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Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns any characters and places you recognise. I'm just a humble writer trying to make part of the wonderful world she's creating my own.

Summary: Some bonds are broken, and some become stronger. Scorpius decides to seduce a certain Gryffindor, and James vows to get revenge.

Song: Title of this chapter and the lyrics used are from the song Foolish Love by Rufus Wainwright.

Author Notes: Just wanted to quickly say, thank you for all the feedback I'm getting on this! You people really do spoil me. Just a quick warning - some quite graphic substance abuse ahoy. If you're offended by it, I wouldn't read on. If not, enjoy!

[a furious and jealous Ava Bodley]
credit to the almighty SaphiraLupin at TDA!

Chapter Three - Foolish Love
I don't want to hold you and feel so helpless
I don't want to smell you and lose my senses
And smile in slow motion
With eyes in love



Dear James, 
You can’t quite imagine the shock your mother and I went through when your owl came soaring towards us. We thought that somebody had captured our son and was acting in his place. Your mother would like me to tell you that it was a lovely surprise, however, and you should write to us more often.

As for the newspaper business, I must say that your mother and I really don’t know what to do. We’re not sure if there’s any truth in what has been said, and so don’t know whether or not to complain to the
Prophet. Are you sure that Albus is innocent?

I know that Paris Monroe is trouble. She studied journalism under Rita Skeeter, and that speaks for itself. You say she has a daughter in fifth year? Try to talk to her, if you can. Find out if she’s been reporting on your brother, and if so, try to find out why on earth she’d do something like that.

As for the topic of Scorpius Malfoy, you know what I think. His father was horrible at school, but was not a completely bad person. Scorpius may be worse, I don’t know. But it is up to Albus who he befriends, and until I see any damning evidence that shows Scorpius is really such a bad friend, I won’t condemn their friendship.

I must go now - your grandmother is round, and she’s brought some lovely treacle tart for pudding.


Your father

(P.S. your mother wants me to tell you to behave!)




“I am pretty sure that this entire school is mad,” Rose commented at lunch, watching a group of Hufflepuff seventh years walk past. “Everybody seems to be hung-over. Does nobody have any sense?”

“What d’you mean?” Edward asked, looking up from his pasta and trying to look innocent. He had an idea as to what she was talking about, but he wasn’t going to help her get there. “People have probably just been celebrating being back.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Rose sighed, rolling her brown eyes. “I meant that it seems everybody went to Albus’s stupid party last night. Sometimes I wonder what the future is going to be like, with these people running the country.”

“It’ll be fun?” Edward suggested, feebly. He immediately regretted it, as Rose turned to him, looking furious.

Fun? It’s stupid what they do. They’ll only get caught and get expelled.”

“Fair enough,” Edward mumbled, wanting to leave the subject. Rose, however much he liked her, could be a little stuck-up sometimes. He knew she was stuck firmly in her ways, and nothing he could say could change them, so he kept silent. It was safer that way.

Whilst Rose reached across the table to get an egg mayonnaise sandwich, Edward found his mind drifting to the night before. He had actually got into the party, yes, but Scorpius had been kissing somebody else. At least he’d acknowledged his presence, even if it had only been a few seconds of eye contact and a wave.

The mere thought of Scorpius made - most cringingly - his stomach feel as though a thousand insects were buzzing around. His cheeks glowed as he thought of that blonde hair, and that smooth skin, and the confident, outlandish way that body moved when it walked, and the lilting voice that -

“What are you thinking about?” Rose asked, having gotten her lunch.

“Scorpius, last night.”

The answer was out before he had time to consider it. Rose, who had been raising a sandwich to her mouth, froze. Her eyes went wide, and then narrow, and she dropped the food back upon the plate. Voice quiet, and all the more dangerous for it, she leant forward and asked, “What?”

Edward flushed bright red, and actually edged away slightly. “I - I don’t mean that - I mean, I didn’t see him - I was just thinking that -”

“You went, didn’t you?” Rose asked, looking stunned. “You went to the party!”

Edward hesitated. If he told the truth, she’d most likely explode. If he lied, she’d see through it and most likely explode. Wincing in nervous anticipation, he muttered, “Well, yeah, I did.”

“But -” Rose shook her head, evidently lost for words. Then, she gathered herself to her full, seated height, and tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Why? I’m pretty sure you weren’t even invited.”

Ignoring the sting of the words, Edward shrugged, acting as nonchalant as possible. “I just felt like getting out the dormitories. Nothing happened, so don’t look like that.”

Nothing happened? I didn’t think anything had happened. I just can’t believe you went, after how much you hear me go on about them. It’s ridiculous.”

