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A/N: Okay so I deleted the other story cause I wasn't happy with it, I started writing this one and it's already completed......I like this one alot more! so send the reviews and let me know what you think of the first chapter!

Another year passes the world gets a little darker.
As I grow older I become a more aware of what is really going on.
I establish the differences between wrong and right and I suddenly realise that the lie that I've been hiding for so long, that small secret that I was told to keep to myself isn't quite as small as I thought it was.
My innocence was taken away and I lost out on a child hood.
I found comfort soon after my 11th year, being able to escape even for a little while was like a light at the end of the tunnel, but then I always did have to return back.
Now I'm edging so close to freedom, 17 is my salvation and I await this moment with great anticipation.
This year is my final year.
Can one summer change a person completely?
My world is becoming ever so slightly ironic.

Oh to be a Slytherin girl, oh yes we have it perfect, apparently. As a Slytherin you're not just striving for perfection, you are perfection. In the way we walk, talk and hold ourselves. A lot of us come from a long line of of pure blood royalty. Some of us achieve this naturally others may have to work a little harder to keep up.

My name is Marianna and I am certainly not perfect. Though it's hard to spot this. I've become the master of achieving the ultimate masquerade. Oh don't get me wrong many of us Slytherin's are great at being chameleons but I top them all. I rule my house a long with a select few whom at a very early age have grasped the concept of being a dictator. We are 'The untouchables'.

So let me fill you in on our flawless little group.

Draco Malfoy – Leading man and overall champion of our house, total heart throb though I wouldn't go near him, but girls they just fall at his feet, arrogant, egotistical and selfish.

Caleb O'Neil – Right hand man, quiet, composed and scheming, he notices everything and nothing can be hidden from him, though he can read everyone else this guy is a pretty closed book.

Auria De Marco – Slytherin's resident 'IT' girl, sarcastic and shallow, Vanity could be her middle name, she cares for no one except herself and maybe shopping, ugly people do not even have the privilege of making eye contact with her as far as she is concerned.

Marianna Van Luton – that is me, I'm perceived as a real life sized china doll, flawless skin, hair and body, intellectual and full of myself, arrogant and proud. Who am I really? I'm not quite sure.

'MARIANNA HURRY UP!' came a call from down stairs.

I stood at the mirror motionless for a second, tracing my hair line delicately with my forefinger. There I stood 17 years old, tall, olive skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. This was to be it, this was who I had grown into. Yet I still felt an unbelievable sense of unsatisfactory displeasure at the image that was reflected before me. Puberty was such a strange concept, growing out and upwards and all sorts of horror like factors that came with it. Shaking off this thought I slowly made it down the stairs to my frantic mother, she ran about in a blind panic as she made it very aware that we were running rather late.

'Why must we take a muggle car to the station?' commented my sister finally as we entered the big black vehicle.

'Don't be such a snob Amilia' I poked her roughly in the arm.

I detested the way my younger siblings had been brought up, they were brain washed into hating anything that wasn't 'pure blood'. I thought it was rather convenient that my parents had forgotten to mention the fact that in our great wizarding family we had at least two squibs born into it, but then they both 'mysteriously' went missing.

My mother threw me a disgruntled look as she followed us into the car.

'Now I've explained to you ever year that we must drive to the station in order for the silly muggles to not suspect that we are witches and wizards, but then remember what I told you about muggles?' my mother so proudly conversed with my little sister.

'Muggles are good for nothing scum who don't know their brains from their elbows' recited my little sister throwing a bratish smile my way.
My parents honestly thought the sun shone out of her little back side. She's everything my parents wanted in a daughter, she's everything that I certainly am not. The only thing that I managed to achieve which remotely deserved my parent's praise was getting into Slytherin which every single member of our family has managed to do, so it was not like it was a real achievement anyway!

I sat in silence as my mother bragged on about my sister becoming a prefect. I tried to mentally block her out as her insufferable voice began to sink right under my skin. Sighing to myself I soon let relief wash over me as Kings Cross station came into sight.

Rushing off down the platform I left my family behind to find any familiar faces, and there they stood, my heart settled a little as I took in their profiles and quickly composing myself I put my game face on ready for this final year.

