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Tempest was biting her nails, and she never ever bit her nail. Fortunately they grew back instantly. She was beyond furious and frankly she wanted blood and was hoping it came from Merwicks' neck.

On the day of the third task, Tempest stayed at school.. Tonight was the night she had hoped for. Ass she had to do was followed it through.

“I'm going to bed Nila, remember wake me up . . . ”

“I know when to wake you up, don't worry, just go get some rest you're going to need it.”

Tempest put on her pajamas and went to bed.


Tempest was in the graveyard again in her pajamas. She walked over to the tombstone and examined the name tracing her fingers over the name Tom Marvolo Riddle.

She ran behind a tombstone when she saw a flash of light. Harry Potter and Cedric Digory were suddenly there. Tempest focussed back on the tombstone that Harry Potter was focussed on. Lord Voldemort. All of a sudden door opened and a rat like mad stepped out carrying a bundle of some sort.

“Kill the spare,” said a voice.

A green light emanated from the wand of the rat like man and killed Cedric Digory. Tempest gasped as he fell to the ground, eyes wide open, dead. Harry Potter was suddenly held against the Riddle grave. The rat like man dropped his bundle into the cauldron that Tempest had not noticed before, along with a bone from the grave, his own hand that he cut and blood from Harry Potters arms. She hld back as he screamed in agony.

The potion began to bubble and as it did Tempest arm began to throb unbearably. She clutched it and turned her attention back to the scene. The one and only Lord Voldemort came into being. Tempest looked down at her arm as the pain became worse. Her eyes widened in disbelief and fright. The mark of a Death Eater began to appear on her arm. She began to wipe furiously at it hoping that it would disappear.

Tempest jolted awake. No, it couldn't be happening, not now, she thought. Tempest got out of bed and grabbed her wand. Finally she noticed her pajamas; they were the same ones as in her visions.

“Bloody hell!” She ran downstairs, Nila looked at her watch.

“Zephyr you're not supposed to be for another hour.”

“I have to do something, I'll be back don't worry.” Tempest cast her Apparatus spell and entered into the Graveyard.

Tempest looked round. Everything was exactly like in her dream. She walked around wit her wand at hand. She walked to what she knew as the Riddle Tombstone and traced her fingers over the eerily cold letters. A light came and Tempest flew behind the closest tombstone. Harry Potter and Cedric Digory were there. Harry began to examine the tombstone before warning Cedric that they should leave.

“Heed his warning, leave.”

A door opened and Tempest just watched as her dream became reality.

“Oh god.” Cedric was killed within an instant and Tempest fell against the ground. Tempest clutched her throbbing arm. Lord Voldemort came into being. Her arm began to throb even harder and she looked down, the mark began to appear. She began to wipe furiously at it. She would not serve someone like Merwick.

“Oh Tempest I am so sorry. You were sworn into his service . . . ”

“I know, long before I was born.” She turned around slowly and looked at Vivaldi.

“Tempest . . . ”

“I don't want to kill anyone.”

“Listen to me, you have to go, before he knows you're here. Run Tempest, go back to school.” Tempest felt tears well up in her eyes and nodded. She ran over land but stopped at running water. She cast Gladius over the rives and streams on her way and collapsed at the school entrance when she arrived. Tempest looked at the Dark Mark on her arm and looked up. Gorx . . .

Tempest flew into the dormitory and Nila stared at her, fully dressed.

“I don't supposed I can say anything to convince you that you're not coming?”

“I'm coming wether you like it or not. Besides I think I've proven over the years that I can take care of myself.”

“You better get your broom.”

“Oh boy . . . Zephyr what that on your arm?”

“I'm a death eater, sworn into his service by my wonderful birth mother.” She smiled weakly.

“Oh Zephyr.”

“Don't worry about me, we have a couple of people we need to save.”

Tempest and Nila snuck outside and summoned their pets. Tempest climbed on Aidan and Nila on her broom.

They both flew up and Tempest and Nila looked at each other and cast the reversal spells nonverbally. They could already see that clouds start to separate.

Tempest approached the door. This time, they didn't open. Tempest didn't like that, Tempest quickly cast the spells on herself and pushed the door open. She tried to hear Void's voice as well as Astreas. Nothing but she still could smell the faint fragrance of Astreas perfume.

