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Chapter Eight: Kismet

“How’s Isabelle feeling?”

Lily looked up to see Sirius Black sheepishly standing in front of him. His hands were shoved in his pockets and his shoulders were hunched over as he chewed his bottom lip. Isabelle came down with a nasty bout of pneumonia a week prior. It was due to haphazardly playing in the first snow of the season; Isabelle wasn’t wearing a jacket even though Lily had insisted. It was a classic case of ‘I-told-you-so.’ Lily put down her quill in the middle of her charms book. “She’s getting better, but Isabelle has a terrible immune system so Madame Mirr said she would be in the infirmary for at least another few days.”



Sirius swallowed. “I wanted to see her,” he whispered.

Just as he suspected Lily looked taken aback by his comment. “If you and Potter want to pull a practical joke don’t pick on Isabelle, she’s not feeling well. I don’t know how you two could be so stupid,” she ranted.

“No, no--”

“You’re both so bleeding insensitive-- I swear I could report you to--”

“I made her chicken soup!” He admitted. Originally, he didn’t want to tell Lily what he was up to because it was supposed to be a surprise, but since she reacted with the severity that she did he had no choice.


“Yea.” Sirius shifted his posture and took one hand out of his pocket to scratch behind his ear.

Lily broke into a grin. “You and Isabel--”


“Oh, poppycock Sirius, everyone has been suspecting it for ages,” she admitted. “I’d actually given up hope, but there you go and surprise me.” As an afterthought she added: “I didn’t know you could cook.”

“Well, not very well, but I went down to the kitchens and the house elves helped me out with it--and yeah I just wanted to deliver it to her-- err--maybe she’d feel better.”

Lily wrinkled her nose for a moment, but she smiled. “That’s really kind of you, Sirius. I’m sure she’d really love that. You can come with me after classes today if you’d like.”

“Yeah...yeah, definitely.”

“I should be in there!” Sirius yelled out of no where. Both James and Lily stopped and looked at Sirius. “She needs me there.” He haphazardly grabbed at the knobs of the doors that led into the infirmary--it was undoubtedly locked.

Lily rolled her eyes, but James knew that she was about to launch into a diatribe concerning Sirius’ previous actions and how Isabelle didn’t need him for anything, so he touched her arm and discreetly shook his head. This was neither the time nor the place to start this conversation.


He lifted his right hand to silence his friend. “Just don’t, James, please?--”

When James went to retort, Lily gave him that ‘you’re-a-hypocrite’ glare; James immediately turned his back towards Sirius and walked towards a bench to sit on outside the infirmary. Lily decided, as well, to sit on the bench next to James, but this decision came out of more of a respect to let Sirius pace as he needed up and down the hall.

For the next thirty-two and a half minutes James and Lily would hold a conversation that was broken up into parts; they would only talk when Sirius was out of ear shot as he was pacing the corridor. It was a complicated conversation, one in which there was no correct answer, but a bunch of different suggestions and opinions that inherently didn’t mean much considering the events of the next few minutes, let alone days were a complete mystery. James mainly questioned Lily more intricately than Sirius about the events that happened behind the closed doors, questions and answers that Sirius wasn’t able to handle at the present moment.

“Did anyone say anything to you, specifically, though? I mean she began to seize and they calmly shooed you out?” James earnestly questioned. This was one of the first times that Lily actually witnessed a time where James wasn’t completely engrossed with himself and his friends.

Lily continued to recount the scenario as best as she could: “She was okay, her vitals were stabled and everyone in the room was happy with the progress that she made. I mean-- everything was fine, James-- and then, all of a a sudden she just started convulsing on the bed. Oh, God, it was the absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen. Madame Mirr started panicking and told Dumbledore that the baby needed to be delivered now and that St. Mungo’s should be contacted immediately. I guess she forgot that I was there until she heard me sobbing when the seizing wasn’t stopping and she told McGonagall to get me out of there, immediately. And so I’m here.”

