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Disclaimer:  I only own the title, plot, and any OCs that you do not recognize.  Kara101 gave me the summary to run off of and she came up with the name Marisol Mendez.  Anything that you recognize belongs to J.K. Rowling.
Author's Note:  Hey!  Well, he's chapter 3.  It's longer than the second chapter.  It's about the same length as the first chapter.  Hope you like it!

Chapter 3
Off to Hogwarts

James stood off to the side of where his whole family stood. His girl friend, Kelsey stood before him, starting to look impatient. He was struggling inside with how he should break up with her. Should he just come out with it or ease into the subject? His thoughts were interrupted and decided when Kelsey spoke, 

“What’s the matter?” She pushed a strand of her stick-straight blond hair behind one of her ears as she tapped her high-heeled clad foot on the cemented ground beneath their feet. 

“I think we should break up,” the words tumbled out of his mouth without much more thought. 

“You think?!” Kelsey said heatedly, causing people all around them to look over at the pair. “I thought you said I was different than the other girls you dated. Were you lying?!” 

“No, of course I wasn’t,” he said, trying to draw less attention to them by nonverbally telling Kelsey with his eyes to lower her voice. This didn’t work. He figured that she either didn’t get what he was trying to get across to her or just chose to ignore it. Either way, she continued on with her ranting. 

“You can’t dump me!” She screamed this bit in his face before adding, “Because I am dumping you!” And with that she stomped off away from him with tears forming in her blue eyes. 

James ran a hand through his untidy black hair as his cousin approached him. “I’m guessing she didn’t take the break up well.” He just glared at his cousin as if saying, you think? 

“Well, look at the bright side, mate,” said Fred. “You’re single and free to get with any girls you want to.” 

“But I didn’t want this break up to cause so much attention,” said James. “Now the whole school is bound to know before we arrive at Hogwarts.” 

“Look at it this way, no one thought you two would last longer than a week and you lasted all summer," Fred told him as they made their way toward the steam engine that stood in front of them, billowing out grey smoke into the clear air.

“That’s only because I didn’t much fancy breaking things off in a letter,” he grumbled. 

Fred just shrugged his shoulders before the two of them returned over to their large family to say good-bye; they wouldn’t see them again until Christmas. After saying good-bye, they boarded the train. James was in slightly higher spirits as the two of them raced to the back to get to their usual compartment before someone else got to it before them. 


Marisol had already bid good-bye to her dad and was now looking for a compartment. The compartments seemed to be filling up fast as all of the students boarded the train before it started on its journey north. 

She passed a compartment just as a girl with long, light blond hair and bright blue eyes with fair skin opened the door. She was tall and skinny and could easily pass off as a model. She saw Marisol and asked her if she was new. 

“I just moved to Britain with my dad over the summer from Spain,” she explained in her Spanish accent. “I’m a sixth year. My name is Marisol Mendez.” 

“I’m Dominique Weasley,” the blond girl introduced herself. “I’m in my sixth year, Gryffindor house. 

“Would you like to sit with my friends and me?” 

“Sure,” she said. 

Marisol started to enter their compartment, but before she could do so two boys running down the hall of the train bumped into her. She noticed that one had short dark auburn hair and the other had untidy jet-black hair that seemed rather familiar as she went tumbling down. She landed on her back, looking up at the ceiling above her. 

“James! Fred!” Screamed Dominique, “Why are you two such prats?!” She leaned over Marisol so that she was in her vision before saying in a concerned tone, 

“Are you alright?” She held her hand for Marisol to take so that she could help her stand. 

Marisol nodded and took hold of her hand to be helped up. 

“Aw, you know you love us, Dom,” said the one with dark auburn hair and caramel-colored skin as he swung his arm around Dominique. 

Dominique shrugged out of his hold and scowled at him. “You could have seriously hurt her.” 