“It’s just a party, calm down!” Edward pleaded, as her shrill voice was attracting quite some attention from those sitting around them. “Look, I went for about an hour, and then went to bed. There’s nothing to be annoyed about.”

“If you just went to an hour, and it was so unremarkable, why were you thinking of Scorpius with a stupid smile on your face?” she asked, waspishly. Edward went crimson. “See! Why on earth does the name effect you? I really don’t have a clue as to why everybody fawns over him. He’s hardly a nice person.”

“I don’t fawn over him,” Edward lied. He took a calming breath, and tried to act a little more mature. If he was going to get out of this, he couldn’t get angry or annoyed or upset. “I was just thinking about how he acted. He - um -well -”

“Takes a lot of drugs?” Rose asked, raising a red eyebrow.

“Yes, that’s it,” Edward nodded, pleased to have a solution so easily handed to him. “He took quite a lot, and I was just thinking about it.”

“I still can’t believe you went,” she fumed, sitting back and crossing her arms. “What came over you? Do I mean nothing to you?”

“I - what’s it got to do with you? It’s just a party!”

“My cousin runs the whole fiasco!”

“So? It doesn’t mean that me going effects -”

“Edward, use your common sense please, even though it sounds as though you’ve lost the lot of it,” she snapped, and stood up abruptly. As he looked at her, alarmed by her outburst, she shook her head. “I’m going to the Common Room.”

With that, she stormed from the Great Hall, leaving Edward to gape after her.




The two girls strolled through the chilly ground of Hogwarts, one of them holding a steaming mug of coffee they’d brought out from the Great Hall, the other holding a lit cigarette. One of them was tall and willowy, her long mousey hair tied into plaits. The other was slightly shorter and thinner, straight brown hair tucked beneath a woolly hat, her brown eyes a little bleary and bloodshot.

They were Slytherin sixth years, by the names of Rebecca Locke and Ava Bodley.

“Do you know,” Rebecca said, suddenly, exhaling cigarette smoke as she did so, “that Sandra Terry gave me the dirtiest look earlier. I dunno why. She’s such a cow.”

“I know,” Ava said, sympathetically. She took a sip of her coffee, looking thoughtful. “I think she has something for Albus. She always wants an invite to the parties, and she seems to hate us. It must be something like that.”

“Well, you’re safe then, Albus would never touch someone so mannish,” Rebecca laughed, though both were suddenly a little doubtful - Sandra was far from mannish, instead she was petite and pretty. To clear the air, Rebecca smirked and said, “Unless, of course, that someone is Scorpius.”

Ava laughed, shaking a strand of dark hair back from her eyes. “Tell me about it. Sometimes I think that Albus forgets which of us he’s going out with.” Her smile faded slightly, however, and was soon replaced with a frown. “You know, that reminds me of something. But I can’t think what.”

Rebecca shrugged, and dropped the cigarette on the floor. She stamped it out with her shoe and sighed heavily. “That was the last of my cigarettes. I’ll have to pop into Hogsmeade and get some more.”

“I think it was last night,” Ava said, slowly, ignoring her friend. “Something about Scorpius, Albus and me.”


“Rebecca!” Ava gasped, and slapped her on the arm. “That’s disgusting. I’d never do that.”

“I reckon those two would love to jump into bed together,” Rebecca taunted. The subject of Albus and Scorpius amused her to no end, and she loved to tease her best friend about them. “It wouldn’t be a threesome so much as a -”

“No, no, I think I remember now!” Ava said, triumphantly. “It’s all a bit muddled, I was so drunk. But I came out of the bathroom a bit late, and Albus was carrying Scorpius like he’d carry a girl. I think Scorpius was unconscious. So I asked Albus to carry me instead. Then - then I passed out. God, he better have taken me first.”

“I’m sure he did,” Rebecca said, sensing Ava’s nerves. Though they joked about the nature of the friendship between the two Slytherin boys, Rebecca knew that Ava was extremely insecure about the whole thing. It didn’t take a genius to work out that Albus cared for Scorpius above everybody else - including his girlfriend. “Come on, he would have carried you first. He’s a gentleman, if nothing else.”

“Wait a minute.” Ava stopped, expression suddenly dark. “I remember something else. I woke up - I mean, I woke up this morning on the couch in the Common Room, so he must have carried me there - but I woke up before that. I was on the floor when I passed out, and the corridor was completely deserted. So, that means he must have -”

“Ava, calm down, he might -”

Albus Potter, I am going to kill you!”




“Did you just hear something?” Albus asked, straightening up slightly. “I swear somebody said my name.”

