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James stood at the bottom of the stairs watching as Sirius and Remus bounced repeatedly on top of their bulky suitcases, after unsuccessfully trying to jinx them shut.

"Close you stupid looking thing!" Sirius bellowed, breathlessly, kicking the side of his suitcase with his foot in frustration.

James laughed; making the two men turn around to face him.

"How did you get yours shut?" Remus asked, indicating to the navy wheel-along sitting beside James's legs.

James crossed his arms in front of his chest  "Because Moony, my dear pal. I didn't pack my whole house into mine,' he said, putting on his 'mature' voice.

"Was that a dig at me?' Sirius snapped, standing up to his full height, his cheeks a rosy red.

"Somebody is on the ball today!" teased James, quickly ducking, as the rolled up pair of socks, which were aimed at his head, zoom over his shoulder and landed on the steps behind him.

"Calm down the lot of you, you're worst then a pack of school kids," they turned their heads towards the sound of the voice, to see Grace glide effortless from the kitchen. 

"Thank you," James said, and he pecked a quick kiss on her cool cheek.

"Nice place Remus,' she said, turning her head to look at the dark walls.

"Thanks Grace," Remus said, falling down onto his suitcase, but not bothering to close it, as if in defeat…

The suitcases rattled and bounced over the bumpy path, as the three men pulled them along behind them.

"Next time, I'm listening to none of you, when you say, lets walk," grumbled James, the arm pulling the suitcase starting to hurt.

"I thought the pub was only down the road," Sirius puffed, his forward brow glistening with sweat from the heat of the mid-day sun.

"Oh shut up the two of you," Remus puffed, coming up last, his light brown hair sticking to his head. James stopped walking, pushed his glasses, which were slipping back up his nose and turned around to get a better look at the two marauders, who abruptly stopped walking and looked back at him.

James let off a small laugh.

"The two of you sound like an old married couple," he teased.

Sirius smiled slightly. "I wouldn't marry grumpy if he was the last person on earth,"

"Sirius, grow up," Remus snapped, walking around Sirius, without a glance towards him and contining the walk up the steep, narrow path.

When Remus was a few steps away, Sirius and James smiled at one another- this was going to be one heck of a holiday. 

It was three hours since their long track to their hotel, and both Moony and Prongs were now unsurprisingly sitting comforttably on top of tall wooden stools at a small bar, two dusty beer bottles sitting in front of them on the counter.

The wre both looking towards Sirius, who was just suppose to be going to "the tiolet" but was now chatting to a small blonde at the other end of the bar. The girl laughed at one of Sirius's tacky jokes. James sighed.

"I swear some people never change," he said looking down at his bottle. Remus turned to look at him.

"You got that right," and they both smiled.

"Remember that time he fell for Lily?" Remus said dreamly, James who was not ready for this, did not answer. Remus eyes widen with shock.

"I-I-I didn't mean to to that- No it was really really stupid of me- I'm so sorry," Remus said, stuttering over his words in panic.

James flashed him a tiny smile.

"They did nothing- remember she jinxed his hair blue and gave him blisters "down there" when he tried to make his move," James said smiling at the memory. "he couldn't sit properly for a whole month afterwards,"

The two of them fell silent, smiles still playing around their mouths as they were both lost in their own thoughts- until the squeek of a chair announcing the arrival of Sirius brought them back.

"How was the tiolet?" James joked, Sirius did not answer, but drank the rest of his bottle in one.

"Good, good," he said, placing the empty bottle back down, "Her names Megan,"

"We can't bring you anywhere, can we?" James asked.  Sirius flashed him one of his cocky-grins.


James did not answer him back, but turned around in his seat to get a better view of the band playing on the raised platform in the corner.

When the clock hanging on the wall behind the bar told James that it was nearly two in the morning, he decided to call it a day.

"Come on," he said as he slid off his stool. Remus and Sirius followed suit. Sirius somehow tripping over his two feet as he did so, and landing with a thump agaist the bar. He then started chanting silently to himself, the words "I'm tired and I wanna go to bed…" could be made out from it, James quickly ducked his head under Sirius's arm and moved him out of the pub, the cool night air hitting them as they got outside.

 "That's lovely," Remus said dreamly, from behind them as he was able to walk by himself because he was a lot less buckled than Sirius, but was still a bit wobbly on his feet.

 Remus walked silently beside James and the singing Sirius who had his free hand raised up towards the sky and looked liked he was trying to grab one of the shining stars.

"Aren't they lovely," Sirius said, his words slurring together.

"Yea, gorgeous,"

James's back felt like it was going to bent for the rest of his life, when he finally dumped Sirius onto his bed.

"Good night," he said, placing the key to his mate's room onto the small glass coffee table, he walked out of the room as quietly as he could, the door closing with a small click behind him, before making his way towards his own room at the end of the hall.

James opened the door to his room, he walked past the dirty sofa with the large, ugly television in front of it, the noise of the refrigerator humming came from the small kitchen, and when he got into into the bedroom he pulled off his shirt and trousers, before flopping down onto the bed.  He closed his eyes, his ears buzzing from the loud music in the pub.
Sirius was still the hormonal git and Remus was still the moaner- not everything had changed.  

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