He didn’t answer for a moment, actively pondering the situation. The most difficult thing about situations like this is that there isn’t much to do while you wait, except painfully depict the previous events. Consequently, this was the unhealthiest thing to do and made everything that much unbearable. “She needs to pull through, Lily, for Sirius.”

“She needs to pull through for herself, James, forget Sirius right now,” Lily snapped back as she wiped a fresh set of tears from her emerald eyes.

James shook his head. “You don’t understand,” he began. “He loves her so much, honestly, actually and truly. I know you think he’s some hard-headed-conceited-machoistic-moron, but he’s really, really not. He knows what he did and although you may have not noticed, he was bleeding destroyed after Isabelle became pregnant and they stopped talking--I’ve never seen him so depressed. When they finally began talking again, I could see the spark come back into his eyes. Lily, you don’t understand how much Sirius cares about her. From the first few weeks in our sixth year, Isabelle was the only thing that he saw. She was his first and last thought throughout the day. I don’t think he’d ever be the same without her.”

Lily Evans, the know-it-all Head Girl, was speechless.

The large and intricately embellished oak door opened slightly and Professor Dumbledore almost soundlessly slipped out. Sirius’ back was turned, though, but he was almost finished pacing down the hall so he would turn back around momentarily and see that news had finally come.

“Professor,” both Lily and James stated in unison.

“I’m sorry, I need to speak with Sirius, first and then I will address the three of you,” he calmly told them. It was understandable--frustrating, but understandable. The realization hit soon after though, that a speech to Sirius was needed--something was wrong.

Upon this realization Lily threw her arms around James and buried her head in his chest. Under normal circumstances James would’ve been thrilled, but during this time all he could do was pat her back and try to hold back tears.


“Sirius, please do have a seat,” Dumbledore offered once they were safely tucked away in his office.

Sirius stopped pacing the width of his office, shot him a nasty glare, and continued to pace. “Please, just say it,” he mumbled as he reached the chair in which he was supposed to sit. He stopped momentarily and gripped the back of it with both of his hands. “Tell me.”

It was Dumbledore’s hope that maybe he could calm Sirius before breaking the news to him. He thought that it would be less painful for him than to get even more riled up when he was already upset. At this point, though, he realized that it didn’t really matter.

“Here!” Sirius plopped down on the chair, unable to wait any longer.

“Now please, tell me.” He knew something was coming, and he began to brace himself--to attempt to become numb and uncaring about everything for he knew it would be far easier than facing the truth.

“Explaining the whole situation would make it easier to understand,” Dumbledore stated. He intertwined his fingers together on his desk and began: “For Isabelle, carrying a child at seventeen wasn’t something that her body adapted to very well. There may be a multitude of reasons why, but they are irrelevant in this conversation. The fact of the matter is that she wasn’t able to healthily carry the child until full term which is why unforseen complications arose and she ultimately lost consciousness and stopped breathing. As I’m sure Miss Evans informed you, with the help of Madame Mirr we were able to help Isabelle regain consciousness, but then she began seizing. At this point it was understood that the baby needed to be delivered immediately or both lives would be in danger. Before we could deliver the baby, though, Isabelle needed to stop seizing. It took a bit longer than expected, but then Madame Mirr surgically removed the baby as quickly as possible.”

“Please, just get it over with, tell me,” Sirius begged.

“Sirius, the baby was deprived of oxygen for far too long before we were able to get Miss Bontecou breathing on her own again. I am so sorry, we did everything we could. Isabelle is now stable, although she is asleep and most likely will be for some time.”

His mouth went dry, his chest tightened up and his right arm began to shake. “Ambrose...”

“Excuse me, Mr. Black, I don’t understand?”

“My son...” The words fell out of his mouth, burning as they toppled out.

Dumbledore reached his hand out to Sirius. “I am so sorry, Sirius.”
“I need to see her.”

“She’s not currently awake,” he calmly stated.

“I need to be next to her, Sir. I need to see her,” Sirius answered almost robotically.

Dumbledore nodded. “Yes, I believe that can be arranged.”