“I didn’t hear anything,” Scorpius shrugged, leaning on the cubicle wall next to him. “Hurry up though, would you? I want some.”

“As you wish,” Albus obliged. As Albus sniffed up a line of fairy dust, Scorpius tapped his foot impatiently. The toilet was hardly the most hygienic or glorious of places, but it was discreet. It was a girls’ toilet, but was only ever occupied by a forlorn, somewhat annoying ghost known as Moaning Myrtle. Albus’s father had told Albus all about the place, and how it was always empty of other students.

Usually they wouldn’t take drugs in the week, and save it all for the party, but Scorpius was in the mood to get high. Albus consented to get high with him, so all it took was tracking Dexter Forest down and buying some dust. Dexter - who had been sitting in the courtyard with his newly-acquired Hufflepuff girlfriend - had grudgingly obliged and had gone to fetch them some from the dormitories.

From the next cubicle, Scorpius heard the telltale sounds of sniffing and deep breaths, and sighed. How come everybody else was allowed to be taking in the dust, when it was his idea first? Albus, who was using his wand to siphon his share into straight lines, didn’t seem to be anywhere near finished, so Scorpius charged out of the cubicle and into the next one.

“Dexter,” he groaned, looking down at the brown-haired boy. “Dexter, is it my turn next? You sound like you’ve had enough.”

Before Dexter could reply, however, a very different voice echoed around the room. It was thick with emotion, fluttering, and girlish. “I don’t think you should have a turn.”

Myrtle swooped down from where she had been lingering near the ceiling, her ghostly arms folded. Scorpius resisted the urge to roll his eyes, knowing it would only provoke her further. “Why’s that?”

“Well, it’s dangerous, isn’t it?” she asked, sounding surprised to even be asked. “You could get ill. Or you could get expelled. Then I’d never get to see you again!”

Scorpius couldn’t help but roll his eyes this time. In his father’s school days, he had been the subject of the ghost’s affections. Because he and Draco Malfoy looked so similar, it seemed that Myrtle thought they were similar people, as well, and so had developed a rather large crush upon him. It was rather tiresome.

“What a pity that would be,” he said, as kindly as he could. “But if you’d excuse me, dear, I really want to get high, and I can’t do it with the undead watching me. Mind turning your back?”

“I only care about you,” she said, indignantly, the familiar tears rising in her eyes. “I don’t want you to get hurt!”

“Please, don’t worry,” Scorpius said, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. He went back into Albus’s cubicle, adding over his shoulder, “You’re not my type, anyway. A little too pale.”

He heard the familiar wail and splash, and smirked. He knew she’d be back for more. Girls always forgave him. Albus was getting to his feet now, a slightly dazed smile upon his face. He stumbled slightly, but Scorpius grabbed his forearms to support him, sniggering to himself. He just loved a drugged up best friend. They were always the best kind of best friend to have.

“Steady now,” he warned, gently helping the boy sit on the floor. His black hair was splayed in his green eyes, and so Scorpius tucked it behind his friend’s ears. He liked being able to look in those eyes; they were the sort of eyes you could get lost in, no matter how many times you’d ventured into them before. “My turn, then.”

Ensuring the now chuckling Albus was in no danger where he sat, he turned to the toilet, and began lining up his own portion of fairy dust. He loved drugs. Really, really loved them. He couldn’t understand why people went on without them. As he mused on this, dipping his head for the first snort, he heard Dexter cleaning up in the next cubicle.

For their first two years of school, Dexter Forest was one of the most unnoticed boys in Slytherin. He wasn’t especially unpopular - it was just that nobody ever noticed him. That all changed, however, when he told Scorpius all about his older brother; a ‘professional’ magical drug dealer. Scorpius and Albus, who liked to show that they were afraid of nothing, asked for some drugs in third year. They’d enjoyed them so much that word had spread of Dexter’s dealing possibilities, and soon enough he was one of the most popular boys in the house. Girls and boys used him to get drugs, but his main clients were Scorpius and Albus. Together the three of them had organised the parties, and they’d evolved into what they were today.

In a matter of seconds, Scorpius was done. The drug hit him almost instantly, making him slightly drowsy, but very, very… well, horny. The feeling struck him like a stone, and he knew he had to find somebody straight away and drag them into a broom closet. He got shakily to his feet, clearing the mess with a wave of his wand, and gazed at Albus, who had also somehow stood up.

“That was strong stuff,” Albus commented, voice somewhat dazed.

“Yeah,” Scorpius agreed, and together they stumbled out of the cubicle, grabbing each other to keep upright. Scorpius tangled one of hands in the arm of Albus’s robes, and somehow managed not to fall.

