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Ayra was fuming once she walked through the door. She wiped off the smile from her face in half of a split second and picked up the closest thing next her and flung it at the wall. She grabbed her wand and with an angry motion, she pointed her wall at the shattered vase on the floor and yelled. “Repairo! Accio!” and threw it again…and again…and agai--

“God Ayra! What is it now?!?” a voice said while Ayra was in mid-thrust.

Ayra turned to look at a sleepy Lily peeking out from the curtains of her bed. Ayra threw the vase onto the floor and it shattered again. She threw Lily a look and opened her mouth to speak, but her friend beat her too it.

“Let me guess. Taller than you, gorgeous eyes and …last name Black?”

Ayra sneered. “More like, trying to be dominating, arrogant, stupid, prat!” she said eyes full of anger as the pointed her wand at the vase again.

Lily spoke again. “Ayra, its time to stop getting mad. Why don’t you just get even for once?” she suggested.

Ayra smiled. She Repaired the vase and levitated it to the nightstand. Lily blanched at the look on Ayra’s face. “Oh my Gosh Ayra! Don’t kill him. Its not worth it.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous Lils, you cant get even with a dead person. It’ll be much more fun to keep him alive…But just barely…”

The best way in the morning…Is not to be ambushed by sticky fruit. Sirius had apparently thought that it was funny to play a prank in the mornings. And everyone knew that Ayra wasn’t a morning person. Ayra glared at the laughing group, and decided to change her tactics. She gripped her hand tightly around her wand then forced herself to release it. She wiped the goop from her face and laughed. She smirked at the marauders, laughing at her from the Gryffindor Table. The Great Hall was laughing at her, so she laughed along.

“If that’s the best you’ve got Black, then that’s just sad. A 1st year could do better than that.” she taunted. 

Ayra walked over to Sirius and stuck her hand in his grits and slopped it on his face and wiped her hands in his hair.

Sirius sneered. “Try to be a bit more original Woods, its so hot these days, too bad you don’t have it.”

Ayra laughed in his face. “Too bad that’s a quote and soo not original.”

The whole Gryffindor table went “ooooooooooooooooh”

Sirius smirked at her. “We’ll see.”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “What a great comeback Black. Im sure your mother is proud of you.” and stalked off. Getting the last word. Again- and missing the darkness passing through the grey eyes that watched her with hate. She sat down by Lily at the far end of the table, blending in the the converstaion.

“I wish he would just leave me alone. Potter…God!” Lily whined.

Ayra smiled. “Why don’t you just admit that you like him. He told me all about your date with him..” Ayra said knowingly.

Lily looked at her aghast. “How--wha--; I don’t understand?” she said confused.

Ayra smiled again. “Its ok, no worries. So, what else is new?”

Lily’s face lit up in excitement. “We’re making a list!”

A quizzical expression crossed Ayra’s face. “A list.” she said slowly.

Lily’s green eyes flickered in puzzlement. “Yea, a know on of those things in which there is an entry under each number……1. I want to be a monkey when I grow up, 2. I hate chocolate suckers…3. Mermaids scare me....etcetera?”

Ayra rolled her eyes. “I know what a list is Lils. I‘d like to know what it‘s about.”

Kalahan smiled. “Its just a list, each of us will have one, it could be a list of things you hate or things you want to do…etcetera.”

“And could someone remind me why we are doing this?” Ayra asked.

Marietta looked at Ayra like she was stupid. “Because we feel like doing it. A,being because it’s cool, and 2 being.…it’d be fun.. etcetera..”

“And if someone finds these lists?” Ayra asked inquisitively.

Lily shrugged. “I can put an enchantment on it that it’ll say something to the person that’s trying to read it, like the marauders map.”

Ayra laughed. “Brilliant. But I do have a question.” she said, stuffing her face with some of the eggs on her plate.

“That would be your 3rd question already Ayra.” Kalahan said, amused, holding her fork in the air, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

“It is not!” Ayra said, confused.

“Is so,” Kalahan replied. “There was the one with what else is new, why we were doing the list, and what will we do if someone find s the lists.” Kalahan said matter-of factly.

