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                      A Wedding.




            “I can’t do this.” James said staring at himself in the mirror. Sirius, Remus and Peter were al behind him and Sirius ran a hand through his hair and turned away.

Remus moved forward when James turned away and pushed James’ hands away from the tie he was attempting to tie but failing because his hands were shaking so badly. “James, you’re going to be fine.” Remus said smiling up at him as he fixed James’ tie.

“I don’t Lily would appreciate you going bonkers before the wedding mate.” Peter said as he moved in front of the mirror to fix his cowlick.

“Yeah,” Sirius said laughing, “That comes after the children.”

James’ eyes widened and he squeaked out, “Children?”

“Sirius, stop it. He’s already nervous enough.” Remus murmured patting James on the shoulder, but Sirius continued to taunt him. “Don’t pay attention to him James, you’ve got other things to be thinking about. Like, not tripping over your own feet.”

“Honestly Moony, he’s not you.” Sirius said rolling his eyes. Remus shook his head at Sirius but smiled back at James before heading to the door.

“I’m off to see the girls, you coming Peter?” Remus asked and Peter looked up at him and nodded.

“Yes, in a few minutes.” He said and Remus nodded and slipped out the door.

He walked down the hallway where the girls were and knocked on the door. Alice opened it and he eyes widened slightly, but she smiled. “Remus, come on in.” But he held up his hands in protest.

“I shouldn’t.” He said shaking his head, but Alice rolled her eyes and Lily called from inside, asking who it was.

“It’s Remus, but he won’t come in.” Alice called back, causing Remus to let out a quiet groan.

“Remus John, get in here before I hex you.” Lily said and Remus quickly stepped inside. Lily was seated at a vanity, getting her hair done by Andromeda, Sirius’s cousin and fellow member of the Order.

“You look lovely.” He said as he went to her and kissed her cheek, she blushed up at him and smiled.

“Thank you. How is James?” She asked and motioned for him to sit down, he did and looked around for Hermione, he frowned when he didn’t see her in the room.

“Losing his mind.” He replied with a weary smile. “How about you?” She smiled and shrugged.

“She’s been pretty calm so far, actually.” Andromeda said grinning at Remus. “Oh! Dora don’t!” She said and quickly went after the young girl that was about to take off her dress, “Remus, would you mind?” She said and motioned to the girl.

“Not at all.” He said and went to where the girl, Dora, was fiddling with her dress and trying to get out of it. “Well hello there.” He said crouching down to become level with her, she glared up at him, her hair changing from black to red shocking him. “Ah, so you’re a Metamorphmagus huh?”

“I don’t want to wear this stupid dress. I hate dresses.” She said glaring at him and crossing her arms.

“Well, it’s for something special.” He responded but she continued to glare at him. “Do you like to dance?” He asked and she nodded but her glare stayed in place. “How about this then, if you wear that dress, I’ll dance with you for one song later.” He said and her eyes lit up.

“Five!” She said holding out her hand.

His shoulder sagged, and he shook his head. “One song, I already have someone else to dance with.” He said and her eyes narrowed and she looked around the room.

“How about three dances?” A voice said from behind him and Dora looked up and Remus glanced over his shoulder. Hermione stood there in a cream colored flowing gown, her hair half pulled back with the rest tumbling down over her shoulders and falling down her back. His eyes widened at the sight of her.

“Okay!” She said and grinned at Hermione who crouched down next to Remus and helped Dora fix her dress.

“You look very pretty Nymphadora, but I think you’re auburn hair goes better with the dress.” Hermione said and Remus only noticed now that the girl’s hair had suddenly changed to a bright pink color. He watched as it faded back into an auburn color that matched her mothers. “There you go, now go over to Alice, she’s got your basket for you.” Dora nodded scurried off to Alice on the other side of the room.

Hermione stood up and adjusted her dress and Remus stared up at her, he was still crouching. She glanced down at him blushing and laughed. “Are you going stay like that? You’ll wrinkle your trousers.” She said he quickly stood.