“You two alright?” Dexter asked, looking ready to leave, seemingly not as affected as the two of them. “How much did you take?”

“Just enough,” Albus replied, and the three of them left the girls’ bathroom, luckily not being seen leaving. “Right. Now what?”

“I’m off to the kitchens, I’m starving,” Dexter sighed, and bid them both farewell, cheerfully walking away. Scorpius stared after him, amazed at the tolerance the boy had for fairy dust. Albus and he were hardly newcomers to it, and they could barely walk.

“What d’you want to do?” Albus asked again, yawning. “Personally, I want to go back to the dormitories and just -”

“Albus,” Scorpius said, a whine obvious in his voice. “Albus, I really need to - well, I need to find someone and drag them to a closet or something, because - well, you know what fairy dust does to me. I do something extreme, then it makes me sleep.”

“Oh, but -” Albus stopped, and took a moment to roll his eyes. Even the smallest of gestures seemed to require great effort when he was so high. “Ha, it’s a good job I have a girlfriend, isn’t it? Relationships aren’t so bad when you really think about it.”

Scorpius raised a sceptical eyebrow, and smirked. “You arse. I don’t need a girlfriend. Everyone’s dying to kiss me and you damn well know it.”


“Prove it,” Albus grinned, good naturedly.

“Alright then,” Scorpius smiled, rubbing his nose to ensure there was no evidence of dust left on it. “The next person to walk by, in sixth or seventh year, will be my proof.”

“You’re on,” the dark-haired boy smiled, and leant against the wall, folding his arms smugly. Scorpius, who was fast gaining control of his balance, whistled pleasantly to himself, waiting for the victim to arrive. He knew that there were only two people he’d really struggle with - Rose Weasley, and James Potter. As long as it wasn’t either of those, he reckoned he could at least snog whoever ventured past.

The first to pass were a crowd of second year girls, who all giggled when they saw him looking at them. Secondly came a burly pair of fifth year males from Ravenclaw, who ignored the two of them. Thirdly, however, came a lone figure, head bowed and steps mere shuffles. Scorpius frowned slightly. Rarely had he seen such a dejected looking person, brushing against the wall and not bothering to look up from behind the veil of brown hair that hung in their eyes. Rarely had Scorpius ever seen such a depressed boy.

And he knew just how to cheer him up.




James sat with his best friends, Adam Corner and Nicholas Hatton, at the Gryffindor table that lunchtime. The pair of them were Chasers on the Quidditch team, himself a Seeker, and all three of them held a great love of the sport. James, who had been made Quidditch Captain in the summer, was something of a hero in the trio now, after the first couple of days of jealous comments.

The thing he was most looking forward to were the try outs. Oh, how he’d love being able to choose actually talented Beaters, instead of the two thugs who had been in the positions all the way through his school years. Now the two of them had gone out into the world, it would be all up to him. And nobody could argue. Perfect.

“We need to fill three positions then,” James concluded, after discussing his eagerness to get on the pitch. “We need a third Chaser and the Beaters. I reckon Olivia’ll still be up for playing Keeper, I’ll ask her later. None of it should be too hard.”

“I dunno,” Nicholas frowned, eyes scanning the table. “Everyone seems to be really weedy. I doubt any of them could hit a Bludger without spraining something.”

“Ah, they may possess hidden strengths,” Adam reasoned, but then examined them himself. “Actually, yeah, you’re right. They’re all as skinny as hell.”

“You two are hardly muscle men,” James snorted, studying the Gryffindors himself. “I dunno, I reckon we’ll do alright. It they can aim well, I’m not too worried. My cousin says he’s trying out to be a Beater, anyway. He’s pretty well built.”

“Hugo?” Nicholas asked, raising his eyebrows. “Well, we might as well let him try out. I know you’re weirdly protective of your family, but he could be good. If he isn’t, we’ll just let him down gently.”

James audibly ‘humph’ed. “I’m not weirdly protective of my family at all.”

Aaron coughed, sceptically, and grinned. “Sorry, mate, but you really are. Remember when Lily dated that Jason Eccles guy last year? When he dumped her, you broke his nose! They were planning to stay friends and everything, he hardly mistreated her.”

“That’s a complete exaggeration,” James sighed, though he knew he was blatantly lying. “That guy was a right git, he had it coming.”

“Whatever,” Nicholas dismissed, in an annoyingly sing-song voice. James sighed, again, but grinned slightly. He’d missed his friends over the summer, and had had to resort to getting to know Albus better. His brother had been unsurprisingly secretive about his interests, however.

