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A Kiss Is All It Takes by Grifferin
Chapter 8 : Unpredictable
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a/n: hey you guys here' chapter 8 I hope you love it and plz r/r!

Chapter 8: Unpredictable

           I stood outside the locker room waiting for Harry for a while as I watched the rest of the team saunter out and make their way to the party. After they all finally left the locker room I knew for sure that Harry would be out in any moment. Nope. Ten minutes later, still no Harry, not even a head poked out of the door to tell me he’d be a while. So before I could lose my temper, I decided to take a small risk and invite myself in. BIG MISTAKE! He’d just come out of the showers and was wearing nothing but a towel and glistening water down his front. He walked in drying his damp hair before looking up and stopping in his tracks at the sight of me. I swear, if he hadn’t seen me, I would’ve sneaked out and permanently implanted that image in my mind to look back at later on; but since he did, I might as well have fun with this. (get your minds out of the gutter, this is all innocent…for now)

“I should’ve known that you’d be taking a shower, because you smelled like you’d rolled in dragon dung, instead of just played a game of quidditch.” I laughed uncomfortably trying to relieve the small tension in the air.

“Oh you are just full of jokes today.” He chuckled before throwing the towel he’d been using to dry his hair at me, slapping me right in the face.

“Ahh, it burns.” I yelled jokingly as I yanked it away from my eyes and tossed it back to him. He just rolled his eyes as he sat down on the bench and pulled on a beater. DAMN, he could’ve waited just a few more minutes. Oh well, it’s not like the beater leaves much to the imagination, that is, until the t-shirt he pulled on over it ruined my mental image. “Ok, I think I’ll leave now and let you get changed.” I told him, this time without a single hint of sarcasm, as I turned my back on him and moved towards the door.

“You might as well stay here, I’ll be done in a few minutes anyway.” He reasoned as I kept my back turned.

“No, I think I’ll just wait outside.” I replied, trying to ignore the feeling of his eyes on my neck as I reached for the door.

“Wimp.” He coughed loudly.

“Excuse me?” I growled through tight lips as I slammed the door shut and turned around to glare at him questioningly, “Did you just call me a wimp?”

“No, of course not. You must be hearing things.” He brushed off as he finally stood fully dressed in a pair of baggy jeans along with the shirt and a heavy cloak in hand to block the fast approaching winter frost.

“I must be, because I know you wouldn’t want to call me that unless you wanted me to kick you’re arse.” I warned, as I stormed over to where he stood and poked him hard in the chest.

“Yes and what a nice arse you have.” he replied, while grabbing me again and pulling me closer before leaning in to kiss me on the lips once more.

“Don’t try and change the subject and stop grabbing my arse.” I ordered, leaning backwards out of his grasp, and started walking back towards the door. “You coming? I do believe that you said something about a date.” I asked before disappearing through the door, adding a little bit more curve to my hips as I walked.

Harry eventually joined me outside after getting over the hazy mood he was in. We walked along up the drive, talking and laughing in our usual manner and occasionally stopping to snog for a moment or two or ten. Eventually we lapsed into one of those really comfortable silences; the kind where all thoughts evaded me except for the fact that I felt completely happy to be with him. It was then that I noticed that he still had his Firebolt tucked safely in his hand and began to question him about it. He just shook his head with a small cocky smile and said, “You’ll see.” With a heavy sigh I could only wonder what he could possibly have in store for me now. Suddenly he stopped walking and pulled me to a halt with him. He gently held his broom waist-high above the ground and allowed it to hover above the ground before swinging his leg over. “Hop on.” He said, looking at me expectantly.

“What?” I inquired skeptically. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Hop on.” He repeated, this time with a slight laugh in his voice.

“I haven’t been on a broom since…first year and even then it crashed and burned.” I told him.

“Do you really think I’d let that happen to you?” he asked earnestly.

“No” I mumbled in response as I stared at a very interesting spot on the ground.

“Then show me that you trust me.” He urged.

“I do and you know that.” I said forcefully as I took a small step towards him.

“You’re right, and you know that you want to go for a ride.” I looked at him doubtfully for a moment before finally giving in with heavy sigh. Bloody hell I hate reverse psychology. “See now was it that hard.” He teased once I swung my leg over the broom.

“Don’t brag yet Potter, because if I do fall, you better catch me, otherwise I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.” I threatened, He snorted in reply and kicked off the ground. My grasp tightened just little bit out of surprise and I squeezed my eyes shut out of fear with my face buried into his back. The wind whipped at our faces as we sped through the sky at top speed blowing my hair out of my face. I soon began to relax and placed my chin on his shoulder as my hands finally released his waist enough for him to properly breath. I eventually opened my eyes and saw the sky rushing past us as we sped through the clouds. After a few moment Harry began to slow down a little and I could clearly see all of the Hogwarts as we passed by leisurely up in the sky.

