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He was at a loss for what to do. They needed to get help, quickly, but that might be too late. Her sisters could still be alive; maybe only one person had been killed. “Look, why don’t you go back for help and I’ll try and see what’s going on in your house?”

“No, I’m not leaving you Sirius!” She yelled, looking nearly hysterical now.

“Voldermort is after you Kristen! If he sees you he’ll kill you!”

“And what would he do with you Sirius, have a tea party? If you died because of me I don’t know what I’d do with myself! Just go, please! I can take care of myself.”

“Absolutely not!” Sirius was urgent now. “I won’t let you get hurt! You think you need me? It’s not a tenth of how much I need you Kristen!” He grabbed onto her shoulders, wanting her to understand just how serious he was. “Please Kristen,” he breathed, watching her green eyes continue to leak tears, even though they looked distinctly unperturbed. “I can’t lose you.”

“And I can’t lose my sisters,” she told him defiantly, taking her wand out from her back pocket. “You can go fetch help if you like, but I’m going in.”

Sirius took his hands off her shoulders, realizing that it was quite pointless to try and convince her anymore. He thought about forcing her away, the thought was quite appealing, but she would hate him forever, and he knew he couldn’t live with that. He took out his wand and grabbed her hand, ready to face the most evil being in the wizarding world and, he was certain, death.

They were silent as her house came closer and closer, the dark mark seeming to send waves of heat onto them. They soon saw that the door to her house had been ripped off its hinges. That’s when it really sank in, they were about to walk into a murder scene, and there’d be no going back.

But before they could take another step, someone came out of the house, some very blonde and snooty boy.

“Well, well, well Kristen, I’m so happy the lady of the hour could make it.” Lucious Malfoy sneered, feeding on her obvious fear.

“What are you doing here Malfoy?” Sirius growled, standing in front of Kristen without thinking.

“Finishing off the job,” he shrugged. “Your little brat sisters were quite easy to get after they watched your filthy muggle parents die.”

Sirius struggled to hold Kristen back as she screamed and lunged at Lucius, who laughed at her primitive display. “I really have no idea why the dark lord wants you so badly,” Malfoy mused as Sirius continued to hold her, refusing to let her get hurt. “Maybe as a plaything, you do look delicious when you’re feisty like that.”

“Look Malfoy, you’ve made your point! What else do you want from her?” Sirius yelled, wondering how anyone could put a girl through such torture while Kristen thrashed in his arms, desperate to see her family.

“I want to see Kristen break down.” Malfoy answered smoothly. “I want to see the look on her face when she sees her family dead on the floor.”

“Stupefy!” Kristen shouted, managing to wiggle out of Sirius’s grip just long enough for that. Lucius, completely unprepared, fell to the ground like a horrid rag doll, one Sirius was all to glad to go up to and kick. Kristen hardly paid attention to Malfoy through as she ran into the house, destruction meeting her on the first turn. Sirius was close behind her, knowing that she most likely wouldn’t be able to handle it when she saw her parents.

He watched as she turned to look into a room and her breathing stopped. He followed her gaze and saw a man on the floor, his eyes open in terror, but there were no injuries on him. The women though, it looked like she’d gone through quite a bit of torture before they finally decided to do away with her. There were cuts lining her body and blood was splattered around the entire room.

Kristen let out a strangled sob before dropping to the floor, her shoulders shaking violently. Sirius knelt beside her, wanting to comfort her but she pushed him off with vengeance, not wanting anything near her. He sighed, but he accepted it. He needed to find her sisters anyways; he knew he couldn’t allow her to see them.

He ventured up the stairs; acutely aware of Kristen’s heart wrenching sobs just meters away from him. He walked down the hall and opened the door to the left. Inside were two neatly made beds with pristine white linens, matching bedside tables, each holding a bible, and a crucifix statuette between them. Sirius sighed deeply upon noticing the dollhouse in the corner. This must have been her sisters’ room.

“Holy shit!” He shouted, a large boom nearly deafening him while pain seared through his arm.

“I’ll shoot again!” A young girl’s voice shouted.

“No, please!” Sirius quickly said, tears leaking from his eyes because of the pain. “I’m a friend!”

“How can we trust you?” Another girl asked, her face blotchy and her hair in disarray. She looked just like Kristen, they both did.

“I’m your sister’s friend! Her name is Kristen St.Claire, and you two are Belle and Bridget and…and James has been her best friend since she was a baby, and her favorite color is green!” He was eager to not get hit by that metal wand they were holding again.

“Sirius! What happened?” He heard Kristen running up the stairs. The girl holding the gun suddenly dropped it and ran into the hallway, instantly enveloped in her sister’s arms. “Oh Merlin,” Kristen breathed as her sisters clung onto her, both bursting into tears at the sight of a friendly face.

“Mum told us to run-”

“We’ve only been hiding for a about half an hour-”

“But it seemed like ages!”

“We heard dad yelling-”

“And mum to, then she started screaming.”

“We hid under the bed with dad’s gun, just in case.”

“We heard someone come in once and say that nobody was here, that was a few minutes ago.”

“But we know someone else was here, we heard mum yell at two people.”

“Tom, his name was Tom Riddle, that’s what she yelled.”

Kristen’s fussing over her sisters stopped at this statement. Why on earth would her mother know his real name?

“We are terribly sorry,” Bridget said, wiping away her tears as she turned to Sirius. “We thought you had come to get us.”

“It’s not too bad,” Sirius lied, using his jacket as a feeble stopper for the blood coming out of his arm. “I’m just glad you guys are safe, that dick told us he’d killed you.”

“We need to get you to a hospital,” Kristen said quickly, taking charge of this situation was a brilliant way to distract herself. “Belle, Bridget, pack your things in whatever bags you can find, and quickly, we need to get out of this house.”

