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An unnaturally tall man knelt by the ruins, crying. He stared at the black sky clutching Harry to his chest. A large motorcycle dropped out of the sky, falling next to this man, Hagrid. A second man, Sirius Black, stepped off the bike. "Hagrid, give Harry to me. I'm his Godfather, I'll look after him..." "No, Sirius, I got me orders from Albus. The boy's gotta go to his aunt and uncle. He'll be safe there. The Muggles are comin', yeh best get goin', Sirius." Sirius was very disappointed, but he knew Dumbledore was right. "Well Hagrid, take my bike, I won't be needing it again, you'll get Harry there faster." Sirius hugged Harry and gave him back to Hagrid, then took off running. *Find the rat, find the rat,* he chanted mentally. *Peter, you will pay*. Hagrid swung a leg over the bike and roared off into the night.

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