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Tempest loved the way his lips tasted. They were sweet and loving. She loved him, completely and truly loved him, she just hadn't told him that...yet. His hands went up her shirt, tickling her spine. She laughed then someone came ad knocked on her door. She recognized the heart beat as well at the scent. It was Vivaldi.

“Tempest, get dressed, Nila and Void are ready.” Tempest opened her eyes. She had almost forgotten. Nila and Void, against her wishes, were about to become servants to the Dark Lord, fellow Death Eaters. She knew their true motive though; they wanted to protect her, keep her safe, and not just from Merwick.

“Okay, I'll be down in minute.” Draco was nibbling on her neck now. She really didn't want to go, but she no choice, she was the favourite of Lord Voldemort.

“Do you have to go?”

“Pining does not suit you, and yes...unfortunately.” She untangled her legs from his and sat up. She really didn't want to leave as she looked down at Dracos' wolfish eyes. Her eyes though began to drift unconsciously to his neck. Tempest licked her lips.

“You're not allowed to suck my blood.”

“I wasn't planning on it.” She sunk down into bed and hugged him, listening to his heart beat.

“Zephyr!” It was Nila.

“Coming!” She quickly kissed Draco and got dressed in her overly large closet. She walked out but not before putting a black rose neatly in her hair. She had to make a quick stop.

Tempest walked down the stairs toward the family room where everyone was waiting for her.

“Edana, what are you doing here?”

“Vayne,” she corrected, “and I'm coming too.”

“No you are not." Tempest stared at Vivaldi. "Vivaldi tell your daughter that she is not coming.”

“I've tried Tempest, she will not listen to me.”

“You're only twelve Vayne, you are not going to become a Death Eater.”

“Too bad, I am.” Her purple eyes glowed with a ferocity like that of Selene.

“You are far too much like Selene sometimes.”

“Right now I'll take that as a complement. Look, you're going to protect me, so I'm going to protect you.”

“Like I have a choice. Fine, come on, lets go.”

They followed Viva out and grabbed their brooms. This was going to be a long night thought Tempest.

Tempest stared solemnly ahead as they all approached the house of Lord Voldemort. It was dark and dreary filled with death it made Tempest sick it made her sad. She hated being his servant, she hated acting like she loved him and everything he stood for. He was no better than Merwick and that thought sent a chill down her spine, he was back and out there somewhere. Obviously though, her mother did have good reasons for swearing her allegiance to Lord Voldemort. She herself lied about visions she did or did have just to please him.

Nila, Edana and Void were to wait in the dining room while everyone else waited for Lord Voldemort. Tempest sat alone sucking on a blood pop when someone suddenly took a seat next to her. It was her mothers best friend, Bellatrix.

“Hello Zephyr.”


“Did you know I knew your mother?”

“Yes, I've seen her memories. I know a lot and I've seen a lot of things I wish I didn't. She really did care about you, all of you.”

“And we all cared about her. It is a shame that she died.” She looked into her eyes. “The purple is knew. Do you even understand, or know rather, how you got that red outline?”

“I haven't gotten to that memory, yet, but I didn't, finally understand how I am able to see invisible things, and the future and invisible objects.”

Bellatrix laughed. “I was there when she cast that spell. Aidan was dating Vivaldi. Your mother loved your father, never dating anyone else.” She got up. “You should see that memory Zephyr. “You look so much like her.”

“Tempest smiled. “Thank you Bella.” She got up and gave her a hug. She may not like Voldemort or his standards, but these people, they were her family. Finally, Lord Voldemort came into the room followed by his snake and Peter Pettigrew. Her mother had been playing around in Misfortune telling class when she had seen his fate. A little fun, her favourite thing. Everyone bowed and Tempest composed herself as he approached her.

“I hear your friends want to join us?”

“Yes, I believe they could be great assets. They are loyal to the end.”

“Hmm, bring them in then.”

Tempest nodded and bowed her head slightly. She bumped into Severus who smiled down at her. She smiled back at him uncertainly.

“Okay you threw, come on.”

They all looked at each other and nodded. Edana grabbed Voids' hand and Nila glared at it. Tempest caught her glance and Nila crossed her arms and followed.

Tempest watched as each of them in turn were branded on their left arm. When all was done, they all sat around and listened as their Dark Lord spoke. She began to wish she could save him when she heard that he had control over Dementors and had them hunting Harry Potter as of that moment. Quickly thought she closed her eyes to see into the future. Harry Potter would live. When she opened her eyes, all eyes were on her.

“What did you see?” demanded Voldemort.

“Harry Potter will survive the Dementor attack.”

“That's not possible,” screamed Bellatrix.

“That is what I saw.” Everyone stood still and silent, yet to everyone surprise, Voldemort began to laugh which frightened Tempest as she feigned a smile.