“Kristen, are mum and dad dead?”

Belle asked it so simply that it took her a little by shock. She had assumed they knew, she knew how easy it was to hear things that were going on downstairs from their room, she’d had experience. But apparently, they needed to hear it from her.

Her throat was suddenly dry though, and all the words in the world were abruptly caught in her throat. “Yeah,” Sirius answered for her, monitoring both Kristen and her sisters closely. He had no idea if they had the same kind of break downs that she did, he really hoped not.

Bridget swallowed obviously, tears leaking from her eyes but no sign of hysteria. Belle seemed to be in state of semi-shock, not wanting to believe any of it.

“Go get packing,” Kristen gently pushed them into their room where they seemed to numbly do her bidding, throwing an odd assortment of clothes into duffel bags.

“Are you going to be okay?” Sirius asked her tentatively, waiting for more wailing or screaming.

“Yeah,” Kristen answered without meeting his eyes. Yet, somehow, Sirius was oddly assured and for once believed her optimistic answer. “I’m really sorry about what happened Sirius, they didn’t mean to shot you.”

“I know.” He grimaced as a wave of pain shot through his arm, making his fingers tingle uncomfortably. They were turning oddly blue and when there was no pain he could hardly feel them at all.

“You know guys, just take what you have, we’ll have Mr. Potter bring us back here.” Kristen told them quickly, reality suddenly gripping her. Sirius was very hurt, and there was a good chance that a death eater could come back here. “Hurry,” she urged them, feeling that they simply weren’t zipping up their bags fast enough.

Sirius suddenly leaned heavily against the door, his eyes shut tight and his breathing heavy. “Bridget, take my wand and go wave it with your right hand by the street.” She instructed, quickly thrusting it at her, only feeling a moment’s hesitation of unease at being totally unprotected. “Belle, you grab anything you have to have right now and meet us down there as quickly as possible.”

The both nodded their heads, Bridget looking exceptionally bedazzled by the wand in her hand but running off nonetheless. “Come on Sirius,” Kristen grunted, putting his good arm over her shoulder and trying to begin the haul downstairs with falling.

“My legs feel weird, like jelly,” Sirius commented mildly, obviously trying to not lean too much on Kristen but finding it difficult.

“Just stick in their Sirius,” she told him, taking the steps on at a time. It took her a good minute to get him down, Sirius mumbling randomly all the way. He had seemed fine just minutes before yet now he’d taken a sudden nosedive.

“Kristen, what am I supposed to be looking for?” Bridget came running into the house.

“It won’t come near the dark mark,” Sirius groaned, nearly collapsing onto her. “The Knight Bus, Andy told me.”

“Call the Potters.” Kristen told her next, wondering why she hadn’t thought of that before. Bridget quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number she had learned so long ago. “It’s Bridget, we need help! Kristen’s friend is hurt really bad and bad people might come back for us-” She stopped and looked at the receiver, wondering if it had gone dead as it had suddenly gone silent.

“Kristen what the hell is going on?” Mr. Potter thundered into the house, as if he’d been close by the entire time, yet his pajamas proved otherwise.

“Belle and Bridget thought Sirius was there to kill him and they shot him.”

Mr. Potter quickly took Sirius off of Kristen, his strong arms quite capable of steadying the now completely delirious boy. “Why’s the dark mark over your house? Where are Harrold and Vanessa?”

Kristen only pointed into the living room directly opposite them, the gory scene being the only words needed. Belle quickly looked away when she entered the hallway, looking to be fighting back hysteria.

“Alright, I’m getting all four of you to St. Mungo’s.” Mr. Potter decided, picking up a discarded book and saying ‘Portus’. “Everyone grab on,” he told them. Belle and Bridget looked scared out of their minds but did as they were told. She felt that tugging of her naval and wild ride come upon them, wondering how Sirius was handling it.

“I’ve got a profusely bleeding teenager: wound from a muggle gun. These three have just experienced extreme emotional trauma,”

Sirius was immediately rushed away, Mr. Potter close to his side. Belle and Bridget clung to their sister; unnerved by the sudden bursts of magic they were seeing.

“What’s happened?” A healer asked them, flipping through paperwork nonchalantly.

“Voldermort killed our parents.”

The healer suddenly took a much more pronounced interest in them. He handed the clipboard that was somehow holding an enormous stack of papers off to an attendant. “Did the three of you receive any injuries?”

“I’m fine, they’re not,” Kristen pushed her sisters at him. “They saw my parents dead, I think that it took quite a toll on them.”

“Get them a phsyc. evaluation,” the healer ordered, her sisters being swept away in a flurry of people. Kristen was suddenly very alone in the waiting room full of people.

She felt a pang in her head and instantly closed her eyes, putting up those barriers she knew so well. There was no sign that anything had happened though as the pain quickly left her, and she promptly contributed the pain to stress and worry.

“Miss! Miss!” She heard a voice call out to her as her knees buckled and she collapsed onto the floor. A steady buzz filled her head as images formed, her mother, blood streaked and angry.

“Valerie, you should have known that you couldn’t hide forever.” His voiced hissed.

Then suddenly her father was alive again, hugging his wife to him, now perfectly clean of any blood. “Judgment day has come my dear.” Voldermort told her, and Kristen could feel a pulse of victory, and, strangely enough, fear.

She saw his life in reverse, she saw him looking at her house, Lucius right by his side, beaming at his apparent victory. They were in a mansion, and a snake was curling around his, no, their feet. Kristen wanted to cringe away, for this snake was nothing like the ones she had come to love. Yet she reached out to stoke the top of her head, the snake looking nearly as proud as Lucius had. She saw a picture of her mother when she was much younger, held tenderly in her hands.

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