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Fading into the Darkness: Chapter 1

Hermione Granger stepped through the door of The Burrow expecting Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to come running towards here the minute she walked in. Instead she was greeted by Molly and Ginny Weasley, who gave her each big hugs and told her how glad they were she could make it.

“Hi Mrs. Weasley. Thank you so much for always letting me come here. My parents appreciate it very much.” Hermione stepped further into the house followed closely by Mr. Weasley who floated her trunk up to Ginny's bedroom.

“Hermione, you must come see my new robes!” Ginny exclaimed, dragging her up the stairs. Ginny showed Hermione all of her brand new school robes, Ginny was the only Weasley who did not get hand-me-downs, because she was the youngest and also the only female child of the whole family. “We are going to Diagon Alley tomorrow to get the rest of our school supplies.”

“Gin, where are Ron and Harry?” Hermione wondered.

“Ron is picking up Harry with Fred and George, they should be back soon.” Hermione nodded, knowing they would definitely be back before dinner. Eating was one of those things those boys never missed.

“How was home?” Ginny asked.

“All right. I'm glad to be here. I never really fit in with my parents. It may sound weird but I don't think they love me to much.”

Ginny's eyebrows raised slightly. “Oh, Sounds bad.”

“No, actually not. When I was younger they sent me to live with Aunts, Uncles, Great Great Aunts, anybody really. It was cool because I got to travel so much and be a lot of different places. Then I got the Hogwarts letter and they seemed very pleased for me to be going to school away.”

Ginny nodded and picked up a book from a pile she kept next to her bed. She tossed the book over to her. “You should read that one. Its very good, the main character reminds me of Draco Malfoy.” Arthur Weasley had bewitched some sappy muggle romance books for Ginny so they would play like a movie.

“Gin, I don't want to read a book about Malfoy!”

“Yes you do. He's gorgeous, smart, sexy. And its not even reading. You just watch and listen.” Hermione sighed, defeated. She would 'read' the book to make Ginny happy. “And don't tell me you don't think his is even the tiniest bit of good looking. Everybody thinks he is good looking, I have even seen Ron checking him out once.”

Hermione choked a little, Ron? Ron her boyfriend Ron? “OK Ginny, he is good looking, but I am dating your broth-”

“MUUUUUUUUUUM!!” A loud wail sounded throughout the house. Ginny and Hermione rushed down to the kitchen knowing Harry had arrived. Instead of a normal looking Ron and a normal looking Harry, they found two female versions of them. Ron had long red hair braided into two pig-tails and Harry had long black hair braided into one braid. Hermione and Ginny couldn't hold back any longer and roared with laughter. Mrs. Weasley was trying to keep a straight face while surveying the damage. With a flick of her wrist and some mumbled words, Mrs. Weasley had transformed both Ron and Harry back to normal.

Ron quickly ran out of the room and came back a few minutes later zipping up his pants. “I'm all here. Thanks Mum.”

A few hours later everybody was seated at the table chatting about quidditch, Hogwarts, and anything else that came to mind.

A knock came from the door and Ron got up to open it, his mouth full of food. “Ooh. Halloo Proffethor Dumbdoor.”

“Hello Mr. Weasley.” He walked into the room followed by a very pretty black-haired girl. “Molly, Arthur.” Dumbledore nodded toward each of the adult Weasleys. “Ahh, Miss Granger. Just the person I wanted to see.”

“Yes Professor?”

“This is Mercedes, she will be attending Hogwarts this year, she just transferred from Pigbumps in the United States. Molly has agreed to let her stay here at The Burrow. You should all become very good friends in no time! Now, since Miss Snape is-”

“SNAPE?” Harry choked out. Ron looked terrified of this new girl. Fred and George looked at each other evilly.

“Yes, she is Severus Snapes child.”

“Ewwwwwww...” Ginny couldn't help bursting out. Hermione didn't agree that it was worth saying 'eww' about. Snape wasn't all that bad. He was just... Misunderstood.

“Yes, well. Miss Granger I would be most pleased if you helped Mercedes in finding her classes until she can do so on her own.” His eyes twinkled that weird way they always do. “The castle is a big place.” Dumbledore left leaving Mercedes alone. Everybody stared at her for a few minutes.

“Well child, come in and sit down. My my, you are thin.” Mrs. Weasley pulled a chair for her and heaped a big serving of everything on the table onto the small plate. “Of course Hogwarts will help fatten you up, with all the feasts, and parties, and Hogsmeade trips.”

“I'm Hermione Granger by the way.” Hermione stuck her hand out for the girl to shake. Mercedes shook it reluctantly and looked at her as if she was contaminated with some disease. “That is Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, and Ginny Weasley.”

Ginny watched the girl flirt with her brother, Ron. Who happened to be her best friend's boyfriend. She watched how she flipped her perfect hair with her perfect hand. Whenever she spoke both Harry and Ron watched intently as she pronounced her words with her perfect American accent.

Ginny excused herself from the table followed by Hermione.

Once safely behind the closed door of Ginny's room the girls vented their frustrations with the girl. “She's to perfect.” Ginny complained.

“To... To... I just don't like her.” Hermione stated. “Where is she sleeping?”

“Probably in that bed.” Ginny pointed to a small cot in the corner. Hermione was the one who usually slept in the cot, but Ginny's bed was big enough for two people to sleep comfortably. “We have to deal with her at night!”

“What if she snores? Or talks, or walks around while she sleeps?”

“Or turns into an ugly, hairy, green troll and...”Ginny's voice died down as Mercedes walked into the room immediately followed by Harry and Ron carrying her trunk.

“She gets the cot.” Ginny said rudely. Harry and Ron put the trunk down next to the cot and soon left after a thank you from the girl.

The room became quiet for the rest of the night as the three girls began to feel tired. Tomorrow they were all going to Diagon Alley to shop. Ginny thought darkly, maybe they could get Mercedes lost in Knocturn Alley.

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