Marisol looked to the other boy to see that he had been watching her. She instantly recognized him from the robe shop in Diagon Alley. She wondered if he recognized her as well, seeing as he had been watching her. Marisol now noted that he had pulled his attention off of her and to Dominique. 

“We didn’t mean to, honest Dom,” said James in a solemn voice. “We were just trying to get to our compartment before it was taken by some small first years. Have you seen how small they are this year?” 

Fred laughed, “Yeah, seriously, they’re like miniscule little midgets.” 

Dominique rolled her eyes at the two boys before her. She turned her attention back to Marisol. “These two idiots are my cousins, James Potter and Fred Weasley.” 

“Hey,” she said to the two boys, one of which she had already met. 

“Now let’s get in the compartment before they drive me crazy.” 

Marisol made her way into the compartment behind Dominique but before the door was slid shut she could just make out one of the boys saying something that sounded a lot like, 

“Too late, you’re already crazy, Dom.” 

Dominique sat down in a huff and then introduced her friends to Marisol and vice versa. “This is Marisol Mendez, she’s new. And these are my friends Bianca Calliger and Sally Finnigan.” 

Bianca Calliger had long, stick-straight brown hair and blue-green eyes. She was stick-skinny with no meat on her bones and had fair skin. She could easily pass as a model as well. She nodded at Marisol and smiled. She must have been much friendlier than she looked, which was intimidating to say the least. 

Sally Finnigan had long, stick-straight sandy blond hair and blue eyes. She was the same stick-skinny as Bianca and Dominique. Though unlike the others, she had freckles sprinkled across her small nose and fair skin. And she appeared to be easier going than Dominique and Bianca. 

Marisol was rather unsure of herself. She didn’t think she would be able to fit in with this group of girls. Also, it appeared that straight hair was the in thing at Hogwarts and her hair was nowhere near straight. Her naturally wavy brown locks didn’t look so good straight as it would frizz up instantly no matter how many charms she would try on it. She had given up trying to straighten her hair when she was in her second year at Madam Rosina’s. 

She sat down next to the window after putting her trunk up in the luggage rack with the others just as she felt the train start to move. 

“So, what house do you think you’ll be in?” Asked Sally from across where she sat.  “We’re all in Gryffindor.” 

“Well, I don’t know much about Hogwarts,” she replied. “I only know that it was the school my dad attended.” 

“What about your mum?” 

“My mom is a Muggle,” she said. 

“Oh,” the three girls said at the same time and then Bianca asked, “Do you know the houses at Hogwarts or did your dad not tell you about them?” 

“He didn’t really say anything about the houses,” replied Marisol. “He just told me that he was in Gryffindor.” 

“Then you might be in Gryffindor,” said Sally. “All of our parents were in Gryffindor; well, except for Bianca’s as she is Muggleborn.” 

“But you could be in a different house,” pointed out Dominique. “There are four houses in total; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.” 

The girls told her about Hogwarts and about all the cliques. Marisol got the impression that Hogwarts was made up of mostly cliques and that if you didn’t belong to one of these cliques then you were at the bottom of the social ladder. Not that this really bothered Marisol. She could care less about what people thought about her if she didn’t know who they were to start with. 

Halfway through the ride, the girls changed into their school robes. Shortly after this their compartment was bombarded by three boys. Two of whom were Fred and  James and the other Marisol didn’t know. 

“Hello ladies,” said Fred. “How’s it going?” He swung his arm over Bianca’s shoulders as he sat down beside her. 

“Get lost,” said Bianca as she removed Fred’s arm. “Dom, reign some control over your cousins.” 

“No can do,” replied Dominique as she sent a glare at each of her cousins and the other boy. “These three are completely out of my control.” 

“Aw, why would you even want to control us to begin with?” James asked Dominique as he sat down, coincidentally next to Marisol. “This is our friend Holden Summers, by the way,” he added to Marisol. 

Holden Summers had sat down next to James. He had short sun-streaked blond hair and blue-green eyes. He seemed to be a little subdued compared to Fred and James, but then again people have a way of surprising you by being completely different then what you pegged them to be. 

