Chapter Six: Happiness

“Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad.”  -Norm Papernick

After agreeing to James’ request Madeline quickly regretted it. She had heard from Rose the history of James’ recent girlfriends, and, well, all of his girlfriends actually. I was amazed that a nice guy like James would ever do things like that.

“He has the girl for about a week and then he ditches her,” Rose’s words from dinner that night kept ringing in her ear and didn’t help her to get any sleep. Madeline liked James and didn’t want to be just another one of those girls. She’s already had enough heartache and didn’t need anymore. 

Maybe I should fake sick tomorrow, Madeline wondered to herself; tell him that I’m afraid of heights. He’d have a laugh over that, but he’d probably not buy it. I’m not too good at lying, either. Madeline grunted in frustration. Or I could just go with him. Maybe nothing would happen…maybe he’ll get bored of me. I can only hope…

But Madeline doubted that James wouldn’t pull anything, and Madeline, being the kind of girl who rarely speaks up for herself, won’t put up much of a fight to stop him. She cursed herself for ever letting herself become vulnerable. Damn Potter. 

After several more minutes of thinking of what to do, Madeline came to the conclusion that she should just avoid him after tomorrow. But after thinking that over she realized that wasn’t too wise; she was just so sure that if she started to avoid him randomly he would get mad at her and she didn’t want that.

She grunted again, rolling over on her belly and covering her head with her pillow. Her eyelids closed drowsily and after a few minutes of just laying there she fell to sleep, dreaming about flying brooms that whacked you in the head every time you get within ten feet of them.

And, too soon, she was awoken.

“Go away,” She grumbled groggily. She hadn’t gotten very much sleep last night and wasn’t to keen on getting up just yet. But just the fact that she told someone to ‘go away’ because she was trying to sleep made her sit up in a flash, hitting whoever was nudging her to wake up in the head.

They both clutched onto their heads in deep pain.

“Sorry,” Madeline mumbled grumpily, well awake now with no chance of going back to bed.

“’Snot a problem,” A deep voice replied. Madeline inwardly groaned at the familiarity of the voice; it was the same voice that kept cornering her everyday after dinner, occasionally lunch, “You went to bed in your clothes?” He asked.

“Oh,” I said letting my eyes fall on James, “I guess I forgot to change.” And it was perfectly true.

“Well get up,” James exclaimed grabbing my hand and pulling me up from off my bed. Madeline noted that he was very strong, “We have a date!” I narrowed my eyes at him. Surely he didn’t think of this as a date. Sighing inwardly Madeline said, “How’d you get in here, anyways? I locked the door to my room last night.”

She glance to her doorknob to see if really had locked the door last night. The lock was turned.

“Gee, I wonder,” James said sarcastically, pulling out his wand and tapping thin air. Madeline rolled her eyes at him. She resisted the urge to giggle. James seemed to notice. Damn, Madeline thought restlessly, “Well come on!” James said eagerly, pulling Madeline by the arm to the door.

“Can’t I change my clothes?” She stalled.

“You can do that after the broom ride can’t you?” He asked. It was more of a statement rather than a question. He pulled her arm again, but she rebelled, keeping her feet firmly planted on where she was standing, “Maddy,” He picked up the nickname from Teddy, “We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way.” She bit her lip. James rolled his eyes at her, “I’m serious”


And then he did the unthinkable. He picked her up and slung her around his shoulder. She was so surprised she let out a gasp of fright.

“James!” She exclaimed, probably waking up the whole house, “Put me down this instant! What will Hermione and Ron think when they see you carrying me like this down the stairs?”

He paused for a second at the door before replying, “They’ll think it’s rather humorous.” He swished his wand and the door flew open. He stepped through it and ran all the way downstairs, with Madeline struggling to break free the entire time. They passed Ron in the hallway. He completely stopped in his tracks to stare at us with an amused expression on his face. Once James stepped through the front door Madeline heard a burst of laughter emitting from inside the house. It was then that James set her down.

“Are you crazy?” Madeline exclaimed angrily.

“Just for you,” He replied simply. The phrase made her turn a deep shade of scarlet. He took her by the arm again and dragging her to an open shed. It was worn out and the paint was peeling off. It looked out of place next to their perfect house. James opened the shed and pulled out a broom from inside, “The place we always practice is just over there,” He said pointing to an open field. And then he dragged her once again to said field.

“James, just to warn I’m a bit afraid of heights,” Madeline cautioned, “And I think I may be suffering from…flyaphobia.” James turned to her with a questioning look set across his features.

“Flyaphobia?” He asked, “The fear of flying? Is that the best you got, ickle Maddikens?” Madeline blushed again. He handed her the broom and told her to climb on. He followed suit, wrapping his arms around her to grip the handle for her.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Madeline asked, shielding her face with her hair to hide the blush creeping up her cheeks. She nudged him in the stomach playfully. After realizing that she was openly flirting with him she became a bit tense.

“Too much,” He replied.

“You’re really annoying, you know that right?” Madeline asked sarcastically, “Not to mention bold.”

“I’ve been told, deary,” He said, “Too many times to count, actually.” Madeline rolled her eyes, “Now hold on tight, I’m about to lift us off the ground.” She nodded and allowed him to kick off the ground, closing her eyes as he did so. She was afraid to open them, and it wasn’t until James told her to open them that she did so.

She nearly died doing so. She jumped in fright, causing James to jump in fright which caused him to let go of the broom momentarily. He quickly placed his grip back around the handle and squeezed Madeline closer to him, as though to show that she was safe.

“You’re not going to do any drastic moves are you?” Madeline asked, frightened at the thought.

“Well now that you mentioned it,” He murmured in her ear, his breath tickling her neck. She blushed again. And he dived, heading straight for the ground. It reminded Madeline of a roller coaster, where there was a huge dip. But, of course, the sensation was new to her considering the last time she went to a theme park was when she was about four years old.

The sensation was amazing, but scary at the same time. And she was laughing. For the first time in a very long time, Madeline was laughing.

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