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     <Thats Katiya

    Reason # 1: He is a self-centred, egotistical git.


              “Hey Savana, will you help me with my backhand?” our new beater, Lester Armieres asked me during one cold and windy Quidditch practise in early November.

              “Sure,” I grabbed an old bludger out of the spare balls box and flew back to my team mate, “So, the trick to the perfect backhand is making sure that-“

              “Oi!” James Potter, Quidditch Captain Extraordinaire (note my sarcasm) interrupted, “Miller What d’you think you’re doing?”

              “I’m pretty sure I’m showing Lester how to perfect his backhand,” I answered coolly, “Do you have a problem with that?”

              James smirked at me and turned to Lester, who looked terrified, “Lester.” He began, “Les- if you will.” He winked at me and I glared right back, “When I hired you to be a beater on my Quidditch team, after the devastating loss of Miller’s partner in crime, I expected you to be the best. I chose you for this team, not because you were a fresh-faced boy of twelve with room for improvement, but because you were a fresh-faced boy of twelve with the talent and the goods that this team needs to win the House Cup for the eighteenth consecutive year. And, seeing as Miller is not the captain of this team, you have no need to ask her questions when she is so very busy training. But, I see that you are still relatively new to the team and do not know the ropes as well as the rest of us, so I will let you off the hook with a warning. Do you comprehend me Armieres?”

              Lester nodded meekly and stared at his broomstick, “Yes captain.” He flew off, just happy that he hadn’t been kicked off the team.

              I, on the other hand, was seething, “First of all Potter,” I began, “You didn’t hire anyone for this team- unless you’ve begun paying us, in which case I want a 300 galleon raise. And second, Sierra was not a devastating loss…she graduated. Get that through your thick skull and don’t go scaring the second years!”

              “Miller if you’re going to argue with me, you can leave. On this pitch, there is no room for error. And no room for helping stupid little second years! That kid is lucky that he even made it onto the team… We have a Quidditch Cup to win here Savana! We don’t have time to dawdle!” James glared at me and I laughed harshly.

              “James, you could never throw me off this pitch. I’m the best beater you’ve got and, just because you’re the captain does not mean that you can be a total jerk to everyone on the team. We work extremely hard for you and yes; we’re a kick-ass team because you demand perfection from each one of us but, people should be allowed to ask a question to another team member without getting screamed at. I don’t have to spend every single second of this two-hour practise working on my own you know. I’ve been on this team just as long as you okay? Is what I’m saying clear, or should I repeat it?”

              “Just… get back to work.” He growled, too proud to admit I was right.

             I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t believe how arrogant he was being. I was completely right and he was too caught up in his desire to win the House Cup to care about his teammates. I mean, don’t get me wrong I want to win the Cup too, just not so badly that I’ll make everyone work 100% of the time and not be able to have fun. That’s what Quidditch is all about right? Having fun? Not with James though. It’s all about winning to him. I guess that must be a guy thing.  

             I sat, lost in my thoughts until I heard James holler my name. I turned around to see a bludger headed towards my face and I ducked, shrieking. It zoomed over my head and I straightened, raising my bat to send it across the pitch when it rounded back. I turned to James who was laughing, “Think fast.” He gasped through bouts of laughter.

              I glared at him, “What the hell was that for?”

              “I guess you should be practising 100% of the time Savana.” He announced, looking smug and ignoring my question, “You seem to be a little out of practise. Perhaps its because you’re spending too much free time helping teammates rather then training?”

              “James you know that is not why.” I snapped, “I had no warning! I didn’t even know you were there! You know that during a game I would have fair warning that a bludger is coming! Don’t scare me like that! You could have broken my nose!”

              “Oh Savana,” James scoffed, “Stop acting like such a girl!”