“Don’t let Holden’s quiet demeanor fool you,” said Dominique, shortly after James had introduced him to her. “He’s just as loud and annoying as James and Fred are.” 

“Always have to bring us down, don’t you Dom?” James asked as his eyes twinkled with humor or maybe it was mischief, or both. 

“So, have any run-ins with Kelsey after your well publicized break up?” asked Dominique with a slight smile on her thin, pretty face as she surveyed James for any trace of remorse. Of course she found no such remorse. Boys were so insensitive. 

“Hey, you’re supposed to side with me as I am your cousin,” said James in defense for himself. “And you know how I hate to draw attention to myself.” 

“Oh yeah,” Dominique replied before continuing, “you just hate it when you get attention for winning a Quidditch game, being made Quidditch Captain, being praised for all the O.W.L.s you received over the summer, and the list goes on.” 

“It’s not my fault everyone makes a big deal out of my life,” James defended himself and then he turned to Marisol. “I bet Marisol will vouch for me when I say that attention just automatically falls on some people without them wanting it in the first place.” 

At first Marisol was speechless. She didn’t know anyone yet to be able to judge and this led to her response to James’ question. “I agree that some people get attention even when they aren’t trying to, but I don’t know you well enough to say whether or not you are one of these people.” 

“Ha!” Dominique exclaimed in triumphant in James' face. 

The remainder of the train ride went by fast for Marisol. She stepped out of the train and on to the platform of the Hogsmeade Station. She followed Dominique, Bianca, and Sally to one of the many carriages that appeared to be pulling themselves up to the grand castle that was Hogwarts. 

When the carriage stopped in front of the oak front doors of the castle, she got out and walked up the steps into the entrance hall. She heard her name being called and turned to look for who was calling her. 

A woman with medium length blond hair, blue eyes and a warm personality approached her. “I’m Madam Hannah Longbottom. I’m going to take you to my office where you will be sorted before the sorting ceremony for the first years.” 

Marisol followed Madam Longbottom. Dominique and the other two wished her luck before going into the Great Hall. 

Marisol was directed to sit in the chair opposite a desk when Madam Longbottom led her into an office. She then told her that she would set a hat on her head and that the hat would choose which house that she would fit best in. 

Once the hat was on her head she heard a voice start to talk to her in her ear. She guessed it was the hat, though it startled her at first. 

“Ah, a transfer student,” the hat started. “You seem to be worried about not making any friends here, though I should say you have nothing to worry about as you are a very caring, easy going, and fun loving girl who can get along with just about anyone. 

“You also are extremely bright,”
the hat seemed to be talking more to itself than to her.  “You would do great in either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Where do you think I should put you?” 

Marisol was caught off guard at the hat asking her where she wanted to go. She still didn’t know enough about the houses to know which would well suit her even though her new friends had told her about each of the houses. She thought, wherever you put me will be fine with me. 

“If you say so, then it better be

Marisol felt the hat being lifted from her head and looked at Madam Longbottom as she said, 

“Congratulations, I’m the Head of Hufflepuff House.” Her smile was wide as she said,  “Let’s go to the Great Hall, they’ll need this for when the first years arrive.” 

She followed Madam Longbottom back down to the entrance hall and into the Great  Hall. She could see Dominique, James, and the others at a table she assumed was the Gryffindor table as there appeared to be four tables with House banners over each. Madam Longbottom pointed her in the direction of the table next to the Gryffindor table with yellow and black banners over it with a Badger on the front. 

She sat down next to a few students that looked to be around her age. They smiled at her and she to them. “I’m Marisol Mendez. I transferred here from a school in Spain.” 

The girl that sat directly across from her was the first to introduce herself. “I’m Jasmine Baylor, but everyone calls me Jazzy.” Jasmine had dark skin, dark brown eyes, black hair (in braids) that was a few inches past her shoulders, and was average build. “What year are you?” 