“I thought that you might like this view better than the one from the astronomy tower.” Harry commented as we crept through the sky under the slowly diminishing sun. I immediately perked up and looked around at the sight that took my breath away. We were high up in the sky and I could see everything from the mountains beyond Hogsmeade to every bit of the grounds surrounding the castle. Everything seemed to glow in the shining light of the setting sun, which was the most magnificent part of the entire view. The bright yellow of the sun mixed with the orange of the sky that slowly faded into red until it met the purple night sky. Behind the Castle I could almost see the moon as it crept higher and higher into sight. Let’s just say that everything was absolutely PERFECT!

“You’re such a romantic.” I gushed as I kissed him on the cheek and pulling myself a little bit closer to him. Even it the darkness of the night’s sky I could see his cheeks turn a shade of pink, “I’m joking. It’s beautiful and I love it.” I whispered in his ear, earning a small shiver from him.

“Not as beautiful or as much as I love you.” He muttered as he slipped his hand into mine and brought it to his lips.

“There’s that romance again.” I giggled. Even though I couldn’t see his face, I knew that he was rolling his eyes at my comment. “Ok, I’ll stop.” I conceded, “Can we get back to the ground now?”

“Nope.” He answered happily and without warning sped off into the night sky. I was thrown off balance but somehow managed to keep a tight grip on his jacket to pull myself back to our close positions. I swiftly slapped his shoulder the moment I regained my balance and threatened to hit him even harder when we touched back down.

“What was that for?” He yelled as we zipped and looped around on the broom with a hint of laughter in his voice. 

“Scaring the shit out of me, be happy I didn’t fall because my previous threat still stands” I shouted back, still trying to keep my balance as he sped up.

“I think I’d prefer that to the violence I’m getting instead.” He quipped. We flew on for what felt like hours and he had fun showing off his flying skills every second of it. One second we’d be comfortably flying around, joking, laughing and the next he’d try to scare me half to death by going into a tricky dive or flipping upside down. For some odd reason even though I hated flying with a passion, I was having the time of my life flying around with him. It almost felt like we were on a wild roller coaster with unpredictable loops and twist and turns. It wasn’t until I actually did fall off that I convinced him that we belonged on the ground.

“Admit it, you had fun.” He urged me as we sat underneath a shady tree next to the lake.

“Yes I had fun and if you didn’t catch me when I fail my ghost would be having even more fun making your life a living hell.” I laughed.

“Oh very funny.” He jeered, “ First you’re full of jokes and now you’re full of threats. Can’t you just pick one thing and stick with it for a day?”

“Nope.” I mocked happily. We sat there laughing for a moment before lapsing into another on of those comfortable silence. I rested my back against the tree trunk, as he layed his head in my lap like I was his pillow. After a moment my hand found its way to his unruly hair and began to softly caress the twisted locks. “You know, I think that this is the first time we’ve spent this much time together without snogging each others faces off since we started dating.” I blurted out suddenly.

“What about those few moments on the way to the locker room, in the locker room, and leaving the locker room.” He pointed out.

“Why do you always have to argue with everything I say?” I jested.

“I don’t, normally you’re the one that argues remember and I never win.” He countered. I just rested against the trunk of the tree again in silent agreement without a single remark. “That is until now.” He smirked.

“You’re a bloody git.” I grumbled.

“All the insults today, I’m starting to feel like I’m back with my aunt and uncle.” He chuckled heartily. Even though his tone had been joking, and his grin had been broad, I couldn’t help the icy feeling that had leaked down by spine and chilled my bones to the core. I knew I should have laughed at the small joke and brushed it off as an amusing comment but I couldn’t help but allow my smile to falter and my features to become morose and almost tearful.

“That’s not funny.” I murmured softly, causing him to look up curiously at the sound of my poignant tone. After a moment of confusion a look of understanding dawned on his face and he laughed quietly to himself, which didn’t improve my mood.

“I didn’t mean that you’re anything like them—”

“Harry,” I interjected as I held up my hand for him to stop and not cut in, “I know that you meant it as a joke, but you’re not the only one that has a crappy life outside of Hogwarts and the magical world.” I somewhat confessed. He knew nothing of my mom and all that trash until now and this was a sucky time to let it all out, but I had to at some point. Right? Damn, I completely just ruined the mood by getting all sullen so suddenly. ~sigh~ oh well I’ll just have to deal with it now, won’t I?

“What are you talking about?” he asked, pulling me out of my thoughts as he sat up and turned to face me, looking deep into my eyes. His gaze was unnerving, almost as if he stared into my soul rather than my eyes.

