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New Order

Hermione sat between Ridge and Gideon, Ridge on her left and Gideon on her rigt, Fabian on Gideon’s right. Numerous other Order members sat around them, the Weasley’s, her parents, and many many more. She was actually surprised by how much it had grown since she started joining the meetings. Gideon and Fabian went on more missions than she could count on one hand, and when they were gone, Ridge was her protector, of sorts. She had gotten to know him better once he had stopped being a berk.

She was nervous though, and all three of them could tell. It was the way she bit her lip and played her hands, unable to keep them still. It was only the week after graduation, after finishing N.E.W.T.s and leaving Hogwarts for good and here she was in and Order meeting, waiting for her best friends to in inducted into it. Gideon reached down and grabbed her hands that she was nervously wringing together.

“Calm down” He whispered and she smiled weakly up at him. “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, you have no reason to be.”

Hermione scoffed mentally in her head. He didn’t know what he was talking about. She thought that her friends were moving too quickly with everything, joining the Order so quickly out of school, Lily and James’ wedding was two weeks away. She couldn’t believe how fast everything was going around her. She was staying with Remus at his parent’s house and Sirius had a flat of his own, and she had a feeling that pretty soon Remus would be asking her to find a flat for the both of them to live in. It was moving too fast. But, she figured maybe it was the threat of war that drove them to do it, like it drove Harry and Ginny to want to get married as well.

She let out a sigh and ran her fingers through her hair. It was ridiculous she thought, she was all for the Order, but honestly, once they were in, they would be sent on missions, and she would hardly see them. They would get consumed by this war and it would break them, just like it had broken her, Harry and Ron. She knew that in no way would she be going on any missions, unless she was with the twins or Ridge, since they did not want Voldemort to know about her, and there was already a leak of information about a possibility of someone knowing something about the outcome. How, she wasn’t sure, but it wasn’t good.

The door opened and she completely stiffened. Ridge noticed this and gently patted her back to comfort her. She was hardly comforted. Sirius, James, Lily, Peter and Remus entered the room and sat down at the table, farther down from her and closer to Dumbledore. Each of them looked around the room, met her gaze and wandered to another person. Remus held her gaze for a moment before shifting to Ridge beside her. She stiffened suddenly when Ridge chuckled softly.

“Your pup is growling at me Hermione.” He said grinning at her and she sagged in her seat and frowned.

“Leave him alone Ridge.” She murmured glancing back at Remus who was staring at them, his eyes partially golden.

“Oh, I don’t think so dearie.” He said and she looked up at him in alarm, then down the down table at Dumbledore who was watching them intently.

“No.” She whispered fiercely turning back to glare at him. “Don’t you dare, Ridge, don’t you dare.” She growled and he only shrugged. Dumbledore hadn’t started the meeting yet, there were still a few members who had yet to show up and she glanced back down the table to look at Remus. Sirius was staring at her, slightly alarmed, and motioned to Remus and lifted his lip to indicate that he was growling and Hermione closed her eyes and looked over at Ridge.

“Sorry poppet. I have my reasons.” Ridge murmured and stood up patting her head going around the table. She watched him in moderate panic as he grabbed Remus by the sweater hoisted him up out his chair, turned to Dumbledore and said, “Excuse me Albus, I have to take care of something, if you’ll excuse me,” then shoved a growling Remus out the door, Sirius and James stood in alarm and were about to go after him when Dumbledore spoke up.

“Sit down boys.” Sirius and James sat immediately, but Hermione didn’t. She went out the door before anyone could stop her, and found Ridge holding Remus up against the wall down the hallway by his collar.

“Do I make myself clear?” Ridge snarled, eyes flashing gold. Remus’ lip curled but he nodded. Ridge released him and Remus walked by Hermione and back into the room, not even glancing at her. A chill went down her spine, as he walked passed and thought for a moment that that was not her Remus.

Ridge was about to walk by her but she pushed him then, slamming him against the opposite wall, surprising not only him, but herself as well. “What is wrong with you?” She nearly screamed.

“What?” He snarled, eyes shifting gold as they narrowed in her direction. “He doesn’t know how to act around other wolves Hermione.”

“So teach him!” She cried, her arms flying out. “But don’t do that to him! It was completely uncalled for, embarrassing him in front of everyone like that.”

“Do you want him to die?” He said glaring at her and stepping closer to her. She shut her mouth and glared up at him. “I can not and will not bring him into a den of blood thirsty werewolves when he acts like that. He needs to learn that he isn’t the only werewolf. They will tease him, torment him, and provoke him until he snaps. And when he does they’ll rip him apart. Literally.” He said and looked away from the horrified look that was in her eyes.

 “Wha-wh-who?” She stuttered.

“My brother,” He said swallowing roughly and running a hand through his hair. “Fool that he was, acted just like that, was quiet naturally, but had no awareness that he was scum on scum to those wolves and acted like he was tough stuff, he got himself killed over it.” He said pausing to look back at Hermione now. “I watched as my brother was torn to pieces by those bastards, knowing that if I did anything I would suffer the same fate.” He paused again and his eyes faded back to their normal color. “Call me coward if you want, but if I can prevent some kid from being ripped apart, so help me God I’ll do anything. Even if that mean embarrassing him in front of his friends and the Order. There are much worse things I could do, a little chat and embarrassment are the least of his worries.” Ridge said and walked passed her into the Meeting room.

Hermione didn’t return back and Fabian found her sitting at the top of the stairs some time later. “He’s looking for you, you know.” He said sitting down next to her. “Remus, I mean, not Landon. He left after having a quick chat with Remus.”

