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Once I had regained my strength I left the hospital wing, and decided to head back to the common room. "Password?" The fat lady in the portrait said."Um, i don't know it, I've practically been in the infirmary all week, can you give me a break just this once?"I asked pleadingly. "Um no how do I know your not just faking it and your in another house?" She asked. "Does this look like the face of a liar?" I asked with a twinkle in my eye. "Well if we're being honest yes you do look like a lying brat." She said smugly. "What, but I'm not lying please." I said. "Right if your not lying then i'm the skinny lady in the portrait hole." She said with a chuckle. "What am I supposed to do now?" I asked. "Well, we could make a deal." She said plainly. "Um sure ok anything i'll do it just let me in." I said. "OK you stay here while I go visit Sir Cadogen in his portrait, and then i'll let you in." She said grinning. "Ok, I'll do it, it's not like it will take all that long anyway." I said. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= She stepped out of her portrait and let me in. "Buh-bye" I heard her say as she cackled until I was no longer able to hear her. "She'll come back, she has to." I said to myself. I waited two hours, three hours, seven and a half hours, 'OK maybe she wasn't coming back." I said to myself. "Gosh I'm always tricked." i said angrily. Soon enough I fell asleep. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= I woke abruptly to the sound of mischevious children frolicking through the halls, way past my bed time, so it had to be atleast 6:30 P.m It was Slytherin they had come to torment the fat lady. "Wait she's not fat." said Draco Malfoy. "Oh, this isn't her but oh well just as good." he said laughing. they all chuckled along with him. The started their rampage by throwing eggs at me, then toothpaste, which wasn't buggle gum flavored, and then last but not least butterbeer was strewn all over me. "Great, just great , how am i ever gonna get these stains out." I thought. "Someone's coming everyone hide." Vincent Crabbe said as everyone ran. "Help I called help, I need help." I called Just then the footsteps got closer and a familiar face turned the corner to face me. It was,ughh!!!, Madam Pomfrey." Ah if it isn't you, I would have paid to see this happen, oh wait I paid Malfoy to do it, but only it was you instead of the fat lady, but oh well twice as good.!" Poppy said with triumph."Oh come on now, you wouldn't leave a poor inoccent student hear in the middle of the night would you?" I asked pleadingly. "Um, yeah in case you haven't noticed you are like really annoying." She said. "Ugh, well your not exactly my best friend either, POPPY!" I said. "Fine, fine fine, I'll let you go but only because I'll get fired if I don't." she said a little dissapointed. "Thank you." I said with relief. She pulled out her wand and got me out, then she got out some shaving cream, and got it all over me while she laughed. "Ha ha sucker." she said. "Um, aren't you a little old for this?" I asked. "Aren't you a little to gullable to be in Gryffindor?" she asked. I had no come back so I just gave up and followed some first years into the common room. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= next chapter soon,please review!

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