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okay, sorry i haven't updated in forever, I SWEAR IT WASN'T MY FAULT. You see what happened was, I wrote, in a moment of wild inspiration, a beutiful oneshot, that has had several issues about being validated. So, i finally decide to say screw it, and gave up on my oneshot for the time being, since you my wonderful readers have been waiting for me to update Dragoness. So here it is, a chapter, an exciting  chapter at that. So, wit no further ado, i'll see you guys on the other side.

Hermione woke up to an empty bed the next morning. Yawning, she stretched, feeling nothing amiss, until she opened her eyes and saw the lack of a little boy’s body next to hers.


“JASON!” she bellowed, looking around franticly for her little cousin in the vastly scattered covers on the bed.


“Auntie?” his voice came from the bathroom door.


A wave of sweet relief washed over her. “Oh baby, where have you been?” she asked, containing the worry in her voice, but just barely.


“I was helping him get dressed,” Malfoy answered calmly, appearing behind Jason.


“Well, thank you for that. I hope he wasn’t too much trouble.” Her voice was suddenly cool, and courteous; the type of voice a diplomat dreams of cultivating, for its detachment, but yet immense amounts of courtesy.


“No trouble at all, now if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to.” His voice mirrored hers perfectly.


Yeah, right. “Of course, and thank you again.” Her voice showed the tiniest hint of true thanks at this last statement, but her expression gave nothing away.


With a final curt nod, he disappeared from the doorway and Hermione flopped back down, averse to moving just yet. She didn’t want to move, she was tired, but it was the kind of weariness that you can’t sleep off; you can only grit your teeth and face it head on.


She was in the process of gritting her teeth and sitting back up, when Jason climbed onto the bed and began bouncing. “Jay,” she groaned, reaching up and pulling him down beside her horizontal form. Quickly, she sat up, leaning over him, and started tickling his sides.


“Stop, Auntie, STOP!” he shrieked, laughing as he tried to wriggle away.


“Not so fast,” Hermione growled, hauling him back to her. As they both calmed down, she looked at the window; the sun was filtering through the curtains, bright and clear. An idea sprang into her head. “Tell you what; want to go swimming in the lake?” Jason nodded eagerly; he liked swimming. “Good, go put on your swimming trunks. I’ll be ready in a minute.”  Hermione went and put on her bikini, sliding The Cloak over her shoulders, and wrapping the smoky material around her slim, tall figure. She would have used her silk, silver and green robe, but it was to Slytherin-like for Hogwarts.


Jason returned, wearing his black and red dragon printed swim trunks. “Ready Auntie?”


“Ready,” she said, taking his hand in hers. Together the duo left, taking a pair of towels with them. Draco watched them walk across the grounds from his high window, raising eyebrows when Hermione took off The Cloak and laid it reverently aside with the towels beside it in the grass. Adjusting himself comfortably on the padded window seat, Malfoy settled in to watch the cousins, surprised that Hermione let Jason swim about at will.


Hermione watched Jason swim out a bit; before wading in herself, savoring the deliciously cool water as it swirled around her thighs. Floating face up, Hermione let the tranquility of the morning seep into her, until a disturbance in the water made her open her eyes. She could hear it, maybe fifty feet below her, the distinctively smooth resonance of the Giant Squid, far below her, but heading toward Jason.


Smoothly, she flipped over and glided beneath the water, her eyes open beneath the surface, seeing as if it were a clear day below the world of air and sunlight. There, she thought to herself. The dim outline of the squid was visible, far below her swiftly swimming body, and it was rising; fast. It was accustomed to Hermione, a frequent moonlight swimmer during the first part of the year, but it had never seen the small, splashing creature thirty yards in front of her. So it was going to investigate, zeroing in on the potentially tasty morsel that dared frolic in its wet domain.


Hermione’s eyes darkened and a feral snarl curled her lips. Her body strengthened as she moved smoothly through the water, her untamed eyes flashing from the beast far below her, to the child far in front of her.


Draco watched this from his high vantage point, noticing immediately the change in her demeanor as he watched when she dove deeper into the water; his eyes flashed orange, giving him heightened vision. He watched as she swam toward her cousin, and the squid below them. Quickly he began unlatching his window, systematically unbuttoning his black button up shirt. The shirt fell way, leaving him bare-chested in a pair of khaki cargo shorts. The window sprang open, but he hesitated before leaping out, noticing that Hermione hadn’t taken a breath since he had been watching.


Beneath his eagerly watching eyes, her body lengthened, becoming serpentine, and scales washed over her flesh. Leather wings sprouted from her shoulders, but they remained pressed tightly to her back, a long twisting tail propelling her effortlessly through the water. Her legs were short with heavy claws; she looked like a Chinese dragon, with a bronze mane to set off her light blue scales. She sped through water, cutting the murky liquid like a sky and bronze blade.


As a single tentacle rose out of the water, prepared to wrap around Jason and pull him under, she swooped in; wrapping her tail around Jason, and flicking him back into the shallows, away from impending danger. In the same second she propelled herself into the tentacle, driving it back to its owner, the lake’s leviathan sent back into the deepest reaches of its watery kingdom.


Fast and strong she spun and swam back to Jason, morphing back to a human as she swam to her cousin. Jason was watching from the sandy shallows, his mouth forming an amazed “o”, and his eyes the size of saucers. Draco watched as Hermione slowly approached Jason, careful not to scare him, the watching boy observed.


Hermione watched as fear turned to awe in her little cousin’s eyes, and she felt much more relieve; she didn’t like Jason thinking she was anything other than his beloved Auntie. “Jay,” she murmured, slowly approaching him. “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.”


Jason looked at her, and then flung his small body into her arms, sobbing and laughing at the same time. “That was so cool!” He looked at her excitedly. “Can we do that again?” He was over the moon; obviously he didn’t realize how much danger he had been in.

“We’ll see.” She helped him up and put a hand in the small of his back, gently steering him up onto the grassy bank, where their towels waited.




Hermione and Jason were back in the Head’s Tower before they ate; Hermione wanted to get the lake water out of her hair. Thus, Jason had the tub, so he could continue swimming in the hot clean water, and she was in the shower, glad for good water pressure, and hot steam. Malfoy had not been in when they returned to the tower, or at least they hadn’t seen him, and for that she was grateful. She would ask him about what happened that morning later, when Jason was in bed.


The vanilla scent of her shampoo was good enough to eat, and it made her empty stomach rumble and ache with hunger. She could almost feel her stomach eating its lining, she was so hungry. And that is what drove her to turn the gloriously hot water off, wrap herself in a towel, and stumble out of the shower. “Hurry up kiddo, I’m hungry,” she told Jason as she passed the bubble covered the pool. The small head in the center of the vast pool of foam nodded; swimming had made Jason hungry, too.


Soon they were dried, dressed, and decent to be seen in public. Which was good, since Hermione was caving in at this point, and just about ready to haul Jason to the kitchens half dressed. Fortunately for her, Jason was soon ready, and together they exited the common room, chatted with Gaia for a moment, and then hurried to the kitchens.


“So, what do you want?” Hermione asked as she tickled the pear in the painting, and then grasped the green handle.


“Bacon and eggs?” he asked.


“With toast on the side?” she replied, grinning down at him. It was one of her little cousin’s favorite breakfasts.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” he answered rapidly.


“Alrighty then,” she pulled open the tall painting, and bellowed at the houselves, “Clear a stove guys, I’m cooking breakfast.”

There you go people, tell me what you thought, I NEED FEEDBACK!! And thankyou, to everyone of you over 120 reviewers, who so patiantly gave me thirty second of your time. 

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