'Marianna!' came a little squeal and suddenly I was swept up into a little embrace. Pushing back slightly I scowled as I noticed the person before me.

'Shove off Pansy!' I spat as I pushed the pug faced wretch away from me. I felt as if I was now in need of a shower as I carried on walking towards 'The untouchables'.

'Well look who it is! Balance is restored, where have you been all summer?' asked Auria my partner in crime.

I quickly stumbled about in my head trying to find an excuse but before I could say anything the train let out an enormous ear piercing sound, a signal for us to get on and find a compartment.

'Nevermind that lets get on!' called Draco over the sound. I mentally thanked him as we climbed on board, shaking my head I wondered how long I would keep all of this up.

The train was not as full as usual but still busy all the same and I couldn't help but feel a slight queasiness as claustrophobia kicked in, people swept past as we pushed our way to find a compartment. Momentarily closing my eyes I quietly whispered words of comfort to myself. I was never very good in crowds.

'Get out' I heard suddenly as my eyes snapped open, I then realised Draco had thrown a load of 1st years out of a compartment. Here was the very beginning of a brand new year, our final year and I wasn't sure if I was sad that it was all ending.

The train journey was long and tiresome as Auria sat commenting on every single person that walked past our compartment, she honestly disliked everyone. Auria was the type of girl that knew all the gossip and if there wasn't any gossip she would just simply make some up for her own entertainment. I have such a fondness for this girl but at times especially ones like this my patience for her would start to wear thin.

My eyes wondered over towards the guys, they had all certainly grown an extra few inches over the summer as they transformed from boys into young men. I smiled slightly taking in their broad shoulders and strong forearms. Caleb sat talking quietly to Blaise Zambini about quidditch as Draco sat silently staring out the window. He let one arm perch against the window sill with his chin rested upon his hand. Small lines across his forehead made his expression seem intense and brooding. Last year was one that I certainly couldn't forget but I wondered as I sat watching him whether he felt anything, any sort of remorse or guilt. Sighing slightly I removed myself away from him, Picking up a book I buried my head into it hoping that this would shut Auria up.

Students were running thin slightly as parents refused to send their kids back to Hogwarts after the death of Albus Dumbledore. As we all sat at the Slytherin table I noticed a few familiar faces were missing especially from my own year. At this point I knew it was not wise to question this.

After only 6 weeks away from the school and suddenly everything could change. Shuffling my food slightly all I could do was leave these thoughts behind as I concentrated on not failing my year. Auria carried on nattering away as we ate, I know she was supposed to be my best friend but I just started to grow inpatient with her constant bitching over things that well to be honest had no relevance to anything considering what was going on in the world beyond these walls. Auria was never the kind of person to care about anyone but herself, I least expected this would change even now.

'These are good times for us' I overheard Caleb talking to Blaise, a shudder went straight down my spine. Since when was it okay to talk about the Dark Lord so openly as this? Was I missing something?

'Oi! are you listening?' My head snapped up as Caleb drove his elbow into Draco's ribs.
'yeah' he muttered back shuffling his food around on his plate.

'He's been like this all summer' Auria whispered leaning in over my shoulder, ' He's looking ever so slightly warn down don't you think? Disappearing for days on end then returning with dark rings around his eyes, my first guess was well you know going on missions for you-know-who but after what happened last year I doubt he's even been allowed back into the circle.'

Yet again I set my eyes upon the boy that sat across from me. I had to admit he certainly did look tired almost frustrated. As my eyes remained upon him I started to wonder away with my thoughts, thinking of him over the summer almost like a hero travelling all over the world on some sort of mission being defeated by his own concious each time, maybe a little bit of good sinking into him. Suddenly his eyes flashed into mine as his head rose up, it was almost as if he could feel me looking at him. Panic set in as I felt this overwhelming fear of the unknown sink in. I turned my gaze away to leave him alone in his own little introverted world.

Hello new year, goodbye good times.
What happened to all of us?
We certainly aren't children any more.
We certainly aren't friends........We're almost strangers..........

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