Remus pulled on a loose, patched, v-neck sweater over his class robes. It was beginning to get chilly inside the castle.

Noticing that the rest of the marauders were already at breakfast, he made his way to the prefect bathroom on the floor below. Once he got there, he dully noted his pale reflection in the mirror. He was not looking well… a bit peaky, actually. Wait! He thought. What day is it? Do I feel crappy for a reason?
Once he was done rinsing his face, he made his way back to the dorm. Rummaging desperately through his trunk, he finally laid his hands on his moon calendar. Sure enough, tonight was the night of the full moon. He wondered why he had not felt it coming sooner.

He threw it in his trunk, and made his way downstairs.


“Moony, do you realize what day it is?” James asked in a whisper during Charms class.

“Yes, James. I do,” Remus said slightly more impatiently than he normally would have.

“We have to start thinking about tonight, Remus,” Sirius whispered sternly.

“I know,” Remus sighed.


In order to get the marauders to Whomping Willow before Madam Pomfrey arrived, Remus and the rest of the quartet were rushing up to the dormitory to get the Invisibility Cloak that evening. James was smacking himself in the head for forgetting it, Sirius was nursing a cramp, and Peter was wheezing. As they rounded the corner, however, Remus ran into Lily Evans. Again.

With her pages flying everywhere, Remus called to the hurrying marauders, “I’ll just meet you at the… er… place that we were… er… going.”

“Okay, Moony,” James called, halfway down the corridor already.

“Where are you guys going so fast?” Lily laughed.

“Um, it’s a secret,” Remus replied, gathering some of her things from the floor.

“I see. Marauder secrets,” Lily smiled, knowingly.

“Almost. But more of a Remus secret that the rest of the marauders found out,” Remus said, making sure to give nothing away.

“I see. When are you going to confide in me, Remus Lupin?” Lily playfully asked with a bat of her eyelashes.

“Dunno, Lils, but I should really get going,” Remus replied with a shake of his head. She was being too cute, but he could not tell her about his ‘furry little problem’ for fear of how she would react.

“Alright,” Lily said, a little disappointed. “Will I be able to catch up to you tomorrow?”

“I don’t think so, Lily,” Remus replied, all too truthfully. “I’m going to have to take a sick day.”

“Oh! Why? It’s nothing serious?” Lily responded, frightened.

“No, of course not,” he reassured her.

“Well, you look fine, now,” she pointed out.

“I know. It’s a long story, though. I’ll catch you later, okay?” And with that, Remus turned and proceeded to the Hospital Wing.


Sirius, Peter, Remus, and James were all sitting in the living room of the Shrieking Shack in human form. So far, the moon had not yet appeared, but Remus was getting peakier by the second.

Sirius was chatting with James about Layla Burke, Peter was fidgeting with his hands, and Remus was laying with his head against the wall, dreading the full moon.

A couple minutes later, he stood straight up, his pupils getting wider. His mouth opened and he groaned. The other three marauders jumped up from their seats and transformed.

Sirius bounded up to him and pushed him with his enormous paws, pinning him to the wall of the Shrieking Shack. They had found in the past that this relieved some of the pain of transforming because Remus was unable to struggle.

Remus’s clothes began to rip and fur began sprouting on his arms and legs. Breathing hard, he began to groan and make howling-like sounds. He was clearly in pain.

James cautiously approached, his hooves echoing on the wooden floors. He watched as Remus’s limbs lengthened and his clothes fell to the floor. Claws were beginning to emerge from Remus’s fingertips and nails. Soon, all of his skin would be invisible through a thick layer of werewolf fur.

As Remus gave in to his inner beast, Sirius the dog stepped back. Panting, he was exhausted from restraining Remus during the transformation.

Remus looked through his lupine eyes at his three friends: the dog, the stag, and the rat. He, then, collapsed onto the floor.

Sirius barked.


Later that morning, the three marauders were napping in Remus’s section of the hospital wing. As always after a full moon, Remus was confined to a cot with the drapes pulled around him.

This particular transformation had been a particularly painful one, and it reflected in how deep Remus was sleeping. The worried marauders had not left his bedside, as was ritual after the night of a full moon.

Remus opened his eyes and felt his arms and face. Sure enough, there were scratches. But, they weren’t as bad as those he had inflicted upon himself when Sirius, James, and Peter had been absent. There was, however, one long gash down the side of his cheek. He’d have a bother covering that one up.

Sirius stirred. Opening one eye, he said, “Moony… you’re up.”

“Yes, Padfoot,” Remus replied with a bit of strain.

“I thought you’d sleep all day because of last night. Do you remember any of it?”

“This time, sadly, I don’t,” Remus replied, thinking about the events leading to the transformation.

By this time, the other two marauders were awake, and the school nurse ushered them from his bedside. “He’ll be fine now! Let him be, and go to class!”

Remus smiled and sank back into his covers, letting her straighten the bed sheets and fluff the pillow under his head.


Remus made his way back to the common room later that evening, exhausted, but ready to be back to class the next day. For such a straining night such as the last one, he usually didn’t recover as fast.

Muttering the password to the fat lady, Remus entered through the portrait hole, hoping to get to the dormitory before anybody saw him.

“Remus!” He heard from behind. He was foiled.

Turning, he saw a familiar red-head. “I thought I wasn’t going to be able to see you today,” Lily said. “Oh, my. What happened to your face?”

“Long story,” Remus said, returning her smile. “I really must go up to rest; see you tomorrow?”

“Is it okay if I come with for a second?” Lily asked, looking thoroughly concerned.

Remus shrugged and led her up to the dormitory. The marauders weren’t there, yet.

Remus sat down on his bed, and Lily followed suit. She looked at his scratch and winced. “It must have hurt,” she whispered, reaching up to touch it.

Remus closed his eyes, feeling her fingers lightly touch the soon-to-be scar on his face.

“It’s definitely more ruggedly attractive than this zit that I have on my nose,” Lily laughed, trying to brighten Remus’s expression. He opened his eyes, and her hand fell to her lap.

Remus smiled and pulled out his wand. Muttering a small incantation, the tiny bit of acne that Lily had been referring to disappeared. “Mind you, only potions can really remove acne,” Remus said. “The charm I just performed only made it invisible until it goes away.”

Touching her face, Lily looked impressed at the useful spell, and rolled up her sleeves. I know one for you, she said. With a wave of her wand, the scratch shrunk in size until it was a minor cut. Remus knew, feeling with his fingers, that it would heal over in a couple days.

He smiled and looked into her green eyes. “Thanks.”

Lily blushed but said nothing. It was then that James and Sirius walked into the dorm.

“Erm. I hope we’re not interrupting anything,” Sirius said, stopping dead at the doorway with the sight of Remus and Lily.

“Um, no. Er, I’m glad you’re back, Remus,” Lily said, turning and leaving.

Sirius gave Remus a look and chuckled. James didn’t say anything, but made a pouty face. Remus rolled his eyes and turned out his bedside lamp.  

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