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Finally i had gotten out of the hospital wing, I wanted to be really dramatic so i flung open the shutters of the hospital wing. Then i realized that there were no shutters, and i just fell right out the widow. Let's just say i woke up to Find I'd been asleep for 3 weeks. -Once i had gotten up I didn't dare open the shutters again even though they had put wire bars on it, which were by a sign that read "Idiots beware, one can ruin everything for the rest of ya." I was so shocked and mad, but then I realized that I had gotten a bunch of get well cards from friends, which was a shock seeing as i didn't have any. Then i was about to read some when Madam Pomfrey said "Get outta here you fool, before you hurt yourself again." I grabbed my cards and left. I had to go to potions next so I did, then i ran into Hermione Granger. "Did you do your potions homework?" she asked me "Um yeah did you?" I asked, she just laughed over and over, until she fell on the floor in tears. I thought that was odd then I went to potions and Snape called on me. " Define a mandrake." "Um I don't know "I said. "you idiot." Snape called me. "Well sorry I just got out of the hospital wing cut me some slack." I said angrily stompping out of the classroom. As i left I heard a roar of laughter from the class. Just what was so funny? I thought. Just then Seamus Finnigan waved at me. I waved back and he just rolled his eyes and turned around and walked away. I then turned around annoyed and saw Harry Potter. I then realized he had been behind me all day that was why Hermione laughed, that was why Snape had called me an idiot. that was why Seamus ignored me. I ran away feeling like a fool. I went to read my getwell cards. "At least I have my cards." I thought. I read one. "Hope you feel better get well soon." It said Then I read the bottom and realized it read "Ps. Harry I've gotten all your homework for you." I was in complete disbelief. Those were Harry's cards. Could my days at Hogwarts get any worse? Maybe? Probably? Ok, Definately.

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