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Hermione lay in bed the next morning watching Ron sleep peacefully beside her. She didn't want to wake him but couldnt resist tracing the outline of his face with her index finger. Ron blinked rappidly before he slowly opened his eyes,

"Hi," Hermione whispered, smiling.

"Hi yourself," Ron answered as he smiled back lazily, "did you sleep ok?"

Hermione nodded "mmhm" she said sleepily as she began to play idly with Ron's fringe, "I could get use to this you know, waking up beside you," she said smiling. Ron lay his arm over her and pulled her close, "me too," he replied as he planted a soft kiss on the tip of her nose, "I almost wish we didn't have to get up today."

As if right on cue there was a knock at the door followed by a distraught female voice, "Hermione, are you up?" Ginny sounded frantic as she began twisting the door knob. "Just one second Gin," Hermione yelled back as she got up and began wrapping herslef in a blanket. Ron began to laugh but quickly stopped when Hermione shot him a dirty look.

"Hermione, why is this door locked?" Ginny's voice was getting louder and more urgent as she continued to struggle with the knob. Hermione pointed her wand at the door, "Alohamora," she whispered as she opened the door a crack."Hey Gin," she said casually as she tried to keep the wrapped blanket from falling down, "what's wrong?"

"Do you know where Ron is?" Ginny asked franticly, "Harry has been at his house for an hour and he's not there?" Ginny was now wringing her hands nervously, "oh I hope that silly git hasn't passed out drunk in the gutter somewhere, I'll kill him if he's-"
"Ginny, relax," Hermione interrupted, "It's ok, I know where Ron is."

Ginny's put her hand on her chest, "oh thank goodnes," she sighed in relief, "where is he?" she asked just as Ron appeared behind Hermione with a blanket around his waist.

"Hey sis," he said smiling as he wrapped his arms around Hermione, "sorry, I guess we lost track of the time."

Ginny stood shocked for a moment before a huge smile crept across her face, "you stayed here?" she asked her brother, who nodded happily, "and you two-" she pointed from Hermione to Ron and they both smiled and nodded.

"That's great news!" Ginny screamed as she pushed the door back and hugged Hermione who began to laugh, "yeah we think so too," she added. Ron gave his sister a hug, "I better get going," he said suddenly, "Harry's probably going mental wondering where I am."

"I'll go floo him now," Ginny said excitedly, "you guys get ready. Hermione, we're due at the burrow in an hour," she squeeled excitedly as she scurried off to the lounge to floo Harry. Hermione closed the door and leaned against it as she sighed, "today is going be an interesting day," she stated as she watched Ron get changed into this clothes from the night before. Ron quickly slipped on his shoes and joined Hermione at the door, "don't I know it," he added as he pulled Hermione in for a quick hug, "I'll see you soon ok?" Hermione responded with a kiss, "miss you already," she replied as she ushered him out the door.

Hermione couldn't help but smile as she began to get ready. After all she had been through since she had arrived five days ago she finally felt content. Ron and Julian were getting along great, even her relationship with Ron was going great. She felt the happiest she had in years, and it was all thanks to Harry and Ginny for inviting her back here to be a part of their wedding.

"You ready?' Ginny asked as she appeared at the door, "we gotta get going." Hermione picked up her dress that was lying on the bed, "ready," she answered as she followed Ginny to the living room where she found Julian waiting,

"hi mummy!" he said excitedly, "look," he said as he pointed at his new dress robes Ginny had dressed him in. "Wow, you look very smart," Hermione said as she bent down to give him a kiss, "you ready to go now?" she asked as she grabbed his hand. They had decided again to apparate as the floo network was a little too messy for these circumstances.

The burrow was buzzing with people doing last minute fixes when they arrived. Ginny rolled her eyes, "I bet this is mums doing," she mumbled as she stormed into the house. Hermione raised her eyebrow in concern as she and Julian followed Ginny inside. "Mum?' Ginny yelled as she dodge a lady walking past with an assortment of flowers, "what's going on here?"

