For the next two days, everytime I passed Sirius I got some sort of glance form either Lily, James, and Remus. Lily would give me a ask-him-out-now-you-moron glance, but I would try and ignore her. James would give me a watch-what-you-say-or-else-you-might-spill glance, which kind of annoyed me. Why should I watch what I say, it's not like I'm going to go up to Sirius and say "SIRIUS ORION BLACK (or whatever his middle name is) I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!"

 Wait a minute, did I just say I was in love wih Sirius Black? No...that's not right. I could not be in love with a Marauder. Sure I could like him, but loving him is just...out of the question. Yeah I could fall for him, but I'm not falling in love with him, and those dreamy gray eyes and gorgeous smile and...wait no stop, you stupid brain! Don't give me reasons to love him!

 Oh, and Remus gave me the you-know-he-really-likes-you look. That was one reason why I wasn't willing for Sirius to go out with me. Because he only liked me because he thought I was hott, he didn't care if had brains or was dumber than a piece of bread. He didn't care if I was bitchy or if I was sweet. He didn't care if I hung out with the nerds or the cool people...though he probably wouldn't have even noticed me if I hung out with Ruthie Davy and her whole gang of book-reading freaks. All that mattered to him was my looks, not who I really was. Which really bothered me.

 Most of the boys I had dated only liked me because I was pretty. The only exception to that was (as odd as it sounds) James Potter. We dated for...3 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days. Then I broke up with him. I forget why though, but all I can remember about dating James is that his idea of a relationship wasn't just snogging me. It was kind of nice that way, and ever since the break-up I could be totally normal around him, and not to mention all of the Marauders. It was then that I swore I would never date another Marauder, because they were more like annoying bothersome brothers as opposed to really hott boys who seem to be quite infamous.

 Anyways back to the present. Well you know how when I told Lily that I liked Sirius, she didn't help me? Correction, she didn't know why she should help me. She was just along the same lines as James, thinking 'Hey just go for the gold'. It was a phrase I used a lot, but never had the gold been a boy before. So, seeing as Lily didn't work out...I knew who would.

 "Ellie?" I asked as I slid into my sister's dormitory and sat down on her bed. Ellie came out of the bathroom with some muggle curlers in her hair. "What, big date tonight, Miss Eloise?" Ellie often used her best friend Laela's curlers or straightner or whatever (since she was a muggle born) when she had a date to go on. And I knew that for a fact, Ellie was currently dating Croy Albinkshie (Yeah funny name, huh?)

 Ellie scowled, not because of the date question but because I called her Eloise. Now I knew what Mum meant when she said Ellie over-reacted about her real name. "Yes, as a matter of fact me and Croy are going on a study date."

 At this I burst out laughing. Ellie obviously didn't know what was so funny so I said "El, classes don't start until tomorrow! What could you possily want to study for?" I stopped laughing but barely surpressed the giggles that so wanted to exit into the open air.

 "Oh, shut up you." laughed Ellie as she threw a pillow at my head. "What's up with you tod..." she started, but when I turned to look at her she came to a conclusion. Ellie was just good like that. "Boy problems?"

 "Yeah, totally. And it's Sirius." I said lamely. At this Ellie dropped whatever she was holding and a huge smile filed onto her face. I couldn't help but notice this, so I questioned her sudden action. "What was that all about?"

 "YOU LIKE SIRIUS BLACK?" she screamed with joy. I nodded, like wicked confused. What was so great about that? I thought he was hott and didn't want to turn into a bimbo by dating him. And I hadn't even mentioned the last part. "OH MY GOD, LIZZIE!"

 Ellie ran at me and enveloped me into a huge hug that crushed my rib cage. I still had no idea what the big deal was about having a crush on wasn't the first time I told Ellie something like this. "Ellie, what the hell is going on with you?" I asked, breathing in air I had previously lost.
 "What? Nothing Nothing now get going you good sister, you!" and at this I was shoved out of the door. I stumbled down the stairs right into Sirius who was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for someone. I smashed into his chest and he looked down at me.

 "Walk much, White?" he asked with a playful grin. I looked up to him and my eyes started to water. But it was only because they were open when I went face-first into his fuzzy sweater and it stung my eyes.

 "Yeah well..." I thought for a moment. And then it hit me. The all occasion come-back, my most famous line. "You smell bad!" and I stomped off towards my dormitory without another backwards glance.

 That's right, my super-genius, all-occasion-come-back was 'You smell bad'. I know it's little kid-ish but my older brothers watch this talaveeshun (ahemm I mean television) show that Muggle toddlers watched called Winnie-the-Pooh. Even I haven't sunk that low yet. But still, my come-back is pretty witty, don't you agree?

 Wait...oh shit. I just said my all-occasion-super-genius-come-back to Sirius Black. Damn.

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