Lilia sighed into the air tiredly, it was still morning but yet her brain seemed to be willing to fall asleep on her. More then anything in the world Lilia hated filing and Sirius Black- well maybe not so much, but she did despise the filing and everything that had to do with files in general. She got up and poured herself another cup of coffee, if she didn’t finish at least part of the file she didn’t know what she would do. 


The silence in the air was almost deafening, of course everyone was working but that didn’t really seem to be that good of an excuse anymore, it was to much for her to take. 

“Sorry James.” she mumbled her eyes darting down to the floor like they always did when she was sad. 

James looked up at her his face breaking out into a smile, it was like this all the time when they were younger they would apologize and make-up, now all he had to do was get her and Sirius to apologize to each other. He sighed mentally while he looked up at her smiling face, this would be challenging. 

“Lia.” he muttered looking at her thoughtfully. 

Lilia smiled almost knowingly and rose to the challenge her eyes searing into his humbly. 

Ever since they were kids they would do this, it was easy for both of them to read each other by the emotions that ran in their eyes. And nothing had really changed since then, James looked into the depths of her eyes noting the rims of happiness and sincerity that had broken out once again on the surface of her brown/green eyes. James smirked once more, his cocky smirk regained control once more. Lilia refrained from rolling her eyes- here we go again, 

“Told you so.” James smirked slightly, the look on Lia’s face was prize enough. 

“Nah-ah.” Lilia replied in turn her tongue sticking out at him childishly. 

James just shook his head knowingly and got up and walked over to her. Lilia only had a few seconds to respond before her small body was crushed in a hug. She winced as she felt her bone collide with his flat stomach. 

“Ow.” she muttered silently, stabbing him in the back with her free hand. 

“Oops sorry.” James said running a hand through his hair sweetly. 

“Now Lia, we must talk.” 

She groaned as her shoulder suddenly bore the weight of James’s biceps…. This would certainly be interesting. 

Lilia didn’t bother looking back at the table, she knew that Remus and Lily would be happy that she and James made up but Sirius, he on the other hand must be livid. Because when James was mad at Lia his partner in crime was Sirius. She rolled her eyes at this thought, damn him. 


“So how has your life been in the long time that our fight has been going on?” James asked his body leaning against the edge of the balcony. 

Lia followed his gaze and stared at the forest behind the Black mansion, 

“James we’ve only been fighting for a few days now.” Lilia informed him softly, her voice seeming to have softened by the wind that blew in their direction. No matter how early in the afternoon it was it was still seemingly dark, the forest overpowering the poor sun which tried to shine through. 

“But I’m sure you were disappointed to be away from me for that long.” James retorted, it was more so a sure statement then a question. She sighed remembering him from school happily. 

“Of course James, like always.” Lilia replied her eyes sparkling merrily, “But what need did you have to drag me out here? Couldn’t you just ask me that inside?” she asked making sure to get to the point. James tended to ask questions that evaded the actually question, and then finally coming closer to the question with each additional question. However Lia, having known his so long, simply knew how to ignore the question all together. 

James smiled in her direction almost gratefully, 

“Thank Merlin, I didn’t think that we would get there till later tonight.” he quipped happily, 

“No, my actual question. What about Sirius?” 

Lilia looked away only to have the side of her face being burned by the hazel eyes of James Potter, she turned to meet his gaze. 

“James, must we always talk about him? Is it so important that you feel the need to ask me about it constantly?” 


Lilia stopped, It was that one word answer that silence her the one word answer that she didn’t have any retort that she could return. She glared at the smirking figure of James who knew she was in a corner seemingly surrounded by questions. 

“James really. It’s not becoming of you to fight other people’s battles.” 

His face fell flat, 

“Really? I thought friends fought each other’s battles, I thought they helped them out?” he asked his voice monotone. 

“I agree with you- I’m not saying your wrong. I’m saying that this is one battle that your always going to lose. So why try fight it and lose our friendship along the way?” 

James considered this simple question and nodded his unruly head of hair in a brief nod of agreement. 

“Fine, for the time being I’ll leave you alone.” 

“The time being?” Lia asked her eyebrows raising at him annoyed. 

“Of course the time being, James Potter can only keep his good will gestures for so long. I mean what would people- gasp- say if they all found out that I was….nice?” James asked his voice squeaky, his best imitation of a girl. 

Lia rolled her eyes and laughed, muttering, 



Lilia walked side to side with James, laughter between the two rang out through the whole house as they entered the kitchen. But as soon as they walked in they stopped dead at the silent faces that had fallen on the three occupants of the table. Lilia looked around first as Lily whose face was set intently on the reports her eyes looked up at Lilia with a look of slight remorse. Remus looked at her his quill held lazily in his hand his eyes seemingly warning her of something. And she looked at Sirius- much to her chagrin, and saw that he was smirking his eyes probing hers with a haughty air. 



Lilia flinched and turned around to meet the stern gaze of Moody, whose blue eye didn’t look quite as friendly up close, while he wore his look of fury. She gulped and took a step backwards only to collide her bum with the sharp end of the table. Lilia winced voluntarily her eyes closing in the moment of excruciating pain that seemed to spread throughout her body. Damn Moody, she always seemed to run into things at the most horrible times when he was around. 

“Moody?” she asked weakly a smile gracing her face. 

“Don’t you Moody me Parker! When was the bloody last time that you ever went to the MINSITRY? Do I need to remind you that you are an AUROR, and a bloody decent one at that too. Not only do you have new recruits but you have a new case- Regulus Black, and you bloody haven’t gone once there in what? THREE WEEKS? They could have handed the case over to anyone, do you realize how vital it is that we have those files? You will bloody take your arse down to the ministry and do your work and you will do a BLOODY good job!” 

Lilia’s smile faltered when she thought of her job, her body fell down against the table in stupidity. How could she forget about this? She hit herself with her hand. 

“Oh and Parker, take Black with you- only Black.” 

She looked up in time to watch his wooden leg disapear behind the door a smirk planted upon his furious face. Great, that was her bloody punishment, why not just Avada Kedavara her right then and there. She groaned even louder and banged her head against the table angrily- what did she ever do to deserve this?? 

“Oye, Parker don’t need to lose any more brain cells then you’ve already managed to. 

Don’t worry your not the only one that’s ‘thrilled,’ about this.” he drawled, sarcasm dripping on every word that came out of his bloody mouth. 

She supplied him with one glare before trudging upstairs to her room and throwing on her robes- what a bloody fantastic day this was going to be.


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