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Chapter 4 – Lilies and Teddy Bears

“The Seventh Years propose that we do some sort of…carnival.”

Professor Albus Dumbledore peered over the thin wire of his glasses. His grey brows were slightly raised as he looked back and forth between both Remus and Lily. Two of the most prestigious students that he had ever met wanted to do something that only Muggles seemed to enjoy. His instincts had always seemed to be right. Why did he have the feeling that they were up to something?

“And with this proposal,” he began to reiterate, “you wish to have the entire school involved?”

Remus nodded instantly. “Of course, Professor Dumbledore. We just thought that since there was no Yule Ball or anything extravagant this year, that this ‘carnival’ would bring about some happiness amongst the gloom. Most of the students fear of what’s coming in the coming years, Professor. We thought we would spread a little cheer.”

Pushing back slowly from his desk, Professor Dumbledore rose, his brittle bones cracking but despite his age was rather lithe when he wished to be. He began to round his desk and continued to keep his eyes locked with both Lily and Remus. His silver robes swished around him as he moved. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something move near the doorway of his office and he smirked.

“Mr. Wolfe, why hide in the shadows when your presence demands the light?”

Teddy slowly slinked into the room as if he was afraid of what was to come. Professor Dumbledore watched him with curious eyes and a playful smile on his face. The proposal was something of a much larger plan. He was unsure of what it was they were up to, but he knew that this wasn’t for Hogwarts’ benefit.

“So a carnival?” he asked, repeating himself.

Lily took a step forward as Remus and Teddy watched her take the lead. “Yes, sir. It’s just something a little different for the students of Hogwarts. We thought with your talents and…connections…that you might be able to pull something together before Christmas. Maybe a sort of ‘Winter Carnival.’”

“And what sort of attractions would we have at this carnival?”

It was Remus’s turn to take a step forward. “We know Muggles have rides at these sorts of things but we thought of different things. Perhaps different game booths and a dueling arena? And if the lake is frozen enough, we can use it to ice skate.”

Professor Dumbledore stood there for a moment, thinking of the plan and what could transpire from a Marauder thought, but this one seemed to have merit. It could be quite an interesting time for most of the students at Hogwarts. It might also prove him wrong about the Marauders. Perhaps they truly just wanted to do something nice for the students of Hogwarts, but he knew better. However, it was the look on Teddy’s face that made him think otherwise. There was something quite peculiar about the boy and he had a feeling he knew what it was.

“Ms. Evans, you will make the announcement tonight in the Great Hall during dinner.” He watched the sparkle in Lily’s eyes as she heard him accept their idea. “I trust that you and Mr. Lupin will find time to plan this event and get things in order. If you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to come to me and I will see what I can conjure up.”

“Of course, Professor Dumbledore,” Lily said, merrily.

All three of them turned to walk out the door when Professor Dumbledore spoke once again. “Mr. Wolfe, a moment of your time.”

Teddy stopped in his tracks, a chill running down his spine. He slowly turned around as Remus and Lily gazed at him curiously. Professor Dumbledore’s stare gestured for the other two to leave them alone. The sound of the wooden door closing was all Professor Dumbledore needed to continue with the conversation.

“It is rare that a Seventh Year student transfers so far from home.” He continued away from his desk and toward the stoic Teddy. “And your accent gives you away almost instantly. How long has it been since you’ve been home?”

Teddy was silent for a moment before raising his head to meet Professor Dumbledore’s eyes. “A few months, sir. My parents…”

“…I’m sure are very proud of you and what you have accomplished thus far,” Professor Dumbledore completed. He let Teddy hear the undertones of what he was speaking of. It wasn’t hard to see the similarities with them standing side-by-side. “You do know what your trip has done, don’t you?”

“I do…sir.” Teddy swallowed hard, afraid that the Headmaster would figure out what was going on. After all, the stories his godfather told were true. “But you have to understand why I did this. You must believe that I meant no harm to come to anyone or anything. I had to see him…meet him. I couldn’t let time stop me.”

Placing a gentle hand on Teddy’s shoulder, Professor Dumbledore merely nodded in acceptance. There were rules that many lived by and others that were broken time and time again. For as long as he had been a wizard, there have been many that traversed time to get what they needed in order to succeed in life. There were very rare instances that one traveled through time in order to just seek out something that they had been neglected to have during their own time. It was rather…inspiring to see someone of Teddy’s age doing just that.

“How did he…?” He stopped himself before Teddy could answer. “Forgive me. I know the rules of time travel and here I am, bound to break them out of morbid curiosity. I do know something must have happened and I will leave it at that. When tragedy strikes…Mr. Lupin…you will find your heart and your mind willing to do things never imagined before. You must learn to control the urge before it is too late.”

A tear snuck down Teddy’s cheek and he quickly brushed it away. Did Professor Dumbledore have any idea how hard it was to stand side-by-side with a man who didn’t even know who he truly was? To stand with his father and do things with him was a dream come true, if only Remus knew who he truly was. There were always the curious stares from across the room, as if Remus was studying him and trying to figure out who was seated in class with him. Teddy wanted to be honest with him, to let Remus know the truth, but every time he went to say something, he backed away, afraid of what Remus would say or do. Soon the truth would have to come out. If Professor Dumbledore knew who he was, then it was only a matter of time before the rest found out.

“My suggestion,” Professor Dumbledore continued, “Is that you continue on with your charade if that is what you wish to do. But know this…all things must come to an end.”

Remus watched as the door to the Headmaster’s office opened and Teddy came solemnly out. What had Professor Dumbledore said to him to make him seem so sad all of a sudden? He was rather happy before even stepping into the office about the idea of the carnival. It was just a small part of the master plan. After all, the fall of one of the greatest figures in Hogwarts history wasn’t going to be a small feat.