“Sixth, you?” 


The next one that introduced their self was a girl with long black hair that fell in natural curls to the middle of her back, fair skin, and eyes that were purple. “I’m Evelyn York and I too have a nickname. It’s Evie, my parents have been calling me that since I was in diapers and it just stuck when everyone else started calling me that.” 

“Nice you meet you guys,” Marisol said before the whole hall was silenced as the small, timid looking first years entered. 

The sorting ceremony seemed to go on for quite some time. The first was sorted into Gryffindor, which caused the Gryffindor table to clap and cheer at getting the first student. Though, the cheers from their table were at their loudest when a small girl with red hair by the name of Lucy Weasley was sorted into their house. 

Jazzy whispered in her ear in explanation of this. “Most of Gryffindor house is comprised of the Potter-Weasley clan because there are so many of them.”
Marisol nodded in understanding as she looked over at the Gryffindor table. She made eye contact with James and blushed. This motion was not missed by Jazzy or Evelyn. They both just shook their heads with smiles on their faces. 


“Oh, nothing,” said Jazzy with a knowing smirk on her face. 

“Shhh, my brother’s up now,” said Evelyn and they turned back up to the front where a scared, scrawny boy with knobby knees and spiky dirty blond hair had sat down on a stool. The hat took a couple minutes before placing him in Hufflepuff. 

Marisol clapped along with the rest of the table as the boy made his way over to the table and sat down next to Evelyn. 

“This is my kid brother, Keegan,” said Evelyn as she ruffled the boy’s hair and he stuck his tongue out at her. 

“Hey, squirt,” Jazzy said in a joking manner, “are you still pulling pranks on your big sister?” 

“Maybe,” he replied with a sheepish look on his small face, but still had a mischievous glint in his navy blue eyes. 

The three girls laughed. 

Shortly after, Professor McGonagall got to her feet to announce a few things for the new term. She went over Quidditch try-outs, rules that needed to be followed – she looked over at the Gryffindor table pointedly at this, banned items –cough- Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes products. And she added that everyone would receive their schedules tomorrow morning at breakfast. When she had sat down, food had appeared on all of the house tables. 


James made his way up to the Gryffindor tower with his fellow housemates. He continued to think about his four-poster bed the whole way up. 

When he reached his dorm with Fred and Holden closely following behind him, he changed into his pajamas and fell back onto his bed. He was asleep within minutes. 

The last thing he remembered thinking was of how the new girl had drawn him in so fast. He didn’t even know her all that well and already he wanted to find out everything about her. His last thought on the subject was that he would find out more about her. 


Marisol was led down to the basements where the Hufflepuff common room was located. She was unusually sleepy. She had had a long day with all the excitement of transferring to a new school. 

Evelyn gave the portrait of a man dressed in old-fashioned fancy clothes the password (Badgers are the best) and the three girls entered through the hole behind him. 

The common room was yellow and black with banners on the walls, a black sofa in front of the fire place, yellow armchairs around the sofa and fire place, small wood round tables around the room, a book case, and two doors; one led down to the boys’ dorms and the other led down to the girls’ dorms. 

Marisol found her trunk at the end of the bed that stood closest to the window. She dug around for her comfiest pair of pajamas and changed. Before getting into bed she put her wavy brown locks up in a sloppy bun. 

It was just Marisol, Jazzy, and Evelyn in the compartment before she closed her eyes as the other girls hadn’t entered the dorm yet. The three girls went straight to bed after saying good night to the other. 

Author's Note:  Hey again!  I hope you liked it.  I'd like to thank my beta slytherinprincess for taking the time to go over all of my mistakes to make this chapter run through smoothly.  I'd also like to think the number of you who have reviewed my first two chapters.

And now, if you could just let me know what you thought of this chapter by leaving a review for me in that grey box at the bottom.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Chapter 4 is almost done and then I'll just have to send it to my beta to be edited.  Thanks for reading.

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