“Nila, this way, quickly.”

They both ran down a narrow passage. They turned right twice them stopped/ Iron doors lined the hall.

“You wouldn't happen to know a spell of some sort would you.”

“Get behind me, I think I may know something that will help us.”

“Uh okay.” Tempest touched her wand and sword on either side of the passage.

“Glacius.” The hallway began to freeze up.

“How . . . ”

“Shh listen.” Someone was pounding against a door and yelling.

“Hey you stupid son of a bitch, let us out!” Tempest and Nila looked at each other, it was the one and only Astrea. They ran down to the hall and Tempest pressed her ear against the door.

“Will you sit down.” It was Void.

Tempest kicked down the door. Astrea and Void looked at her.

“Where's Gorx.” Astrea and Void exchanged glaces.

“He took him,” said Astrea solemnly.


“Merwick took him Zephyr. Not that long ago.”

“Yeah. He came in here leaned on the door frame and asked “how can Young Tempest live off those blood potions? See me, I miss the taste of blood' then he took him,” said Astrea.

Tempest ran, she ran far away. She knew were Merwick had taken him. He liked to play with his food. Tempest ran as fast as she could but the stupid spell she cast on herself was slowing her down.

She felt like she was already too late. She kept running and stopped at the end of the passage. She was to late, Merwick was sucking on his blood.

“GORX!!” She ran to him and pulled Merwick off him, knocking him into the wall with her strength. Gorx was ghostly pale.

“Tempest . . . ”

“Shh, don't talk. Gorx, please don't talk.”

“I love you.”

“Gorx let me save you, I can save you.” Tempest was crying now, she could no longer hold in the fountain of tears that had been growing all year inside her  any longer.

“No. I see what this does to you. Please just . . . let me die.”

“Gorx . . . ”

“Go left, just keep going left.” He closed his eyes and Tempest listened intently to his heart beat.

“Gorx, I love you so much.” Tempest had never said those words to anyone, but she meant every word. Finally, his heart stopped. Tempest put him down. She looked up at Merwick who was licking his lips.

“You . . . why do you have to take everything, everyone I love away from me!!”

“Because, those essences have done nothing but cause me pain. I think I should repay the favour.”

“You are pathetic.” She went after him, but he threw her up against the wall.

“You are nothing compared to me, do you understand that. I will kill you, and everyone you love.”

“Over my dead lifeless corpse.”

He smiled wickedly.  “That can be arranged.”

Tempest looked back at Gorx's body and remembered what he had said. He had found that way out. Keep going left, he had said. She looked at her watch, in this room, the sunlight would not be able to break.

“Hey Merwick, if you want me, come and frigging get me.” He knew he would let her run, she just didn't know how far he would let her. She kept turning and turned left till she finally entered a circular room. She quickly drank her vials that she had carefully his and crushed them turning the sharp shards invisible.

“Well I see you want to fight now Young Tempest.”

"You know, you really have to stop calling me that.”

“No actually, I don't.” He came out of nowhere and grabbed her by her wrist. “You know, if I weren't out to kill you I'd actually think you were beautiful.”

“Trust me, I'm glad you don't.” She broke his nose and punched him in his gut. She wouldn't ne able to tricked him with her wand but maybe if she tried a nonverbal spell with her sword she would be able to strike him. She pulled out Excaliber and unleashed it's true form and thought of a spell. She realized that she would have to strike at the Pires.


“What's wrong Young Tempest? Have a problem?”

She looked him dead in the eye and smiled. “No not really, just thinking.”

“I dug your grave for you, right next to your father.” Tempest smiled was replaced by fury. She attacked but he threw her against the wall. He sword flew from her hand. Not like she needed her sword or wand anyway, but without them, her power wouldn't be channelled.

She began to get up, but he kicked her back down.

“You are pathetic.”

“Wrong Merwick. Stupefy!” She blew him across the room and followed him. “Bombarda!” The ceiling began to collapse around her and she walked to him. She kicked him back down and placed her foot on his throat.

“You're times up Merwick.” She grabbed his neck and lifted him up against the wall. “Accio Excaliber!” It flew to her hand and she held it. “I don't care how many times have to kill you, but trust me, I will enjoy each and every time.” She impaled him and walked backwards. He began to laugh.

“You think that will kill me?”