“I can’t believe he granted it,” Lily cheered to herself. “This is going to be perfect. Until the carnival we’ll just have to play it up. We need to get the entire school involved with this.”

Teddy didn’t say anything in response, even as Lily threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. His arms hung limply by his sides as he stared into space. Thoughts haunted him as even Remus stepped in front of him and put a caring hand on his shoulder.

“You alright, mate?”

Nodding weakly, he smirked. “I’m fine. Just…a little out of sorts I guess. Who knew this plan would fall together so easily, huh?”

Remus knew it was more than that but just let it go. “Professor Dumbledore is usually rather forthcoming with things of this nature. He loves to help the population of Hogwarts as best as he can. If there is anything to keep up the morale of the students, he would gladly take it into consideration.”

“What do you say about getting this plan started?” Lily asked happily. “After all, this master plan isn’t going to go off without a hitch just with the carnival. We need to start it now.”

Teddy took a deep breath and smiled for the first time since he exited the office. Glancing over Lily’s shoulder, he looked into Remus’s eyes as he said, “Then let’s start.”

Master Plan: Part One
Make James Potter the least popular boy in school

James slumped in his chair in Potions as almost the entire class huddled around the table where Teddy was seated. His eyes were nearly closed as he glared at Teddy through the mass of people that surrounded him. Who did he think he was? All Wolfe was, was a transfer student that should have stayed where he belonged. This was James’s school and no one else’s. Just because Teddy had the reputation walking into the school, didn’t mean James was going to allow him to have it walking out of the school.

If I allow him to walk at all after this little stint.

“Merlin, he’s so smart.”

“And so talented.”

“And hot on top of it all.”

Groaning, James crossed his arms over his chest and turned his attention to the front of the room. He wasn’t going to allow some…boy to get the better of him. He was James Potter. There was no one else that could surpass him. He was the here all and be all of the school. The Marauders were the ones to aspire to. The Marauders wished to be like no one else. That was it.

“Teddy, you dropped this in the Common Room.”

James’s eyes went wide at the sound of Sirius’s voice calling out Teddy’s name. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched as Sirius approached the table and conversed with Teddy for a few minutes before wandering over to their own table. Setting up his books, Sirius seemed to ignore the venomous glare that James was sending his way.

“What the bloody hell was that?”

Sirius looked over at him curiously. “What?”

“You know what!” James rebutted. “You were nice to him! Since when are you nice to him? We’re not nice to him, Sirius. I don’t care if he dropped a thousand galleons in the Common Room. We…are…not…nice…to him.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Get a grip, James. The kid dropped his book. I decided to bring it to him. What the bloody hell is the big deal?”

“That,” James pointed to the table and the throngs of people surrounding it, “Is the bloody problem. That used to be us, damn it. Now it’s him. What happened this year? I want my status back!”

James’s day didn’t get better. After Potions, the students that had surrounded Teddy’s table followed him out of the room and to the Great Hall for lunch. He had watched as Lily sat through the entire stint of Potions and just stared at Teddy instead of what once had been him. Feeling himself seethe in anger, he avoided the Great Hall all together and headed for the Quiddich Pitch to practice. It wasn’t long after that Teddy and Lily had walked onto the grounds, hand-in-hand. Without warning or cause, James felt himself slip off of the broom and hit the earth with a hard thud. He groaned in pain as Teddy and Lily both looked over to see him fall. Teddy rushed over to him just as James was trying to sit up.

“Don’t sit up. You could have broken something.”

James glared at him and shrugged him off. “You’re kidding me, right? I’ve fallen from greater heights than that and walked off of the field. I’m fine.” He tried to stand only to fall down once again. Glancing down he noticed how twisted his ankle was. “Just give me my broom and I’ll head to the hospital wing.”

Lily knelt beside James and Teddy went to go get the fallen broom. “Let him help you, James. He’s only trying to be…”

“…a girlfriend stealer?” He tried not to the let the tears show in his eyes, but he couldn’t help it. “Just go away. I can make it.”

Standing once again, James clutched his broom and tore it from Teddy’s hands. Using it as a crutch, he began toward the castle and toward the hospital wing. Not only was his ankle probably broken, but so was his ego.

Lily stood beside Teddy as she watched her boyfriend walk solemnly back toward the castle. As she was about to boast and cheer for what was going on, she noticed the same kind of look on Teddy’s face that was on James’s. He was supposed to be happy like her. He was supposed to feel some sort of relief that James was getting what was supposed to be coming to him. Instead it looked like Teddy had just gotten hit by the Hogwarts Express.

“Teddy, I promise that this is only temporary,” Lily said, trying to sate his sadness. “Once all of this is all over you can go back to what you were. You don’t have to be this popular kid any more. I promise to help you whatever way I can.”

Teddy turned his head toward her, tears filling his eyes. He shook his head, the words that Professor Dumbledore had told him only earlier in the day finally hitting him – the meaning of them finally coming to fruition.

“No, Lily, nothing is going to be the same again. I’ll never be the same. After all of this…I’ll never be the same.”

Teddy’s hand slid from Lily’s as he slowly began to walk toward Hogwarts. She stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what was going on. There was no way of knowing what was going through Teddy’s mind without asking him. She didn’t have the leeway of doing that. There was only one person that she knew of that would be able to reach Teddy and find out what was going on. She just hoped that he would be able to shake Teddy of whatever it was before it was too late.

A/N: Sorry about the long wait on this one. Inspiration is trying to hit me with this one and I can't seem to get my rhythm. But I promise you that I am trying. I will update this one as soon as I can. If you guys have any ideas let me know! I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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