              “I wonder why I would act like a girl.” I said sarcastically, “I dunno, maybe ‘cos I am one!” I pulled back my sleeve to reveal a six-inch gash on my forearm, which I had gotten at the beginning of the practise from a tree branch. My blood blended in with the scarlet of my robes, “If I was such a girl I would have complained about this.” I retorted, glaring at my captain, who looked a tad squeamish, “Or this!” I lifted up the side of my shirt to reveal a bludger shaped blood bruise of which I had acquired the last game we had, when the Slytherin beater had ‘accidentally’ hit a bludger at me from 20ft away.

              “Merlin Savana!” James hollered, “Put you shirt down! No one wants to see your bloody panties!”

              I pursed my lips, “You still think I’m acting like a girl?” I demanded.

              “Yes.” James smirked after a moment, “I’ve gotten much worse. You don’t even want to see-.”

              “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’VE GOT!” I screeched, “Bloody Hell Potter! All you ever think about is you, you, you! You don’t give a flying frick about anyone other then yourself! Merlin, its no wonder no one wants to go out with you, you self-centred git! Look at yourself in the mirror James. Tell me what you see there. ‘Cos what I’m seeing is not pretty!” I stormed away leaving Potter open mouthed in shock. Clearly no one had ever really yelled at him in his lifetime.

              When I crashed into the Locker Room, I threw my boom into my cupboard and stripped off my robes. Letting the hot water of the shower run over me calmed me down some, and I stared at the cut on my arm. Damn, now I have to go to the infirmary. I thought. Stupid James and his stupid self-centredness. Why does he have to be so bloody egotistic?  

              I got out of the shower and pulled on my uniform. I hated how they made the girls wear these stupid skirts. I was extremely uncomfortable in the damn things. I would be happier to wear trousers like any other muggle kid - girl or boy- in this world. 
             I was brushing my hair when Katiya (one of our chasers) walked in looking windswept, “Hey Savana. What ‘cha doing in here? Did James let you go early?”

    “No.” I answered curtly, “I left and haven’t decided if I am coming back.”

    “What! Why?” Katiya looked shocked, “You can’t just up and leave Savana! You’re the best beater we’ve got! What happened! Did you’n James get in a fight?”

    “Maybe we did.” I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “Aww Savana! Why not? You can’t just quit and not say -.” 

    She was interrupted by a sharp knock on the Locker room door, “I’m coming in so cover yourselves!” James’ muffled voice said through the thick wooden door, “Savana, I know you’re in there so don’t go out the back way.”

    I stopped in mid- stride. That is exactly where I'd been headed, “Why shouldn't I? I don’t want to talk to you.” I yelled, “ So don’t come in!”

    “I don't care what you say! I’m coming in!” James yelled again. The door banged open and Katiya, in her half undressed state, fled to the showers and pulled the curtain closed.

    I put my hands on my hips, “What do you want? I already said I don’t want to talk to you. Or, is that too hard for you to understand as well?”


    “Or should I just go cower in a corner and cry my eyes out because I have a cut on my arm because I’m such a girl. Or should I just go and-.”

    “Savana! Stop!”

    I looked at James and realised he looked guilty, “Go on.” I spat, indicating that he could speak.

    “Look Savana…I’m…” he wrinkled his nose in disgust, “I’m sorry that I made fun of you on the pitch. Please don’t take offence. I was only kidding…you know me. I like a good joke.” He grinned sheepishly, “And plus you should have been training and I just wanted to stress the poi-.”

    “There you go again.” I interrupted, more calmly then I had on the pitch, “You’re making it seem like it was my fault again. Why do you do that? Why can’t you realise it might have been your fault for once?” I glared at him and he looked exasperated.

    “Even after I say I’m sorry you still don’t think it’s enough! What do I have to do so you will act nicer to me Savana! Bloody hell, should I bend down and lick the mud off your effing trainers? I’m sorry okay?” James exploded

    “No. It’s not okay. I don’t want to forgive you right now. I need to cool down you idiot. And, I haven’t even decided if I want to be on the team anymore. It always has and, always will be all about you, James. And I don’t like that. Sometimes, it should be about the team. That’s why it’s called a team for Merlin’s sake!” I turned and stalked out of the Locker Room, James cursing loudly as I went.


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