She looked at her watch. “No but I think that might.” The rays of the sun began to slowly fill up the circular room. He stopped laughing and glared at Tempest.

“This isn't over.”

“Oh I hope not. I enjoy this far too much.” She smiled triumphantly and watched as his body began to burn and turn to a statue of ash. She pulled out her sword and all the remained was an essence.

“I will defeat you.”

“You keep telling yourself that old man.”

He disappeared and Tempest ran back to Gorx's body. She carefully lifted him and carried him back to the front where Nila, Void and Astrea were waiting . . . alive.

Tempest saw them waiting for her. She looked up at them then collapsed onto the ground. They all ran to her.

“I could've save him, but he wouldn't let me! I could've save him!!”

“Zephyr,” began Void.

“I saw, I knew he would die. Why couldn't I save him?! Why couldn't they tell me I could see into the future?! It's my fault he died, all my fault."

“Not it's not,” said Astrea. Tempest looked up at her, tears flowing unending down her cheeks.

“It's not your fault. You didn't know your mother wasn't your mother. You didn't know you could see into the future. It's not your fault. Gorx died, because he chose to, and he obviously didn't want to become a vampire, all you did was respect his wished, nothing more. And you know coming any earlier would have resulted in all of our deaths. Nothing was your fault. You saved our lives, and your won, you are not all powerful Zephyr, you can't save everyone.”

“Why are you being nice?”

“Because right now you saved my life, you deserved to be treated like this.”

“Thank you.”

Nila gave her broom to Astrea and rode along with Tempest and Void on Aidans back. Tempest clutched Gorx and once on the ground laid him down, stood straight looked at the castle and spread her arms out.

“BOMBARDA!!” She yelled. It broke into a million pieces and rained down. Tempest collapsed onto the ground.


“I think I spend more time in the infirmary than I do in classes,” remarked Tempest.

“It can't be helped, I mean Merwick after all does to a lot of damage against our better efforts,” said Nila.

“Hmph, I guess so.” They all sat there and Tempest stared at the covered up body of Gorx. Suddenly Headmistress Majika came in and gave Nila and Void a look.

“We know, you would like a private word with Tempest,” said Void.

“Please.” They walked out and Majika sat on Tempest bed.

“Have you told his parents?”

“A sent a letter, they are . . . distraught to say the least.”

“I don't blame them. He was their perfect son.”

“Miss Nyx, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry you failed, but sometimes the future cannot be change.”

“I thought that if I could save him, I could change the future.”

“What you have to understand is that not every event in the future is tied to one event, and actually you did chance something's; you gave life back to three people.”

“Knowing the future is a horrible thing.”

“Even someone as powerful as yourself cannot change the future.” Tempest looked up at Majika hatefully.

“But I can try.”

“And you can fail . . . or prevail. The future Young Tempest is not set in stone.” She walked away and Tempest sat alone with her thoughts.


Tempest was at the end of the hall watching Draco as he was stabbed from behind. Finally, she recognized the girl that stabbed him.

“I never liked you anyway.” It was Astrea. She pulled her sword from Draco and let him fall to the ground.

“Draco!” Astrea looked at her and smiled a vampiric smile along with a gold glint in her eyes.

Suddenly Tempest was looking at her bloodied sword and looked up.

“It had to be done,” she said.

She jolted wake. Draco, she thought. Tempest got out of bed and quickly went to Hogwarts. No one was in the Slytherin common room whish is want she was hoping for. She quietly waited for Draco to come.

She was hugging her knees and crying when he arrived 

“Tempest?” She looked up at him. “Gorx is dead Draco. I couldn't save him.” He ran to her and hugged her as she sobbed.

“Draco, he's back! Lord Voldemort is back and I'm one of his servants!”


“I don't want t-too kill anyone Draco, I don't want to be his servant! I don't want to kill innocent people!” She sobbed and sobbed and couldn't stop. Draco would not let go of her.

“I don't want you to die.”

“Shh, don't worry I don't plan on dying.”

Tempest opened her eyes and looked outside as the full moon reflected the dark mark. Voldemort.

“Draco, p-promise me, promise me you will never become a Death Eater.” She looked him in the eyes.

“I promise Tempest.” He kissed her lightly and pulled her close. “Don't worry, I promise.”

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