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The scope was gently pressed into her hands. She watched the hand in puzzlement, a prickly feeling climbing up her spine- she felt like she was being watched. It was the same feeling that she had gotten in the Great Hall, at dinner. 

She dismissed the feeling and kept her concentration on the needle, which, oddly, wouldn’t stop whirring around…

Snape looked down at the compass and smiled. “Nobl-”

“Wait!” Hermione interjected, her eyes rising from the clock for a split second to register a pair of triumphant blue eyes. “The needle hasn’t stopped moving.” she addressed to Professor Snape.

He looked at her, then at the compass. “And so it hasn’t. Carry on.” he sneered.

5 minutes later, it still hadn’t stopped moving. It had landed on the crossbones 3 times, the cutlass 5 times, the boat 2 times, the medal 9 times, the anchor 3 times, and the cross 7 times. P. Snape took it from her hands and pulled out his wand. He murmured a spell, one that Hermione recognized as a choice maker spell. He handed it back to her with her nod of approval. She held it watched as the scope whirred angrily in her hands…

It was a complete waste of five minutes of his life. He gave her the once over. Sure, she was slightly endowed, he could see that from the way her t-shirt settled over her body. She was really a girl, that surprised him. Mudbloods were Humans? He scoffed. Not bloody likely. Some sort of cretin being, maybe, but human. Nah. I bet her blood is mud-colored. He rolled his eyes. He knew what she was going to be. He smirked. A dirty rotten, no good, horrible, ugly, bushy-haired maidserva-- 

“Pirate Captain.”


His eyes flew open in disbelief to Snape’s dubious voice. He watched her as she stood up with a newfound energy, and she began walking.. Straight for him. This is not happening, Draco thought, his mind in a jumble. She can NOT be on the same level as me! He couldn’t believe the irony of it all. Mudblood Granger, on MY level? No bloody way. 

She knew her eyes were shining with challenge. She stood up from the stood and walked to the Pirate side with anticipation and adrenalin. Then, with a change of mind, she walked straight for him…Her arch enemy. “I’m going to win this game Malfoy. Get ready to die.”

“Likewise Mudblood,” he sneered at her, refusing to be intimidated.

“It’s alright to be scared, Malfoy. We both know who’s more clever, so it doesn’t really matter.”

He laughed, a laugh that was cruel and calculating. It chilled her to the bone. “Yeah, and that would be me. So why don’t you surrender now, and spare me the trouble?”

Hermione glared at him. “Just you wait till our blades meet ferret boy, I’m going to rip you to shreds.” she snarled, her teeth coming into view.

Draco cocked a perfectly groomed eyebrow at her. “Potty and Weasel aren‘t here to protect you Granger. You should just give up now, little lioness. You will lose, you will die, and I will kill you.” he whispered menacingly.

Hermione was almost afraid. Almost. Key word.

“You wish.” she hissed at him.

“I never wish. I know.” he smirked back with an almost charming smile.

She narrowed her eyes and stepped away from him and turned to rest her back on the door of the hall, her thoughts swarming about her. I will win this game Malfoy. Just you wait…
The ceremony went on for hours… At least, that’s what it felt like. Mercifully, the last name had been called out, and the last person had been assigned. The individuals were split up into groups, and herded in front of the Headmistress to get further instructions.

“Now have all been assigned to your groups, I will tell you the rules. Now listen carefully, I will only say them once, and I am sure that your leaders will be too busy trying to win the game than to repeat the rules to you. The teachers stationed at your ship will have a copy, but be aware, they only have 2 weeks to teach you what you will need to know to survive, so you best listen to me now.”

“The rules are split into 3 categories. One for nobles, one for pirates, and one for all of you. Nobles, please pay attention as I read out your rules.” McGonagall whisked her wand in the air, and three parchments appeared, hovering by her side. One had a blue ribbon, another had a black ribbon, and one had a red ribbon. She reached out for the blue-ribboned parchment, and unrolled it. She then, proceeded to read the rules for the noble class.