A week later Isabelle still hadn’t regained consciousness, which meant another whole seven days where Sirius refused to leave the infirmary. Lily was there as much as possible, giving Sirius a break to go to get food and take a shower, but aside from class Sirius was by her side. She looked peaceful almost as if a weight that had been weighing on her shoulders for the past eight months had been lifted. Of course she did not know the severity of the situation and Dumbledore would undoubtedly have to explain that she lost her child.

Professor McGonagal was hellbent on contacting Isabelle’s parents and after five days of negotiations it was finally agreed that they would be notified; they were scheduled to arrive promptly at noon on Saturday and while Lily urged Sirius to leave the infirmary so that he wasn’t in the line of fire, he refused.

“Isabelle,” Sirius whispered as he gripped her hand, “please wake up...please. I need you.” He needed to speak with her, he needed to tell her how he felt and most of all he needed to apologize for everything.

“Get away from her!” Edward Faulkner’s voice boomed throughout the infirmary. His rage was directed at Sirius. His cloak was long and black with crimson red trim and his coal black hair was the picture of perfection. “You were the cause of all of this ruckus, how dare you even be in her presence, you filthy little blood traitor.”

Isabelle’s mother looked stoic as she walked straight towards her daughter without even paying attention to her husbands most recent tirade. She buried her face in her daughters shoulder and hugged her daughter’s right arm.

“No,” Sirius firmly stated. He was going to stand his ground, he didn’t care what Edward’s connections with Voldemort and the Death Eaters entailed.

Edward’s face split into a sneer. “Do you know who you are dealing with, my dear boy?” He almost whispered, the threat behind his words were real.

He decided to completely ignore the last comment in hopes to show that it didn’t matter to him. “I’m not leaving her,” he retorted. “I don’t care, I have every right to be here.”

“I can’t believe that we once thought your union was something to be proud of. You’re a disgrace to your family and friends, Sirius Black, and even more so for what you have done to my daughter. I could kill you, you know.” It was obvious that Edward’s blood pressure was raising as he gripped the back of one of the chairs in the infirmary. “You will leave, immediately. You will never speak to her again and you will pretend you never met her--”

At this point Sirius had let go of Isabelle’s hands and stood up, pushing his chair back from the force. “I will never, ever forget her,” Sirius raged. “Isabelle is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I refuse to let her go, just because you don’t think that I’m fit to be with her. I don’t care what you think, I love her.”

Isabelle’s mother immediately looked up upon his last words. She looked confused and angry all at the same time.

“Where is he?” a cracked voice that was barely audible stated. All three heads whipped around to the bed in which Isabelle lay; she was finally awake.

“Oh, sweetheart!” Isabelle’s mother stammered. “You gave us a right scare,” she cooed while tucking her daughter’s hair behind her ear.

“What happened?” Isabelle ignored her mother and continued with inquiry. “Where is Ambrose? Why isn’t he here?” She started to look panicked.

“Isabelle,” her father decided to speak. “How are you feeling?”

“What is going on?” She implored as she looked towards Sirius. “You won’t lie to me,” she commanded him. “What happened, Sirius? Where is he?”

It must have been the look upon Sirius’ face that caused Isabelle to begin breathing deeply and ultimately hyperventilate. “No!’ She began to cry as her mother rocked her back and forth. “No...” The tears were now freely flowing down her cheeks.

“I think it’s time for you to leave, Sirius,” Edward stated.

“No, Isabelle doesn’t want me to leave,” he answered as he looked towards the girl in the hospital bed.

Isabelle attempted to catch her breath as she tried to sit up. “Yes, I do, Sirius.”

A/N: I am terribly sorry about the obnoxiously long delay between chapters. Most of this chapter has been written for quite some time, but I never got around to finishing it up and posting it.

I know I was off for a month from school and I should've, but I ended up being a bum and going to Florida with a friend of mine. Now I'm back in school and completely BURIED in work.

So again, I am so sorry for the delay. I hope you like this chapter, it'll probably get changed a bit... not the idea, but the sentence structure and such. I appreciate everyone that has been reading and're all amazing. I also hope you don't all hate me for what I just did. :X It's necessary...

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