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It was December 31st, or so the calender read, James sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, and then started pacing. They were heading off to a party tonight, Lily walked down the stairs, she grinned at James a twirled, she was wearing a hunter green gress, it was made of velvet material and clung to her body, showing off her figure to it's best, on her feet were a pair a strappy heels which made her legs look longer then usual, the skirt was quite short, reaching about mid thigh.

“You look great.” James said kissing her cheek.

“Thanks, you look really good.” Lily said tugging slightly on his white shirt, she noticed he was wearing a pair of dress pants and his smart leather shoes. “You're going to show me up.” Lily stated pouting.

“Well see the thing is, I got you a small gift which you need to wear a dress like that with.” James said, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. Handing it to Lily he smirked as she grinned.

She opened the box revealing a stunning necklace, it was made in layers with what seemed like black diamonds.

“It's gorgeous.” Lily gasped as James slipped it around her neck.

“Just as well, I got you the matching earrings then.” James said handing her another smaller box, she clipped in the black studs and smiled at James.

“You spoil me.” Lily said brushing her lips against his.

“Yeah well, I get to see you naked, I think that's a fair trade.” James chuckled, Lily slapped him playfully on the arm.

“So you're buying me are you Mr Potter.” Lily snapped, sticking her tongue out at him.

“I wouldn't say I was buying you.” He said as he slipped his arm around her waist and led her to the front door and out into the garden. “SO much as simply ensuring you stick around.” He said, and then apparated outside his sisters home.

“James, you don't need to get me anything to stick around. I love you, and nothing but you breaking my heart will make me leave you.” Lily murmured against his lips. James pulled her into a deep kiss, wrapping her up in his arms.

“I'll never break your heart.”

“Then I'll never leave you.”

James grinned at Amy as he walked in, she lived in a cute little house, which currently was packed with people.

“JAMES! LILY!” Amy called over the crowded, engulfing the pair into a hug, she kissed her brothers cheek before turning to Lily and grinning at her mischievously, James elbowed her, Amy that is.

“Hi Amy.” Lily said, rolling her eyes at the pair. “Has Ivy appeared yet?” Lily asked curiously craning her neck. Amy grimaced.

“She's in the kitchen, with Sirius.” She said.

“Oh God.” Lily muttered, she kissed James on the cheek and hugged Amy once more before disappearing into the crowd.

“How are things between you and Marcus?” James asked. Amy grinned.

“Brilliant, since the proposal he's been amazing, we're talking children at the moment, so that's exciting.” Amy informed him, Marcus Wood was Amy's fiancée as of about a month ago, while Claire had, much to their parents dismay, gotten married to Nathan in a small chapel in Australia, with only Jayda and Steven present.

“That's great.” James said, happy for his sister.

“Sirius, please, this isn't fair on Amy, this is her party, and we've scared half the guests out of the kitchen.” Ivy said weakly. But Sirius walked towards her, Lily walked into the room, just in time to see him cup her face in his hands and kiss her softly, Ivy's eyes widened, and then closed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

Lily was stuck on the spot for a moment before smirking and walking back out of the kitchen.

“They are kissing!” Lily squealed, throwing her arms around James and kissed him deeply. Amy, cleared her throat, but the pair remained in a fierce lip lock.

“Ok, I'll be off then.” She murmured, smirking.

Ivy groaned as Sirius pulled away from her.

“I love you, when you broke up with me I honestly thought my world was ending, but I kept going with the hope that I could kiss you once more.” Sirius said, resting his forehead against hers. “I never ha a chance to explain my actions that night... And I never told James, because I was so ashamed I feel for her trick. I was drunk, but that's no excuse, Ivy she looked just like you. Later I found out from one of her friends, she's transfigured her features to look like you.” Sirius explained to her.

“Sirius!” Ivy said tears in her eyes. “You should have said something!” She yelled at him, suddenly she slapped him across the face, before taking his face into her hands and kissing him deeply. But Sirius pulled back.

“You don't get it Ivy, I should have realised it wasn't you... I should have known.” He argued.

“Sirius, shut up and kiss me.”

The clock was ticking, the seconds mast by agonisingly slowly as James waited, 3... 2... 1...

The fireworks exploded, Lily laughed, but fell silent as if slow motion James dropped to one knee before her and held up a small box, nestled in side was a stunning diamond ring.

“Marry me.”

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