“ For all the noble people: the object of your game is to catch the pirates and ‘hang them’. In order to have successfully ‘killed’ them, they must have been taken to the gallows, and had a rope tighten around their neck. You will not actually hang them. These ropes, as a precaution, are non hangable and will not work. The pirate which endures this process will disappear in a blue light and will be appear at Hogwarts. Like so:”

She took her wand and drew in the air, creating a projector of sorts, so that the students could see.

Hermione did her best to refuse the urge to snort when the Headmistress drew a stick man to symbolize the pirate. She watched as the noose tightened, then there was a flash of blue light that blinded nearly the whole room.

The stickman was gone. Some of the students began to murmur amongst themselves.

Minerva closed her eyes in frustration. When she opened them, they were filled with fury. “If you want to play the game, you have to be silent!” She said, her lips disappearing into a thin line. She looked back at the parchment and continued reading.

"Noble ladies- you will learn how to cook, sow, and will be instructed in all the beauty tips- I will teach you, as I have already traveled back into those times and learned. You will also attend dances, and other frivolities. Noble people: Your only objective is to get the pirates. If you capture a pirate, and steal his clue, then you may search for the treasure. King Potter, can issue you to search for pirates if he wishes. Mr. Potter, the King, gets to pardon pirates and he rules all the towns/villages. He will also have a mock wedding to choose a queen. Now, speaking of Pirates…"

Her voice trailed off as she let the scroll that she had just been reading to roll itself back up and re-tie its blue ribbon. The students watched her hand wrap around the black-tied one. The sound of parchment on parchment filled the air.

“Pirates.’ She read, looking to the large group that was seated on the left side of her. "You can kidnap nobles and adopt them into your crew. Same with other pirates that you capture. Yet, You are all against each other, alliances I’m sure will not be made, seeing as the leader who gets the treasure of Miramar will win the game and get the glory.” She paused for a moment, her eyes passed over Draco and Hermione for a moment, and then she resumed. Neither of the students had noticed.

‘For sinking ships- if your ship sinks, stay within 10 meters of it and if you are not abducted by your sinker, you will be transported to my office, where I will re-issue you into the game. The weapons you will have will kill in the game, so be careful. Cannon balls will destroy, but the pieces of material it hits will levitate and fall gently to the ground. Each ship will have a starting amount of treasure to begin with. The more treasure, the more points will be given.

‘No beatings will be allowed, however, you may imprison people until they agree to cooperate. The trinkets that you brought with your initials must be on you at all times, it is my way of calling you back if anything happens at home. They have already been spelled upon, so don’t worry about them. The Pirates’ objective is to get the treasure, and not get hung. If a pirate is hung, he will be ousted out of the game. If a noble gets killed by a pirate, he too, will be ousted out of the game.. “

“ Before I read the last scroll that pertains to all of you, are there any questions?“ She asked in a tone that dared anyone to speak.

No one did.

“Very well then.“ she said, reaching for the red-ribboned scroll. She opened it.

“ For those of you who are medically inclined, the scars that you gain are yours to keep, if you wish to not gain any scars, you must see me or one of the professors, or even Ms. Granger for a body wrap enchantment. If you are killed in the game, I will most likely know how you were killed, but, you are allowed to make a stand to me, and I will decide on whether to re-issue you into the game. Please remember that this is just a game, but it will all be real to you. You can die, and you can get hurt. I will place some characters in the game, such as healers, to heal massive wounds. If you recieve a fatal blow, you will appear at Hogwarts, instantly.’ 

She finished and let go of the scroll, which dressed itself and then the trio disappeared.

The Headmistress thought that this idea was ridiculous! She thought that the former headmaster had been slightly off his rocker when he left the book, telling, detailing, what to do. She didn’t want to do it. The only two reason she was were these:

1. She respected Dumbledore. He was a brilliant man, and therefore, must have known what he was doing. He usually did.

2. His idea that it would bring houses together. Minerva wanted this above all. She couldn’t be sure that this would do it.

“ Other than that, I do believe I’ve covered everything. A list of rules will be issued tomorrow morning upon your entrance into the game. Please take your groups and dismiss to your given portals. Thank you, and I will see you tomorrow at 10 in the morning here in the Great Hall. . Make sure you are present with your wand cases, compasses, hygiene products, and anything else you might need for your station if you wish to be issued into the game.”

And so it begins…..