"Oh finally, what took you lot so long?" Molly asked franticly as she came storming toward them, "Ginny, I have laid out your dress for you in your old room," she said quickly, "Hermione, you can get dressed in Ron's old room. I'll take care of Julian until the boys arrive," she began to hurry them along, "chop chop." Hermione bearly had time to register what Molly had said as they were ushured up the stairs, "you stay here with Nana ok Julian?' she said as she handed him a toy to keep him occupied, "ok mummy," he said as he accepted the toy and ran off into the living room.

They made it up to the landing to where Ginny's old room was. "Let me know if you need any help ok?" Hermione said when they reached the door. Ginny took a deep breath and nodded, "ok, I'll see you in a bit," she said nervously as she entered her room. Hermione continued to walk up the stairs till she reached Ron's room. Everything looked exactly as it did the last time she had been here, right down to the numerous cannons posters on the walls. She chuckled to herself as she placed her dress on the bed and began to change. Fifteen minutes later, Hermione slipped on her heels and put on her necklace and earings. She took a moment to look in the mirror and smiled at the overall result, "Perfect" she said to herself as she took a deep breath and made her way back down to Ginny's bedroom.

"Gin?" she called out as she opened it a crack, "is everything - Oh my!" Hermione was gob smacked at the sight of Ginny in her wedding dress. It was elegant and flattering at the same time - something only Ginny could have pulled off.

"So, how do I look?" Ginny asked nervously.

"You look absolutely stunning," Hermione said in awe, "how are you feeling?" she grabbed Ginny’s hand and gave it a little squeeze. Ginny exhaled nervously, "I'm doing ok," she replied, "Luna just arrived and Harry and the boys are here so I guess we better get this show on the road huh?" she said anxiously.

"Ok, shall we head down then?" Hermione asked in a comforting tone, the last thing she wanted was for Ginny to freak out so she did all she could to keep her nerves at bay. Ginny nodded slowly, "here goes nothing," she said as they both made their way downstairs.

Mr Weasley met them at the bottom of the staircase, “Oh Ginny,” he said as he held back his tears, “you look beautiful,” he said as he he held out his arm. “Thanks dad,” she answered as she wrapped her arm around his, “shall we?’ she asked excitedly, her nerves suddenly melting away at the sight of her family and friends gathered in the backyard.

Hermione positioned herself in-between Luna and Ginny and motioned for the string orchestra to begin. Luna made her way down the aisle first and after counting the correct amount of seconds, Hermione followed. She met Ron at the top of the aisle and smiled as they linked arms. "You look beautiful love," he said as they began to walk down slowly in time with the music, "Thank you," Hermione whispered softly, "so do you." They made it to the end of the aisle and Ron kissed her softly on the cheek before they went their seperate ways.

The ceremony went by quickly and before Hermione knew it she was on the dance floor bopping away to one of the recent Weird Sisters hits. She loved to dance and was glad to accept when Fred asked her. Ron was not much of a dancer but he loved to watch her face light up as she moved her body to the music, she was so beautiful.

"So, does this mean you two are back together?" Harry asked as he sat next to his now brother-in-law and handed him a glass of firewhisky. Ron nodded, "Yeah, I reckon so," he answered as he took a sip from his glass, "I mean, we haven't had a chance to talk about it yet, but it just feels right you know?" Harry losened his bowtie, "you said it," he added, "just doesn't seem natural not seeing you guys together," they clinked glasses and drained every last drop just as the song ended and another began.

"Can I steal my husband for a dance?" Ginny asked Ron as she tugged lightly on Harry's arm. Ron gave a mock bow, "He's all yours," he answered, holding back his laughter as Harry gave him an evil stare. Ron knew Harry enjoyed dancing just as much as he did.

"I know that grin," Hermione said coming into Ron's sight, her eyebrow raised slighltly, "What are you up to Ronald Weasly?"

