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I was up in the dorm with Ginny, Hermione, and Parvati when they informed me that every night on April the first they have a mischeif night. It was April the first. "Everyone has a target, and this year once again, i'm Ron's." said Hermione looking miserable. "Yeah, I'm Colin's." said Ginny. "Oh, no one has ever gotten me." Parvati said quite satisfied with herself. "Who do you think will get you?" asked Hermione. "Oh I don't really know, maybe no one will bother." I said lying, because I knew madam Pomfrey would have something up her sleeve. "Ok well we better get to class then." said Ginny getting up and starting downstairs. Suddenly there was a scream, and Ginny came back upstairs covered in egg yoke. Then Hermione walked down the steps carefully with a bucket of flour in her hands, but it was too late Ron had thrown a boggart in her face. I then carefully walked downstairs thinking Poppy was going to be getting me any minute. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= Believe it or not it was already third period, and no one had gotten me, I was so proud. Then McGonagall told me that i needed to go see Dumbledore in his office. I got up from my seat and walked out of the classroom. I was worried, had I misbehaved, was I being expelled? Just as I was passing the girl's bathroom, Madam pomfrey pulled me in and thrust my head into a toilet and gave me a swirley. I was so mad, she ran off with a mad dash. I ran after her soaking wet. She must have had this all planned out, because when we reached the great hall she dashed for a table where there was a slip and slide set up. She dashed right on to it, she was cruising down the strip, and she was looking back and cackling every chance she got. I jumped on the slip and slide, I was a few feet away. If i could just grab her foot i could throw her off the slip and slide. I got it she cried, but I got out my wand and cast aspell so that she fell into the sewage moat that lay underneath the table. "Ugh, I can't believe you little brat, how can you out prank me, it's not fair, I'm telling my mom." she wined. "Are you like three, you should be happy i haven't told Dumbledore about you yet." I said. "Well, you're just a big meanie!" she said sticking out her tongue. "Um right, you better go up to your wing before Dumbledore get's here." i said. "fine, but I'll get you back, I have a plan." she said witha grin. Then she left. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= I knew Poppy probably had something really good in store, so I waited for her lunch break to go into her wing, and search for clues. I walked in and immediately saw the sign put by the window i had once fallen out of, but I put those thoughts aside and kept looking. I saw a piece of parper labeled, "Get that really annoying Gryffindor kid." Wow she couldn't have made that more obvous. I picked up the paper and unfolded it. She had planned to wait until I was asleep then come in my room, and swing down on a rope with an anvil, and drop it on my head, causing me great injury. I had a plan, I quickly left the evidence as it was and left. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= I went up to my dorm, and saw a suspicious rope hanging over my bed. I went up and cut it so it was hanging by a thread. Then I stuffed my bed with puffskeins. My work was done so after the feast I waited until everyone was alsleep and hid behind my dresser. At around 11:15 I heard her, Poppy, she was hooking herself onto the rope. Then i heard her swing down then a sanp, then a yelp, then a bloodcurdling scream. Yes I got her. Hermione, Ginny, and parvati woke up. We all walked over to see none other than Madam Pomfrey sitting with about a dozen puffskeins. Dumbledore suddenly burst in."what is going on in he-- Poppy?" he asked. "um yeah." she said painfully. "Oh so it's been you putting this gryffindor throught all this pain the whole year?" asked Dumbledore. "Um yeah." said Poppy. "Well then you'll have to be sent sraight to St. mungo's to be checked out for insanity." he said. "What, but that little brat..." stuttered Poppy. Suddenly three workers from St. Mungo's came and took Poppy away. When she left Dumbledore looked delighted." Dude, i've totally been waiting for someone to prove her insane, good one." Dumbledore said. "Uh thanks." I said. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= RR please!

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