It was a murky morning. No birds were chirping, an ill omen. Hermione opened her honey eyes groggily, to the decorations of the Ravenclaw girl’s dormitories. She looked at the grandfather clock standing in the corner of the room. 9 O’clock. She yawned and stretched out her arms, then noiselessly climbed out of bed, heading for the showers. 5 minutes and a clean body later, Hermione got dressed and shrunk her trunk with all her necessities and put it in her pocket. She grabbed her wand case and walked over to the door to sound the wake-up bell, for the girls.

“Oh Hermione, Turn that blasted thing off.” Susan Bones said loudly. Lisa Freetucker, Daphne Greengrass, and Elandra KettleBlack, woke up with a start. 

“I would, but we have an hour to get ready, and only 1 shower that is available for our use.” she replied pointedly. 

Susan stood up quickly. “I get the shower first!!!” She flicked her brown, sleep-mushed hair out of her dull, but sparkling brown eyes. “I need it more than you do.” she said to the girl who had gotten up and was racing to the shower as well.

Daphne rounded on her. “Oh no you don’t!”

Susan smiled cheekily and raced to the shower, bare feet slapping the stone floor, racing for the shower. All the sudden she went stiff and fell forward. Daphne stepped over her with a smirk, her wand out, and stepped into the shower room, slamming the door behind her, jerking Elandra from her sleep.

Hermione was positive that her team had the most Slytherins. She had to be careful, and always be watching for signs of a mutiny. She sighed. Daphne was beautiful, with her aristocratic wavy, classic, slight brown hair, and her midnight blue eyes. She was also pureblood, and incredibly clever. She’d be looking to get at Hermione, Hermione was sure of it.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she pulled out her newest favorite book, 'Pirates of the 14th Century.' 

What a creative title.
Hermione had thought sarcastically. But she knew nothing about pirates, so she had appointed it as her new favorite topic. She snapped the book shut and left the room, shutting it loudly, immensely happy that she had taken her shower earlier.

She skipped down the steps, and into the common room. She flew across the room and ran up the boy’s stairs. The layout was very similar to the Gryffindor Tower dormitories. She knocked on the door. “Wake up, you sleepy heads!”

Blaise opened the door, his ebony body filling up the doorway. “What do you want, Mudblood?”

Hermione snarled. “Doesn’t that nickname ever get old?”

Blaise smirked. “Nope.”

“Get the boys up, and get down in the common room.” She snarled. “Five minutes.”

She stomped down the stairs, his laughter following her, stalking her. She growled as she walked back to the girl’s room.

Her team was ready in quick time. Hermione smiled at them all when they lined up for inspection.

“Every one has their wand cases? Compasses? Yes? Good.” she finished when they all nodded. “Then lets go!” she said enthusiastically. Once upon entering the great hall, the whole group stopped. In the middle was a great sheet with land and waters, the size of a house, hovering about an inch over the teachers table. Slowly as it faded from wonder, she seated her team down at an empty table and they ate the breakfast that appeared in front of them. Teams trickled into the Hall to eat Breakfast. Once everyone had had their fill, Professor McGonagall stood up.

“Attention everyone!” she said loudly. Silence and anticipation filled the air and the left over food disappeared from the table, its grand departure lost to the lack of attention. “I see that everyone has sat down with their teams, which is very good and less of a hassle for me. But, I must ask for all Pirates to be on the left side of the Hall, and the Nobles to be on the right.” The students stood up to accommodate her wishes. “Now today, you will be creating the world. I will add the isle of Miramar to the globe later when I wish too. Now this land is much smaller, compared to the earth itself. It is about 200 miles to cross from side to side. And- yes, Miss Granger?”

“Is this world round, or flat?”

“It is flat. When your ship goes over the edge, you will find yourself floating in the Great Lake, ship and all. You will then need see me. You will be provided with a map tomorrow. Now for your designing!” She snapped her fingers, and materials appeared on all of the tables. “For privacy, I will magically block of each of the pirate teams from the other pirate teams, and the pirates in general from the nobles. Nobles, you may conspire to form your towns. You have precisely 2 hours and 30 minutes.” The headmistress pulled out her wand.

“Bet your ship is going to be a crappy one!” Draco called out to Hermione.

