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Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter.  J.K. Rowling does.  I only own the plot and Marisol Mendez, though I didn't come up with her name.  Hermione G over in the forums came up with it and she also gave me the summary to run from.
Author's Note:  Thanks to Dragonballgt88, Kara101(Hermione G in the forums), sasha-is-the-best, and Louisa for reviewing the first chapter.  Now, here's the second chapter.

Chapter 2
Diagon Alley 

Hogwarts letters were sent out a couple weeks before term started. James was shopping for the school things that he would need this year with the rest of his family.  They had to stop in Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions because he and Albus had grown over the summer. 

James entered the small store with his mum and siblings. He followed his mother over to the rack that held the black school robes. His mind wandered as his mother was prattling on with Lily about a boy in her year as she looked through the rack of wizards’ robes. He glanced at Albus to see that he too looked bored. 

At that moment the bell over the door tinkled as a girl around his age walked in with her father. He was momentarily transfixed in the girl’s beauty. The girl had wavy chestnut brown hair with a few streaks of gold shimmering in the sunlight that was shining in through the front window of the shop; light brown eyes, tan complexion; a slim figure; and there was something about her that had him interested in her. 

James shook his head and regained his composure before he found his feet were carrying him over to where she stood. He stopped in front of her and introduced himself, 

“Hey, I’m James Potter.” He held out his hand and she took it with her slightly smaller hand, it was soft and warm. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around. Are you new here?” 

The girl nodded her head, at the same time her long wavy brown hair bounced a bit. “My name is Marisol Mendez, I just moved here from Spain with my dad.” Her voice was soft and sweet, like honey with her Spanish accent. 

James let go of her hand, a little reluctantly and asked, “Are you going to Hogwarts?” 


“Then I guess we’ll be seeing more of each other,” replied James. “I’m starting my sixth year at Hogwarts this year.” 

“I’m a sixth year as well,” replied Marisol before her father had called her over to a rack of witches’ robes. “Well, I have to go.” 

James watched her walk away until he heard his name called. 

“James, get over here so that you can get fitted for these robes,” his mother said in her loud, motherly voice. 

He turned his head to see his mother over by the fitting area before turning back to where the girl, Marisol, stood next to her father. She was looking straight at him with a smile on her face. James suddenly felt his cheeks warm considerably and turned around to walk over to where his mother was standing. 

“You had to yell at me from across the store?” He asked his mother as he stepped onto the stool. His mother didn’t respond, instead she just threw a pair of robes over his head. He rolled his eyes. 

That actually got her attention. “James Sirius Potter, don’t you roll your eyes at me,” she scolded. Behind her, Albus and Lily were snickering silently behind their hands.  They loved watching their big brother get into trouble. 

He just sighed as a middle-aged witch that worked in the store came over to where they stood and started sizing up the robes that he had on. He was just barely managing to stay awake as he stood on the stool. After he had his robes, it was Albus’ turn. 

When they finished up in the robe shop the four went to meet up with Harry. Harry had gone off to Florish and Blotts to get all of their school books so that that would be out of the way when they were finished in the robe shop. They met up at the ice cream parlor. 

James got his usual ice cream cone with triple scoops of double fudge chocolate. He wolfed it down and his parents laughed at that. 

“You’d think that we don’t feed him,” laughed Ginny. “The way he eats all the time.”
Harry laughed at his son. “I’m surprised you didn’t get a brain freeze with how fast you ate that.” 

The family of five were walking down the cobbled street again as they went into stores to get other supplies for school. The last stop the family would make would be Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes. It was the best part of the end of summer school shopping trip for the Potter family. Actually, it was the best part for any one apart of the Potter-Weasley clan. 

James mocked a brain freeze by grabbing his head and moaning. That only made his parents and siblings laugh at him. 

They finished up the shopping and stopped at his Uncle George’s joke shop. 

James had only been in the store for a minute before his cousin, Fred, came ambling downstairs from the vast upstairs living quarters above the shop. 

