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With a final swoop James bought them to a stop exactly where they had left the ground to begin with. He hopped off the broom with practiced ease and held out his hand to help Lily down. She stumbled a little but he caught her, she leant against him with her palms spread against his chest and James lightly gripping her upper arms to steady her.

“Head rush,” she explained looking up at him, a slightly dazed grin on her face.

“The good kind?” he asked.

“The best.” Lily flashed him a winning smile and he reluctantly released her. Lily was buzzing, the adrenaline thrumming through her veins was giving her a huge high. Her hair was windswept and her cheeks tinged pink from the cold but she didn’t feel it – she was positively glowing and had never felt more exhilarated in her life!

“I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun, can we go again?” she asked her eyes sparking with energy and enthusiasm.

“Sorry, here come the Ravenclaws, we gotta go.” Lily groaned but followed him nonetheless as he shouldered his broom and snatched up his bag. As he reached the exit and headed towards the castle Lily grabbed his hand.

James raised his eyebrows, “We’re not?”

“Nah-ah, I’ve never felt more awake, more alive, come on,” she said dragging him away with both hands. “Lets do something fun, I’m buzzing, aren’t you? Ooh I know! Lets go swimming,” she said excitedly.

“Lily it’ll be freezing!” he exclaimed incredulously.

“Come on James, I’ll race you there,” she said tearing off in the direction of the lake “Unless you’re chicken?” she shouted over her shoulder.

James stared after her until she rounded the corner of the Forbidden Forest and was lost to sight. He took a quick look up at the school before racing after her. When he got to the pebble beach at the edge of the lake he stopped dead dropping his things where he stood. A trail of clothing marked where Lily had been and he was just in time to see her pull off her jumper leaving her standing in just knickers and a camisole, she threw him devilish smile over her shoulder before diving in. She emerged a short distance from the shore shaking her head, water flying in sheets from her silken locks.

“Come on in James – the water’s fine!” she shouted laughing at his expression and then throwing herself backwards and floating, kicking her legs and arms a little.

“You’re joking right?” Lily flipped onto her front and swam towards him, he’d moved to the waters edge.

“Not afraid of catching a little cold are we James?” Lily asked cocking her eyebrows at him. “Don’t make me come and get you,” she threatened.

“Oh?” James asked, intrigued. “I think you’re gonna have to.” Lily sprang from the water and grabbed him by the wrists pulling him fully clothed into the water. He emerged surprised, spluttering, cursing, wiping the water from his eyes and replacing his glasses.

“Jesus, Lily!” Lily simply clutched her sides from laughing so much.

Panting for breath she managed to get out through tears of laughter, “That… face… was… priceless. Do it again.” James who had been taking off his socks and shoes threw them onto land.

“Why you little…” Lily squealed as James made a lunge for her. Splashing away from him she ran through the shallows, giggling and protesting as he chased her. When he reached her, he grabbed her round the waist and dragged her further out into the deeper water. Laughing and shouting his name she tried to squirm out of his grasp.

“Oh no you don’t!” He tightened his arms easily around her tiny waist.

“JAMES!” she shouted, gasping for breath from her hysterics as she kicked her legs out of the water as he held her.

“Payback,” he said throwing her away from him so that she was completely submerged.

“Oh you are so dead,” she swore as she surfaced. This time it was James’ turn to flee and being fully clothed was not helping the matter in the slightest. His garments were slowing him down and Lily soon caught him, jumping on his back and dunking him under the water.

They frolicked, splashing back and forth until James cried out, making for land, “Ok, enough, enough I give up – you win.”

“Woo hoo!” Lily called out. James made his way onto the beach and Lily floated in the shallows.

“Honestly Lily, what’s got into you?” What has got into me?

“Honestly?” James nodded as he rang out his t-shirt. “I think it’s you.” He looked up from what he was doing. “Looks like you’re finally starting to rub off on me.” Lily chuckled as James stared at her, she was crouched in the water hidden from view from the shoulders down. “The flight was such a thrill, you know me when the adrenaline starts pumping I’m not so much with the thinking.” She smiled at him, he loved that she could laugh at herself but at the same time he knew she hated it when people laughed at her.

“Miss Evans, impulsive? Who’d have thunk?” he grinned back at her. He put his shirt back on and shivered, the moment was lost. “Lets get inside; I’m freezing!”

“Ok, just…turn around will you?” James obliged but not before she caught the look on his face.

You do know this is ridiculous right?


You stripped down in front of him.


You wrestled with him.


You climbed on his back.

Yes, I know.

And your top has been pretty much see-through since you first dived in.

Yeah, I…wait.
“WHAT?” shouted Lily out loud. James had to have noticed!

“Lily, what’s wr…”

“Don’t turn around!” she shouted, pulling on her jeans and jumper in record time. See, this is where not thinking gets you. Shut up! “Ok,” was all she said that was audible, but in her head she was still cursing herself and her stupid voice of reason. James turned back to see Lily fully dressed with a bright red face to match her scarlet jumper.

“We should get back and dried off.” Lily nodded and they walked back to the castle side by side.


