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Four and a half months later it was pandemonium.

Melanie had taken over the Great Hall.

The talented wedding planner and her army of "helpful" assistants, including half a dozen girls from the wedding shop and all of the seventh years, were making some amazing changes for the lavish wedding of the Wizarding world’s favorite couple. White roses and little fairy lights adorned every available space in the room elegantly. The long house tables had been replaced by row upon row of long wooden benches, much like the pews found in muggle churches.

All of this occurred two days before the ceremony forcing the students to be served meals in their Common Rooms for a few days. None of the young wizards and witches minded since it gave them all time to whisper and wonder about the great occasion. Ginny and her friends were constantly besieged with questions and worked had to dismiss the more outrageous rumors. Such as the ones that said they had borrowed the Beauxbatons carriage to carry them to their honeymoon, or there would be a bottle of Ogden’s Old Firewhisky for each guest, and that Harry had brought Dumbledore back to life to preside over the ceremony. All of which were completely untrue and unrealistic, but they made great jokes for the girls to laugh at later.

With two days to go until the wedding, Harry barely saw his fiancée or her friends. They were spending so much time arranging things and making sure that the set up was going according to plan that they had little time for anything else. It was that night, with two more until the wedding, at the rehearsal dinner that he was finally able to sit down with her, not that they were able to talk. All of Ginny’s various family and friends felt compelled to give speeches so all the happy couple could do was smile and say thank you.


A few hours later, the dinner was over, but Harry was still unable to talk to Ginny. It had been nearing ten o’clock when the guests began to trickle out, heading for their homes. And now, everyone was gone, but Ginny had fallen asleep on the little sofa in the den.

"Dear, sweet, Ginny." Harry thought as he pushed a lock of hair back from her face and covered her with the afghan lying on the back of the couch. He kissed her cheek and she stirred a little in her sleep and then was still. Taking one last look at her, Harry apparated home to his little flat, his own head full of wedding plans and a certain small redhead he loved.


"Ginny… Ginny darling, your friends are here." A voice said from far away.

Sleepily she opened her eyes basking in the warm ray of sun that came in from the window, and wondering why the world was so bright. "Huh?"

"Your friends are here for your hen party."

Her mind unfogging at last, she sprung up, "Here? Now?"

"Yes, dear, in the kitchen, they’re waiting for you." Her mother said as Ginny ran her hands through her hair.

"I’m not dressed!" Ginny exclaimed, looking down at the clothes that she’d worn the night before.

Chuckling at her frazzled daughter, "Go get ready, I’ll send them up in a moment."

"Thanks Mum!" Ginny shouted over her shoulder, sprinting for the stairs.


Ten minutes later, Nicola peaked into Ginny’s bedroom only to be hit by a flying yellow t-shirt. Pulling it from its position on her face Ginny’s bridesmaid commented wryly, "Well, I can tell someone’s having a bit of a wardrobe famine."

Ginny spun around, "I’m not ready!"

"We can tell, Gin." Hermione said dryly, looking about at the wreckage.

"I’ve got nothing to wear!" the nervous redhead lamented, moving piles of clothes around.

Puzzled, Kate asked, "But It looks like there are plenty of clothes to me."

Even Luna shook her head at this, pushing Kate and Grace into the room before her. The trio then settled on the bed, clearing small places out for them to sit. Fleur followed behind them, more gracefully, arm in arm with Charlie’s wife Katrina.

Bouncing a little with excitement, Grace exclaimed, "That’s ok we’ve got plenty of time, and besides, we’re going to rescue you."

"Rescue me?" Ginny inquired, pausing in her rummaging.

"Yes. We are." Hermione reassured Ginny, "It’s nothing too bad."

Fleur opened her bag briskly and said, "Let’s begin shall we?"

The girls forced Ginny into the shower, so that they could set up the room. Luna put away all of Ginny’s clothes, humming all the while, as Hermione conjured a chair like those used by hairdressers. Kate closed and locked the door while Grace helped Katrina unpack Fleur’s bag.

When Ginny stepped out of the shower she was ushered into a bathrobe and forced into Hermione’s new chair. Hurriedly the girls worked on Ginny doing her nails, hair, and makeup. When she was let up out of the chair to get dressed Ginny finally noticed how her friends were dressed. Tight, cleavage showing tops and skinny jeans. They were dressed for dancing.

Balking Ginny began, "Guys, I thought we were just going shopping?"

"We are, but we’re going dancing as well." Hermione answered, unfolding the outfit for Ginny.

Ginny protested, "But I don’t dance." Any further objections were silenced by the shirt that was unceremoniously shoved over her head.


Three hours later the girls walked into Enchantment, Wizarding London’s most popular night club, ready to dance. They’d spent most of the day at a spa in downtown London and now they felt refreshed and prepared to party just a little bit. In the corner they easily spotted the guys: all of Harry’s groomsmen, the groom himself, and the rest of Ginny’s brothers gathered around a table watching the door for their arrival.

Ginny flew over to the table and without preamble, hauled Harry out to the dance floor.

"Not one to waste words, our Ginny." Fred observed to his twin.

George nodded, "Doesn’t waste any time, that one."

"Perhaps we should follow her example, brother dear."

"I was having the same thought myself."

With that the twins barreled away with a laughing Grace and a very confused Kate. Shrugging at each other, Bill, Charlie, and Ron followed suit with their wives. This left Luna to promptly march over and sweep a very bewildered Neville out to join the others, leaving Nicola standing with Seamus and Dean.

"Let’s dance." She said decisively, taking both of their hands and dragging them off.

Only two hours later, Ginny called a stop to the dancing and reluctantly decided to head home. Although they were having a great time, her wedding was tomorrow, and she wanted to look her best. Feeling happy and hopeful, the whole party departed for Hogwarts at only 10 o’clock.


Opening her eyes Ginny thought, "This is it... I'm getting married today."

"She's getting married today." One room over a certain motther of seven was having similar thoughts.

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