Sorry it took me so long to update!!! Hermione was incredibly relieved to sit in the taxi, and let all of her memories of the past few years flood out of her body. For a moment, she almost felt as though all of her worries had escaped her mind. "Oh look!" said Aunt Loretta with surprise, "We're home! Three hours stuck in a taxi can go by pretty fast when you've got a niece who leads an incredibly interesting life! Come now, get your things together." Hermione obeyed, and looked up to see a two-story, white house covered elegantly with vines of bright-red flowers and landscaped with magnificent shrubbery. It was truly wonderful to be back with her sweet Aunt.
A few days had passed, and Hermione had finally settled in. She was free to roam the immense amount of land that her Aunt owned, and reflected upon every possible thing that was happening in her life. She was finally healing, and regaining her mentality back. But that all was about to change for her… It all began on a beautiful golden day while she was roaming around a nearby brook that was on her Aunt’s land. She plopped down with a notebook and pen in her hand, and wrote what was on her mind. Writing had always been one of her strongest ways of dealing with her life…letting all of her thoughts flow from her hand, to her pen, and then onto the paper. As she continued to write, listening to the majestic choir that nature sang, she was suddenly quite startled to hear a drawling, yet familiar voice from behind her. “Why, Granger, you’re the last person I would have ever expected to run into here.” Hermione froze, and did her best to set her pad of paper and pen down on the ground as calmly as she could. She turned to face the speaker, and was horrified to see whom it was. “Malfoy?” she questioned with astonishment, “what are you doing here?” Draco Malfoy let out a soft, playful laugh, as his gray eyes focused on Hermione. She couldn’t help but notice that they had a new aura to them, unlike that of how cold, and frigid they had once been. It almost seemed as though Draco’s eyes were smiling, which seemed completely ludicrous to Hermione. “Why, Granger, I’m shocked! I’ve got just as much of a right to be here in France as you do.” “Not trespassing on my Aunt’s land, you don’t,” she said heatedly, as her eyes glared deep into Draco’s. “Right…” he responded sounding somewhat downfallen, which was something that Hermione had ever witnessed within Draco, “Well, if that’s the way you feel, then I’ll be on my way then—” Draco turned on his heel, and began to leave— “Wait!” Hermione said swiftly, without realizing what on earth had provoked her to stop Draco from parting, “Well…” she began, and then switched back to her defensive mode of speaking, “What ARE you doing here anyway? I thought your father was in Azkaban? What’s the matter? Too embarrassed to show your face in public now that your family’s name has been tossed into the trash can of society?” Draco’s face fell, and his eyes suddenly grew to that old, familiar, stone coldness they had once possessed at school. “That,” he said with an angry tone, “is no way to treat another person. It’s not like I can help that my father was an asshole.” “Oh, and you were always such the little angel yourself,” spat Hermione contemptuously, as she gathered up her things, “What would you know of ways to treat people?! You know nothing! All of those times you called me a—a—a mudblood, and complained of what a burden to the wizarding race I was! How DARE you tell me how to treat people, when the only person who needs to learn how to treat people is YOU, you pompous, bigheaded—” “Hermione, listen—” “NO! YOU listen for once! I’ve had enough of you Draco Malfoy! And as far as I am concerned, you can take your advice on how to treat people and throw it right where your family name is as far as I am concerned!” “Hermione, if you would just hear me out—” “Good DAY to you Malfoy!” Feeling satisfied, Hermione stormed off through the woods until she came to the clearing where her Aunt’s house resided. ‘Bloody Malfoy. What does he know about anything?’ thought Hermione to herself as she trampled up to the fence that surrounded Aunt Loretta’s house. She walked under a vine-covered arbor, and made her way up the stone steps of the house’s doorway. Before she got a chance to touch the doorknob, the door suddenly flew open. “There you are, Hermione!” said Aunt Loretta cheerfully as she greeted her niece with a smile, “I’ve got a visitor here that you may be interested in meeting. She’s a remarkable woman, just as you are. Why in fact, I think you might even know her son from school!” “You’ve got to be kidding me,” muttered Hermione under her breath, realizing that the woman who was in Aunt Loretta’s house had to be none other than Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Draco. After all, he WAS here, and she didn’t know anyone from Hogwarts who lived in France. “What was that you just said, dear?” questioned Loretta with a quizzical look. “Uhm, what I said was…I…I really don’t feel up to any visitors today…” lied Hermione, as she tried to escape from the doorstep to get away from the house again. “Nonsense!” said Aunt Loretta, grabbing Hermione just in time before she could retreat off to the forests again, “Don’t be rude Hermione! I’ve told her all about you, and she is really anxious to speak with you. She’s very kind, I can assure you of that.” ‘Oh, I’m sure she is,’ thought Hermione sarcastically, as she allowed her Aunt to steer her into the house, through the kitchen, and into the front parlor. There, seated on a lavender chintz chair was a platinum blonde, middle-aged woman sipping tea from a delicate china teacup. Hermione grimaced, hoping that nothing bad was going to arise out of this… Author's note: Thanks for reading, and remember to review!

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