Please, I’m good friends with the head girl”

“Well she can’t do that and besides James would be on my side”

“Correction, James would be on Lily’s side, who would be on my side”

“Well it would be Dumbledore who would decide anyways”

“Well with both heads on my side to influence him, I doubt you’ll have a chance”

“I can’t believe we are discussing me being kicked out of Gryffindor if I don’t follow your orders”

“And why wouldn’t you talk to Amy”

That shut him up. My persuasive arguments rule, I would have been king of the Romans for this stuff, they loved a good debater. Well I would be king if they actually decided not to get rid of kings and bring on the republic. Okay no more discussing what I watch on the history channel.

“Look I want to discuss things” he said.

“Then do it, wait until everyone goes to bed and ask her to stay”

He thought for a moment. “Fine, that’s actually good idea”

Ha. Today must be my day.


I paced around the dorm room while everyone else slept.

What was bloody taking so long? Amy should have been back up here ages ago, telling me that her and Remus had walked everything out and were friends again and we could all now hang out without any awkwardness.

They better not be fighting. Or Remus better not of said anything dumb. Or both.

I should go down there. Just take a peek to see how things are going. Kill Remus if he is in any way making her upset.

I opened the door quietly, hearing nothing I preceded. Maybe they went for a walk, Or maybe they were all made up and Remus went to bed and Amy was stu-


Or maybe they were snogging furiously on the couch. This is what I was supposed to be doing tonight. Damn them.

Ugh I should have known Remus Lupin would disappoint me somehow. Well on the bright side at least they aren’t fighting or ignoring each other.

Okay I’m going to stop watching because this is just creepy. Although I’d like to point out that technically he isn’t talking to Amy like I told him to. This means I could still kick him out of Gryffindor if I wanted to.

I’m just saying.


A/N: Holy smokes you guys made good with the feedback. After thinking about it, although there was overwhelming support for Oliver Wood, people were still interested in an OC so I’m using both and see how that goes. Furthermore before I start it, I’m going to do a short story, maybe 5 chapters long, that chronicles Paige’s life leading up to my new character’s story (which Paige will be greatly involved in also). So I’ve put Involuntary Laughter on Hiatus so I can finish this and Things are Looking Up before getting on with all new stuff.

Thank you all again for your feedback

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