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Ch.6 Monday

Draco went home Sunday afternoon. Katie was dreading Monday, she didn’t want to go to the doctor to find out the she was pregnant.


Katie and Harry arrived at Dr. Lang’s Office. "Katie Weasley." The Nurse called. "Stay here Harry." Katie told Harry. Harry nodded. Katie walked into the room, and sat on the bed.

"Hello Katie, What seems to be the problem?" Dr. Lang asked her.

"Well I’ve been vomiting for the past three days." Katie started.

"Let’s take a pregnancy test." She said. Katie nodded without questioning the doctor.

She did the test, then waited fifteen minutes. If it were positive it would turn pink, if it were negative it would turn blue. Katie hoped for blue. But it turned pink. "Congratulations Katie." Dr. Lang said. Katie smiled faintly then left. Katie knew right a way the baby was Draco’s.

"Well?" Harry asked.

"Can I tell you when we are alone?" Katie asked him.

"Sure." Harry said awkwardly.

They went to the playground, where no one was there. Katie sat down and looked at Harry. "Harry I’m…"Katie paused. Harry looked at her. "Pregnant." She finished.

"What!" He yelled. "I mean what?" he said more calmly. Katie just nodded. "So that explains everything." Katie nodded again. "How, when and who?" Harry asked. "It’s not Draco’s is it?" Katie looked at him, and then looked away again. "It is his." Harry said quietly. "Let’s go home." Harry hugged Katie. She walked home in his arms.


When Katie got home, her parents looked at her. "Well?" Her mum asked.

"What did the doctor say?" Her dad asked.

Katie’s eyes began to tear up. "I’m sorry. Mum, Dad, I have to tell you this." Katie said. Her parents looked at her. "I’m pregnant." Katie said with a sob.

"Oh honey its all right." Her mum said comforting her daughter. "Kyle, Harry, could you let us have some privacy." Katie told the boys. They boys left the room without hesitation.

"Mum I’m so sorry, I should have been more responsible." Katie sobbed to her mother.

"Yes you should have been more responsible, but we can’t erase what happened. Katherine said.

"I know, but I’m going to be like this during school." Katie told her mum.

"Yes but your going to have to take classes that don’t involve potion-making and spell casting." Her mother explained. Katie nodded. "When are you going to tell Draco?" Katherine asked Katie.

"How… not for awhile." Katie said. Katherine nodded; she herself was three months pregnant. Now her oldest daughter is pregnant, from playing around with her boyfriend. After her talk with her mum, Katie went to her room. As she lay on her bed, her hand went to her stomach. "Well little baby, you’ll be here in nine months, you’ll be so adorable." Katie said to the little baby that was beginning to grow inside of her. Katie also decided to hide it from everyone as long as possible.


Katie stayed in her room until her mum called her for supper. When Katie got to the kitchen, her mum asked. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, hungry that’s all." Katie replied.

After nine o’clock her parents and sister went to bed. Katie and Harry were the only ones left up. "So when are you going to the Dursley’s?" Katie asked Harry.

"I don’t know, in a couple weeks maybe." Harry told her.

"Do they know where you are?" Katie asked.

"Yeah they do." Harry replied.

"Harry I think I…." Katie started, but stopped because of her nerves.

"What Katie?" Harry asked.

"I think I still love you." Katie said looking into his green eyes.

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