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    A/N: Hey all! This is my first Next Generation Fanfic and I'm so excited about it!  And Yes, I realise it is KINDA short but hey! It's just the list and it had to be 500 words so... I added some intro :D Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it and I would love, love, love it if you left a review... I will always answer them...I promise! So... Enjoy! :D                                            Dani93

    10 Reasons I will NEVER Fancy James Sirius Potter

     Thats me; Savana Leeann Miller :D

    By Savana Leeann Miller         
             a)     He is an arrogant, self-centred, egotistical git.
             b)     He smells wonky. (Its truly gross)
             c)      He is not the brightest.
             d)     I’m a year younger then him. (Not that it really matters, but…)
             e)     His little brother is annoying and strange          
             f)       He is a pig when he eats.
             g)     His mates are Annoying with a capital A
             h)    He follows me around like a lost puppy
             i)       I’m best friends with his cousin. 
             j)       He wakes me up in the middle of the night for no good reason.


    Hey all, I’m Savana Miller (pronounced Sa-vah-nah). Yeah, I’m your typical, run-of-the-mill witch. I’m short, and sort of skinny, with pale skin and a few- okay, more then a few- freckles on my nose and cheeks. I have bright, aqua blue eyes and reddish-brown hair…I guess you could call it auburn. My eyes are what make me noticeable (or so I have noticed). I mean, is it normal to see bright blue eyes on a brunette or a red head? I certainly have never seen someone like that, so, I feel pretty unique in that sense. Anyway, I go to Hogwarts like any other witch or wizard my age (which is sixteen in case you were wondering) and I am pretty smart- second in my class. I would be first in the class if it weren’t for my amazingly talented best friend, Rose Weasley. And, my life wouldn’t be completed without Rose’s super annoying, jerk of an older cousin, James.

          James Potter will be the death of me I tell you. He is so annoying! I simply can’t stand him! His ego is the size of Hogwarts! He thinks he is so great because he was the first person since his father to be let onto the House Quidditch team as a First Year (I was second). And, to top it off, he’s been captain of the team for two years. He’s a really strict captain and demands perfection from everyone – but this year he’s taken it over board a bit. (I’m a beater in case you didn’t know). And, he’s also been asking me out ever since I was in second year. Of course, I’ve told him ‘no absolutely not’ every time but he just doesn’t see to get it so, I’ve decided to make him a list of why I will NEVER fancy him as long as I live…even though his did is kinda my hero.

          Anyway, this list is so that I can tell the stupid git, next time he asks me out, exactly why I will never fancy him. These reasons are very true, well thought out, amazing and might I add- pretty darn funny. I thought -for those of you ladies at Hogwarts who have taken a fancy to James’ messy black hair and amazing brown eyes- that I would show you what he is really like. (Which- I should add- is not altogether very pleasant) These List items I will not show to anyone until I’m done- not even Rose, because she is, after all, dearest James’ cousin. So, sit back, relax and enjoy because this is going to be one interesting little story.

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