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Two months passed ant they were all stressed. So much time passed that they didn't even know when or how they would initialize their plan. On the bright side, at least they had all the spells they needed.

Tempest stood on top of a railing along with a very balanced and carefree Nila and a stern Void. Nila in fact was doing back flips along the slippery railing.

“I will laugh if you fall,” said Void.

“I won't fall idiot. Besides, the only reason people fall is because they think too much . . . ”'

Void interrupted her. ”And we all know you don't think.” Nila kicked him.

“No, I was going to say they think too much about their fears. Duh, moron.”

“You both are idiots.”

“Oh come now Zephyr,” said Nila.

“Yeah, we're your best friends,” finished Void.

“Hush already, I see Astrea.” She crouched down and Nila and Void jumped back on the landing and watched Astrea. The stupid idiot was alone. Tempest looked around Chad was down there reading by his favourite tree. Astrea walked right up to him. Tempest twitched her ears.

“Hello Chad, how are you?”

“You know you're not supposed to walk around alone.”

“I could say the same to you.”

“What are they talking about?” asked Nila.

“She's just flirting, well come on now, at least someone is watching after her now.”

They all walked away but Tempest was looking at Astrea. She had her arm wrapped through Chads'. Tempest rolled ger eyes. I cannot believe I'm trying to protect her, she thought.


Tempest needed someone to talk to. Someone she knew who cared. Luckily for her, she had wrote to Draco so they were going to be alone.

“I'll see you guys later,” she said walking down the stairs in her Slytherin uniform.

“You're leaving?” asked Void.

“I have to use their library if I want my plan to fully succeed. If anything, and I mean anything happens, come and get me, understand?” They nodded.

Tempest grabbed her wand and walked into th fire place. Draco pulled her up and kissed her immediately. She guessed that there was no one there. Finally she pulled and began wiping away all the soot.

“Are you going to kiss me every time you see me?”

“Is that a rhetorical question?”

“I guess it is. Hold on let me clean myself up.” She pointed her wand at herself. “Prencete.” All her clothes and skin were soot free withing a matter of seconds.

“Now you look even more radiant.” He kissed her again. “I've got those books you wanted, for some of them I needed Professor Snape's permission because a couple of them were in the restricted section.”

“Okay, well I learned a spell yesterday just in case Pansy did stumble in. It allows me to change my appearance for a shirt time.”


“Yes. Now, come on lets sit down.”

“What exactly are you looking for?”

“A spell that will lower my power and abilities temporarily.”

“Your going to try and fool Merwick.”

“Yes, but mainly I just need to stall for time. Once I cast the spell in the night and it has to be before dawn, I have to get up there and fight him, this spell is to make him think that I don't stand a chance against him, so he will let his guard down. Everything needs to be timed out perfectly thought.”

“Well don't worry, you're smart you can do this, you will save Gorx.”

“I hope so.”

He handed her a book and grabbed one himself. They began to read. Every time the door opened, Tempest cast a spell on herself making her hair red and eyes purple. Always a false alarm. Tempest was halfway through with her second book when Draco closed his book, placed it on the table and looked at her.

“I'm hungry, what about you?”

Tempest looked at him and thought, I'm always hungry. But she didn't say that instead she said, “yeah, me too.” She closed her book and cast the spell on herself again.

She walked out of the Slytherin Common Room and Draco followed. They walked together talking about past memories.

“Remember when we first met Draco?”

“We were three and at the Leaky Cauldron.”

“We ran off into Knockturn Alley. My god, we were mental or something.”

“No, just a little stupid and foolish.”

“It all began back then, everything. I even remember looking on my dads arm and seeing the dark mark on his left arm. I never thought anything of it back then.”

“So in you dream, that are now prophetic, who dies in the third task?”

“Cedric Digory.” Draco stopped walking and down at her.

“Digory? You mean to tell me that HE kills him?”

“Yes, but you cannot tell another soul, living or dead.”

“Okay, I won't."  He looked at her curiuosly.  "Anything else besides that dream?”