“I-uh-sorry.” He said shaking his head and Hermione shook her head and blushed even more. Remus grabbed her cheeks and pulled her close and kissed her passionately. There was a chorus of ‘aws’ around the room and he pulled away quickly, suddenly remembering that they weren’t the only ones in the room.

“What was that for?” She whispered a smile creeping onto her lips.

“You look beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed up before.” He said his fingers grazed over her bare shoulder and smiled at her.

“Well the same goes for you.” She said reaching out to tug on his suit. He cocked his head to the side and looked at her again and she smiled and looked away from him, “Lily, do you need anything else from me for the moment?” She asked and Lily shook her head.

“Be good you two.” She said as Hermione took Remus by the hand and led him out of the room.

“So Lily is pretty calm.” He said and Hermione nodded and leaned against the wall holding his hands still.

“Yes, which only means she’ll freak out once we get to isle. I guarantee that.” Hermione said and Remus snorted softly. “So James is losing it then?” She whispered and Remus nodded and left the air around the change as he realized Hermione cast a silencing charm. “I told you they were moving too fast.”

“Hermione.” He whispered, groaning in irritation.

“They are and you know it.” She said, her voice louder now, her gaze turning cold. “James just finished one course of many that he has to take be an Auror, he starts training in three weeks. Sirius has already started and is ahead of him, he could be with Sirius right now if it weren’t for this wedding!” She said and Remus closed his eyes, but didn’t pull away from her, knowing it would sever the silencing spell. “And Lily, she’s already being over loaded with work at hospital. You see how exhausted I am when I come home, and she’s been going off and planning the wedding with Andromeda.” She said and Remus put a finger to her lips, severing the spell.

“Are you done?” He said, Hermione catching his tone, it was more of a statement than a question. She nodded and he sighed. “Good. It is their day. Leave it be. You know I agree, but don’t ruin it for them.” He said and leaned in to kiss her forehead, smoothing down some of her hair in the back.


            About an hour later Remus felt a tug on his trousers and looked from dancing with Hermione at the reception to find Nymphadora standing there, he hands on her hips and her eyes narrowing at him. “Yes Nymphadora?” He asked leaning down to come level with her as the song ended.

“You have to dance with me now.” She said taking his hand. He looked up at Hermione who laughed softly and nodded.

“It’s fine.” She said, “I’ll go see Molly’s twins.” She left Remus to dance with Nymphadora, wondering if the girl remembered him when she got older, and if she remembered Hermione at all. She pushed the thoughts away and walked over to where Molly was sitting, cradling one baby in her arm, Andromeda holding the other. Fred and George were only a few months old, which Hermione realized in shock, that her and Ron would be born in nearly two years. She shuddered at the thought and sat near Molly. “How are you Molly?” She asked.

“Oh, fine dear. I feel bad for bringing these two with me, but I couldn’t leave them at home, Gideon and Fabian certainly have no clue about taking care of a baby.” She said shifting the baby in her arms. “Would like to hold him?” She asked and Hermione nodded hesitantly.

She took the baby from Molly, smiling down at him as she supported his head and he looked up at her with his large blue eyes. He was adorable as baby. “Hullo Fred.” She whispered to him rocking him gently.

“Molly, Hermione and I can take care of them, you go find Arthur and have some fun.” Andromeda said and Hermione nodded and smiled at Molly.

“Yes, well alright. There are bottles in the bag, and fresh nappies.” She said and stood, “Oh, just be careful though if one gets upset the other will start a ruckus.” She called and was gone to find Arthur.

“Well, I certainly don’t doubt that, do I Fred?” Hermione said grinning down at Fred and rubbed noses with him. He gurgled and reached up and gently grabbed a fistful of her curls.

“I have a feeling these two are going to get into loads of trouble when they are older.” A voice said and Hermione glanced up, carefully pulling her hair out of Fred’s grasp to look up at Sirius as he grinned down at her and sat where Molly had been.

