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                                                     REMEMBER ME THIS WAY
                                                                by Jordan Hill

Every now and then
We find a special friend
Who never lets us down
Who understands it all

Hermione Granger, never had much friends,
but when she entered Hogwarts, it changed everything. She met a
friend, named Harry Potter. Who never judged her for who
she was, he always understood her. As she did with him.
And we both knew that we would be together forever.
And knew they were going to be more than ‘just friends’.

Reaches out each time you fall
You're the best friend that I've found
I know you can't stay
But part of you will never ever go away
Your heart will stay

*6 years later*
I stand here looking down from the Hospital window,
at the battle below. My eyes search the field, for Harry.
But all I see is spells and curses shooting everywhere.
I want to go and fight, but he told me to stay, & that’s to
dangerous, for me. For he shows me how much he loves me.

I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life will just be kind
To such a gentle mind

 I pray for him secretly.....make a wish for him to
return to me someday...not dead or unharmed. B
ut no one really knows, how it will turn out..all I could do now
is hope, that my prays and wishes will come true.

If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way

Finally my eyes spotted him. I could see him fighting,
Voldemort on a far off hill. It looked like he was winning.
But then something horrible happened. Voldemort hit him
with a bright red  spell, an he flew backwards, hitting hard t
o the ground, and not getting up right away. I gasped, my
heart hurtig on what I saw, and without thinking, I  ran out to
the field while dodging spells and curses. Fnally getting to the hill,
I ran and ran up the hill until I reached the top.

I don't need eyes to see
The love you bring to me
No matter where I go

Panting for breath, closing my eyes, I could feel his
body hurting in pain, and with love. I opened my eyes,
and turned to face Harry, he was looking at me. In his
eyes I could see fear, shock, and most of all love. I walked slowly
over to him, and kneeled by his side.
“Hermione...what are you doing here?!” he asked
I didn’t answer him, but I felt tears welling up in my eyes.
Closing my eyes, I bent down and kissed him with all of the 
passion I had for him.
Voldemort saaw this and to his disgust, he lifted his wand,
thinking that this was his perfect opportunity.
When Harry and I broke apart, I said “I love you...” in a
weak vooice.
Before both could even react, Voldemort lifted his wand
and pointed it straight  to his heart, and yelled,
The bright green light bursted from the tip of his wand,
and hit him sqare in his chest. He was gone, both, and
never coming back ...again.
“Nooooo..!!!!!!!!” I screamed as I watched all the light from
his eyes diappeare. and watch the love of my life, die in my arms.

And I know that you'll be there
Forever more a part of me
You're everywhere
I'll always care

The war was coming to en end, and the
bright side has won over evil. Everybody was screaming i
n joy, and having a celebration, that the dark and mid-evil
times were over and done. But not I, no...all I could do
was sob over Harry’s  dead body, that was getting cold as death
by the second. “Please don;t leave me!” I cried out to his face, even
though he could not hear me. “I always cared for you! And
loved you with all my  heart!” At this point I just gave up on tryng
and just layed there, holding his body close to mine, never
wanting to let go. And I just layed there and cried my heart out.

I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life will just be kind
To such a gentle mind
If you lose your way

While I was crying all of the memories and
moments I charished with him, came fllowing back in my head,
which made me cry even more. I couldn’t help myslef,
I must addmit.Iwas a nervous wreck.

Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way

And I'll be right behind your shoulder watching you
I'll be standing by your side in all you do

*2 days later*
It is now the funeral of the famous Harry Potter. A best friend...
a fighter and.....lover.
The sun was shinning, the sky blue...and a
light wind blowing the flowers and leaves a
round his grave-stone.Everybody is sad
and deprest....for he never got to have a
second chance at life, and to be...happy.
But I know deep down inside of me, he is up there
being happy,
and watching me in every way. From where I go..and to
what I do.
I can’t help to think that even in death he will
always be right beside me, ....helping me make
every step I take. Until I die and be reunited with him....
I must wait and live on.

And I won't ever leave
As long as you believe
You just believe

It is now nightime, I walked outside,
and up the stairs of the Astronomy Tower.
And I lent my elbows on the railing, looking up into
the dark starry night. Hoping, that he’s somewhere
up there, watching over me, and I will always love him,
even in death.

I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life will just be kind
To such a gentle mind

 Every night, before I go to sleep.
I remind myself of him, so I would never forget.
His raven-colored hair, emerald-green eyes,
the way he spoke, the sweet smile he always gave me,
his touch and his soft and delicate.
And I remember.

If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way
This way

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