“I wouldn’t worry about my ship if I were you, Malfoy," Hermione spat, "You better make yours bloody indestructible, because you‘re going to wish it was, by the time I‘m through with you.” she called back maliciously over her shoulder. Just as he began his comeback, the walls were put in place.

An odd thought just occurred to Hermione, and her mouth quirked up in the right corner. He’s so immature... for a Slytherin. 

Two jolly ear-splitting hours later….

“It just isn’t right Susan! It doesn’t look like a pirate ship!” Jem complained.

Susan glared at him. “If you don’t like it, don’t watch.”

The group looked at the ship for a moment. It’s cream colored sails wrinkled as if wind were pushing them, the boards a chocolate brown…an overall merry feeling, along with a completely desperate and irritated one encompassed the group.

“I’m with Jem on this one.” Thaddius chimed in. “It‘s making me hungry.” The group gave him an odd look. “What I meant was… umm … It looks like candy. Like a jolly sucker? Yeah. I‘m hungry.”

Silvester rolled his silver eyes dramatically “We just ate breakfast.”

Thaddius narrowed his eyes on the boy with gold hair. “Yeah, but that was about two jolly hours ago, and I’m hungry, again. I have a fast metabolism.”

Susan stepped away from the table and stretched. “As much as I‘m enjoying this display of teenage immaturity, we still have a ship to finish.”

Thaddius smirked. “Don‘t be jealous cause you’re not…” a glare from Hermione silenced him. He continued on quickly. “As I was saying, about the ship, it needs to be more rustic, like so,” he picked up the soccer ball sized ship and pointed his wand at it, envisioning what it should look like. The ship glimmered for a moment, then the ship had scarlet sails, with a darker, rustier wood color. Susan pursed her lips.

“It looks like a gypsy dinghy now..” she muttered. They had been taking turns as to what their ship would look like…for the past 2 hours.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “We’re never going to get anything done if we keep this up!”
“What an honest liar.” Silvester said. “We have to get it done. Today. Actually, in the next thirty minutes would be great.”

Hermione picked up the ship. “My turn, right?” She asked. Daphne nodded. Hermione noticed that the beautiful Slytherin wasn’t that bad. It was a subject that needed more pursuing.

Hermione peered at the ship, then looked back at her team mates. “We want a light ship- not in color, mind you- but a light one. Am I right?” she asked them. The group nodded hesitantly. “And it needs to be dark in color, like a shadow, yes?” the group nodded just a little more confidently. “And I’m thinking shimmering black sails with precision holes in them would give us a haunting look.” the group nodded furiously now. “So, any other suggestions?” she asked. Silvester looked up at her. 

“I think we should have a figurine at the bow of the ship. The very front thing, you know?” he said as he pointed to the front of the ship. 

Jem nodded. “Something fearsome. Like a lion maybe?”

“I think I actually agree with you.” Susan said reluctantly.

Hermione looked at the silent guy in the corner. “Are you sure you don’t want a go Zabini?”

Blaise looked at the through black eyes. His black hair fell slightly into the pools of darkness, giving him a hint of mystery. His ebony skin only added to his unique attractiveness. The corner of his lip flew up in a quirky manner. “With you or the ship?”

Hermione narrowed her brown eyes at the Slytherin. “Watch it, kiddo. You don‘t want to mess with me. I repeat; you don‘t want to mess with me.”

After finishing her nice threat, which he took without a wince or any signs of fear, which bothered Hermione loads, she surveyed his hard, lidded eyes, then gestured to the jolly dark chocolate ship. “It needs something else. Your approach would be great.”

Blaise shook his head. “Not going to happen, Mudblood.”

Great. A shadow of Draco Malfoy on my ship. How Brilliant. Hermione shook her head, slightly irritated with the manner of the Slytherin. She turned back to her team. “Now, everyone point your wand at the ship, and think hard what you want it to look like. “ she instructed, pointing her own at the ship with fervor. “On the count of three, one two, THREE!”


The groupies were thrown off their chairs and into the boundaries that had been set up for them. A blinding light filled the space with a ferocious brightness. Then suddenly, as quickly as it had come, it had gone. A simmering noise was coming from the table. The group cautiously got up and looked at the creation perched on the table. 

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