“Of course, they were born on April Fools Day.” Hermione said laughing, and looked over to see that Andromeda was having a conversation with some other witch who was cooing over George.

“Really?” He said and looked down at Fred.

“Yes.” Hermione said nodding. “Want to hold him?”

Sirius seemed to pale and shook his head. “No way, last time I held a baby it was Regulus, and I dropped him. I caught him before his head hit the ground, but I dropped him. Mother never let me forget it when I was younger.” He said and rubbed the back of his head nervously.

“Well how about this, I’ll help you and if you feel like you don’t want to hold him, I’ll take him back.” She said and before Sirius could protest Hermione was standing and leaning over to gently lay him in Sirius’ arms. “Hold up his head, there you go, now wrap that arm… like that, yes. See, not so hard.” She said smiling at him as he held Fred. “But, relax a little, they can sense when you’re nervous, and knowing him, he’ll use it to his advantage and scream his little head off.” Hermione said and leaned in to kiss Fred’s cheek. “Won’t you Freddie?” She said and pulled away as he let out a laugh.

“So, I see someone has stolen you’re date.” Sirius said as he relaxed his shoulders and nodded to the dance floor where Remus was dancing with Nymphadora.

“Yes.” She said sighing and Sirius raised an eyebrow at her, glanced back at and realization dawned in his eyes.

“No.” He whispered in disbelief, a grin spreading across his lips. Hermione shrugged and nodded. “Well, that’s a bit of a shock actually. Nothing happens there I’m assuming.” He said and Hermione shrugged again, frowning. Sirius shook his head. “He wouldn’t do that to you Hermione.” Sirius said giving her a smile before turning his attention to the baby in his arms.

“Not if he doesn’t remember me.” She whispered and Sirius glanced up at her.

“Pardon?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She said shaking her head again and smiling down at Fred who reached out to her. He frowned and looked as though he was about to cry.

“Well, that’s my cue to hand him back then.” Sirius said laughing as he carefully passed Fred back to Hermione.

“Hey there kiddo, don’t cry. Sirius isn’t as scary as he seems.” She said holding him up and placing him up by her shoulder and rubbed his back. Sirius pouted at her but shook his head as Fred pressed his face against Hermione’s neck.

“Moony is watching us.” Sirius said glancing up quickly, and Hermione turned her head slightly to see that Remus had stopped dancing with Nymphadora and was standing some feet away from them, a smile on his face, his eyes clouded over as he watched Hermione with Fred.

            Remus watched Hermione with one of Molly’s twins and couldn’t help but smile. She was so beautiful, and watching her with a baby made him feel happier than he had ever felt. He waved to them and then turned around when he heard Nymphadora behind him. “Remus!” He turned and found she had pink hair again.

Then a sudden memory flashed before his eyes, his self older, pink hair, Nymphadora. He paled then glanced wildly at Hermione and Sirius. Sirius met his gaze and frowned, said something to Hermione and made his way over to them. Nymphadora. She was the one in the memory of Hermione’s he had seen, from her capsule… “You alright there Moony?”

Remus shook his head and nodded. “Yeah,- could you-“ He said and motioned down to the girl who was becoming angry. Sirius nodded and scooped Nymphadora up into his arms.

“Well cousin, how about we go find Pete and see what he is up to.” Sirius said and was off before the girl could protest.

Remus went over behind the building and leaned against the wall rubbing his forehead. “Why is everything so bloody confusing.” He murmured as he slid down the wall and buried his face in his arms.




Well, I do hope that this update was fast enough for you all. :D

Sorry about not getting much Lily/James action in there, there should be more of the crew in later chapters, but mainly I'm trying to focus on Hermione and Remus, and oh guess what! The task should be revealed within the next few chapters. Unless, of course you all have figured it out already.

Well I can't thank you guys enough. But thank you!

**** ALSO if you guys have questions please please please go ask them in my authors topic on the forums.****  I check it like everyday now, and still, nothing.

All comments welcome.

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