Marietta smirked at her friend. “Actually, its her 4th question. You forgot the one that she asked lily.” she said.

Ayra rolled her eyes. “And all of this matters because?”

Kalahan looked up over her pumpkin juice. “Is that your question that you were wanting to ask?”

Ayra threw her hands up in the air. “No! geez! Can I ask my bloody question?”

Kalhan smirked. “Is that the one you were wanting to ask then?”

Ayra glared at her and threw her fork down onto her plate. “BLOODY HELL!” her hands flew up to cover her mouth when the whole hall went silent, eyes trying to locate where the sound had come from. Ayra blushed slightly and tried to pretend that she was looking for the sound too. Fortunately, everyone seemed to buy it and no one found out it was her. Ayra smirked in triumph and looked at her friends. “What I wanted to ask was,” she began, daring Kalahan to interrupt her, “ Why don’t we have our own map? Like the Marauders. They may be dim witted, but they have to be smart to come up with something like that.”

Lily frowned slightly. “But that wouldn’t be original at all.”

Ayra shrugged it off. “ So what? Me make adjustments. Make it 3D, voice activated. We could even have a menu. Take your pick.” she rested her elbow on the table, leaning her head against her hand. “There’s plenty of ways to make it original. Just make it better than theirs and it’ll be original. I’ll start on it, but anyway, we were talking about a list?” she finished.

Lily nodded, still pondering the map. “Yeah. We’ve decided that Mines going to be my wishes, like things I’d want to happen to me in this last year. Kalahans is one of things she loves, Marietta’s is of things she’s afraid of, and yours is what you hate about Sirius Black.

Ayra frowned fiercely. “And why would I want a list about that?”

Lily smiled. “There’s more too it. We’re going to make the marauders fall in love with us.”

Ayra’s eyes gaped open. “What?”

Kalahan rolled her eyes. “really Ayra, its not that hard to put together. We plant these lists where they are sure to find them, and they’ll know something about us. “

Ayra wrinkled her nose in disgust. “But you had to put me with Black? There’s no way we’re going to fall in love.” she stated, daring anyone to deny it. No one did. “And what if this plan backfires?” she asked. They could hurt you with it. Or something like that. I think this idea is complete bullocks.”

Lily smiled. “And that’s why its going to work.”

Ayra thought for a minute. “So are we going to make the map?”

Lily shrugged, “Why not? Sounds like a good idea to me, though I ‘don’t think that we’ll need it, after all we aren’t trouble makers.” she said.

Ayra and Kalahan exchanged glances. “Speak for yourself.” Kalahan said, speaking for the both of them.

Marietta, who didn’t talk throughout the whole exchanged, smiled widely. “So on with the mission!” 

Ayra knew what she had to do. She didn’t want to do it. But it was the only way. She went straight to the Slytherin common room and knocked. “ I need to see Lucius Malfoy.”

It was dark in the corridor. And a bit cold, not to mention the musty smell. But no one ever said anything in this corridor, other than the password. So it was a surprise to the stone wall, that someone had spoken to it. And knocked on it for goodness sake. A hand grasped her shoulder. Ayra whirled around.


“Malfoy. I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for humiliating you. Not in front of other people, but to yourself. I just wanted to let you know that it was all on a dare from Black, so I could get his precious treasure map, and I don’t want anything else to do with you.”

Lucius looked at her. “What a coincidence.” he said, his mouth twisting into a smirk.

A mask of confusion flitted into her features. “Excuse me?”

He leaned against the wall. “I was dared by the my fellow friends to make you believe that I was in love with you, or something like that. Like, Malfoy the Weakling. I guess I’ll have to call it off, and say you found me out.”

Ayra nodded. “This doesn’t mean I’m going to be nice to you.” she said fiercely, standing up straight so that she didn’t feel so intimidated by his obvious height.

“Of course not. I just hope you know it’s the same for me.” he held out his hand. “So I guess we are in agreement?”