The entrance hall was deserted when they reached the doors but a huge din was coming from the Great Hall where breakfast was underway. James and Lily shared a look, “Probably not the best idea to turn up dripping wet.” Lily nodded her assent. “Common Room?” Lily nodded again but just as they turned a corner in the staircase they heard an almighty shriek.

“I’ve just mopped this floor!” It was followed by the thump of heavy footsteps following their slippery trail. With another quick glance at each other they took off running.

Filch chased them all over the castle, just as they were about to be caught James pulled Lily into an alcove. He had his hands on her upper arms and her palms were pressed to his chest, she giggled as they popped their heads out to see if Filch was still tracking them. They saw him round the corner and quickly pulled their heads back in. Luckily the caretaker had had his head down looking at the water they had left behind them on the stone floor and failed to see them.

James leaned closer to Lily and whispered to her, “Shush or you’re going to get us caught.” However, the harder Lily tried to stop laughing the more she did. She buried her head in James’ soaked t-shirt to muffle the sound and shook with silent laughter, tears of mirth streaking down her face as Filch declared, “I know where you are, don’t think you’ll get away with this,” whilst walking straight past their hiding place.

Lily looked up and stilled immediately as her eyes locked with James’, she actually felt his heart skip a beat in his chest. She could feel it thumping fast against her palm. Somehow I don’t think it’s the running that’s got him out of breath. Lily’s stomach flip-flopped as he leant towards her slightly. Naughty stomach, don’t give up on me yet!

Lily grabbed James’ hand and tore from the alcove doubling back on themselves as Filch was distracted by a portrait of a smiling woman, who winked at Lily. Lily noticed that the woman in the portrait was surrounded by a group of plump and merry children all pointing in opposite directions. Hand in hand, Lily and James ran all the way to the Gryffindor Tower giggling and stumbling in their haste.

They stopped at the Fat Lady, flushed, exhilarated and clutching at stitches in their sides as they held on to one another to stop from collapsing in hysterics.


“Broc…broc,” James tried to get out.

“Broc…ha…brocc…o,” was Lily’s attempt.

“Broccoli trousers,” James finally managed. Who comes up with these passwords anyway?
“Indeed,” said the Fat Lady disapprovingly. They both entered the room and after several minutes of catching each other’s eye and bursting into fits of giggles again, eventually sobered up.

“How do you always manage to get me into trouble, James?”

“Me? That was your fault; you were the one who wanted to go swimming!”

“Ah…but if you hadn’t taken me flying I wouldn’t have taken you swimming.”

“Hey, don’t say you didn’t enjoy that.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I did,” said Lily making for her dorm room.

“You were just winding me up weren’t you?” Lily threw him a wink to which he shook his head. And it works every time.


Lily walked back into the common room twenty minutes later to find a clean and dry James sitting in front of the fire surrounded by the rest of the Marauders. Lily flopped down on the sofa next to James and continued to dry her hair with the towel she had brought down from her dorm.

“Morning boys,” she said cheerfully to the three of them, each of whom then sent curious looks at James.

“So…we were just asking James how your date went,” Sirius said hoping to make Lily blush or even better blow her top. Either would be very entertaining, but all he got was a punch on the arm from James.

“Padfoot – I told you, it wasn’t a date.”

“We had a great time, didn’t we James?” she said pausing from rubbing her hair to smile over at him.

“Yeah, we did.” James beamed at her and she went back to drying her hair.

“Urgh, I hate my hair!” said a frustrated Lily as she threw the towel down. It landed on Peter’s head as he was sitting on the floor facing them. “Oops, sorry Pete,” she giggled a little as Peter removed it from his head with a chuckle.

“Why do you hate it? You have lovely hair,” James said, fingering a strand that sat close to her cheek.

“Thanks, it’s just so thick though, takes so long to dry,” she said pulling on a chunk and looking at it with distain.

“Can’t you just use a drying charm?” Remus asked.

“I do sometimes but it ruins your hair, plus it ends up about five times the size! Not a good look on me.”

“Well as interesting as this conversation is…” Sirius left the sentence hanging and they all laughed a little. “I want to hear what you two got up to on your date.”

“It was not a date Padfoot.”

“Oh come on, it was so a date. You barely even let me on your Nimbus 360, even then you have to be in a really good mood, like Lily has to have looked at you or something.” James looked mortified and went bright red, he looked at Lily who was laughing and shook his head with his mouth open.

“I cannot believe you just said that!” Sirius just shrugged with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eye. He rubbed his hands together and lent forward towards Lily.

“Give us all the gory details then Lilykins.”

“First of all…never call me that again, and I’m sorry to disappoint Black but there are no gory details. So, unless you want me to invent a story where me and James made mad passionate love on the back of his broom-”

“Please do,” Sirius interrupted her. James, Remus and Peter simply stared at her as if asking themselves, ‘did that sentence really just come out of Lily Evans’s mouth?’ James gulped almost audibly.

“Well, as delightful as that would be,” she said getting to her feet. “I’m starving and seeing as we seem to have missed breakfast I’m going to head down to the kitchens.” Lily got to the portrait hole and turned back. “Are you coming, James?”

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