At the thought of his brother, James’s grin faded. Why couldn’t Albus have normal friends, like him? They’d had the same upbringing - so why had they turned out so differently? James was normal, getting average grades and smoking a little weed every now and again. Albus, on the other hand, insisted on hanging around with the Then again, he knew exactly who to blame. Scorpius Malfoy. That arrogant little bastard whom everybody seemed to love.

One day, James Potter would get revenge on that horrible blonde kid.

He just didn’t know how yet.




Edward shuffled along the corridor, his hands in his pockets, his hair in his eyes. He couldn’t quite believe how bad things were getting. Not only had he found Scorpius kissing a girl instead of him (not that he had much reason to be surprised), but now Rose wasn’t talking to him simply for going to a party. Though he felt like a whiny teenager, he couldn’t help but wonder just why life was so unfair to him.

“Why, hello there, love. Need cheering up?”

Edward froze. He knew that voice, he knew it so well from endless eavesdropping in class, but surely it couldn’t be…? He looked up, slowly, and felt a familiar jolt in his stomach at those grey eyes. Those grey eyes that were looking straight at him. He found, quite suddenly, that his mouth was dry and he couldn’t bring himself to speak.

“Edward, isn’t it?” Scorpius asked, brushing Edward’s shoulder with a slender hand. “So, tell me, why do you look so dejected? You look lovely when you smile.”

“I -” Edward could feel himself going crimson. Scorpius knew his name? Scorpius was talking to him? He said he looked lovely when he smiled? He felt close to fainting, and then mentally scolded himself for being such a girl. Somehow, he managed to smile, even though he felt like a fool. “Well, uh, thanks.”

Scorpius’s hand slipped down to his collarbone, one finger tracing the skin, and Edward made an odd noise from the back of his throat. What was happening? Perhaps he’d wake up in a moment, and realise it had just been another wonderful dream. It couldn’t be real, it just couldn’t.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” came a voice from their side, making Edward jump and turn. It was Albus, looking heavily amused, and Edward went even redder. Leave them to it? Leave them to what, exactly? Scorpius, the one he’d wanted for so, so long, was in front of him, touching him, flirting…God. It was unreal.

“See you later,” Scorpius said, sparing his friend a quick smile, before turning his attention back to the reddening boy in front of him. “Hmm. Going anywhere special, are you?”

“No,” Edward squeaked, as Scorpius slipped a cool, pale hand in his. “I was just - just walking around, really.”

“Sounds like fun,” Scorpius mused, pulling Edward slightly closer by the hand. “Want to come on a walk with me?”

“I’d love to.” The words tumbled out of Edward’s mouth before he could stop himself, and Scorpius looked delighted. “Where are we going to walk to?”

“Somewhere private,” Scorpius murmured, with a wink. Edward felt something melt inside. The two began to walk through the castle - Scorpius tugging Edward along with him, more precisely - attracting a couple of strange looks along the way.

Scorpius led Edward into an empty classroom, on the second floor, and locked the door behind them with a flick of his wand. Edward stood by the teacher’s desk, awkwardly, wondering what on earth was going on. This was like some kind of dream, except the nerves made it real.

“Well then.” Scorpius smiled, walking over to him, looking slightly dazed, but his voice was steady and seductive. “Let’s cheer you up.”

As Scorpius’s hands grasped the front of Edward’s robes, pulling him closer, Edward couldn’t help but stutter - “You’re - you’re high, aren’t you?”

The blonde boy paused for a split second, and then a smile softened his lips. “Maybe. Doesn’t affect my ability to make your knees go weak though, does it, love?”

“Not at all,” Edward deadpanned, feeling himself flush.

“Good,” Scorpius murmured, and finally brought his lips to Edward’s, hard, their tongues melting together.

Edward felt as though his heart was about to burst and, pushing away all his doubt and self-consciousness and worry, kissed back.



 Mum and Dad,

How come you haven’t written to me yet, eh? Am I not your favourite son anymore? You could at least give me some kind of explanation as to why you haven’t sent loads of sweets, you know.

Anyway, even though you evidently don’t love me anymore, I thought I’d write you a letter about current going-ons this fabulous school. I got an O in a Transfiguration test, have only had one detention, and only about seven people have been blessed by kisses.

Speaking of kisses, I’ve met a beautiful little boy called Edward who seems to worship the ground I walk on. Isn’t that wonderful? Mother, you always said it was nice to get into a relationship with somebody who thinks you a saint, didn’t you?

I have to be off now - Albus is calling, and you know I don’t like to keep him waiting.

Your doting son,


A/N: Isn't Scorpius seductive? Alas, poor Edward. That's all I'll say. What did people think? I love reviews, they keep the story alive!


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