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“Now....most of you know Ria, if you don’t she is an adopted cousin of the Weasley’s. Now I will not give too much information on her personal life but the main reason she is here and not in her home town is because we are in need of her assistant” Dumbeldore began.


“ As you may already know Voldemort’s side is getting stronger, even as we speak, but not only are they getting stronger, they have a secret weapon not known to mankind, or wizard kind, Alchemy.”


 “What is Alchemy?” Asked Ron.


“Alchemy is a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy that was practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life.”


“ Yes but if it was in the middle Ages doesn’t that mean that alchemy is just a sham?” Ron pointed out.


“ It was proven that Alchemy was just and “advanced” version of chemistry and that the transmutation part was just a figment of their imaginations.” Replied Hermione.


“Yes that might have been true in this world, but how about the other worlds that are out there?” Dumbeldore asked.


“ What are you talking about what other worlds?” Hermione asked.


“A world where equivalent exchange is the basis of life, where in order to receive, something of equal value must be lost, that is alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange. That is the world of which I have cane from and can never go back.” Ria explained while her head was turned downward to the ground.


“I don’t believe it, alchemy is just something from the medieval times, fine prove it to me show me alchemy.” Hermione asked.


“I can’t” Ria replied.


“And why not?” Hermione countered back.


“Because for some strange reason alchemy doesn’t work in this world, all the magic you can do, it’s all not equivalent, you gain so much with little effort, just words that come from your lips, it’s hardly equivalent exchange. Where does all the powers come from, why can you do these things while other humans can’t? These are questions that have baffled me ever since I came here.” Ria replied while looking down at her hands as if an explanation could appear from them.


“ So if you can’t use alchemy in this world than there is no problem Voldemort doesn’t have extra power against us.” Harry said, speaking for the first time.


“That is true Harry but for some odd reason, he is able, and has already used alchemy in this realm. This is exactly why we brought Ria here with us today.” Dumbeldore replied

“ If he can do alchemy than there is a loophole to the equivalent exchange in this world and I am going to find it.” Ria said with a passion behind her voice.


“ And this is where you Harry, Ron, and Hermione come in Ria knows a lot about magic, but not all and we need people to help her with the magic side of her investigation, and help find out how they are using alchemy, and how we can reverse that, or use it to our advantage. We would usually do that, but with all the attacks happening most if the order members are too busy to help her. But this is all up to you three, are you willing to help?”


“ I am” Heroine replied, standing up.


“ I am” Ron nodded his head as well as he stood up.


“ I am going to bring him down if it’s the last thing I do” Harry pronounced standing up as well.


“Good then first you guys need to….”


The front door slammed open as two shadowy figures approached the door.


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