“Calm Bellatrix, I expected as much. Now, I can put my true plan into action.” Tempest ignored him. She stared into space. Gorx had died, murdered by none other than Merwick who had returned. 'You cannot change the future' Majika had told her, but she was determined to change it at all cost.

Tempest painted a plan of her protected and watching over both Draco and Astrea. Astrea kills Draco with no mercy in her eyes, just a gold glint. Merwick leave her alone, she thought grimly.

As the meeting ended, Voldemort stated that it would continue after the Dementors returned. Everyone except Tempest went back home. She got on her broom and flew to the graveyard by her house.

Tempest placed her broom on the wall and opened the creaky gate door. She walked in and looked from side to side wary of herself as she walked to the graves of her mother and father.

She stared at her parents grave that were covered in flowers. She knelt down between them pulled the rose from her hair and sprinkled some pollen onto each. Their graves suddenly overflowed in black rose buds. She smiled at each and traced her fingers over their names before stroking her hair and heading towards Gorx's grave.

As she approached she stopped suddenly. There stood Entia, Gorxs' twin sisters. Tempest had never known that they were twins. Entia blamed her for her Gorx's death. Tempest took a deep breath and walked over to the grave.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” Entia demanded.

“I came to pay my respects.”

“Didn't you do enough of that at the funeral?”

“Actually no. I think I deserve a chance to say a proper goodbye.”

“Proper goodbye,” she said mockingly. “He died in your arms! You could have saved him, but you didn't! You already said your goodbye.”

“You think I wanted him to die? I wanted to save him but he didn't want to live that life of a vampire! I respected his last wish!” Tempest threw her rose in the grave and turned around and walked out of the graveyard. She grabbed her broom and walked back home. Do they all blame me, she asked herself.

Tempest didn't dwell on that thought for long as someone came out of nowhere and pulled her into an alleyway.

“Thorn you ass! You scared me half to death!”

“Hush you little brat,” said Selene.

“Nice to see you too Blade. Hey where were you two al summer?”

“Oliver doesn't want me to get mixed up with Voldemort, he was quite angry that I neglected to tell him my family was a bunch of Death Eaters,” explained Selene.

“Isolde as well, we tried to explain it to mum, but she never replied to our letters.”

“You two do know we're planning on betraying Voldemort right? That the only reason our parents joined when they were younger was because they were going to betray him right? Of course you didn't. Well that why my mum swore me into his service, to help defeat him.”

Selene and Jason looked at each other.

“We didn't know that,” said Jason.

“Hmm, I guess that's my mu— Vivaldi was acting upset all summer. Well what have you come to tell me?”

“That's right. Well Oliver and I are finally going to get married next summer so I...I wanted to tell you. Tell mum 'kay?”

“I'll tell her, and you Thorn?”

“I'm going to propose to Isolde, and we were both offered jobs in the Ministry of Magic Magical Creatures department.”

“Congratulations, both of you. Well since we're on the subject of magical creatures, do you mind adding Nilas' sevratis to the list of. Now if you two don't mind, I have a couple messages to relay to Vivaldi.” She gave each of them a warm hug an walked down the alley back to the street. As she walked though, Selene called after her.

“What Blade?”

“You almost called her mum.”

“I have no idea what you're talking about.” Tempest turned around and continued to walk away. She just lied on behalf of Vivaldi, but they we're her children and she loved them, she couldn't lose them like she lost her.
Tempest walked inside the house and everyone looked at her as she walked toward the kitchen.

Tempest leaned her broom against the wall and opened the freezer. She pulled out a raw bloody steak and bit into it, sucking out the blood while she watched Vivaldi as she cooked.

“I just ran into Blade and Thorn. Blade wanted me to tell you that it's official, her's getting married next summer. Thorn is going to propose to Isolde and they were offered positions in the Magical Creatures department.” She sucked out the last drop of blood, wrapped the meat back up and placed it back in the freezer.

“Thank you.”

“Don't. They're your children, you deserved to know.”

She walked out and up to her room. Draco was fast asleep in her bed and she smiled. She quietly got undressed and then dressed in her favourite pajamas. The black tank with pants that had a purple fairy on them. She went to her mirror and stared at her seldom seen reflection, where she tied her hear back and walked to bed. Draco woke and she smiled down at him.

“What took you so long?”

“Oldy was just talking about plans.”

“I know, but what took you so long?”


“Oh.” He stroked her face and she leaned close to him, breathing him in. She let him hug her as she quickly fell asleep.

Astrea was stabbing Draco. She jolted up and looked around. Draco was fast asleep, She looked at his left arm. Nothing. She had to make her dream, her premonition not some to pass. It was no longer up for negotiation.

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