“My mum.” I sighed, “You’ve told me all about your aunt and uncle and how horrible they are and, well, my mum is just as bad if not worse than they are.” I paused, taking in a shaky breath and trying to push back the tears that had pricked my eyes, “My dad left us when I was about 4 years old and ever since my mum has treated me like I was a mistake, like she regrets something about me, like I’m the cause of her pain and it completely sucks. And she completely ignores me whenever we’re in public or when she has friends around I’m like her servant or something and it all just…” I cut off there not being able to continue as the tears finally came. My hands jumped to my face shielding my glum eyes and tear—streaked face. I felt Harry scoot closer to me only a second before his arms found their way around my shaking body and pull my into a tight hug as he soothingly rubbed my back.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this before.” He whispered gently after a few moments of only hearing my sobs.

“Well in case you couldn’t tell, it’s not something I like to talk about at all.” I chortled, wiping away my tears. He tenderly took my hands in his and held them between us in one of his as the other softly stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes as I leaned into his touch, allowing the pads of his thumbs to graze my skin and erase the loathsome tears that seemed to never stop flowing.

“Look at me.” He ordered softly, dropping my hands and taking my face in both his hands. I did as he wanted without a second thought and opened my eyes to see his intensely concerned, soft, and loving green eyes staring back at me. He carefully chose his words, “Your mum is a bloody prat and your dad is just as meaningless if neither one of them can see how special you truly are. And that’s exactly what I love about you; because of how unique and truly wonderful you are.” His words were gentle and soothing, exactly what I needed to hear. My heart swelled with love and devotion with each passing second.

“Why are you so perfect? How do you always know what to say to make me feel like this…like I’m the most fantastic person in the world. I mean, two seconds ago I was all depressed and now I feel like as long as I’m with you I can do anything” I poured out.

“Because you make me feel the exact same way and like I said, I love you and I’m here for you whenever you need me.” He once again grabbed my hands and brought them to his lips in a tender kiss.

“You sure about that?” I asked finally feeling my joking nature return.

“Without a doubt.” He replied tenderly as he leaned in slightly, allowing our foreheads to rest against each other.

“I like that.” I sighed. My lips found his almost magnetically as my eyes fluttered closed. His kisses were gentle and pleasant as though he didn’t want to break me yet still holding a sense of reassurance that I somewhat needed. My hands began to sneak up towards his neck and upon reaching their destination, pulled him even closer. His arms encircled my waist and he pulled me onto his lap so that there wasn’t any room between us even for the thinnest piece of parchment. We soon pulled apart when our kisses began to grow needy and heated. “I think it’s about time for us to go back inside.” I suggested breathlessly.

“No, I like it out here. I like being alone with you.” He pleaded affectionately as he leaned in for another kiss. I gave him one peck before pulling away again.

“Oh, but we’re missing the victory party of the century.” I exaggerated.

“Trust me there will be plenty more this year.” He said confidently, once again trying to kiss me.

“Ah, but how many times do you think we’ll get to see perfect prefect, future Head Girl, Hermione Granger, actually pranking someone and getting away with it.” I pointed out. He seemed to think about this one for a moment before finally coming to his senses. He jumped to his feet and pulled me up to mine before grabbing his broom.

“What are we waiting for?” He yelled over his shoulder as we ran up the sloping lawn and back into the castle.

            We finally reached the common room to see the party going at full blast. It seemed as though the entire school had been pushed into one room, well except for a fourth of it AKA the losers of the Slytherin household. The furniture had been pushed to the side of the room to make room for a small dance floor. On the other side of the room a few tables were decorated with trays and trays of candies, sweets, and drinks that never seem to run out. Many people were up dancing on the make-shift dance floor, or at least what they considered dancing.

“Where have you been?” a deep voices yelled from my right. I spun around to see Ron as her marched up to Harry with a hug grin. That faded quickly when he saw me, “ Oh, with her.”

“Excuse me? What do you mean, ‘with her’ like he can’t be with me?” I snapped as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“You know perfectly well what I mean, you and Hermione—” He began to argue back, but I quickly cut him off before he could say something out of line.

“—had one hell of a time at the match today, as a matter of fact, I think I’ll go find her and see how much trouble we can mix up before bed.” And with that I was gone and halfway across the room before Ron could even pick his jaw up off the ground and return to the angry scowl he had upon seeing me. I disappeared into the crowd of partying teens in search of my bushy—haired best friend. I squeezed around couple after couple before finally making it to the other side of the room. I never realized it until now, but the Gryffindor common room was much larger than it looked, especially when people are in you’re way rather than furniture. I soon found Hermione curled up near the fire laughing with Ginny hysterically at some unknown joke that I’d hear about later.

“I see that Ron is thoroughly pissed at us, and I just have to say well done and screw him.” I announced as I plopped down next to the two.

