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I had gotten so tired of being made fun of and hurting myself that I decided to pack up and leave. I had my luggage and I was ready to leave I was now in the entrance hall. Noone was going to step all over me anymore. Or so i thought. Just then people were trampoling all over me. Did they find this funny? Everbody seemed to love laughing at me. I always heard a guffaw about me here and there. "Ouch!" I was yelling in pain, how did I fall how were they stepping all over me. "Get off, move stop!!" i yelled. noone was listening. I tried moving my hands to grab their legs but my arms and legs seemed immobile i couldn't move. then a student who was five times my size walked toward me."Oh, no." Isaid Then the brown sole of the shoe wrenched into my stomache. "AHHHHHH!!!!" I yelled "Stop."Finally the kid moved all this dust was flying off me, what was up with that I had showered at least a week ago, or was it two? Oh well, anyway then one of the Weasley's came along Fred, maybe George, oh I don't really know, does it matter? Was he gonna help me out or not? Just them I realized Ron standing crudly on my knees. "Oww, Ron I use those." I said in agony. Just then Fred, or george, whoever pulled me out from under ron. I was so thankful but that's when I realized I was the entrance hall rug. I wafted up to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey rolled her eyes recognizing my voice. "Oh, not you again, what do you have a boo boo?" She asked. "Um actually I have like 25 boo boo's and if you could mend them I would greatly appreciate seeing as I've been the butt of many a cruel jokes." I informed her."Oh well i grew up being called poppy, take that." She said pouting. "Are you gonna get up in my face?" I asked."um are you suggesting we take this outside?" she asked "No, did it sound like I said that, no I don't think so, so please just change me back, and go to counseling please,honestly poppy." I said. She pouted As she transfigurred me back to being me. "Thank you" I said, and then left. I felt so cool, I just dissed madam pomfrey. Just then Peeves hit me in the head with an anvil, and Madam Pomfrey laughed for hours on end, and I would know because I sat there half unconscies as she laughed.

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