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I walked into the entrance hall, and I was being pushed around quite a bit. "Wow, my first day at Hogwarts" I thought. Just then there was a sudden commotion, everyone was running after me yelling. "Get the snitch." Where was the snitch?, I hadn't seen it. Just then Proffeser McGonagall clutched her hands around my neck, and said "Gotcha." Why was everyone after me, what had I done? Mcgonagall then took me out onto the quidditch pitch, and she let me play, i felt so privelaged, "Wow i get to play on my first day." It was Slytherin verses Gryffindor. Just then Harry and Malfoy were both flying after me, Harry grabbed me and everyone cheered. "What is going on?" I asked myself. Just then I heard Lee Jordan saying "Yes, Harry has caught the snitch, Gryffindor wins." "No, it can't be." I looked down to see what I had feared, I was golden, and I had wings, and yes I was indeed the snitch, I had eaten a snitch wing particle and used the polyjuice potion to turn into the snitch, I never thought it would work. What an idiot I had been. I then told everyone the story, they howled with laughter then i was sent to the hospital wing where Madam Pomfrey guffawed for hours before giving me treatment. hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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