Ayra eyed the hand warily, then looked in his eyes, daring her not to take his hand. Hell if I’ll show fear to this snake. she thought and grasped his hand roughly. All the sudden she was flying in the air and her back slammed against the stone wall that she had knocked on just a minute earlier. Right before everything went black, as the pain shot through her body, she heard him say…

“Watch your Back Woods. I won’t be as nice next time. "

Ayra opened her eyes groggily. Where am I? She wondered. The white curtains around her weren’t familiar until...

Oh merlin's left.... I’m…I’m……”AAAAAAAH
!” she frantically tried to get up. I can not be in the hospital wing. Oh I’m doomed. I wont see sunlight for a million years! The hospital wing was the most dreaded room in all of Hogwarts. Honestly, kids went out of their way just to send their enemies there- knowing it was the ultimate punishment. No one left until the Promfficer, also known as Madam Promfry, let them out. Rumor says that nick copper didn’t leave for 2 weeks because of a mere scratch on his arm……It was bloody scary!!!

Hence Ayra’s panic attack.

Ayra strained her eyes, chest rising and falling softly. She reached up to her head and felt a bandage there. Damn. I just had to go and try to be nice to a snake. She rolled her eyes and silently tip toed out of bed. She glanced around and saw Madam Promfry, sleeping in a chair. Ayra praised whatever gods were on her side and lightly stepped across the floor. 

Silently, she passed by the sleeping woman, and crept over to the door. She tugged on it, and jerked away when it creaked. She glanced frantically over to the sleeping woman, who grunted and turned over in her sleep. Ayra took her wand from the wand holder by the door and whispered “alohamora.” the door clicked and parted slightly open. Ayra glanced back on time at the chair where madam had been. 

Her heart began to race when she saw that the chair that had been occupied a moment before, was empty. Her heart began to beat wildly in her ears, the blood rushing through her face. 

A hand grasped her shoulder.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Madam Promfry said, a glint in her eye. Ayra’s face went white. She opened her mouth twice, until the glint in Promficer’s eyes grew stronger. Ayra opened her mouth and screamed as she ran through the door, head pounding. She heard heavy footfalls behind her. “Come back here Mrs. Woods!” the scary voice called out from behind her.

Hell no. do you think I’m absolutely crazy?

Ok. Don’t comment on that one.
Ayra ran until she could run no more. All was silent around her. She signed in relief and headed up to the Gryffindor common room through secret passage ways, seeing as phoenix travel was far too loud. She went up to the ridge that had the riddle and came in through above the Gryffindor Fire place. She ignored the body on the couch and began to head up to her dormitories.

“Woods.” Ayra whirled around, the second time that day. “I need to talk to you.”

Ayra narrowed her eyes, for none other was the body on the couch that…Sirius Black.

Oh how bloody brilliant. “Don’t you think this is getting old Black?”

“I take back the dare Woods.” he said calmly.

Ayra did a double take. “What? And Why?”

“Because it just isn’t worth it.” he said plainly, as if it was obvious.

Which it wasn’t. Merlin, he thinks he’s so cool. “ Ok. Good for you.” she said, as she whirled around and headed toward the dormitories.

“Great comeback Woods.” his voice called from behind her.

She threw a rude gesture over her shoulder as she kept climbing the stairs.

“Don’t forget to watch your---”

And that was when Ayra fell on her but and slid to the bottom. She looked up at Sirius, who had the toe of his shoe on the bottom step. He looked down at her with an amused expression. “Step.”

Ayra glared at him. “Just leave me alone Black. We kissed. Great. It meant nothing. Deal with it. I hate you, and you hate me. Can’t you get that through your head?” 

She said as she grabbed a broom from the corner of the common room, not even glancing to look at the name carved into the handle. “I want things to go back to the way they were. And I get what I want.” she said, as she leapt onto the broom and flew up to her dormitory.

Sirius smirked. Finally, it’s all going to plan. 

A/N so sorry for the slowness. i feel kinda bad, cause i've been dedicating my time to the new story i'm writing :) (It's the Pirates one on my page) but anyways, i hope you like, and dont forget to r and r!


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