Ron shrugged innocently, "Nothing love," he said as he grabbed her hand playfully and sat her on his lap, "just getting ready to watch the entertainment," he said as he nodded toward Harry who was reluctantly following Ginny onto the dancefloor. Hermione laughed, "Ron, you're terrible you know that," she said as she gave him a peck on the cheek, "but I still love you,"

"I love you too Mione," Ron answered as he wrapped his arms tigher around her, "and I'm not going to lose you again,"

Hermione became stiff for a moment, she had not thought about what was going to happen after the wedding. She turned to face him, "Ron, what's going to happen now?" she asked seriously.

"what do you mean love?" he answered, his face confused.

"Ron, Julian and I are flying back to France tomorrow," Hermione said softly, "we can't stay here. I have a job to get back to."

Ron hung his head for a moment, "I know Mione," he said sadly, "but I meant what I said," he looked straight into her eyes, "I'm not losing you twice."

Hermione looked confused, "What does that mean Ron?" she asked, "I don't understand?" Ron got up and sat Hermione down on the chair. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little velvet box. "I had this made for you a very, very long time ago," he said as he opened the box. It was a small silver ring with a diamond in the centre and two sapphires on each side, "I know it's not much, but at the time I wasn't making much and this was all I could afford." Hermione's eyes grew wide as realisation dawned on her, "Oh Ron I-"

"Wait," Ron interrupted, "please, let me finish." Hermione nodded indicating for Ron to continue.

"From the moment we first met, I knew that you were the one I wanted to share the rest of my life with," he held up the ring, "will you do me the honour of being my wife?"

Hermione didn't have to think twice. "YES!" she screamed as she leaned down to give Ron a hug, "Yes, I would love nothing more then to be your wife Ron," Everyone around them burst into applause. They were so oblivious to the fact that the music had stopped and all eyes were on them. Hermione sought out Ginny, hoping she wasn't too upset with them stealing the attention for a moment. She needn't have worried, Ginny and Harry were both beaming excitedly at them and applauding along with the rest.

Ron stood up and held placed the ring on Hermiones finger, "I love you," he whispered,

"I love you too," Hermione replied as she wrapped her arms around Ron and drew him into a deep kiss.

"Bloody hell," Ron gasped as they drew apart, "If I'd known you'd react like that I would have asked you years ago."

The music resumed and everyone went back to enjoying the festivities. Ginny came charging towards Hermione and Ron with Harry in tow.

"Congratulations!" She screamed as she hugged Hermione excitedly, "I'm so happy for you both,"

"about bloody time I reckon," Harry said as he gave Ron a pat on the back, "Hermione's finally gonna make an honest man out of you."

"I reckon," Ron replied as Hermione punched his arm playfully, Ron pulled her in and wrapped his arms around her waist, "just kidding love," he said quickly as he pecked her softly on the back of her neck.

"Ooh let me see," Ginny said as she grabbed Hermione's hand to get a closer look at the ring. Hermione beamed as she held up her hand proudly, "Isn't it perfect?"

"I'll say," Ginny answered as she admired the ring, "who knew my brother had good taste?" she said jokingly

"Of course I do," Ron interrruped, "Just look at the woman I am marrying,"

"Smooth Weasly," Harry laughed, "now about you take your wife to be for a spin on the dance floor?"

"Oh no Ron you don't have to," Hermione interjected, "I know how much you hate dancing," she added. Ron held out his hand, "not tonight love, tonight I could dance on the moon," he said as he whipped Hermione into a spin and lead her to the dance floor.

As Hermione lay her head on Ron's chest, she sighed deeply. She was so happy that finally, she had found her way back from the life she never wanted to return to when she was gone.


A/N: I know it has been ages since I last wrote anything, over a year in fact, but finally it is finished!! YAY, thanks to all of you who reviewed and I will be starting another story to follow from this one watch this space!!!

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