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The pain of a thousand burning knives broke into Ginny’s body. The pain increased and she wanted it to end. ‘Let it end just let me die right here. Just make it stop.’ Ginny thought as she twitched in pain on the ground.

“GINNY!” Harry yelled franticly pulling the invisibility cloak of himself and threw it at Ginny’s feet. He ran to her and his voice quivered. For the first time the boy who lived, was scared. “LET HE-HER GO!” Harry managed to yell with fake confidence. The pain in Ginny’s body ceased at once.

“Harry?” Ginny questioned weakly as she tried to sit herself up.

“Yeah it’s me.” Harry held her he never wanted to let her but he knew it must come to an end, all good things do. “Ginny take the cloak and the map and go back up to the school. Wait for me their and if I don’t return,” his voice quivered slightly and Ginny knew he didn’t want to say goodbye, “if I don’t return you’ll find my will somewhere only we know.”

Ginny stared at him, she didn’t want to leave him, she wanted to help him defeat the man who had taken his life away at such an early age. But Ginny knew he would detest. Ginny cut in.

“Will you ever come back?”

“Don’t worry, I will be. I promise.” He added as the look of fright on Ginny’s face increased.

“I love you Harry.”

“I love you too Gin.”

Then they shared what they thought would be their last kiss. Ginny felt the tears and pulled away after, what seemed to be, several sunlit days. She saw that Harry was crying too. That’s one thing she loved about him, is that
he wasn’t afraid to cry.

“You need to go.” Harry whispered in Ginny’s ear. “NOW!” Ginny picked up the cloak, took the map, and activated it. She gave Harry one last pleading look long enough to see him mouth, “I love you.” And she was off through the forest. The last lines of conversation she heard are…

“How very touching, you are like your parents, dying to save the ones you love.”

“HOW DARE YOU!!! Talk to about how I am like my mum and dad.’

“Why? You are incredibly like them.”

“You dare speak to me as if you know who I am Riddle. But you know nothing of my life, of who I am.”

“How dare yo-“

“Yes I dare. You deserve to be called a coward and so much more, but I guess that will come in due time, wont it Tom.”

“You’ve defied me once to long Potter.”

“It ends tonight Riddle.”



Ginny screamed at the top of her voice. “HARRY!!!!” She yelled frantically over and over again. In five seconds Harry was at her side, but so was Bellatrix Lestrang. Voldemort’s top Death Eater. She pulled out a small dagger and aimed it at Ginny. Harry threw himself in front of her and pushed her out of the way. He jumped in front of the dagger for her, like he always said he would. It hit him like freezing cold water. His face froze. The look of horror on his face.

“NO!!” Ginny screamed as Harry fell backwards. Bellatrix was running away. Ginny took aim at Bellatrix, with her wand, and shouted “STUPEFY!” A jet of red light shot at Bellatrix, making her crumble to the ground. Harry’s voice came in so distant.

“Gin… Gin.” He said weakly. Ginny ran to his side hoping to save him. “Well, I said I’d die for you and that I was fighting for your life. I love you. It’s all over now. It’s just… just a memory now.”

“Shh, Harry don’t talk. You need your rest. You’ll be alright. You promised you’d come back.” Tears leaked from her eyes and Harry reached up to wipe them away. She grabbed his hand and held on tight not wanting to let go. “I’ll never let you go.”

“Gin do you remember the words to our song?”

“Yeah hold on.”

Ginny started to sing in a small but sweet voice.Hers and Harry's Song. "Your Gaurdian Angel" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

“When I see you smile. Tears fall down my face."

“And I know I’ll find, deep inside me I can be the one.”

“I will never let you fall. I’ll stand up with you forever.”

“I’ll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven.”

Ginny was crying know, sobbing really. She knew it would end soon. She needed Harry. But she couldn’t let go.

“Ginny, I probably won’t live through this. I want you to know that I never wanted it to end like this. I love you Gin, I always have. I just never noticed how much I loved you up until two years ago. I never noticed how intoxicatingly beautiful you are; now I wish I had asked you sooner, I wish I had at least one more day with you. I never wanted to drag you into this. I wish I hadn’t. But now I’m glad I had you by my side to help me through the rough spots. I’m sorry I put your life as well as your whole family’s lives in danger. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. I love you so much Ginny.”

“Harry.” Ginny whispered as she buried her face in the nap of Harry’s neck. She couldn’t believe it was ending. The life of the boy-who-lived draining into nothingness. Ginny could barely speak. She looked him in those sweet emerald green eyes. He kissed her and mid kiss he died away. Ginny pulled away and that Harry was gone. She couldn’t control it anymore, she cried harder then ever before. Her body started to shake. She didn’t know what to do. She held him tight and didn’t let go. It wasn’t until Ginny’s dad, brothers, (JRon, Fred, GeorgeJ) (JBill and Charlie are not home they were off doing work for the Order of the PhoenixJ) (JAlso I don’t like Percy so he is outJ.)(JAnyway back to the storyJ) and Hermione came and found them that she reluctantly let go.

Ron held on to his little sister. He felt her pain. He lost his best friend. But he didn’t know what it felt like to be the girl-that-survived the boy-who-lived and then have your whole world be taken away in one hint of the dagger.

Ginny didn’t care how pathetic she looked. She had the pain of the cruciatus curse inside her heart. She sobbed into Ron’s shoulder.

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