“Hey James,” greeted Fred. “I heard that you made Quidditch Captain, congrats!” 

James grinned. “Of course I made Captain. Did you seriously think McGonagall was going to make you Captain?” 

Fred mocked looking offended as he put his hand to his chest making James laugh. 

The two continued to joke as Albus and Lily looked around the store with Roxanne, Fred’s little sister, following closely behind Lily. Harry and Ginny were talking with George and his wife, Angelina, at the front of the store. 

The Potters left the joke shop and went back home. Everyone was quiet in the car on the ride back to Potter Manor. This was due to the fact that everyone was exhausted from walking from shop to shop. Even Lily appeared to be tired from all the shopping and she loved to shop. 

When Harry pulled into the drive of Potter Manor and parked, James got out and went up to his room. He fell backwards onto his bed and closed his eyes. Within seconds he was fast asleep. 


Marisol was packing her trunk the day before she would board the Hogwarts Express. She was feeling extremely nervous. 

What if no one liked her? 

What if she didn’t make any friends? 

What if? 

Those were just a couple things that were going through her head as she folded her new school robes neatly before placing them in her school trunk. She knew she shouldn’t be worried. Her dad had told her that most of the students that went to Hogwarts were friendly and easy to get along with. At least they were when he was at Hogwarts. 

Marisol also couldn’t help but think about the boy that she had met in the robe shop. He’d said his name was James Potter. He had messy black hair, warm brown eyes that had seemed to be filled with questions, and was tall with a lean build. Her guess was that he played Quidditch, her favorite sport. 

She wondered if there were any openings on the teams at Hogwarts. She had been the best Chaser at Madam Rosina’s. She hadn’t had much time to fly since moving here and hoped she’d get the chance to fly at Hogwarts. 

She heard her door open the rest of the way as she was packing her new school books and turned to see her father standing in the door way to her room. 

“Hey, you excited about tomorrow?” He asked her with a smile on his face. 

Marisol shrugged her small shoulders as she responded. “I’m more nervous than anything.” 

“You have nothing to worry about,” he told her. “You’ll do fine.” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” 

Her father turned and left the room after telling her that dinner was ready.
Marisol turned back to her trunk. She just had to add a few more things until she was finished packing. She set the last of her things in the trunk before closing it and going downstairs. All the while still thinking of what Hogwarts was like. Was it truly as magnificent as her father had told her? And again, would she make friends? 

After dinner, she sat up in her room a while before going to bed. While she was up she decided she would write a letter to Maria. She was feeling quite homesick and knew that it would get worse when she was at Hogwarts, but hopefully she would make more friends to keep her mind off of what she was missing. 

Dear Maria, 

            I’ll be boarding the train to Hogwarts tomorrow morning. It feels strange to be going to another school that isn’t Madam Rosina’s. 

            How’re you and everyone else doing? I miss you guys so much. Tell everyone hi for me. 

            Oh, I didn’t tell you about the guy I met in the robe shop in Diagon Alley, did I? His name is James Potter and he seemed nice. He was also very good looking, not that looks are all that important because personality matters the most. See, I did learn something from you! 

            Anyway, by the time you get this letter I’ll be at Hogwarts. I’ll write again with all the information on classes, new friends, and on more boys after I’ve been at Hogwarts for a few days. 

Your friend,

Marisol sent the letter off with her father’s owl; her own owl was locked in her cage finishing her fresh catch of the night. It made her stomach turn over when she saw the frog dangling with its leg in her owl’s beak. She tossed a pillow case over the cage to hide the site. 

After sending the letter off, she got ready for bed and fell fast asleep. She would need a good night’s sleep for the next day.

Author's Note:  Hey again.  I just wanted to thank anyone who took the time out of their schedules to read this chapter.  Let me know what you thought.  Oh, and thanks to my beta, slytherinprincess, for improving this chapter for me.

Let me know what you thought by dropping a review for me in that little grey box at the bottom.  Thanks!

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