 Hermione lifted her head up from her arms and looked at him wearily and ran a hand over her face and sighed. “I can’t believe he did that.” She said and Fabian shrugged.

“Believe me kid, he has reason.”

“I know, he told me.” She said and Fabian’s eyes widened slightly as he let out a low whistle.

“Well, he must really like you then, because he never talks about that.”

“How long ago did it happen?” She asked softly.

Fabian tapped his chin and hummed quietly, “Well, I believe it was back in August. But I’m not sure exactly, that’s when Gid and I found out, so it could have happened before that.”

Hermione let out another sigh and stood up then. “I suppose I should go find him then.” She started down the stairs and then stopped to glance back at Fabian, he had stood and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Oh, what went on in the meeting, since I didn’t come back.” She asked, blushing a bit.

Fabian smiled and shook his head, “Same stuff as last week, except there was another muggle killing and few gone missing near Wiltshire.” Hermione eyes widened in surprise.

“But that’s where Malfoy Manor is!” She whispered fiercely and Fabian shrugged and led her down the stairs.

“Well you’re sure a smart one huh?” He said laughing softly.

“Fay! This isn’t funny,” She said glaring at him as they walked down the stairs and Hermione saw Sirius staring at them out of the corner of her eye.

“I know it’s not.” He whispered, leaning in close to her as they paused on the stairs, his eyes darted to Sirius before moving back to hers. “But there is nothing we can do about it right now. Personally, if the Malfoy’s are behind it, they’re bloody stupid for doing it so close to home. A few of us are investigating to see it is magical, they were killed by muggle ways, which isn’t a Death Eaters style, you know that.” He said and pulled away from her to go down the stairs, and she followed him, trying not to make eye contact with Sirius and Fabian turned around and grabbed her arm gently, pulling her off to the side of stairs. “Just leave it alone Hermione, let us take care of it.” He said his eyes bore into hers and she stared defiantly at him.

“Then what am I in this for. So far I have been no help to the Order. I’m not allowed to go on missions and you and Gid are just wasting your time keeping an eye on me.” She snapped and glared up at him.

His face softened and he let out a sigh and gave her an apologetic look. “You are helping, more than you know, believe me.” He pulled her one hug and pulled away when Gid called to him. “See you soon kid,” He said as he followed his brother to the fireplace, Gideon waved to her and she smiled weakly back at him before they both disappeared into the green flames.

Sirius came up to her then and frowned down at her. “Yes?” She said glancing up at him.

“What was that about?” He said, and Hermione rolled her eyes and walked passed him, but he grabbed her arm, turning her back around to him. “Hermione-“

“Just-don’t.” She said pulling away from him and pressed her hand to her face. “Where is Remus?” She asked and glanced up at him again.

“He left already, thought you went home.” Hermione let out a sigh as her shoulders sagged in defeat.

“Thank you. I’ll see you soon.” She whispered and before he could get another word out she was gone with a pop and found herself in front of Remus’ house. A few lights were on inside, including the porch light, and she headed up to the back door, when she got there she was greeted by Hoss and Hans. Hoss started licking at her fingers and she pulled away. “No Hoss.”  He dog whimpered but followed her around to the Common Room where she found Remus’ parents both reading.

“Oh Hermione! There you are. Did the two of you have a row? Remus was a bit snappish when he came home.” Hermione smiled softly at her and shrugged a little.

“A bit. Is he upstairs?” She whispered and Mrs. Lupin nodded.

“Yes, in his room I believe.” She said and motioned up her. Hermione thanked her and went up the stairs, the dogs didn’t follow her, obviously sensing her bad mood. She knocked at his door, but he didn’t answer so she opened it and looked around he wasn’t there but she noticed his window was open. She walked over and peered out it, and found him sitting down a ways on the roof.

She carefully climbed out and made her way to him, being careful to not mess up her footing. She sat down next to him but didn’t say anything for some time. Eventually he reached over and took her hand and gently squeezed it. “I’m fine, really.” He whispered and Hermione leaned her head down and rested it on her knees and looked at him. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and smiled. “After the meeting he explained some things to me. I couldn’t control myself, and as soon as I walked into that room I could smell him, and you were sitting next to him. It made me even more nervous, and I was scared… he was the first other wolf I’ve ever met.” He whispered and looked back at her. “I’m sorry for not waiting for you, in all honesty I’d thought you had left already.”

Hermione smiled softly at him, “Sirius told me.” She said quietly and he nodded and leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. When he pulled away she reached up a hand to gently rough up his hair, he pulled away letting out a yelp of surprise.

Remus reached over and pulled Hermione closer to him and rubbed her back comfortingly. “So you ready for that wedding in two weeks?” She could hear the smile in his voice without even having to look at him.

She groaned and buried her face in her arms. “No.”

“Aw, come on, it’ll be fun.” He said laughing softly.

Hermione was silent for some time before glancing up at him, he was looking at the sky. “I just think they are moving too fast.” She whispered and he looked back at her, his expression suddenly becoming very serious.

“Yes, I do too, so does Sirius. But, they love each other.” He whispered, trailing off slowly.

“Yes, but sometimes love isn’t enough, you know?” She said lifting her head and looking up at the sky, not missing the look of sadness that swept over Remus’ face for a moment before he regained his composure.

“Yeah.” He whispered, squeezing her and tightly before glancing up at the sky again. "i do."

Hope you all enjoyed this. The rest of chapters are going to be like this, skipping every few months in the story, but don't worry I will fill you guys in on important stuff. No need to waste my time writing boring filler things.

Also, you guys can expect to see a lot more Ridge, because I've grown quite fond him. :D

All comments welcome.

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