“Hey, I didn’t think I’d see you until tomorrow morning at breakfast, “ Hermione welcomed with a hug like she hadn’t seen me in years instead of hours, “Where’s loverboy and what you two do this time?”

            Just as I was about to answer I noticed the one and only smile I’d ever seen on Ginny’s mouth shift into a scowl that almost matched her brothers and I decided it would be better to change the subject. “Well, like I said, we ran into Ron the moment we came through the portrait hole and judging by his mood I’m guessing that Lavender is looking worse than ever and still doesn’t know it.” Hermione looked at me skeptically for a moment at my response, but I just let my eyes wonder towards Ginny’s direction and comprehension dawned on her face.

“Well after a while she became old news like everything from the Hogwarts rumor mill, and I couldn’t have that so I added another feature.”

“What did you do?” I asked curiously.

“She hexed her ears so that they would grow twice their size every time she took a sip of butterbeer.” Ginny cackled, speaking for the first time since I’d sat down and the only time she ever spoke kindly to me of all people.

“What? Where is she, I gotta see this?” I yelled in excitement. Hermione pointed over my shoulder back in the direction of the table full of snacks. I turned around and my jaw immediately hit the ground with shock. I slowly turned back around and stared at Hermione in awe. “Oh-my-gosh! The student has definitely surpassed the teacher.” I praised her, “however the only word that I can find to describe it is…incomplete.” I smirked mischievously before hopping to my feet and disappearing into the crowd once more.

“Chris what are you playing at?” I heard Hermione shout as I made my way over to Lavender with my wand stealthily hidden at my side. I slowly approached her as she stood chatting with a very uncomfortable looking Pavarti. Just after I softly uttered the jinx I’d had in mind I purposefully bumped in to her while reaching for a butterbeer. “Oh so sorry Lavender, didn’t see you there.” I skillfully lied. She glared at me as I passed between her and Pavarti, but I paid her no mind as I turned to face Pavarti and winked to let her know that something else was about to happen. I got about two feet away before I heard her call after me.

“Ok I’ll admit the she’s had this coming to her for all the trash she’s talked about Hermione over the years, but could you guys please take it down a notch, being seen with her is embarrassing.” She pleaded.

“Well you don’t have to stay with her, you should come and sit with us, have some fun.” I told her motioning at the fire.

“No, I think I want to be here when she finally realizes what’s going on.” She replied spitefully.

“Well it seems you’re having about as much fun with this as we are.” I laughed, she just shrugged her shoulders innocently, “well if you want to have even more fun, make sure that she checks her reflection in about,” I checked my watch, “ 10 minutes.” She just winked in response before telling me to go have some fun as she headed back over to a very disgruntled Lavender. I rolled m eyes and walked away thoroughly pleased with my work.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself.” A voice whispered in my ear as I once again pushed through the dancing crowd and a strong arm found my waist.

“I am but I’d be having more fun if you’d join me.” I replied sweetly.

“Sorry can’t, Ron Just sent me over here because he believes that you were standing way too close to Lavender for his liking. I personally don’t care what happens to her.” He admitted.

“Fine then, look over at the refreshment table and let me know what you think of our creation.” I told him. He turned around and the small smile on his faces changed to a look of shock mixed with pure horror. He gawked, open-mouthed at the thing that he could only assume to be Lavender. He opened and closed his mouth many times, attempting to form words that never came. I finally took it upon myself to close it for him. “I’ll take that as a good sign.” I giggled as I walked away and back over to Hermione and Ginny.

“What the hell did you do?” Ginny asked, as she stared in the direction I just came from. I didn’t know if she was talking about Lavender or Harry, but I answered anyways assuming that she meant Lavender.

“Well, I just thought that her hair was way too short, so now her hair grows each and every time she says, thinks, or does anything in relation to Ron, and seeing as she’s blatantly flirting with him, she now looks like a florescent colored Hippogriff. And the best part is, Pavarti wants to help.”

“Wait, you turned Pavarti against her own best friend?” Hermione sputtered while choking on her Butterbeer and almost spilling it down her front.

“Oh please, Pavarti’s known ever since they started going out that we, or more specifically, you, didn’t like it and still Lavender hasn’t acted any the wiser. She knows that Lavender has had this coming to her, which reminds me; that spell on the mirror ends in 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…”


            We all looked up at the sound of and ear-piercing scream. Lavender was staring at her horrible reflection in a window across the room, before finally passing out. Pavarti stood next to her with a look of mild amusement on her face before addressing the crowd. “What can I say, I told her she wasn’t gonna like what she was about to see.” She shrugged before finally walking away from her “best friend” and joining us by the fire as everyone (but Ron) burst into laughter.

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A Kiss Is All It Takes: Unpredictable


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