Yes, you die, she thought. “I kill someone and no not Merwick, this person bled. The look at my face, I look different, older I guess, but the look, it's a look of pure exhaustion, pity, sadness and malice. I don't ever want to kill someone unless it is Merwick.”

“Don't worry so much about the future Tempete.”

“All right, I . . . ” Tempest was suddenly interrupted by none other them Panzy Parkinson.

“Draco! Oh, what's wrong?” She looked at Tempest. “Who the bloody hell are you?”

“Pansy this is my friend, uh . . .”

“Justine. Pleasure to meet you Panzy, Draco has told me so much about you.” Tempest stuck out her hand for a shake but Panzy ignored it.

“Pleasure. May I ask, why are you hanging out with MY Draco, and why have I never seen you?”

He's not yours yous tupid wench, thought Tempest.  “Uh, well, we were just doing research for Professor Snape. Usually, I'm alone, I don't have many friends.”

Pansy looked her up and down. “That's hard to believe. Well then, I'll leave you two alone them. See you later then Draco. Will I be seeing you later?”

“Probably not.”

“Good.” She kissed Draco hard on the lips and walked away.

Tempest watched her leave and clenched her fist as she gritted her teeth.  “Can I please punch her?”

“No, look, I'll make it up to you later, promise. Now come on, lets go.”

“Frankly, to be blunt, I would much rather like to sink my teeth into her neck.”

“Come on.” Draco pushed her to the Slytherin table and she bit into an apple. She ate a sandwich and drank a goblet when suddenly she saw Nila. Tempest looked around. Pansy as her friends were nowhere to be seen. The reversed her space.

“Draco, look at the door do you see Nila?”

He looked and shook his head.  “No.”

”She must be invisible then.”

“I still don't get how you can see things while they are invisible.”

“Probably a gift from my mother, but that is a mystery for another day.” She turned her head. “Nila over here dimwit,” she muttered. Nila jerked her head around and ran over to her and sat right in front of Tempest.

“Void and Astrea! Merwick took them both!!”

“What?! No, he couldn't have.”

"He did. Majika wants us in her office immediately.”

“Uh okay.” She turned to Draco who had obviously heard everything.

“I'll write to you later on anything I find.” Tempest up running alongside as invisible Nila. In the common room Tempest swore under her breath as Pansy saw her and glared at her.


“Not now, I don't have time. Nila go first.”


“Who said that?”

“The stupid little voice in your head.” Green fire erupted. “Tell Draco I said hi darling.” She walked into the fireplace.  Nila pulled her up.

“I've reversed the spell. Come on, Majika wants us in her office now.”

They ran up to the fifth floor as quickly as humans could and waiting for them at the passage was Master Vlad.

“Follow me.” They walked to Mistress Majika office, already waiting were Chad, Divina, Heather, Cassandra, Louis, Hydra and Zoltron.

“Now I want all of you to listen to me. None of you is to venture up to that castle. I will make an announcement later stated that all students are to always be accompanied by an adult. No one, and I mean no one Miss Nyx, is to go up there, is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress Majika,” there all said.

“Good. Master Vlad would you please escort them to their houses.”

“Of course. Come children.”

They all followed and Zoltron hugged his cousin.

“Don't worry,” he whispered. Tempest nodded then looked at the ground. How can I not worry, she thought, if I don't do something, they will die. She looked at Nila, she knew what she was thinking.


The teacher said they were going to do something. Tempest tried not to sarcastically laugh. She had to do this. It was her battle, and it had just gotten even more powerful. She was happy though that dead chickens were found around school. That meant that he hadn't killed them, and wasn't planning on it  . . . yet.

Back in the Slimythings common room, everyone was quiet. No one talked, no one did anything everyone just sat around, quiet. Suddenly an owl flew in out of nowhere and dropped a letter into her lap. It was from Draco. He had sent her a list of spells and their description. She read the list them finally knew which spell to use. Once cast, it last for on an hour. Finally she had a full proof plan she just hoped that it wasn't too late when she put it into action.

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